CONTACT WITH THE ENEMYWhen one member of the group comes into contact with the enemy, for example, giving him commands or opening fire, he automatically becomes the favorite and the acts of the other parties to the transactions subject to its tactical needs. They must control their own areas of responsibility. If the favorite is in need of help, it requests it from the 1st of the partners. The first assistant is usually covering (the one who is closer). At this time, safeguarding controls not only his area of responsibility, and one that leaves you in his care covering. EVACUATION OF THE AFFECTEDThe Read more [...]
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At the current time the phone is the main channel flow of messages containing information about explosive devices, capture of hostages, extortion and blackmail.Usually, the element of surprise arising panic, and sometimes shock, well, itself acquired information lead to the fact that the person is unable to correctly respond to the call, to assess the validity of the risk and get the most information out of the conversation.Calls with dangers can do for you personally and can contain, for example, requirements to pay a significant amount of money.If your phone already has received such calls or Read more [...]
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In the Philippines due to the volcano to evacuate animals. Video

Philippines almost two weeks living in anticipation of the eruption of Mayon volcano - the most active of the 22 operating in the country. Fire-breathing mountain throws a column of ash, and the crater was formed two dome of lava. About 120 thousand people living in the eight-kilometer zone have already been evacuated. Now completed the evacuation of animals. Dick Green, lifeguard WWF: Our goal - to avoid casualties. To local residents left voluntarily, we are forced to evacuate all animals. Without their cattle people refuse to leave the disaster area. Salvador Perez, a farmer: It hurts to Read more [...]
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Emergency evacuation of more than 8 thousand. Persons. Columbia

Developments in Colombia continues. The previous post about the volcano in Colombia Due to the volcanic eruption of Galeras in the south-western Colombia, authorities began an emergency evacuation of more than 8 thousand. Persons, whereby the movement of vehicles in the area suspended, local media reported. Locals after admission to Saturday night signal the beginning of the explosive eruption of the volcano and the highest of alerts, "red", power delivered to the asylum Pasto, the capital of the department of Nariño, located near the border with Ecuador. From the crater of the volcano ejected Read more [...]
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In Yakutia, flooded houses, is evacuation

July 23, 2013. In the past few days in some areas of Yakutia continued heavy rains. As a result, the water level in the river Dulgalah more than 40 centimeters higher than the critical level. Flooding has caused flooding of 14 residential houses in the village Sword. Made the evacuation of residents and the personal property of people. In operation involved two boats rescue Yakutia, 10 motor boats and five vehicles belonging to local residents. Resettlement of the population is located in private houses, standing on a hill, and in the camp, which includes seven tents to 15 seats each. The village Read more [...]
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Rivers Mzymta, Adium and Bacanga special attention in anticipation of the flood

In the Krasnodar region is a complex of measures to protect the population from possible flooding during the spring floods of 2013. Experts at the Head of EMERCOM of Russia for Krasnodar Krai prepare for further flooding. First, the monitoring of the state of the rivers considered the rate of melting snow in mountainous areas, precipitation. Developed a joint action plan professionals MES and the administration of Krasnodar region on the passage of flooding in river basins. Are shore protection, dredging and deepening of rivers, checked the readiness of waterworks. The total amount of money allocated Read more [...]
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In Dagestan, the evacuation due to the threat of a dam break

In Dagestan, is currently under evacuation of residents from a number of localities in the Derbent area was under threat of flooding, reported RBC in the press service of the Southern Regional Emergency Center of the Russian Federation. As a result of heavy rains raise the water level in the rivers, so that the risk of a breach was the dam of the reservoir near the village Gedzhuh. A decision was made on the emergency evacuation of water from the reservoir. All under the threat of flooding were about 132 houses, which are home to more than 300 people. To date, evacuated about 60 residents of Read more [...]
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Japanese authorities prepared to evacuate more than 85,000 residents

Because of the danger of river flooding after heavy rains over the last few days of the evacuation warning is given 85 thousand inhabitants of the northern districts of the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. This was reported by Kyodo news agency. In Kitakyushu City in connection with the flood Murasaki an evacuation order received 1,200. Recommendation on evacuation given another 27 thousand residents. Because of the risk of river flooding evacuation recommendation is also given a number of 59 thousand inhabitants of the city of Fukuoka, where in just one hour fell to 68 mm of rain. As Read more [...]
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survival gear

Arthur Muppy Personal somespecial with height MONOSPACE 15- designed for evacuation in case of fire and other force majeure situations in buildings.Personal somespecial with height MONOSPACE - set of rescue equipment is designed for the evacuation of people in case of fire from the heights. The device is wholly automatic. Evacuation of a person with a height up to 50 meters in force majeure situations. The device does not ask for training and special training evacuated. Perfectly suitable for the evacuation of the crane.Evacuation device MONOSPACE allows you to escape when fire completely untrained Read more [...]
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Floods in Romania caused emergency evacuation

September 13, 2013. In the Eastern region of Romania, Galati there was a sudden flood of rivers causing flooding, which resulted in the deaths of eight people, including a minor child from Kudali. The boy drowned, had slipped from the hands of the parent, tortured as quickly as possible to get out of the flooded homes.The water crept as close to the dwelling houses, that there was an emergency evacuation of the population. According to preliminary estimates, now about 500 homes in Kudali water and uninhabitable region the figure is closer to 700. About 400 people had to move out of villages Read more [...]
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Due to floods in Bulgaria are preparing for evacuation

