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Irkutsk residents survive the invasion ermine moth

on June 19. Trees in several parts of the city with millions of insects. The most affected blossoming Apple trees. The grey mass of the web, which emit caterpillars, envelops the trunks and branches, covered lawns, stretches to houses, hanging on the sidewalks. The tree is fully eat for a few hours. A special service is not able to process parks and squares. Plants can be sprayed with chemicals only at night and when the weather is dry. The pest was not more than a week, then the caterpillars will turn into pupae, insensitive to the drugs. As the scientists explain, the number of ermine moths Read more [...]
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Ermine - a small, very agile and nimble predator. Flexible his body much elongated, relatively thin, with small but strong legs. Head oval, elongated flat face and small rounded ears. Five digits in the summer with bare legs in winter with empty hairy calluses on the soles and sharp, thin nails. Uz tail reaches of the body. At the base of the tail are glands that produce a liquid with a disagreeable odor. The entire body is covered with very short hair, only the tip of the tail hair greatly elongated and form a black brush. Male and female are different in appearance only in size: body length Read more [...]
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Weasel family. Ermine

The subtle body ermine reaches a length of 30 cm, tail up to 12 cm hair coat in winter is white, except for the black tip of the tail, in the summer - brown, except for the neck and casings, whose color off-white or pale yellow. Pubescence low but thick and soft. Stoats live in almost all regions of the USSR, except for islands of the Arctic Ocean, the Crimea, the Caucasus and desert areas of Central Asia and southern Kazakhstan. Abroad stoats are found in China, Mongolia, Korea, in the northern part of Japan, North America, Western Europe, Algeria, Turkey, near the Egyptian United Arab Republic, Read more [...]
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Lusk - the smallest of the members of the order of prey that live in our country. The structure of a long, flexible body and fur color is very similar to weasel, but differs in smaller size and shorter, and above all one color tail, a black brush on the tail it does not. The body of affection, as the ermine, long and thin, with short legs, elongated heads and small rounded ears. At the base of the tail there are glands that produce a liquid with a disagreeable odor. In appearance the males differ from females only relatively large body size. The length of the animal varies, depending on the Read more [...]
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Hunters sometimes called little weasel ermine, and if have mean resemblance of these two animals, of course they are right. Weasel like ermine, has a long, slender, very flexible body, with a small head. Similar color and fur of these two species, except for the black tip of the tail in winter ermine, weasel occurs in only in exceptional cases. But, of course, known to zoologists are significant differences in the structure of the body, and the way of life that distinguish friend another of the smallest members of the family Mustelidae. Weasel inhabits the entire country with the exception Read more [...]
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