Hygienic massage

Fig. 5. Direction of massage movements on the face. This view Massage is one way of body care. Prevents excessive deposition of fat, salt. Used most often in the form of general massage. One of the types of hygienic massage is cosmetic facial massage. Massage persons recommended hour before sleep clean hands, face cleaned with a cotton swab with water and then with a 1.5 - 2 min. hot compress is applied, and then, brushing his fingertips with a cream or Vaseline oil, massage them in that direction (Fig. 5). Read more [...]
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Chapter 35. Miserable day weather

Well-being. - Damp, but cold. - Solitude with a hedgehog. - Officers' fees. - Spring suffering. - From combs to toe. - Feelings of naturalization reading Diogenes Laertius. - Case of Gauguin. - Half asleep. - Mini-orgy on Bald Mountain. - Love and Death kryakovogo drake The next day started so that it would be better to skip it. State of mind and body - foul work in a cube, give or take is, TM seems like the morning after drinking with poluletalnym outcome, liter and a half or two on the nose. Physically, this time a little better, without reversing the inside out, without the Read more [...]
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Anatomy Head

The conventional boundaries of the face: the top - the edge of fibrous cover the forehead and temples, side - the back edge of the ear, the bottom - the angle of the mandible and lower edge of her body. The side and bottom borders separate it from the face of the neck. The shape and size of the face and its organs may be different depending on the age, sex, race, and individual characteristics. Shall constitute the basis of the bone still connected by a facial bones of the skull (see) - unpaired frontal bone, paired maxillary, zygomatic, nasal bones and a movable lower unpaired jaw, articulates Read more [...]
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Muscular system-3

Various muscles of the body perform mainly different types of work. For example, the muscles of the back and buttocks for continued and strong stresses: through their work the body is held in a vertical position. On the other hand, the muscles of the hand and forearm are capable of rapid and precise movements, thanks to providing the ability to subtle and complex work processes. Incidentally, it is appropriate to note that it is in connection with the function of the hands as a body of work in humans have evolved such features in the structure of bones, muscles and joints of the upper limb, Read more [...]
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Facial muscles

All facial muscles have the following characteristics: they are deprived of fascias, woven into the skin, reducing its changing position and depth of skin folds. Muscles are controlled by the nervous system, cutting, making a face that reflects the mental state of the person. Facial muscles concentrated near the mouth, nasal, ophthalmic and ear holes and anatomically independent friend other, but in the formation of facial expressions may be functional combination of many muscles that change the position and size of the fold of skin above the holes face. Read more [...]
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Skin (cutis) - organ, covering the human body, echoing the topography of muscles and bones. Skin is a large receptor field (about 1.6 m2), where there are nerves that perceive common stimuli (thermal, pain, touch, pressure, vibration). Through the blood capillaries of the skin regulate the body temperature and skin breath. Skin, forming a total cover of the body, protects the body against the penetration of germs. The barrier function of the skin is also effective against a variety of fluids and gases. In the skin are the sweat and sebaceous glands and hair. In addition, derivatives of the Read more [...]
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Anthropological characteristics of man

Under the influence of biological and social factors was the formation of races. In the first period of the formation of races was a marked influence of biological factors, but as the master of human nature, it gradually disappeared. For each race the characteristic color of hair and skin, eye slit cut, shape the eyelids and lips, body proportions. These features reflect the racial history development rights in different environmental conditions and social environment. Pure races do not currently exist, and from a biological point of view, all humanity has the same level of biological development, Read more [...]
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It happened at the end of December 1999. Our company has more than a month was an outpost blocking Ayrak - Chechen village, where, according to intelligence reports, dig around six hundred fighters. Had a lot of free time, and I decided to keep a diary, which became a record everything that happens to me. The tent was filled with warm gradually because Yuri Gorodnichev loaded into the stove new batch of wood. Burned, they hissed and crackled. We have just returned from a location prodezhurili all night, and now had the right to a legal holiday. Yuri pulled cold hands to a hot pipe and bliss Read more [...]
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Passion for homology. Chapter 4

I listened. Nowhere nothing stirred. We see ohotnichki really rushed me to catch. It is not known, however, how much time they have available, and can come back at any minute. If I want to do here is some good works, then you need to wield well, without haste, but very, very briskly. Number one: to protect the rear. In my pocket is always full of bits of rope and twine, I call them mutuzkami. Mutuzki - first thing in the campaign, always have something to something to knit. With shaking hands, I pulled out a pair of mutuzkov, then a couple more, and turned crooks unfeeling hand and foot, Read more [...]
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