Wolf attack

The Amarok Indian-language-Inuit means "the wolf" A call from the Agency: «Want to participate in testing new cars?»The unexpected proposal:  so often the journalists who write about hunting, receive invitations to a test drive.— Of course, I want!— Wait for more information.All becomes clear two days later from the letter: Volkswagen… new pickup Amarok… for the first time in Russia, a test drive in conditions hunting Southern Ural mountains, on driven hunt moose... the number of invitees is limited… Read more [...]
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Music power

The narrow column of furnace smoke from the chimney cloud backs flat, blindingly shining in the dawn light of the rising sun over the mountain. Woodpecker on Sushina fires short bursts, the echo of which is carried away in the frosty air in the valley. Photo by Sergey Gulyaev At the edge of Eugene wiped the frost from his mustache and grunted with pleasure. Seven kilometers of the usual forest road, groomed snowmobile from the railway station remained behind. At last — at home!Muddy village situated on a gentle slope of the valley along the creek of the same name. Of the Read more [...]
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Journey from St. Petersburg to Orenburg

Mystery GuestTeacher Orenburg Aviation School khodinskiy washing the increase in the next rank, which coincided with his birthday. Invited, mostly young pilots colleagues came exactly on time. In a cozy apartment newly captain immediately became cramped. One would have to sit down, but was delayed one guest, without which begin hesitated. Finally he appeared. Politely all said hello, kissed three times birthday. Those who do not know who came, looked at him with curiosity. It was nothing special: wizened figure of medium height, dressed modestly. Normal person: a sparse blond beard, mustache stained, Read more [...]
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Guy, a reliable friend

I did not have dogs, but my friends were. I want to tell you about one of them, black-and-white Russian-European Laika Kobelkov Gaya, wherein fearlessness that not once helped and even saved his owner. From the archive of Anton Zhuravkova Once we went on a hunt in the Vologda region. Located in a village hut. The village is dying out. During our visit, and it was «dashing 90», Lived less than ten elderly. Livestock in the village was not, except for chickens and cats. Dogs winters ate wolves, dogs catch the poor even in their booths. Shelters host told us that once Read more [...]
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Well,for that matter.

Abstract on driving the tank 0:57 14 APR 2012 21:09| I like 22 8 comments Ilya Chasovskikh The bear and then unicycle velocipede, travels, and for you 19 and you don't know how to tank))) 14 APR 2012| 5 Eugene Svitashev hot fuck :)))))) 15 APR 2012| 3 Eugene Technogen I probably learned a tank to control ... 15 APR 2012| 1 Eugene Technogen a good instructor Read more [...]
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dream Stalker.

14 APR 2012 at 12:56| I like 19 19 comments Sergey Vladimirovich this is where this?? 14 APR 2012| 5 Aleksandr Bekarev ) yeah and I will say 14 APR 2012| 3 Constantine Bakht Yes, the guy in 1st in the album. 14 APR 2012| 3 Constantine Bakht greed Sergey Vladimirovich)))), PRODUCTION))) the Marauder understand). 14 APR 2012| 5 Sergey replied Konstantin Bakht Konstantin, you say, not greed too, just so much good is lost, and I have in stock angle is free, so sad)) 14 APR 2012| 2 Constantine Bakht said Sergey Read more [...]
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is:http://vk.com/sv bunkerhttp://vk.com/sv bunkerhttp://vk.com/sv bunkerhttp://vk.com/sv bunkerhttp://vk.com/sv bunkerhttp://vk.com/sv bunker

