Hunter and the economy. The experiment on rodents

It turns out that once again responded to the material V.Masaytisa («Passion for water vole». See my comment «Do not share the hunting good and bad» his article «Salary or paddock?»).It should probably clarify that it's nothing personal, we do not know V.V.Masaytisom live, no intersections of life and work has not happened. My attention to his article, as well as to the previous one, due to the purely professional motives.Firstly, raised important issues; I am especially grateful for the latter, see below.Secondly, V.V.Masaytis – assistant professor of Read more [...]
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Again, experiments on humans?

It is no secret that the reform of the Interior Ministry are trying to hold to this day. Unfortunately, all of these reforms reduced to one word: "reduction." Dosokraschalis guards, and the Opera district. The current minister, speaking in the Duma when he took office, said: «It was assumed that the reduction will affect the staff structure. But we are facing a shortage of employees c patrol, precinct, staff working on the ground». The situation is not corrected to this day. Unfortunately, these cuts have affected not only the above-mentioned service, and licensing and permitting service Read more [...]
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Experiment on the hunter or the preservation of hunting resources?

Interview with the head of Vladimir gosohotinspektsii OV AnfimovaPhoto: Sergei Naumov «Many hunters believe that in the Vladimir region is carried out some experiments with game management and hunters, then to project it to all Russia: charges There are duties and a huge number of private hunting leases, restriction permitting the introduction of a low throughput rate land, exorbitant prices for tickets . Is this true and why it is in our area?»A letter from the hunter to the editor of Murom— Oleg is an excerpt from one letter, and in such editors Read more [...]
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Hunting is not a hunter

All health! (Note traffic) As is well known in the fall, many animals are sent to warmer climes. Some far south, some much closer , in houses, barns and storage shed. Everything would be fine, if they are just warming up, so no, they come into the house, confident that he is the master survivalist all summer worked exclusively for them, and this applies not only to food but also things. For example, in what may be the boot-can easily build a perinatal center, and ponadelat emergency exits, even though they are interested in modern literature is small, but there are fans, there are among them electronics, Read more [...]
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U.S. led an experimental non-nuclear underground explosion

According to the report, carried out by an explosion, called Pollux, was the 27th in a row subcritical nuclear experiment. Previous - Barolo B - was launched in February 2011. Experts in the United States conducted a subcritical non-nuclear explosion in the underground experimental test site in Nevada, reports AFP, citing the Ministry of Energy. According to the report, carried out by an explosion, called Pollux, was the 27th in a row subcritical nuclear experiment. Previous - Barolo B - was launched in February 2011. Representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy said that the aim of Read more [...]
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Erotic fantasies can beat pain

If you are concerned about any kinds of pain, do not rush to swallow painkillers. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from Johns Hopkins University. If you are concerned about any kinds of pain, do not rush to swallow painkillers. The study found that erotic fantasy and avant-garde banal reflections on sexual themes relieve pain better than most modern pain medication drugs. In particular, in one experiment, the group of subjects were asked for as much as possible to keep their hands in ice water. Subjects who were not given instructions to submit to the experiment various sexual scenes, Read more [...]
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Bacteria can alter human cells

Scientists first to show that bacteria are able to reprogram cells, turning them into a kind of moving stem cells used to penetrate the muscular and nervous systems. The experiment was conducted on mice. In the study, researchers introduced bacteria in glial cells of the brain that are responsible for supporting neural connections. In just a few weeks the bacteria were able to change the biochemistry of these cells, acting on their "baby" genes and turning off the "adult." As a result, glial cells were transformed into stem. "Immunity does not attack the cells that Read more [...]
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Russian scientists have tested the hypothesis submitted life on Earth from space

01/08/2013 Specialists of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences will hold about 80 biological experiments in space during the project "Bion-M» 1 in the spring of 2013, the director of the institute, Igor Ushakov. Tentative launch date of the experiment "Bion-M" 1 - April 15-25, 2013.A feature of this experiment, compared to previous launches "Bion", will be that scientific data will be placed not only in the satellite, but also on its outer side, which will in part to test the hypothesis of panspermia, ie entry of life on Earth Read more [...]
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Study of the native language begins in the womb, say scientists

Newborn not phonetically naïve, as previously thought. New research has shown that most of the sounds of the native language babies learn in the first hours after birth. The experiment took place under the direction of Christine Moon, professor of psychology at Pacific Lutheran University. After a series of observations, scientists have come to the conclusion that young babies are showing increased interest in the vowel sounds from other languages. "For more than 30 years ago, researchers discovered that the child begins to learn more in the perinatal period, listening to the voice of the Read more [...]
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Rat reality show: Russian scientists are going to broadcast experiment with genetically modified products

12/13/2012 After the study conducted by French scientists found that rats fed genetically modified maize Monsanto appeared malignant, Russian scientists wanted to have its own public experiment. It is expected that the unique reality show with rats help prove or disprove the harmful effects of GMOs.Russian scientists who oppose the use of genetically modified organisms in food, hoping that the experiment of one year will show whether the genetically modified organisms has such dangerous consequences, which were discovered by French explorers on 19 September.Scientists from the University Read more [...]
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Scientists have shown that plant growth is not dependent on gravity

