Passions on the hammer

Around the name "Hammer" ignite serious passions. Personally, I have never had a misunderstanding, what weapons produced what "hammer", but porassprosit friends, I realized the problem really exists, many confusion in the head, and, frankly, very few people really want to understand this. Photo: Mikhail Semin  There are three stable names: Plant «Hammer». «Hammer Weapons» and «Hammer Arms» — for the majority of little interest in the issue of the production of all weapons «Hammer»But this is not So.Factory Read more [...]
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The nature and forms of social protest and the mechanics of working people

Living and working conditions in the factories of the Urals on the identified key­reign struggle artisans and workmen in the XVIII century. They Venue­fell against the enslavement and feudal tyranny, and for beam­Chiyah working conditions in factories. This was a characteristic feature of the early stage of formation of the social activity of workers manufak­tural enterprises. At the end of 1708 beginning of 1709 there was the excitement of artisan and pa­ployed people on a government Alapayevsk factory. He was joined by and ascribed peasants. It was caused by an irregular and Read more [...]
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Photius I. Shvetsov

Innovative tendencies manifested in the work of many inventors practitioners who worked on the Tagil factories. However, to expand production require specialists with higher technical education, in the perfection owning foreign languages, the former informed of all achievements of world science and technology. One of them was FI Sweden. Even AN Demidov was forced to admit: Sweden in great detail familiar with the technical portion and generally in this regard, it may be the most capable man in the Urals. In 1820, a talented young man from land, graduate school Vyisky factory at the order of the Read more [...]
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Ural craftsmen

   Over the river Tagil, a mountain slope has long stood syrodutnyh kilns in which received Voguls wrought iron from ore Mountain High. Demidov then took it habitable place and it has for many years called Vogulsky forges. Here forged horses mending carts and sleds, did crowbars, shovels and solid utensils needed in the construction of the first in the county Vyisky copper smelting, and for them Nizhny Tagil iron- factories.    Yes, the first artisans used for the manufacture of iron ogarochnym tools and weapons. This gave a doughy mass softened Krizia in which remained Read more [...]
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Lawsuit Demidovs Tatishchev

 In August 1722 during the Persian campaign of Peter I sent a letter to Nikita Demidov, "Demidych. I drove in exceedingly hot side tells whether God customs certificate? Why do you send to this person: lei more Pushkarsky shells and search for silver ore on the promise. " Letter clearly says about the special relationship between the king and Nikita Demidov. "Person" a miniature portrait of the Emperor, set in gold and decorated with diamonds, Peter personally bestowed only for the most outstanding service to the state. The award was designed to carry persons who distinguished themselves as Read more [...]
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Telegraph and postal novel

April 8, 1866 from the Office of the Chief of the Main Ural ridge of mountain plants in Nizhny Tagil gone official request, does the factory management necessary to have a telegraph line. Managing Nizhny Tagil factories II Volstedt immediately responded: "It would be very useful to have a telegraphic message from Yekaterinburg." Plant management was according to provide a home for the station and prepare poles all over the factory cottages from Anatolsky to Lai. Similar correspondence ensued with the brothers Friedland, commissioners, hereditary honorary citizens of Perm, and Governor B. Struve Read more [...]
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Stepan E. goatherd

     Prominent inventor SE Goatherd was a contemporary of EA and ME Cherepanovs. However, in general they have different approaches to solving the technical problems of his time.     Acquiring basic knowledge under the guidance of EG Kuznetsova, Stepan E. in 1808 on the instructions of the Nizhny Tagil factory office was sent to Sestroretsky Plant, where he studied different types of skills, "relating to the gun". He was then able to get acquainted with the work of the largest machine-building factories of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sweden.     Read more [...]
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The founder of the dynasty of the mine owners and landowners

The founder of the dynasty of the mine owners and landowners, donors and patrons Nikita Demidov was born 345 years ago: in April 1656. The energy and the will of the outstanding entrepreneur gave impetus to action seven generations of this kind. It started so     In the autumn of 1696, after year after the capture of Azov, Tsar Peter came to Tula factories week and worked on one of them. Wanting to make a few halberds foreign sample, the king called Tula Kuznetsov. Was one Nikita Demidov, forty gunsmith. He volunteered to make the weapon better sample. Fulfilling the promise, delivered Read more [...]
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Workhouses little people Demidov factories

    Enormous wealth Ural Mining Operators created a huge army of serfs and salaried people. Where do the workers were taken to ensure that the actions of many dozens of factories and mines? How they were treated hosts?    First on Nevyansky Plant arrived from Moscow and Tula craftsmen and apprentices. Brought here and Nikita Demidov Akinfiy and bought their serfs. But recent cost money, breeders tried to find such, for anyone not to pay: fugitive peasants and soldiers, splitters, prisoners Swedes convicts. All kinds of people inhabited the village at Nevyansk Read more [...]
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The development of large-scale mining industry in the region with special urgency posed the problem of preparing skilled workers for the factories. Plants provide trained people were mining­factory school. An important role in their creation played VNTatischev. At his insistence, in 1721 opened the first school in Kungur and Uktusskom factory. VNTatischev was a staunch supporter of trained­of school children and artisans working people, bonded peasants, all who wish to study. He immediately delved into the issues by­tion training was several orders of commands that determines the order Read more [...]
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PERM Experimental Jewelry-cutting factories

