And only in the evening, and only a day

How nice to wander quiet running waning autumn day, out of the corner of the forest of bright green clover, on the aftermath of the young, the crude precipitated by evening dew. Photo by Dmitry Kashirina To reflect and watch the rest goes to the majestic view of our planet. How does it quickly, even very, sinks, retires, is huge, with the crown of the distant darkening forest. But at the last moment, it gives the ground a dazzling, a bright smile that forest, though embarrassed, and again flashes lights up the horizon crimson sunset fire. In front of me is an old lime tree branched, Read more [...]
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Haying time to

My grandmother used to say to me: "Not having seen for summer days! This winter long stretches, and that summer bird cherry color - quickly will fly away! "And it is really so: snorovito run summer days. I did not notice that descend from the calendar pervolete. Photo by Sergey Fokin And here it is, at the very height of summer. In nature already felt special Toe the line – from day to day daily considerably subsided gone, which means the second half of the year turned. Behind the scenes, a small step on the sparrow, as they say in the old days, decreasing day.It is a time Read more [...]
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In November, the ducks

Warm weather did not let me rest. It can not be that all the ducks flew to the south! Mallard must certainly linger. And on November 10th, I went to my favorite lake Verestovo.Photo shutterbusterbob / At huntsman Viacheslav remained on the banks of lightweight aluminum boat. I decided that I will not swim away, Settle somewhere nearby on the island. It is written, — done. Arriving at the beach, lake, I do not know. It has spread like spring. Bushes in the water, and coastal reeds and sedges perished, and his eyes opened a huge expanse of water. I found a secluded Read more [...]
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Unpredictable Bear

It is known that bear a very cautious animal. The experience hunting for bait on oats superfluous evidence of this. Knowing the quality of such a bear, very carefully think through every detail necessary to the organization of hunting - placing bait, the construction site of a warehouse, route and time of movement to the storage shed. Still, sometimes the beast manages to show something new. With some experience hunting for bear bait on oats together with my friend in the village this time tried to take into account even the smallest details.On the hunt I asked for my old colleague, Read more [...]
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Pretty cheerful "nine" rolled on the road Yaroslavl - Ivanovo. The driver was in a hurry, but did without disturbances and other problems are created. Highway dried up, although spring is somehow not in a hurry this year. The trip was even pleasant, hampered only accumulated fatigue. Photo Artem Efimov The machine taxied to refuel. From it came a middle-aged, pay at the box office of gasoline and double coffee. Refuel, he pulled away from the column, rubbed lamps and lanterns, and, leaning on the hood began over coffee in a paper cup. Already low evening sun illuminates the dark Read more [...]
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Arts, traction, traction …

The authorities of the Sverdlovsk region, put it, it was the ban on spring hunting (due to fire danger in forests), then still took him, limiting the season one week (from April 25 to May 1). Well, as they say, and thanks for that.Already in the forest my friend, Victor Beloglazovs pleased to have seen the snow mostly melted and unlike last year at this time you can do without skis. The good mood sat on the trunk of a fallen birch storm, got out backpacks and food to celebrate missed a glass.Two hours later came to the booth - Victor hunting haven, which is a stretched on a frame made of perches Read more [...]
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On the edge of the village

I woke up somewhere in the beginning of the fifth morning. Tossing, tossing - not asleep, he decided to get up. He drank a cup of tea and took a backpack, his gun on his shoulder and went to the garage. On the street the darkness, drizzle drizzle, and in general this autumn was rainy. Photo Hans westbeek / In the last fifteen years This time the club «Woodcock» together with Edited by «HORN» carried out on account of woodcocks night cravings. I sometimes These events involved. AT This time On Saturday 31 May Read more [...]
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Spring hunting in Novgorod region opened early this year - April 12. Lakes - icebound, drakes and ducks Forest River was chosen, not walking, requiring hunters to marshbroskah endurance and patience, patience ... It should be a decoy and a knapsack to deliver, and boat and a tent and provisions. In the first half tenday night temperature dropped to three — five degrees below zero, and in places at night and reached up to seven — ten degrees below zero. Accordingly, the weather behaved and upland: the opening of the grouse are not yet raspelsya and grouse tokovat already Read more [...]
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A rod is quiet …

What do you think, dear readers, when it was necessary to open a spring hunting in 2015 in the Moscow region? That's right, two weeks earlier and not at the same time Leningrad.Photo by Sergey Fokin Ringing in the early April, my partner and brother in hunting: — Uncle Sasha, geese fly past us, to the south, and which I see overhead are high, not sit on floodplain — dry, no puddles. — Well, at least on Woodcock on­hunt…— Where there! Span has already begun, and to the discovery will be the single horkanyu Read more [...]
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Woodcocks village more expensive

No matter what the hunters, no matter how fervently discussing hunting currents, with decoy, geese, but the most massive, accessible and not be afraid to add favorite was and remains the thrust spring woodcock. In many lands, except for woodcock, spring is simply no other game, or so little that «chase» or search for drake crow perches — waste of time. «Oddly Say what you like», a except for woodcock, especially in public lands, not very far from the big cities, rely on other spring game more often than not accounts. Read more [...]
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Trending: Beers With a Local Penchant

A drift in cunning brewing has beer makers quest out local flavors to colligate someone brews to their environs. NPR Word reports that brewers are headed into their own backyards in look of ingredients alike leaves, roots, berries, and level fungi to make a unambiguously local discernment.The drive has evening created groups care Beers Made by Walk, which leads hikes in hunt of pint woof ingredients. Great breweries same Deschutes and New Belgium get evening participated in the walk hunts.Minor breweries care Defect Eagle Brewery in Salinity Lake Metropolis are tramp into the mountains in Read more [...]
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Choi is charged at half the city lights turned off ….

