A collision with an extraterrestrial object in the younger Dryas was still

A collision with an extraterrestrial object could shatter the ice shield and speed up the melting, thereby strengthening cooling An international group of scientists has made a detailed report about the discovery of a layer of nanodiamonds in the Greenland ice shield, gravy thereby fuel to the fire of debate about extraterrestrial cause extinction of some species of large mammals OK. 12 900 years ago. Nanodiamonds, including lonsdaleite (hexagonal diamond), could be formed only as a result of exposure to high temperature and high pressure, that is, presumably, in the collision of celestial bodies Read more [...]
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In Dubna create database data search for extraterrestrial life

Data bank that combines the results of existing in the world searching for extraterrestrial life, will be part of a new sector of astrobiology, created in the Laboratory of Radiation Biology, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna."The database will focus different aspects of studying astrobiological problems. There will be a database in the field of mineralogy, geochemistry and biological problems associated with the study of cosmic material and the material of the ancient Earth, "- told RIA Novosti the head of the sector, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Biological Read more [...]
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Live Thread: Underground mind

It is believed that the gates to the parallel worlds can be found in the anomalous zones. Ancient Egyptians through these portals communicate with extraterrestrial aliens. That representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence and built pyramids and stone observatory. They help open tunnels in space and time. These tunnels and secret expedition looking for the Third Reich. But the search led them to the gates of hell ...Category: Mystery stories Read more [...]
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The World Forum in Davos discussed the issues of forced euthanasia and fight aliens

In addition to economic issues, the agenda of the World Economic Forum in Davos includes such topics as the uncontrolled use of geoengineering technologies, medical intervention in the human brain, the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the extension of human lifeDiscussion panel, which is called the "X-factor", prepared with the support of a general scientific journal "Nature" (Nature). In addition to traditional topics - artificial climate change, e-governance and the development of forest fires geoengineering - to the list of those "X-factor" added Read more [...]
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The search for extraterrestrial life

Is the planet Earth, the only one of its kind, or somewhere in the universe there are others like her? Whether there is extraterrestrial life? The search for this life - one of the great problems of humanity. Only recently spoke quite optimistic assessment: up to a few thousand. With the expansion and deepening of knowledge in different fields of science is changing, and evaluation. Many experts believe that within our "star island" can be expected only 2-3 intelligent civilizations in addition to the Earth. The problem of extraterrestrial civilizations deserves careful and Read more [...]
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Extraterrestrial impact at a young driase was nevertheless

Collision of extraterrestrial could crush ice sheet and accelerate its melting, strengthening thus coolingAn international team of scientists made a detailed report about the discovery layer of nanodiamonds in the Greenland ice shield, thus having added fuel to the debate about extraterrestrial caused the extinction of some species of large mammals approx. 12,900 years ago.Nanodiamonds, including lonsdaleite (hexagonal diamonds) could be formed only as a result of the high temperature and high pressure, that is, presumably, in the collision of a celestial body with the Earth. This is the first Read more [...]
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As far as we are ready to confront the threat today

There is a protocol of action in case of intelligent extraterrestrial signals. [38 - Declaration of principles concerning activities following the detection of extraterrestrial intelligence. http:// www. davidbrin. com / firstsetiprotocol. html] However, it suggests more thorough review of information and then publicize the event. It says nothing about the dangers that can create very loaded message. There are no rules that would never, under any circumstances create mechanisms drawings are received from space, and do not run on a computer and downloaded via SETI. This is due to the fact Read more [...]
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