Where are you, the ethics of hunting?

What the man holding the gun? Of his own power, that he can do everything and that he possesses? That he is the breadwinner? Yes, they probably are. One way or another, but in man the hunter awakens an ancient, and sometimes not understood him the most passion – bring home the booty. That's okay! But... And this but – liability and hunting conscience.What it is and how to nurture, not to be sorry and hurt for all hunting tribe? How much abuse and negativity sometimes have to listen to his address, and just because you're a hunter. Why? Why is this happening? What is behind this? Why hunters Read more [...]
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Ethics of hunting for capercaillie current

The title speaks for itself, and we will focus on the fundamental truth that may be someone unknown. The problem of the ethics of hunting on leks difficult. And a moralizing tone here is not relevant. Spring hunting is allowed only on lekking grouse.photo: Michael Semin The attitude to the hunting of the currents individually, depends on the social conditions in which lives the hunter, from his upbringing, local traditions and other circumstances. Hunters, rural and urban, living in the Northern taiga zone and in the middle lane, obviously looking for hunting, including spring, Read more [...]
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Ethics trapping

Recommendations on the ethics samolovnogo fishing - trapping, developed by the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks Montana Photo: Alexander Nazarov Many consider catching wild animals using traps like a questionable ethical way of hunting. Much of the debate on this subject is due to the lack of understanding of the parties and the lack of objective information.We trappers know that our sport – it is a legitimate use of renewable wildlife resources, but the problem is that we often can not clearly and argumentirovanyo state its position, so that people far from trapping, Read more [...]
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Hunting ethics — what is it ?!

Hunter writes about the ethics of many of our writers, almost every issue "horn" has articles on this topic. However, in my opinion, many confuse the ethics of poaching and violation of hunting rules. Ethics and different from all this, that a violation of ethical standards is not a violation of the law, though condemned by the hunting fraternity.For example, it is unethical to shoot sitting duck or rabbit, you have to give them to fly, to have had the opportunity to escape. While shooting sitting bird - not a violation of hunting rules. Not ethical to shoot a rabbit out of a strange hound. However, Read more [...]
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About everyday concerns

The sun was at its zenith, I crossed the wooden bridge river again looked at the overgrown with thick ocheret swamp adjacent to the island mixed bluebell. Forty minutes I downed kryzhnya trampled there, but never found. He stopped, thinking. Maybe go back? Photo ellemarien7 / DOLLAR PHOTO CLUB And then I I saw it. He was not slowly, looking at River on sticking to the islands floodplain at saucers of water cattail. Before him chelnochil tall kurtshaar. Man on kind of older than me, slim, trim, came, I broke the shotgun (mine was razlomleno), gave Read more [...]
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The ethics of hunting and Orthodoxy

Calls for consolidation of hunters and fishermen are often heard in the problematic articles and presentations at conferences held. Hunting and fishing associations with experience and newly created public movements are attempting to take over this function, but the problem still remains topical.Photo by Valery Maleev The focus is usually placed to consolidate the rights of citizens to have access to hunting and fishing resources, possession and carrying of weapons, hunting dog event, competitions, etc. It is noted shortcomings in a number of articles of fishing, hunting and forestry Read more [...]
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On the ethics of hunting

I read the article "The hunting traditions and customs," Anatoly Kleptsova, where he expressed his understanding of ethics of hunting, with which I fully agree.Photo: Mikhail Semin Back to article: «Hunting traditions and customs»«Hunting ethics – it is certain norms of behavior that have become inner conviction hunter and respected him not out of fear of punishment, but in conscience». The author gives examples of beautiful traditions among foreign hunters, and at the end of the article focused on the behavior of some of our «Hunters».This Read more [...]
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The ethics of hunting

I want to talk about hunting several seemingly abstract terms. But whether it will be abstract, if my goal - to observe the behavior of the hunter on the hunt. I will try to get away from the platitudes that drinking is not good, and aim at the stomach neighbor ugly.Photo: Sergei Narozhnova Actually, very much different thoughts lined up in my head, when I decided to write this article. Only talk about hunters and hunting, not noticing the many negative changes in the nature of Moldova, and in society, it is impossible. Perhaps it would be better to call these notes «What Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: anglers Ethics

Now our example program will be devoted to the conditional topic "Ethics fisherman", or rules of behavior on the ice fishermen on the shore in a boat, etc. This theme invented Gennady Serov, who is a member of the Russian national team at the state fishing on fishing tackle, chairman of Capital Sports Society " fisher and hunter ", also the chairman of the Russian section on fishing lure. Let's start the conversation with your own vernal time when after the melting of snow and ice on the pond, you can often meet trash from bottles, paper, cans and the rest left nekompitentnymi Read more [...]
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Issues of medical ethics in the practice of the medical examiner

Forensicmedical expert - is primarily a doctor, so the observance of all principles and requirements of medical ethics is a must for him. However, the specificity of professional forensic ethics defines a number of features specific to this specialty. Producing research of a dead body, a forensicmedical examiner should remember that the body - it is not only the object of expert research that he recently was alive, he has close friends, relatives, suffering a loss. As a consequence, should avoid unnecessary injuries dead body, you should try to study after the corpse to give it a fitting farewell Read more [...]
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Today's physician-4