Good all the time of day, Komrad! Today is Thursday, and we have in the village "Gadyukino" Friday! But why? Tomorrow provide power throughout the right bank of the village (well not turn language called city village with directions instead of roads and light-music-like five randomly blinking traffic lights) BP training. Namely - the global outage hours 8 ... 12! Voooot. Therefore, authorities decided to let her work two shifts in a row!, So and we do not mind - the banner evening affair polyubasu Chiefs dumb and then transferred on Friday evening Thursday evening with the "official" otmazy from Read more [...]
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Chronicles of sabotage unit. Part One. School saboteurs 3

9. InternshipDay 1. KMD (course young saboteur) is completed. We gladly shook hands with our instructors and sent them away. Now our unit arrived for training, where we hone our skills sabotage.On the occasion of the arrival of a new place had a barbecue.Day 2. Drużno small groups out to explore the surrounding countryside to find the most potential enemy. Locals in view of conspiracy thinking that here warehouse military uniforms stored since 1917. Strategic reserves, so to speak. In addition, there are rumors that it is we kept secret famous Tunguska meteorite, so it is still no one Read more [...]
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Komsomol youth, my

     Komsomol Uralvagonzavod celebrated its 75th anniversary. On holiday evening in honor of the glorious date in DC named after IV Okuneva profit nonresident guests, veterans of the enterprise. All their associated memories of youth, shock affairs for the benefit of the country.     In the hall was made red banner of the Komsomol and the People's Commissariat of the tank industry, passed in 1946, the plant for permanent storage. Rights make banner was awarded one of the oldest of the Komsomol committee of secretaries of the company Alexander Shcherbinin. This Read more [...]
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    This was once peripheral area of ​​the city in recent years radically changed its look prettier, and most importantly - younger. The new building of Nizhny Tagil Institute of Technology, a sports complex "Metallurg-Forum", Next to the building socio-pedagogical academy word campus on the picturesque banks city ​​pond. But sixty years ago future engineers trained in three vintage house on the street. Urals, where they lived employees Metallurgical Plant in times Demidovs. Read more [...]
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Yule pm

Land under a white blanket. The sun rises above the horizon for a short while and then goes away, giving way to the dominance of the long winter nights. At this time, the Russian Orthodox Church 40-day fasting Filippov preparing for the feast of the Nativity. Different people of the Christian faith is a favorite holiday. Preparation for it was felt everywhere: in homes spent much cleaning, purchased products. Prepared and spiritually prayed fervently, fasted, trying not to hurt each other. On the first Sunday of Lent in the church singing Christmas carols, and remember the prophets and saints. Until Read more [...]
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City Festival: Day One

     Then, in August 1976, hardly anyone thought that this would be an example of tagilchan contagious. One after another, a desire to do the same holidays declared large and small cities, towns and villages. But that was then, and until city getting ready to take a step into the unknown.     In those prosperous, anyway – externally, 70s people willingly included in important and necessary things. So prepare for the Day of the city-76 caused not only tagilchan interest, but also a desire to meet him with dignity. Urban radio, television, newspaper "Taghilsky Read more [...]
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Sublimated meat

I want to offer sublimated meat recipe at home. As I consider it a necessary product of the same, as well as qualitative stew, only an order of magnitude easier. And on our website yet nowhere are not directly mentioned only indirectly. Ideal for drying oven with modern cookers blowing and thermostat, capable of keeping the temperature of 50-70 degrees. Door slightly opens. Usually dried for a couple of nights (night not to hob buzzing).You take the good beef (sirloin), and lived without fat. As you cut slices Beef Stroganoff. Well, that is a box with sides 7h15h70 mm. You put in an enamel pot. Read more [...]
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The history of higher technical education in Nizhny Tagil

     I. Taghilsky industrial     There are in our city area associated with the history of the first technical college. These are the three buildings on the street Ural houses 2, 2a, 4 here in July 1944 began life Nizhnetagilskogo Industrial Institute (NTII). His grandparents Bezhitsk Mechanical Engineering and Krivoy Rog Mining Institute, who found refuge in the Great Patriotic War in the Urals. After the liberation of the western parts of the country from the Nazis institutions returned to their homes, leaving some students, mostly tagilchan not dared to leave Read more [...]
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Emshanov Alexander

Emshanov Alexander (13 (25) .08.1891, st.Evropeyskaya Holy Cross parish. Perm.gub. 1941), households. figure. Professional career early. since 1905 in the position of the telegraph station. Perm-II. Pers. VKP (b) In 1917, with the 1917-20 worked as head of Perm. Railway In 1920-21 the People's Commissar of Railways in 1921-22 -Replacement. People's Commissar of Railways of the RSFSR. In 1923 he sent to Germany to study the new developments in the region. Railway page. In 1924 he returned to his homeland again hands. Perm. railway, carried her rehabilitation and reconstructive work. In 1926 appointed Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).