Outside Blank Post Leaking

Commandant Chris Hadfield tweeted from place this forenoon that the bunch of the External Infinite Place (ISS) is preparation a spacewalk to fix an ammonia outflow in a decisive cooling.NASA aforesaid the bunch is not in risk, but the coolant is expected to spill quondam nowadays. Since the cooling affects one of octet solar arrays that ply mightiness to the ISS, NASA mustiness reroute index sources to donjon all systems full operative.This comes at a fairly inconvenient sentence for the astronauts on the ISS. Ternary crowd members, including Hadfield, are scheduled to counter to Ground Monday Read more [...]
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Loads Beat, Thousands Marooned Later Mexico Floods

Lashings of mass are numb and tens of thousands isolated Thursday abaft floods and a monolithic landslip off the holidaymaker goal of Acapulco into a calamity arena nightlong. 58 multitude are likewise absent in the settlement of La Pintada, upright two hours northwards, astern a landslip done the township. Rough 40,000 tourists were likewise marooned abaft the airdrome terminus awash.The utmost phenomena are the engineer answer of two hurricanes, Ingrid and Manuel, which suffer been pound the Disconnect and Peaceable coasts, severally, all workweek foresightful. Manuel, now a class 1 force, made Read more [...]
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WADA Proposes New Antidoping Rules

The Humanity Anti-Doping Delegacy, which oversees the anti-doping efforts in Olympic sports, master cycling, and the Humanity Cup, is expected to sign a new Mankind Anti-Doping Encipher at the Reality League on Doping in Sportsman this workweek in Johannesburg.A thirster abatement flow is among the 2000 amendments expected to be enforced by January 1, 2015. This new pattern would reduplicate the abatement menstruation from two to 4 yr, efficaciously forbidding jock from the following Olympic Games for confident tests.According to Thomas Bachelor, the External Olmypic Commission chieftain, the Read more [...]
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Vladivostok is coming strong tropical cyclone

July 16, 2013. Typhoon Soulik, raged in the past two days in Taiwan and south-east coast of China, is coming to Vladivostok. On the way to us, he weakened and became a tropical cyclone, but will bring in Primorye heavy rain and wind. As REGNUM in the United duty dispatching service and the management of the Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Vladivostok, July 16 in Vladivostok expected heavy rain. He will start the morning with a gradual increase in the evening and in the night of July 17. Precipitation is predicted to 45 mm in 12 hours or less, which may exceed the rate fortnightly. Read more [...]
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Urbanites Expected to Two-bagger By 2050

It took all of man chronicle to hoard 3.5 1000000000000 urban dwellers on Land, but it'll alone yield another 30 days to reduplicate that figure, a U.N. office centering on cities proclaimed Monday.Although the pace of universe emergence is decreasing, the U.N. projects that the world universe volition gain from 7 1000000000000 to 9 million inside the succeeding 30 to 40 eld, with urbanites ontogeny exponentially. But don't await to see that impingement in your metropolis. Underdeveloped countries are expected to present 96 percentage of the urban growing."This is why we are really distressed, Read more [...]
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In the United States without electricity more than 160 thousand inhabitants

Snowfall, which began the night on the north-eastern United States, has already left without electricity more than 160 thousand people. According to meteorologists, powerful cyclone capture a large region and will bring more than half a meter of snow in the states of New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and a few others. It is expected that snow will last at least until Friday, February 26. Currently, the areas covered by the bad weather has closed hundreds of schools and government agencies. Canceled events. Thus, in particular, in Maine will not take place the traditional sled dog Read more [...]
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Flooding in rivers Oka and Moscow are expected to historical averages

Flood, flood &# 8211; is significant flooding areas as a result of the rising waters of the river, the lake during snowmelt, rainfall, wind surges. In the metropolitan area during the vernal floods can be expected river flooding - Volga, Oka, Moscow, Klyazma Pakhra. Each year in the Moscow region in the spring exposed floodwaters.  From April to May, the rise in water levels on water bodies to achieve the full marks, there is a possibility of flooding of certain areas Lukhovitsky, Kolomna, Ozersky, Serpukhov, Stoupinsky, Kashirskoe urban areas. Subjected to flooding of roads and low areas Read more [...]
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Opening of the rivers in the south of Karelia will begin in mid-April

While preparing for the vernal floods on the territory of the republic of Karelia planned preventive measures in order to reduce the risk and prevent flooding of Fri, economic facilities and agricultural areas. In the middle of the main measures of preparation: predpavodkovaya drawdown reservoirs, cleaning culverts from ice, wells, storm sewer, drain ditches, for the preparation of hydraulic structures and their safety during the period of the vernal floods. According to forecasts of Hydrometeorology highest levels vernal floods most rivers expected to be close to the average long-standing values Read more [...]
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Primorsky Krai hit of spring in winter

Snow in Vladivostok April 13, 2010 According to the maritime weather forecasters day April 13 in the region are expected strong gololёdnye phenomenon. Evening of April 13 and April 14 at night on the coast Terneisky area expected to be very heavy snow with the amount of 20 mm or more in 12 hours or less, a strong storm at the north-east wind of 25-30 m / s. To avoid emergencies Defence Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Primorsky Krai encourages all residents and guests of Primorye to follow safety rules, unnecessarily on the road and the edge of the city not to leave. Fishermen should Read more [...]
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In Moscow colder to -3 °

Cold weather, set in the metropolitan area is in no hurry to change for the better. Moreover, the short night frosts are expected. Warming, according to meteorologists, will only come to the following weekend. On Monday night in the air temperature drops to -2 ... -3 ° C in Moscow will be a couple of degrees warmer. In the afternoon, the thermometer will show 9 + ... + 11 ° C annoying all scattered clouds, sunny weather is expected. In the following days will be slow warming, but on Tuesday night also possible light frosts. By this heat should only be closer to the weekend. If weather forecasts Read more [...]
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The incredible heat in the Altai

