Right in the autumn with the head

Probably every hunter and angler has his secret places on the border with the neighboring region. At this point, the mobile phone is constantly trying to find the connection each time confusing, whether he is roaming, or not yet. In such places, if you call far enough - already standing before a choice is more convenient to get out on the asphalt. But there is a place not frightened, but still worthy of lakes fish. Here we are this weekend in two «nivah» rushed pokolesit yet dry floodplain, drive perches on channels, but to catch a few pickerels on burgers. Of course, Read more [...]
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Plunged in the autumn with the head

It's time! It has long been time for me to break out of the concrete slum of the city and enjoy the autumn with his head! And the problem seems to be solved easily, but that's just like not only drive as far as the Don, namely plunge in the fall with his head! What if visiting again explored his new place? The fish is caught there, the mushrooms grow and fall there. At the same time something else scout…Stop the car! Farther – on footThe first ferry across the Don in Trehostrovskoy we arrived on time. Upstream is a lot of fishing boats. Apparently, catch bream or Read more [...]
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Autumn, geese

Autumn - it does not ask, autumn - it will come. Autumn - it is the question. The blue eyes will stand. Fall rains will fall, leaves, sweep up ...Garik Sukachev, drove very well in my mind the verse Irina Levinsohn. He drove his lyrical song. And under that impression, I'm flying back to meet his dream…A week ago, it was assembled backpack and everything you need.But recently I became superstitious, well, or something else like that.Signs of fate!Here!That's what I listened recently…And these signs is nothing good I can not promised.I remember I covered the 14 th day, I remember…I Read more [...]
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Fall 2012. Home.

1st of September. Zero hours, zero minutes. Out on the porch, he breathed deeply already frosty air. And ... sick.Ill somehow at once. Immediately he passed rasslabuha summer. Barbecue-alcoholic spirit flew away from the body and place it firmly took heady scent of autumn.Autumn came sharply. Yesterday it was warm and smelled of summer, and now the thermometer zero.Frosty night air invigorates, prevents sleep. And I imagine the bull running through the woods. Steam comes out of the nostrils. The crackling goes through the woods.He roars! Roars! And seeking a meeting with an opponent.Yeah, it sucked Read more [...]
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Autumn on the other side of the Don

There, the bend should be the pit Wherever you look - everywhere autumn. Autumn in everyday clothes, fall outside the window, fall fishing. But I wonder, what is the fall on the other side of the river? For a long time I was planning to pass on the right bank of the Don from the crossing in the village Trehostrovskaya to the place opposite the farm Vertyachiy.And I stare at the road with the help of the Internet in pictures from space to your browser scoring the necessary points forks and a boat ramp. Now, when the low water level in the river has broken every conceivable record, Read more [...]
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4 of 5 marked the fall in Primorye leopards feel good

Experts Institute of Severtsev received the first footage from camera traps in the Maritime region, confirming that four of the five marked the fall of Far Eastern leopards feel good.According to the last census conducted by scientists from Russia and the United States, in Primorye - Russia's only habitat of the Amur leopard - there are 40 of these graceful animals. For 100 years the habitat of leopards has decreased 40 times. These wild cats are no longer occur in the Border Region of Primorye and Sikhote-Alin mountains. They are almost completely disappeared in the surrounding areas of China."Within Read more [...]
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A failure? Nothing wrong!

Photo by Dmitry Sokolov Always read the article by Andrey Yanshevsky. This highly experienced masters can learn a lot. But it turns out, in some ways my experience richer. Andrew, as he writes in the penultimate room EGR, falls through the ice three times. I'm twenty times, I guess. More than foolish to be proud of, but because any experience is valuable.In count «failure» I lead the middle of winter. At this time, do not expect ice-trick and because surprises are possible: on the river can flow from the ravine, in standing water — by springs. In second place Read more [...]
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Onboard donk autumn

Late in the autumn, when the fish are collected in dense swarms and fades into distant from the shore areas may be relevant to the fishing boat on board donk. At this time, production is becoming a major fishing roach, perch, chub, bream, ide, white eye, SOPA, bream, nase and other fish. It is important to choose the right tackle, rigging, packing and bait.For on-board fishing gear on the bottom is used quite a long rod. It can reach a length of 1.8-2.3 m. This is often pikernoe or feeder rod with interchangeable apex. Some use the old-fashioned spinning with sensitive tip. Coil Read more [...]
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Autumn on the touchline, deep

"HORN" Number 46Photo Anatoly MAILKOVA Part 2Rod Donkey board for longer than in other on-board gear – up to 2 m. The bite is determined by the vibration of the flexible whip. In general, this gear is very different from other on-board gear: it uses a trough open or closed. Outdoor – to plant food or combined – vegetable particles, plus moth larvae or maggots, sometimes chopped worms. Closed feeder is used exclusively for live food and provided that the larvae are very mobile, can escape through the holes trough. Typically, in a snap using two short Read more [...]
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Autumn perches reservoirs

Late autumn, with its prolonged bad weather, the wind and the night frosts, as practice shows, is not the worst time for catching walleye fanged predator. I have reason to believe that he is, by definition, deep sea fish, activated not only because the water temperature becomes for him more comfortable, but also because the fish «dribs and drabs» after the first cold snaps shifted from the coastal zone to depth. And therefore, zander hunt becomes a lot easier. And hiding nearby and feed the fish here.It has long been observed that perches living in reservoirs, never Read more [...]
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With the fall of decoy

