American trail

Today the Russian hunters and nature lovers are dealing with two kinds of mink, common in the country. It is the European mink - the indigenous inhabitants of our aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats, and the US - a native of North America, but adapted to the life we ​​have so much that has long been a representative of the usual weasel family. Uneaten mink paws pond frogs. Such «rich», on I think leftovers can only talk about the abundance of food on the territory. 29 October 2005 Meeting with European mink is now uncommon. Without exception, all Read more [...]
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Behold the root!

Read article ornithologist D. Dorofeeva «AEWA: Myths and Realities" ("EGR" number 13, 2013), and carefully studied the text of the Agreement. Photo by Alexander Nazarov What to say? Articles are declarative document, but prohibitive measures spelled out clearly. If you think about the meaning of the Agreement, it becomes clear that it is beneficial to European hunters, which means it will infringe on the rights of the Russian «man with a gun». Judge for yourself: The more restrictions on hunting waterbirds us – the more they shoot in France, England, Portugal, Read more [...]
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The fate of the European mink in Belarus

In recent years the media increasingly raises issues of biodiversity conservation. All understand it, but, in my opinion, is not always doing the right thing. Examples of this is enough. Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing In this article we will focus only on one case and talk about the fate of the European mink. By GA Novikov (1939), extended to Belarus belonged to the European mink subspecies Central Russian mink.According to I. Zelensky (1864), mink, like many other predators Minsk province, and especially in Woodland, preserved in quite Read more [...]
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Circuit de France: How to Vigil

Customers sentry the run on a TV concealment in a bar during the one-fifth level of the 2012 Go de France.     Pic: APHistorically, to sentry the Go know you needful wire—and the willingness to pull yourself out of bed at 5 a.m. This yr the backwash pose on the NBC Sports ­Net, but the hard-core volition try out on-line alternatives. these are the outdo. European Feeds Eurosport offers subscriptions from fivesome euros (most $6.50) a month, and Italy’s has absolve streams. Both demand an IP direct originating in Europe, uncommitted from Witopia for $6 per Read more [...]
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Bequeath the se GPS whole sour in Canada, the U.K., and Europe?

Newt 2000 GPS     Picture: courtesy, MagellanMagellan Newt 2000 GPSNewt 2000 GPSA:GPS is everyplace. It?s in the air you suspire, the pee you drunkenness, the sun you bask. Someday we?ll all suffer a chip deep-rooted at birthing (or during irritating alveolar procedures when we?re partly sedated) and our movements volition be tracked always by regime agents concerned in fight terrorism?or determination the hot new tapas reefer everyone is loss to.So GPS is evening in Europe. And any criterion GPS whole bequeath ferment fair ok. What you get bequeath ride your taste?whether you wish Read more [...]
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Climate: Why in the Arctic is warmer than in Sochi?

The maximum temperature on 22 July. Surface height H500 hPa contour surface configuration can be seen as a distributed wave in the middle troposphere July 23, 2013. Not for the first day in the north and north-east of the EPR, in northern Siberia (even in the Polar regions) held unprecedented heat! Daytime temperature rises to 30 ... 34 °. Vorkuta, Salekhard, Dixon, Norilsk, Arkhangelsk and many other weather station - fix the maximum temperature records. Meanwhile in Sochi and Krasnodar only 27 °. And the residents of the Center of European Russia, which are entitled to 23 ... 24 ° in the Read more [...]
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By the rivers of Russia ice with a thickness of 15 centimeters in the European part of one and a half meters on the Lena

Over the past weekend, hydrologists had recognized that the highest water level in the river near Lower Vig  Byelomorsk town in Karelia The thickness of the ice on the rivers of the Russian Federation of January 20 was as follows: - on the rivers and reservoirs of the European RF 15-70 cm; - Asian rivers of in a greater degree of 30-90 cm; - in the upper reaches of Tom, on the Upper Yenisey and his mouth section, on the rivers flowing into Lake Baikal, on the Lower Tunguska, Olenka, Vitim, Vilyue, Amur (in some areas), on the Shilka, Onon, Ingoda, Nercha, in the upper Helena 90-147 cm; and in Read more [...]
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On the Volga in the Yaroslavl region yesterday saw the rise of the water

Over the past day in the hydrological regime of rivers RF significant configurations failed. In connection with the inflated dumping Rybinsk Hydroelectric power station on the city of Rybinsk - the city of Yaroslavl (river Volga) Observed profits water 0.4-0.6 meters. By the rivers of the Kaliningrad region lasted slush. Ice thickness according to January 10 was as follows: - on the Volga, Kama, the Urals and their tributaries, the rivers of the Kola Peninsula, Karelia and North European RF 18-68 cm; - in the delta of the Volga River, on Don, Dnieper, Western Dvina and their tributaries, the Read more [...]
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In the snow in France «nothing sverhneobychnogo»

Heavy snowfall and gusty winds that hit the south-west of France, and has left without electricity for thousands of people, is a rare but extremely unusual event, according to Russian meteorologists. Winter, on the eve of returning to the south coast of France, left without electricity for 23,000 households: trees can not stand the severity of wet snow, broke and was terminated by electrical wires. Perpignan airport is closed, partially canceled flights to Montpellier. On the Cote d'Azur, which is preparing for the opening of the Cannes Film Festival on May 12, ten-hit by the wave. «It's Read more [...]
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Can I use a U.S.-bought bipartizan wireless in Italy?

