The Germans invented the pen that she finds errors

Used to write the text of a pen and paper to someone seems a nightmare - no safety net computer is easy not to notice the error. Now the spell can not worry: developed by German company pen vibrates every time encounters an error.Experts have developed a clever handle specifically to help young people learn how to write correctly, but to use this miracle can people of all ages.The handle has two modes: calligraphy, pointing to the irregular shape of letters and spelling, identifying errors in spelling and punctuation. Built-in pen sensor ensures that the letters formed a word and buzzes, if he Read more [...]
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Scientists claim that the ancient people draw animals better than modern artists

The authors of drawings on a cave better versed in the anatomy of tetrapods than most modern artists, and made fewer errors in the figures walking mammoths and other mammals, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the article published in the journal PLoS One.It is believed that artists had a very superficial understanding of how animals use their limbs to move, until 1887. This year, the famous American photographer Edward Meybridzh (Eadweard Muybridge) produced a multivolume work on the movement of animals, which systematized the data obtained in the study of images of walking or running quadrupeds. Read more [...]
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Partners in conjunction lose eye contact

This interaction was noted in 12 of the National Assembly, with half of them in sports masters and master candidates, 4 - in the category of II, one - for I and III. Typically, climbers allowed in these cases, several errors: went up to the length of the rope 12 to 45 m from the last hook raised to a height of 5.4 m, the rope went through 3-8 hooks coverage and high friction on the rock; We go for the ridge or ledge, losing visual, auditory and sometimes communicate with each other. Weaknesses are so many that the very misfortune as a result it seems almost natural. Analysis of the composition Read more [...]
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Error as intellectual catastrophe

Can offer the following meta global risk: the main global risk is on the one hand, the fact that civilization is at the same time gives rise to many different global risks, and on the other hand - the principal is not the ability of man and the world he created systems of power to manage global risks. It comes to the level of the paradox that threatens us - is, as the Bill Joy, "the knowledge of mass destruction." However, our inability to confront these threats related to our ignorance. Ignorance of the risks themselves, and then not knowing the details of who and where he began Read more [...]
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The future and the nature of human error

Attempts to predict the future - an excellent material for studying the nature of human error, and vice versa, the data of experimental psychology allow us to assess how we are limited in predicting the future. There is no point in trying to look into the future, not explore the limits of his possible knowledge of it. These boundaries will mark the horizon of our ability to forecast. There are more than a hundred possible errors that can make people try to predict future disaster. But instead of listing them, we will explore the roots of their probable, that is the human tendency to cause errors. Read more [...]
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Medical Malpractice-2

To allow the expert committees raises many questions. Typical are the following: 1) timely and correct diagnosis of injuries or illnesses; 2) the timeliness, accuracy, completeness of care to the victim or the patient; 3) if the surgery was done: whether the evidence (absolute or relative) for the operation, timeliness, accuracy of the technical operation, postoperative management of the patient; 4) what defects have occurred in the diagnosis or treatment of injury or disease, exactly who they were admitted, their causes, and the role of cause-and-effect relationship with the come harmful consequences Read more [...]
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Complications and errors at break and Achilles tendon disorders

Diagnosis of subcutaneous rupture Achilles tendon in most cases is not an easy, yet the number of diagnostic errors was 59% (VF Bashkiria). The main reason for misdiagnosis is: about the mechanism of injury, clinical and anatomical pattern of subcutaneous rupture of the Achilles tendon. Most often, the doctor thought goes through exclusion ankle bone damage so produced radiographic examination. Finding no change in the bone, the doctor makes a diagnosis of "tension, strain or injury Achilles tendon"And offers a conservative method of treatment. The most common complication after operative Read more [...]
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Medical errors

Under medical error realize genuine mistake dentists' judgments and actions in the performance of their professional duties, provided that there are no elements to negligence, arrogance, medical ignorance. At the heart of medical errors may lie the causes and conditions - deficiency in the methods of diagnosis and treatment, the objective difficulties of diagnosis (unexpressed major symptoms, shortness of hospital stay, etc.) and subjective - the lack of experience the doctor. Medical errors can be divided into two groups: 1) diagnosis, 2) errors in the selection and implementation of the method Read more [...]
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Cognitive development-18

Another reason for distinguishing models of Piaget and simple models of learning is related to the issue of the allocation of stages development. Piaget describes the development process as a sequential movement through a series of stages. The stage is defined as the period during which the development of the time. Beginning of a new stage of development means the end of the previous without any transitional, interim periods. This view is completely contrary to the predictions of models of learning. Learning theory for typical assumption that behavioral change is gradual. According to Piaget's Read more [...]
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Diagnosis of postnatal diseases deleted form

With a feverish illness that arose after delivery or abortion, you want to allow a series of diagnostic questions. First of all, it must be established whether the temperature increase due to postpartum (post-abortion) septic infection or it depends on other causes. Therefore, in each case, raising the temperature to produce a thorough and complete examination of the patient. Often in clinical practice allowed the following diagnostic errors: 1. In the presence of postpartum (Post-abortion) infection diagnosis: influenza (usually at the beginning of the disease), pyelitis, pyelonephritis, malaria Read more [...]
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Examination of errors in dental-6