Torrential rain has caused on Saturday flooding in some regions of Bulgaria. Once in 14 regions of the country meteorologists announced «orange level» danger. Critical situation in some districts of Sofia and Pernik, Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil. There's declared willingness to partial evacuation of residents. Help people have lifeguards and firefighters. Meanwhile, problems with weather, associated with the sharp fall of temperature, felt the last days of Eastern and Western Europe. So, in The Czech Republic and Slovakia victims of cold steel in recent days, 11 homeless. In Germany, Read more [...]
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In Australia due to severe flooding is the evacuation of the population

Heavy downpours caused the evacuation of the local population in the North-East Australia. The main blow fell on the Queensland near the town of Roma. According to a representative of the rescue service, the water level in the river Bangel Creek just a few hours up to 7.5 meters, which is kind of a record since March 2010. In the evacuation of Roma population assistance to the authorities provide employees of the International Committee of the red cross and numerous detachments of volunteers. According to preliminary estimates, the damage from the flood can amount to tens of millions of dollars, Read more [...]
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The eruption Soputan began in Indonesia, there were no injuries

The farmer in the background spewing ash volcano Soputan, Indonesia. The eruption Soputan in the Northern part of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi began Sunday morning, according to the associated Press, citing the head of the volcanological Agency Surono (Surono). According to him, when the eruption occurred emissions of volcanic ash and gases to a height of six kilometers. Volcanologists announced the evacuation zone within a radius of 6.5 kilometers from the volcano, but no one evacuated was not.«At the moment no evacuation was not carried out, because the nearest town is eight Read more [...]
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Due to the increased activity of the volcano tends to evacuate hundreds of people

on July 11. Due to the increased activity of the volcano Lokon in Indonesia evacuated hundreds of people living on the island of Sulawesi. This decision, says Federal Press, accepted by the local authorities. \"Today we are going to evacuate people living in a radius of 3.5 km around the volcano. This is a safety precaution in case of an eruption or a new release of poisonous gases\", - reported in the evacuation. In the evacuation zone is home to about 28 thousand people. While resettled will be only those people that are dangerously close to the volcano. Officials said that Hiking to the mountain Read more [...]
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Hundreds evacuated because of the threat of landslides in Taiwan

20 July in mountain areas in southern Taiwan have begun mass evacuations. Hundreds of people leave their homes, fleeing from landslides caused by heavy rains. On the eve of the Taiwan authorities warned the public of impending disaster and gave the order to begin the evacuation in 45 areas near rivers, in five provincial cities. Nine settlements warned about possible evacuation. The inhabitants of the mountainous region near the city of Kaohsiung to cross the bridge over the raging river the help of the firemen.[officer fire protection]: \"For children and the elderly, who are unable to Read more [...]
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The evacuation of 3000 families in South Africa due to subsidence

December 27, 2010. The South African government began moving three thousand families affected by the huge gaps that appeared near their homes near Pretoria. Argue that the subsidence of the earth was caused by a significant flow of groundwater extracted farms in this area that resulted in the collapse of cavities. About 50 families from informal settlements, Bapsfontein were also relocated, say authorities. Officials report that this area is more unsuitable for settlement.\"Immediate evacuation\" \"The situation is extremely unfavorable, several failures have already appeared Read more [...]
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The Canaries are preparing to evacuate because of a volcanic eruption

on 12 October. The government is owned by Spain's Canary Islands has increased the level of threat of a possible eruption of the volcano on the island of El Hierro. Started evacuation 547 inhabitants of the village of La Restinga, closest to the place of the incident yesterday at a depth of 970 meters underwater volcanic eruption. According to the data located on the island in the Atlantic ocean specialists from the National geographic Institute of Spain, the next eruption may occur in close proximity to the coast of the island of El Hierro and at a lesser depth, which may threaten Read more [...]
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Seven Indonesian volcanoes Wake up

8 January. The national emergency management Agency issued a warning about the activation of the seven volcanoes throughout the archipelago. The Agency has prepared the forces and means in the worst case scenario. Proposed measures were discussed on Saturday at a meeting of the official persons. The list includes the following volcanoes: Papandayan in West Java, Karangetang and Lokon in North Sulawesi, lien in East Java, Gamalama in North Maluku, the Anak-Krakatau («the son of Krakatau» in Lampung, Levatol in East Nusa-Tenggara.The Agency conducts continuous monitoring of each Read more [...]
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More than two thousand Australians have fled their homes due to flooding

on 2 February. About 2 thousand people were evacuated from the Australian state of New South Wales due to heavy rains, which resulted in the banks came out of the river Gwydyr and Bellows, said on Thursday the news Agency AAP. Rescuers urged to immediately leave their homes around 1.7 thousand urban residents Mori (Moree) and Binigay (Biniguy). For the evacuation of 600 residents Pallamallawa (Pallamallawa) rescuers had to enlist the help of a helicopter.About 260 inhabitants of cities Kroki and manning point waiting for the beginning of the evacuation. To leave their homes they would have Read more [...]
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Australia a storm coming

on 7 February. In Australia, a powerful storm rolling in on the flood affected States of Queensland and New South Wales. In this regard, in some areas declared a state of emergency. The employee ' s National weather service Australia Tony Auden said that the main impact of the disaster will have on the city of Roma, Charleville and Mitchell. Storm brings thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail.Local authorities announced the evacuation of the population. Wished to remain in their homes warned of the danger carried by fallen trees and broken power lines. They recommended to avoid unplanned trips Read more [...]
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