16 Feb 2014 14:36| I like 161 123 42 comment Eugene Shkurenko And now for more information about any legal requirement that such side implementation of this accessory tell... this just in case if the body was added dropwise rapidly nepoluchaetsa) 16 Feb at 14:39| 2 The survival. SV-BUNKER replied Eugene Kurenkova Mel then left, arrive, just ask 😉 16 Feb at 14:44| 1 Maxim Lekarev tap liked ) so lovingly painted components 16 Feb at 14:45| Misha Turchinov replied Eugene Kurenkova Eugene, read this http://www.k-press.ru/bh/2002/3/dyakonov/dyakonov.asp 16 Read more [...]
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13 Jan 2014 16:37| I like 79 7 comments Eugene Verner Comment "under the edge" - cool 13 Jan at 16:39| 3 Eugene Shkurenko wisely said))) 13 Jan at 16:40| Artem Starodubtsev I wife gave such ))) 13 Jan at 17:20| Paul Irzhik replied Eugene Kurenkova Eugene, reply Chav 13 Jan at 17:46| Nicholas Malinov My similar, but dark, without this pearl, with glinianym coating. The knife is a tool, he should Rosati, and great shall be the Swan 13 Jan at 18:29| 2 Eugene Plus Stunning kersik've Seen in the Read more [...]
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Photographed in photos Shestakov

     In many families tagilchan still stored images on an old mat with the stigma "Photo Shestakov" or "Photo VA Vishnjakova". Thanks to them, we know what was Nizhny Tagil in the end of last and beginning of this century, as tagilchane looked like they were dressed.     Who are these masters, save for posterity such valuable historical information, take photos that families pass down from one generation to another?     One of the largest in the city was a picture of Shestakov. The head of the dynasty, Peter A. left a daughter Read more [...]
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Photographed in photos Shestakov

In many families tagilchan still stored images on an old mat with the stigma of "Shestakov Photo" or "Photo VA Vishnjakova." Thanks to them, we know what was Nizhny Tagil in the end of last and beginning of this century, as tagilchane looked, how they dressed. Who are these masters, preserved for posterity such valuable historical information, take photos that families pass down from one generation to another? One of the largest in the city was a picture of Shestakov. The head of the dynasty - Peter A. left a daughter only works, no biographical information about him has been preserved. Read more [...]
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Working title

- Well, young man, lucky for you, - the head of personnel removed his glasses and slightly leaning back, as do overweight people, stood up, heavily focusing on the edge stola.- Congratulations! Eugene Butyagin grabbed with both hands outstretched palm myagenko small and very red in the face. - Laudatory sense of excitement! - Complacently boomed nachalnik.- Naturally. To go to the furnace Marten! Yes, even an assistant to Venyukova! The man who was "lucky" was a hefty eighteen boy in T-shirt cloth, very wiped on his elbows. He did not so long ago finished the tenth grade, and if you look closely, Read more [...]
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The search continues

Passing by the former building of the old school Tagil №1 Krupskaya, located in the primordial first city streets Bolsherudyanskoy (Kirov) and the Tagil, involuntarily pay attention to the peeling wall with a memorial marble top. It perpetuates the names of three famous graduates of the educational institution, the three heroes of the Soviet Union. But why was groomed a memorial? Are the students the fate of these characters, and in particular, the fact that there is still no documents confirming an honorable rank Eugene Protasova? Discussion on this subject is very delicate, and yet, really Read more [...]
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MAJEWSKI (Gutov) Eugene (Vincent) Anatomic

MAJEWSKI (Gutov) Eugene (Vincent) Anatomic (1875 23.12. 1918, Omsk), SOC.-dem., publicist. Pole, the son of the rebel 1863. In the roar. the movement from the late 1890s, one of the org-tori Siberian Union of the RSDLP. After the second Congress of the RSDLP prominenet, then Menshevik. In 1905 participants. Conf. the Mensheviks in Geneva. In, the first world. war defender, was one of the hands. Petrograd slave. group Military-prom. to-TA. In 1917 CL. Executive the Petrograd Council, the Central Executive Committee of Soviets of RSD. After 26 Oct. entered the Union for the protection of the homeland Read more [...]
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KOROTKOV Eugene Nikititch