Tomorrow, April 27, in the Altai expected real heat. In some areas the temperature will rise to a very high level of 28 degrees, which is not typical for the end of April. In Barnaul is 24 + ... + 26 °. On Wednesday, April 28, the heat a bit cooler. It is expected to + 18 ... + 23 °. But on Thursday, April 29, the thermometer will rise again to 27 degrees. At the same time about Thursday is expected rainy cyclone, strong wind, but the temperature at the same time will not decrease. Heavy rains will be accompanied by the first rain of the season. Source: IA Atmosphere Comment: With various Read more [...]
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April’s unusual weather

Here's a Perm end of April In Tomsk, declared a state of emergency. Because of the ice break-up on the Tom River were threatened by flooding areas, where more than 47,000 people, said "Russia 24". For the first time in decades, the water level exceeds the height of the city dam. MOE forces translated into enhanced mode. Several times a day in dangerous areas fly helicopters. This debacle has already been called on Tom anomalous. The river is opened from the entire length. This is a fairly rare phenomenon in nature. No less rare phenomenon can be observed in these days and in Omsk. There stands Read more [...]
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Ash cloud canceled flights between Europe and North America

Hundreds of flights between Europe and North America were canceled or delayed because of the spread of volcanic ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland, which has spread over the Atlantic, the Associated Press reported, citing the statement of the European organization for the safety of air traffic control Eurocontrol. Currently, cloud-long 2 thousand. Spread km from Greenland to the south of Spain. "We assume that basically most routes transatlantic flights will be changed on Saturday. Because of this expected to be significant delays " — Eurocontrol said the representative Kyle Evans. Approximately Read more [...]
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In Karachay-Cherkessia air temperature reaches 60 degrees

In Karachaevo-Cherkessia in the last days the temperature at soil level reaches 60 degrees. It is reported «Interfax-South» with reference to the forecaster Republican mediacentre Raisa Stepanova. According to her, the air temperature in the shade in the Republic reached plus 34 degrees that 5 degrees above normal. This is a significant increase, but the increase in temperature has not reached critical values. Stepanova added that such increases in temperature mode is registered in the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia once in 10 years. The highest temperature was in the Read more [...]
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China threatens new tropical storm

August 19, 2013. 14 August in the South China city native of Yangjiang County (Guangdong province) on land went Typhoon \"Utor\". By now we know about the three dead and five missing people. Tens of thousands of local residents were evacuated. Soon residents of China awaits a new attack. Approximately 300 km from the coast of Taiwan was formed tropical storm \"investment destinations\". According to the forecasts of meteorologists, to land in China he can come out on Tuesday. It is expected that over the next few days \"investment destinations will increase. For a short time may be assigned to Read more [...]
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Summer 2010 in Georgia was the hottest

Last summer in Georgia was the hottest since 2006, said the correspondent. «News-Georgia» head of Department short-term forecasting of the National Agency of environment Dodo Gvazava. On the territory of the country the temperature of the last two months ranged from 35 to 40 degrees. On the first day of autumn in most parts of the country remains high temperature — to +40 degrees caused to flow from the South and warm air masses. In Western Georgia is expected a strong wind. On the second of September forecasters predict the flow of relatively cool air masses from Read more [...]
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In many regions of Kazakhstan are expected dust storms

On Thursday the far North and South-East of Kazakhstan will be in the area of atmospheric frontal sections, the rest of the territory of the Republic — under the influence of the anticyclone, reports the Ministry of emergency situations of RK with reference to the forecasters. In East Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, day in Almaty oblasts places expected increase of wind up to 15-20 m/s, dust storm. In Zhambyl, South-Kazakhstan, Mangistau, Atyrau, West-Kazakhstan, Pavlodar regions is expected wind power 15-23 m/S. In Kyzylorda, Mangistau, Atyrau, East Kazakhstan, places in South Kazakhstan, Read more [...]
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Storm with waves up to 10 meters is expected Kamchatka

© RIA Novosti. Mikhail Tsyganov Storm with waves up to 10 meters is expected on Monday in the Pacific ocean off the coast of Kamchatka, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the far Eastern regional center of EMERCOM of Russia. «According to the divisions of Roshydromet, in the Pacific ocean is expected dangerous phenomenon — the excitement of a height of 8-10 meters», — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, specialists of the far Eastern center for monitoring and forecasting of emergency situations of Russia, you may experience Read more [...]
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Treatment O.V. Martynov (14.11.2010)

The position of the epicenters The night of 13 November, an earthquake occurred in Tunisia 4.9 M (M 4.9 — TUNISIA — 2010-11-13 18:24 UTC), early in the morning of November 14, there were 2 earthquakes in Africa in the area of Djibouti with M (M 4.5 — NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI — 2010-11-14 06:29 UTC and M5.3 (M 5.3 — NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI — 2010-11-14 06:32 UTC). These events say about the activation of faults on the Northern edge of the African plate and in the red sea region - Western boundary of the Arabian plate. In this Read more [...]
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188 settlements dead in few regions of Ukraine

Today, December 3, Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts in the weather without electricity remained 177 settlements. According to the Ministry, as at 7.00 in the Kherson region remain without electricity 126 settlements, Nicholas — 51. Also in the Ternopil region due to the buildup of ice on power lines without electricity remained 11 villages. In the press service of the Ternopil regional state administration said that in the area we regularly de-energized 4 settlements in Zbarazh — 7. Now teams in the company is carried out in the regions of the repair work. In addition, the Read more [...]
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