If you add up all the requirements for the doctor, the situation can be estimated as the most difficult among the existing professions. AD Ochkin The doctor needs to know medicine. It is an axiom. Regarding the relationship with the patient, the desired could be briefly stated as follows: the patient should be treated cordially, to the doctor - with respect. It would seem that this is not very original, and most importantly - long known. So should we get back to what seems so basic? I think that is, and here's why. Medical ethics goes back to Hippocrates. Eminent physicians of different Read more [...]
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Medical ethics and deontology

The problems of medical ethics and deontology - the doctrine of the proper behavior of medical personnel - since ancient times attracted the attention of physicians and the public. In the ethics of ancient Indian and Greek medicine emphasized the need, even their lives to the doctor, to defend the life and health of the patient, to the same calling in his famous Hippocratic Oath. The development of capitalism, the emergence of new classes - the bourgeoisie and the proletariat - could not but affect medical ethics, for each socio-economic system characterized by its own morality. In "The Read more [...]
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The authority of the doctor-3

An interesting example cited by A. Krekka. As noted above, Bismarck extremely snubbed him attending physicians. When he first visited doctor Shveninger detail and began to ask questions about the disease, said the Chancellor complained that he had little time to respond to all questions. «Da mtissen Sie sich einen Tierarzt holen» («Then being treated by a veterinarian") - immediately responded Shveninger. Strangely enough, but apparently it was conquered by the confidence of Bismarck. Shveningeru also owns the saying: «Arzt sein das heisst der Starkere von zweien sein» («To be a Read more [...]
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Medical Ethics-3

Pages: 1 2 3 4 Ethics Medical - is part of the ethics of the ethical, moral norms that should guide health workers in dealing with patients and colleagues. The concept of medical ethics is closely related medical ethics, which should be viewed as a set of principles and rules of conduct of medical workers to achieve the maximum benefit for the patient in the treatment and prevention, to perform medical debt, debt, health care provider. Medic work refers to those activities that require the mandatory knowledge of various (mostly just typical of the profession) moral code of conduct in their interactions Read more [...]
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Ethics and ethical categories-1

Recently, there has been a tendency to concretization of ethical issues in science. This is explained by the fact that the division of labor, as a rule, imposes specific qualities to the relationship between people involved in a particular area of professional activity. Every professional corporation has always supported some standards of behavior and communication. Professional ethics is a dynamic process of application of the general concepts of morality to a particular field of activity. It is no accident professional ethics playing to the best of its relevance and importance in those areas Read more [...]
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What is medical ethics-4

Every medical worker as a citizen enters into definite relations with other categories of people. These relations are based on the general requirements of communist morality. But there must be taken into account especially the medical profession. Thus, health care providers often have to speak in front of people with popular discourses on health education topics. And in such cases, there are more professional and ethical issues. For example, how honest can be a doctor in such statements, whether all the audience to tell him about the symptoms and clinical presentation of these diseases, such Read more [...]
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What is medical ethics-3

Thus, medical ethics - the theoretical basis of medical ethics. Think so many authors. Most experts agree in the fact that the medical deontology - The practical application of medical ethics guidelines, however, some believe that "medical deontology is a section of medical ethics, studying particular specification, index rules and principles of medical ethics as applied to the specific characteristics of a particular specialty. Due to the nature, objectives and mode of operation of representatives of various health professions deontological requirements for them vary greatly, that is Read more [...]
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What is medical ethics-2

Features of medical activities generate specific requirements for moral and psychological qualities doctor. Chekhov wrote: "The medical profession - a feat, it requires self-sacrifice, purity of soul and purity of thought. We must be clear mentally, morally clean and tidy physically. " "... Workers Medikosantruda - said Mikhail Kalinin - can not be compared to workers in other occupations. The qualities that are required for other categories, is not enough for employees Medikosantruda. " He believed that the most important professional and moral qualities of health care Read more [...]
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What is medical ethics

All trades are subject to the general content and nature of moral problems associated with them, can be divided into two groups: first, the profession, where the object is a professional person, and second, a profession where people direct object of the activity is not is. The terms of the issues to resolve ethics, associated with cervical cancer group of occupations is vast. Both the first and the second group containing professions ethics reflects its special relationship to the people of the profession to society. These relationships are expressed in terms of "professional duty", Read more [...]
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Psychotherapy and medical ethics

Concentrated and direct expression of the moral principles of medical practice are in the general principles of psychotherapy and medical ethics rules. Ethical principles saturation psychotherapy because psychotherapy is a means of re-personality in terms of pathology. Thus, W. H, Myasishchev notes, "Psychotherapy in its basic form is the same treatment as and re-person." According to him, it is - an area boundary between pedagogy and medicine, and he called her a medical teaching. Such an assessment of psychotherapy derived from an understanding of personality as a set of social relations, Read more [...]
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