The knowledge gained will be useful, if humanity will sow the fields on other planets. Researchers from the University of Florida in the United States launched into space the plant to understand the issues of development of the root system of the plants and the effect on the process of gravity. It was found that in zero gravity plant growth is determined by the direction of the incident light.Scientists back in 2010 was sent to the International Space Station two kinds of small flowering plant and for two years have seen their development in weightlessness. Over time, it turned out that in the Read more [...]
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People often consciously perform brutal orders, say scientists

Australian and Scottish psychologists have found that people often do not because of the cruel orders of instinct "blind obedience" and consciously reconfigure your "moral compass," according to an article published in the journal PLOS Biology.In the early 70-ies of XX century American psychologist Philip Zambardo (Philip Zambardo) conducted a social experiment, studying the behavior of people in conditions of restraint and imposed social roles. To do this, he created a "simulator prison", where students volunteer to perform the role of prisoners and guards, and the Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered the brain's ability to solve mathematical problems unconsciously

How much will the "8 + 6 + 9?" Stop! Israeli researchers say that your brain knows the answer before you start thinking about this problem. A new study published in the journal PNAS, shows that we can unconsciously read and perform math. Previously, the authors of other studies have found that the brain is able to perceive unconsciously separate words and numbers. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Hebrew University) decided to see if he can cope with more difficult tasks. For this, they conducted two experiments using a special technique when volunteers show different Read more [...]
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Men excite even ugly women

Men experience sexual attraction to all women regardless of their external data, say Dutch researchers.Scientists conducted an experiment with the participation of men aged 21 to 25 years. Volunteers for 5 minutes put in a room with a girl, not all participants felt pretty. At the end of the experiment, the subjects measured the testosterone levels in the blood, reports Medicinform. It turned out that this figure is increased in all men - on average by 8%.The experts concluded that the level of sex hormone in men is growing in relation to any woman of childbearing age, regardless of its visual Read more [...]
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The scientists were able to create a universe in the laboratory

A team of scientists of the University of Maryland reported that under laboratory conditions, they were able to create hundreds of microscopic universe. Or, more precisely, a way to create tiny universes of so-called metamaterials. Now, these so-called matematarialy, still quite widely used in the manufacture of mantle nevedimok, the principle of which is based on the distortion of the light waves. So, it turns out that when light passes through a metamaterial form many microuniverses. Resulting from such an experiment universes, known to scientists as "Space Melkovskogo." Its structure Read more [...]
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Scientists have counted in our galaxy and 400 thousand civilizations

In our Galaxy, there may be about 400 thousand civilizations whose signals could be seen in the future of humanity. This is the conclusion to U.S. researchers.The basis for such a statement was an experiment that had a group of astrophysicists from the University of California, under the direction of Andrew Berskli Seeds. In its course, scientists have searched in space signals of artificial origin.The experiment lasted from February to April 2011. During this time, astrophysicists with a 100-meter radio telescope in Grinbeke "heard" 86 stars, next to which according to the telescope Read more [...]
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Scientists would be vaporized in the stratosphere over the United States aerosols, radiation blocking

on July 20. American scientists from Harvard University plan in the coming year to conduct an experiment by spraying sulphate aerosols that block the penetration of solar radiation on the Earth's surface, according to the Guardian newspaper. Spraying sulphate aerosols (tiny particles) in the lower layers of the stratosphere — one of the most popular global geoengineering projects to combat global warming.It is expected that this will create a screen reflecting solar radiation back into space and will slow down the rate of warming. The idea of the project came after the eruption Read more [...]
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Unsuccessful experiment in physics

The most dangerous is the option in which the significant discovery of a sudden accomplished in the ordinary course of the experiment, as has often happened in the history of science, and will manifest itself in the form of unintended consequences. There were fears that the experiments to create microscopic black holes in accelerators, the condensation of neutrons and other experiments with elementary particles can lead to the collapse of the earth, or a substance or a colossal explosion that instantly destroy life on Earth. The fundamental paradox here is that the security of any experiments Read more [...]
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Overly bold step could be the last

A special case of the meeting with the unknown is when humanity deliberately stepping into the unknown area in order to learn something new. One way to make such a move are physical experiments, which involves the creation of state of matter that never appeared on the earth in the wild. Typically, these new states are created in accelerators (and deep cooling, such as the Bose - Einstein). Repeatedly expressed concerns that experience to create microscopic black holes in accelerators, condensation of neutrons and other experiments could lead to the collapse of the earth, or matter, or to the Read more [...]
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Transitions in deserts

Prepared for the experiment 15, but for various reasons could not participate in it only 11. The group consisted of scientists who needed to examine the dried bottom of the Aral Sea in the complete lack of water, because the path was not a single well, as well as ordinary tourists. All of them have been trained in the system of natural healing, and have gone over to a healing power. The full composition of the group was to pass route Aralsk-Karateren 125 km. Supposed to cover this distance in seven days, but we had enough and five. Although at that time I was already over 70, I was not a burden. Read more [...]
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