The fifth group includes errors and complications that are basically inferior medical methods for examination in an outpatient setting or inadequate medical equipment. Example of this is such an observation.     It was a dentist patient complaining of severe pain in the sixth tooth. On examination doctor defined exacerbation of chronic periodontitis. Drill was not used. The doctor left the tooth open and ordered the patient to come to Day 2. The patient tried to get up from the chair, but sat down again. Sudden death occurred. Before the autopsy relatives of the patient and the administration Read more [...]
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Examination of errors in dental-5

Before the commission conducting the examination of errors in dentistry is always important as ability to work to identify the patient with dental diseases. In out-patient dental disease is usually considered not serious, they are saying do not die, so often dental patients are not exempt from the work, and this sometimes leads to serious consequences. When considering the accident, when a patient with acute periodontitis not given leave from work, even though it had all the bases, was installed bug, which resulted in a serious injury. Due to the pain in the tooth patient was inattentive while Read more [...]
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Examination of errors in dental-3

Dentists are well aware that until completely heal gum disease is not possible. However, the process can be paused, but this requires a laborious, long and systematic treatment. This needs to be expertly, with a feeling of great tact to inform the patient. It all depends on how you say it to the patient. It is best to explain the true situation. No need to disappoint the patient, but do not tell him that it is a simple and legkoizlechimoe disease. A consultation is to give some hope to the patient, assign several different treatment and to make sure that before it is carried out correctly Read more [...]
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Examination of errors in dental-1

There is another question: when to tell the patient about what happened. We believe that the key is to select a specific time and place. It would hardly be appropriate to immediately inform the patient in detail about what happened, when and doctor, and the patient will still be in a state of nervous excitement. This must be done in a relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes, for schazheniya mental patient the information they need to report the next day. Hide errors from the patient can be treated as a crime. Quite wrong to withdraw from the account culpability patients themselves. We know very well Read more [...]
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Examination of errors in dentistry

Examination of errors in dentistry little developed. We could not find in the literature works, covering errors in dentistry, with the exception of individual articles. At the same time often have to decide what it is - the medical error or a crime. Even the forensic experts is no clear clarity about possible errors in dentistry. When investigating errors often determine the degree of guilt of doctors, other medical staff, hospital administration, and sometimes the patient. Difficulties in distinguishing errors from accidents. What needs to be understood by mistake? IV Davydovskiy a medical Read more [...]
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II and III of errors in insurance. Premature start of the movement in the second bundle to the organization of insurance first

From Fig. 7 that the group II errors observed in practice much less, and III - are essentially random. Although there are examples that require close attention. We mention some of them. This error is typical for beginners. The main reason for it - lack of endurance and patience belayer. Insurance holding up to this point first and then removed. Frozen, one-sided, stand always physically difficult, especially for young people. The more that fear often seems that the first is too slow and that it was his place to this site much faster. Starting tips below (note the belayer is lost!), Read more [...]
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Negligence of the doctor and staff

Negligence of the doctor and staff especially dangerous for surgical patients in an outpatient setting. While in the hospital, to some extent can be timely to prevent errors caused by the negligence of the doctor and staff, in the outpatient setting when the patient is released home after the surgery, he is left to himself. Therefore, a complication that developed after the mistake, could endanger the patient's life. Staff should remember that in the Criminal Code contains an article, which states that if a health care worker because of neglect or negligence caused harm to the patient, he Read more [...]
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The Soviet system of training of dentists

The Soviet system of training of dentists is one of the best kinds of training of students at the faculty in the world. This was confirmed at two meetings of the World Health Organization, held in London in 1968 and 1970. Dental students for two years to study all subjects that are taught in medical schools, and then 3, in conjunction with the general clinical dentistry studies subjects. Ending stomatological Faculty, the dentist is well prepared theoretically and clinically. Dentists, having a good clinical training, treat patients with dental diseases, dental disease and not in patients. Read more [...]
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Indications for removal of teeth with immature dentition

Expanded the indications for removal of teeth with immature bite sometimes are wrong and lead to deformation of the teeth and jaws. Fatal mistake is to remove the six teeth when no absolute indications for this. Doctors forget that the first molars are the "key" to the bite. Premature removal of milk teeth, usually adversely affects not only the formation of the jaw, but the whole of the facial skeleton. Unfortunately, pediatric dentists are clearly the indications for removal of teeth in children and adolescents. In this regard should be done a lot of research. A similar situation Read more [...]
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Errors during surgery on an outpatient basis

Dental surgery in the Soviet Union in recent years has made significant progress, not only in terms of surgery in a hospital, but in an outpatient. Oral surgeon began to operate widely in pathological inflammatory processes, trauma and its consequences. The majority of patients with benign and malignant tumors of the maxillofacial region are treated by dentists, and the surgery they produce are usually dentists. However, many benign tumor removed in outpatient conditions. A large group of patients under medical observation. Almost 88% of surgical procedures in patients with dental disease is Read more [...]
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