RAZR V3     Picture: courtesy, MotorolaMotorola RAZR V3RAZR V3A:The short-circuit result is: No, it?s not effectual to use a U.S.-purchased FRS (Category Wireless Avail) or GMRS (Ecumenical Roving Wireless Serving) in Europe. That?s because European nations deliver allocated their wireless frequencies in a way that?s dissimilar from the Joined States. E.g., the tuner bands put-upon by FRS hither are secondhand by exigency services workers in England. Exchangeable conflicts can be launch elsewhere on the European celibate.Europe does let its own radiocommunication scheme that?s correspondent Read more [...]
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Is European paraphernalia as near as that made in the U.S.?

ShoSho     Pic: courtesy, HaglöfsShoShoA:Many assay to be geared. Lonesome a few are elect... European farce fascinates me. It's unlike from what we see in the U.S., sometimes in an about indescribable way?from the semblance pallette (frequently brighter) to the fit (unremarkably, but not constantly, slimmer) to the particularisation. That aforesaid, functionally it isn't all that dissimilar from what we see hither in the States. Gore-Tex, e.g., is one of those materials that has highly-developed jolly upstanding ecumenical hegemony, so you see it in European raingear too Read more [...]
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Cognize any effective European cycle makers?

Veloce 10     Picture: courtesy, BianchiVeloce 10A:Dear cycle brands in Europe? Nah, not one. You emphatically neediness to ordering a wheel from the U.S. Bang me with a wheel heart person, oui. I'm lone kidding. Afterward all, I cerebrate the Europeans INVENTED bicycling—and bicycles—and persist far more into it than Americans. The Turn de France leave stillness stud that celibate's aid foresighted later Shaft Armstrong has retired and Americans get disregarded all around it, not to credit multitudinous over-the-counter big route races we've scarcely heard of. Anyhow, I volition Read more [...]
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The raging element: the European Union calculates damage

The European Union counts the damage from flooding in Central and Eastern Europe. Under the blows of nature was Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and Germany. Eight people died, dozens were missing. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Cast-iron Drape Touristry Heats Up

Xxv days afterward the dip of the Berlin Surround, the European Coupling is turn the Fe Mantle into a 4,225-mile (6,800-kilometer) cycling lead to pad cycle touristry.The European Sevens's conveyance and touristry commission has reserve $2.4 jillion to tie motorcycle paths working done 20 countries 'tween the Barents and Blackness Seas, victimization pocket-sized disconsolate squares to cross the track scheme. Commission president Michael Cramer, who proposed the itinerary in 2005, says the track would not but helper interstate touristry but likewise ameliorate a sentiency of European ace. By rebranding Read more [...]
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survival in the world now

U.S. losing ground?The U.S. wants to make a new world order ("Die Welt", Germany) * The Pentagon is obliged to preserve. Because at the Munich security conference was made obvious warning in the address of Europeans: America does not want and cannot alone bear the burden of maintaining world order. Michael Stürmer (Michael Stuermer).Europeans warned that in the future nothing left in the usual hitherto. With NATO or without this organization, Washington no longer able to protect them from the consequences of weakening its favorite role and disorientation.The new world order worsens the Read more [...]
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Meteoroloji: Winter pressing

@ Log Collector of stars First snow in the North-West and Central Russia - is only a fraction from what is happening in Russia the seasonal changes. These days most rapidly they occur in the EPR and the far East. On the black sea coast cold front was marked by a very strong showers and thunderstorms. In Adler fell 85 mm of rainfall, which is close to the monthly norm. At the opposite end of the ETP rainfall were no less intense, and fell in the form of strong sleet with rain. In the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions recorded up to 30 mm of rainfall. In the middle lane autumn element is also not Read more [...]
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The abnormal fall knocked the biorhythms of all living things

Warm November continues, and almost the entire European territory of Russia in the coming days are expected to be new temperature records. Unusual weather has added problems to animals and plants. Due to abnormal heat can't go to sleep hedgehogs and badgers, and some protein is broken «Shuroobod»: they are still red. Because of this deception weather is not going to fly from Moscow and wild ducks. In Central Russia are very warm. The rains are only in certain areas. Up the Volga bloomed lilacs. Abnormally warm weather in no hurry to leave and Nizhny Novgorod. Spring flowers blossomed Read more [...]
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European cities flooded by melt water

Residents of several European countries suffer from a new natural disaster. Because of the sharp warming has melted the snow, zavalivsky Old Light before Christmas (then a couple of days had the monthly norm of precipitation.) Worst of all now have the Belgians, reports NTV. To the South of this country snow has melted completely for just one night. Melt-water turbulent flow rushed into the streets, flooding the basements and first floors of the houses. In Germany came from the banks of the river Oder, under threat of a spill Rhine and the Moselle, one of the major waterways of Europe. Flooded Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Whitefish

European whitefish (Coregonus albula) (ripus, kilez, ryapuha) In Russia from time to time incorrectly referred to as "Pereslavl herring", although does not have any work to herrings. The shape of whitefish indeed somewhat similar to herring. The body is very compressed laterally, the lower jaw is longer than the top and has a recess for receiving a thickened end of the upper jaw. Color blue-gray back, sides silvery, snow-white belly, dorsal and caudal fins are grayish white or whitish other. One dorsal and one anal, all fins without injecting rays. Like all whitefish has an adipose Read more [...]
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Version historian: in 2018 Europe will war

Kopipast with In searching the site not found anything like it, throw sneakers if already published this materialDominique Sendbruk | Daily Mail 31.10.2011Following a statement by Chancellor Merkel, that the collapse of the euro is dangerous for peaceful coexistence, Dominic Sendbruk gave free rein to his imagination in the pages of Daily Mail."Today, October 29, 2018, the darkest hour has come for Britain: our troops suffered a humiliating defeat in the theater of war in Europe" - so the author begins his article. Thousands of Britons were in POW camps.From Belgium to Athens Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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