KOROTKOV Eugene Nikititch (01 (13) .01.1850, Kungur 03.01. 1919 ECAT.), Local historian, a geologist. Rod. in the family of serfs. He graduated from the ECAT. Mining School (1870). 1878-1881 worked as foreman in Revda in 1882-1900 p. Siberian railway. d. From 1884 pers. Wole, 1902-1917 curator Wole. In 1902, the founder of the Society of mining equipment. Author of several works on the history of D & first description he discovered a new mineral revdinskita. Vol .: Materials for the history of the Ural Mining School. Ekaterinburg, 1887. Lit .: Calendar Directory Sverdlovsk region. Sverdlovsk, Read more [...]
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The iconic collection

    October 29, 1963 it accepted into the ranks of the All-Union Leninist Communist Youth League. Ten he started Collect icons associated with Komsomol life in the USSR. And now Eugene I. Poluboyarsky - owner of the unique for Nizhny Tagil collection of badges.     What can now be interesting Komsomol badges? Why researchers believe that breastplates You can trace the history of the state?     Collecting badges - perhaps one of the oldest human passions. Metal military insignia legionaries - Falera - widely used in ancient Rome, and thanks it is collecting Read more [...]
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Album with crown

I would like to know whether, French painter Eugène Lama that his watercolor message, say so through the years 100-150 years comes to Demidov "Muzeum"? And this sense of ownership was tagilchanka Cyrus S. Kasyanov, caring and wise hands preserved relic to our dashing time. However, it is not one. A great event in the cultural life of the country began in his time Karamzins unique letters, dated 1836 1837 years. They shed light on the death of Pushkin and entered the history of the famous "Tagil find." So, letters and Karamzin, and the album with a "water painting" watercolors by Eugène Read more [...]
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))Helen Adeyewa

5 Aug 2013 at 0:03| I like 88 12 24 comments Victor Buyanov seems to have forgotten about a few cans of corned beef) 5 Aug 2013| 1 Vitaly Chernikov and a flick knife...kitayskiy)) 5 Aug 2013| 3 Diman Plugin this joke about digger 5 Aug 2013| Oleg Fatikow answered Dimana Pluchino Diman, Yes you cap bleat... 5 Aug 2013| Diman Plugin said Oleg Fatikova Arthur, this is for you not coat pants tuck 5 Aug 2013| Raymond Bradbury ...grandma and the cat... ))) ahaha... 5 Aug 2013| Raymond Bradbury After Read more [...]
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The calendar Control And CTS FSB [2013]Nikita TEMNOZOR

may 10, 2013 at 16:59| I like 85 15 comments Alexey Kudryavtsev still tactical may 10, 2013| Eugene Shkurenko why clip 10, as in year 12 months? may 10, 2013| Vladislav Boychuk said Eugene Kurenkova Eugene, so as to record you can attach a maximum of 10 attachments may 10, 2013| Eugene Shkurenko said Vladislav Boychuk Vladislav, bad.... may 10, 2013| Alexander Startsev why if this is the calendar, I don't see numbers and dates may 10, 2013| 2 Alexander Kulemin said Alexander Startsev Alexander, perhaps Read more [...]
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VERTICAL FURNACE – ROCKET , with integrated heat exchanger for heating water.

Rocket Stove Water Heater 1:34 3 Jan 2013 15:49| I like 35 8 comments Nikolas Shpeer Upgrade 🙁 3 Jan 2013| Alex Taranets Necessity is the mother of invention)))) 3 Jan 2013| Eugene O. http://okolotok.ru/showthread.php/21650-PECL-receta-I.. 3 Jan 2013| Eugene O. http://alexsrb.livejournal.com/83438.html Link okolotok.ru   Oven-rocket and warm wall The question for consideration. Read more [...]
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Link reporter-ua.com   Killing 20 kids became one of the most terrible tragedies in the USA | РепортерUA 15 Dec 2012 16:13| I like 2 8 comments Nikolai Tomilov This just started 15 Dec 2012| Lenin Love This already-continued... 15 Dec 2012| Evgeny Kuzmin What began? 20 people and such a disaster? PF, there were more killed. 15 Dec 2012| Oleg Undercuts Naturally unpleasant, but not vpechatliaushaia about Beslan. There 186 children killed... 15 Dec 2012| 1 Eugene Hammers At the moment, Read more [...]
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Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).