Since the end of September ducks begin to gather in flocks in preparation for the flight. At this time, very effective hunting decoy duck and stuffed. After dropping decoy (and even a few mannyh ducks) and more attractive to a dozen or two stuffed animals, a hunter will not remain without a trophy. In contrast to the spring hunting in the fall, you can shoot and drakes and ducks, and seating and flight. Accordingly skradok for this hunt is being built with an open top. You can just get into the reeds near the water or drive the boat here.Decoy planted in shallow water, a bit further are arranged Read more [...]
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Shooting ducks in autumn

In September, the day markedly decreased in some places have been freezing at night, by the end of the month - the beginning of October came the duck feather, covered with fat, and it has small shot will not take. And the autumn shooting ducks are usually much more complex than in August.Photo Natalya Fokina Most hunters began to practice hunting decoy with stuffed and that makes certain demands to the cartridge, if you want to not be upset about the wounded game and misses on the run down to snag ducks. Without claiming to be irrefutable these recommendations, a lot depends on Read more [...]
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Autumn has come!

Part 1 KarasThis year, the summer is not too pleased with carp anglers Moscow. In addition to short-term spring fish, which lasted a lot less than usual, the summer carp «on strike». For me, there was a revelation when just two weeks ago biting more or less became active.Despite the fact that the carp are biting, the size of the fish does not cause a great desire to do his special fishing. However, small carp bite delivers a lot of fun, so you should discuss the specifics. Within a month, passing two or three times a week for one of the dam of artificial lakes near Moscow, there is Read more [...]
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In the fall or fox game giveaway

Autumn offer hunting for fur-bearing animals. In this connection, and I want to offer hunters well, very exciting and does not take much time hunting, you have the option of hunting for a cautious and highly remarkable beast, which is the fox.Hunting is transient, rarely lasts about an hour, generally takes less time. It can be carried out simultaneously, with adherence to the principal place of hunting, scheduled for this day. In short, dynamic and interesting event. The main point is to get closer to a shot, or just substitute a beast, mouse early in the morning.Often, moving the car on the highway, Read more [...]
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Gifts Indian summer

Again poultry flocks gather waiting for them across the sea road far ...Picture of Dorian Beshuli Yes… Someone else is just going to pack to leave their hearth and home, and some have already flown in August for a better share in the overseas countries… This is me now about the swallows, rooks, cranes and other birds.In nature, everything is according to plan – September in the yard, and then less and less happy the sun increasingly gloomy sky, and declares itself the north wind. The people used to call this month: hmuren, howler. And – glow of autumn, Read more [...]
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Assessing the former hunting

Passion for hunting is a passion to overcome that, even with this clear need for hunters usually costs a lot of effort, and in some cases not even possible. This passion makes hunters to overcome many kilometers, sometimes in bad weather, on a very bumpy road, even if not very good health. What are the only lakes on which boats are not only had to swim at departures on hunting and fishing! Not once had to spend tremendous efforts by dragging the boat from one water body to another, or by dragging it melyam.And what effort it took to overcome the opposing waves in a boat crossing the river and lake. Read more [...]
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Danger in the mountains

Mountains – perhaps, one of the most attractive places for tourists and they tend to the thousands of snowy summits around the world. However, this the most dangerous regions of the Earth. Hundreds of tourists every year get into trouble on the slopes. In this article we will talk about the dangers of people in the mountains. How to behave when lost, how to stay alive. Mountains dangerous primarily because of its difficult terrain. There is always a risk to fall in a hole, fall off a cliff into the abyss, to stumble on the rocks covered with snow. So «to catch a Raven» in the Read more [...]
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15 Leaf-Blurring Drop Adventures

Kayakers excogitate a speedy at Tallulah Engorge, Georgia     Picture: Sean Pavone Exposure via ShutterstockI ilk to bandstand some and gaze at aflare orangish maple trees as lots as the succeeding guy—I’ve eve been known to ascend into them for the aggregate coloring absorption see. Thither’s no bettor sentence for aerophilous activeness than fall, still, with its tank temps and the sentiency you are run to remain forrader of the approach overwinter. Vigil the colours flashgun yesteryear on these fall adventures, flush if a few of those pigments are brilliantly Read more [...]
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Meteorite over Beijing

In the vicinity of the Chinese capital for several days the search continues for a meteorite that fell from the sky in the evening on Wednesday. For his fall watched by thousands of Beijing residents caught up in the moment on the street. They describe it as a glowing object that quickly moved from the south-east and presumably fell in the highlands Bayhuashan. After the local observatory has confirmed that this was indeed a meteorite, and even provided video footage of his fall, many Chinese have rushed to find him. According to scientists, this cosmic body, if the search to a successful Read more [...]
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Syndrome limbo

Studies show that a healthy person is hanging motionless on belay lanyard or tether, 10-20 minutes suddenly loses consciousness and another 5 min may die. Apparently destructive process is accelerated if people are injured or lost consciousness as a result of death can occur within minutes if it does not remove it from freezing. In this case, as soon as possible not only to get to the victim, but also take it on solid ground. In recent years, covers a lot of information about the syndrome limbo (hereinafter - PCA). At the same time, there are contradictions: some believe that the safety systems Read more [...]
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