PERM Experimental Jewelry-cutting factories Regular. April 29. 1969 All-Russia. of CMV memory protection. History and Culture at Perm. region. Dep. Zd MY. jewelry, souvenirs based on the traditions of ur. Stone Carving Art Society of selenite gypsum, soapstone, jade, obsidian, turquoise and others. Among the products of mass production: breast ornaments, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, toilet boxes, needle bar, souvenirs, and so on. D. In the beginning. 1970 thin. s da based on the study of enamel Usol'e developing technology jewelry painted on enamel, later received wide. fame. In Read more [...]
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Pavel Demidov

Pavel Demidov was born in 1839, for year before his father's death. He could not know or remember the parent, but it is not far from the left. Like his father, did not live long, but for 46 years has had a lot of nakurolesit. That fascinated by different industrial manipulation: sugar refining, American elevators, Murmansk fisheries, his own newspaper "Russia"Then suddenly got involved in the trade in bushmeat, bouillon concentrates and in other similar cases. Caught at all, according to his calculations, could bring a quick profit. And their Ural factories engaged in a little. All hope Read more [...]
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Hence iron it went byst

    On the threshold of the XVIII century was destined to everlasting nothingness of the broad road of fame, shine with all facets of their wealth mysterious and inaccessible Urals. The genius of Peter I drew his attention to the wealth of this region, who soon became the iron support of the Russian state.    Crawled to the Urals carts, driven by the construction of factories forced people. Indomitable will of Peter I, a talented and ruthless assistants Tula Demidov raised one after the other plants in the Urals. At the end of 1725 was blown in the first blast Read more [...]
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Nicholas plant in ILEC

At this time, serfdom was abolished. Brothers Balashovyzhili actually impassable in St. Petersburg, and factories ran Colonel EvgeniyIvanovich Olkhovskiy. Ilek village was before. Here settled rabochievspomogatelnyh productions. Uglezhogi, transports ore from Bakalskihrudnikov factories and others.  In nachale19 century Ira I. Beketov, who owned previously Simsk factory, lined up along here  with Minyarskimzavodom chic Sretensky church project designer Milutin. Nikolsky or Mykolayiv factory issued annually by 400 tysyachpudov iron per year and lasted until the early 20th century, when Read more [...]
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Charm of days gone by

    Barely walk into this room museum and exhibition center, so by themselves come to mind lines "with ancient", "charm of days gone by in the windows of exposure include items served our countrymen at the end of the last century and the beginning of this, decorating their everyday life. Of china and copper, the former is probably the usual and customary for those who lived in our town Century, Half a century ago, today the museum visitors admired for a long time looking at every thing. In whose house was singing quietly, creating comfort, this samovar, which the hostess, Read more [...]
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Artisans and unemployed people

Since the beginning of the XVIII century the Urals became the area forming the largest detachment of the manufacturing workers of Russia. Into force of the technical-economic characteristics of the production of metals, salts and gold mining artisans and the working people lived, as a rule, outside the official cities, although the way of life, the nature of work and the sources there­tation they were close to urban populations. Among the artisans and workers were not only ceho­new, but many different auxiliary workers: miners, woodcutters, charcoal-burner, carpenters, masons, tanners, Read more [...]
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LOCAL FOLKLORE To L. F. include production, created and existing only in small SOC. group. L. F. always sovr., even topical. This is a lively and ever-living kind of drug. creativity, because it happens fast. the thematic change new appears daily, monthly, annually, although something disappears at the same rate. The name of the writer is, as a rule, Izv. We have hundreds of local songs, parodies, rhymes, verses, sayings, depicting the life, work ur. RAB., their relationship with the owners of factories, stewards, local police, priests, landlords of pubs and the like, e.g., the song of the Heron Read more [...]
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The class struggle of the peasants

XVIII century marked by an increase of old and new forms of exploitation of the masses. Development of the metallurgical industry­of the Urals was accompanied by the growth of feudal and national oppression, which made it the scene of the ongoing struggle of the masses, the culmination of which was a peasant war led by Pugachev. Ural was the main springboard, which turned her battle. Ural region and became the first major speeches artisans and ra-ootnyh people whose struggle reflected the forms and sending them to­social activity. In the Urals, populated by representatives of different Read more [...]
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To the reader

     Our third meeting, dear reader, is almost entirely devoted to the fruits of the glorious deeds Russian Demidov dynasty – mine owners and entrepreneurs, philanthropists and educators, builders of cities and temples, government and public figures. Demidov left a rich historical and cultural heritage.     Name Demidovs now adorns many initiatives: yes "Demidov funds"There "Demidov institutions"There "Demidov House", there And thank God! The wider and deeper we dig the reservoir Demidov Affairs, cleanse them with the political Read more [...]
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Estate at factories, knowledgeable surgeon’s art

    Development of medicine in the Urals can be conditionally divided into three stages: folk, mining and metallurgical, Zemstvo.     Prior to the beginning of the XVIII century. Residents used traditional medicine (herbs, physiotherapy, therapeutic magic, midwife care, etc.). As noted by the MD TF Assumption in his book "Medical and topographical description of the Yekaterinburg mining district and its town" (Published in Moscow in Latin in 1835), "Before the foundation of Ekaterinburg is no medicine in the Urals, except folk, there was no"     Read more [...]
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