Nine years ago — a swan, cancer and pike?

Readers edition offers the material that came out nine years ago under the title: "In Russia, created the Department of hunting". What has changed during this time, for better or worse, what issues we cared then and now, what course do we go?Collage: Michael Semin FINALLY FINISHED!June 23 Russian Minister of Agriculture AV Gordeev convened a meeting on the establishment of a specialized department of the Russian Federation of hunting.At the meeting on «On the state of Hunting of the Russian Federation and improving governance» The Ministry of Agriculture in Read more [...]
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From the practice of Kathakali

Scientists and armchair biologists, wildlife managers believed that more accurate data enables the PCA (winter route accounting). Obrashatsa demanded from the Council the submission to the winter track recording by the deadline, and if these data were reported, the household was denied applications for licenses for the upcoming hunting season.Hunting, like other sectors of the economy, can not develop normally and to function without the knowledge and accounting of its resources. For the hunting economy as the basis of management is based on the population and production, as we now say, of fauna Read more [...]
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Dear colleagues! We are pleased that our publication of two ways of revival of hunting in Russia ("horn», № 12, 2007) was the subject of the discussion. It is desirable that the discussion came out of the "circle of professors" and attracted the attention of active, creative hunters and hunters of the country. For its part, we hope that, with the consent of the editorial board, we get word to sum up the discussion. To discuss not gone with an adequate way, let us make two preliminary remarks, without a discussion of character.1. Discussing the problems of hunting, we discuss the problem Read more [...]
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To revive commercial hunting

The feeling is that the law "On the hunt ..." wrote asphalt game wardens and people who hate huntingPhoto: Fotolia A few words about commercial hunting. It is necessary to revive in the form of game farms. What is happening now, – This XVIII–XIX centuries. Destruction of commercial farms – This is another «merit» Reformers.Villages where earlier people were busy organized fishing, now depopulated. A man with nothing to do in the remote areas. Mushrooms, berries, nuts, lektehsyre on themselves to the railway not povezesh. Furs in most cases impaired. Read more [...]
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Play on the legal field

Photo by Ilya Lipin Post-perestroika period in the CIS countries was marked by a crisis of the entire economy, including hunting. Although it has in the last years of Soviet power gave the annual output value of 500 million rubles. and it was more than 1% of GDP. Scientists Game Biologists and experts Hunting Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have sounded the alarm about the impending catastrophe and suggested various ways of legal, administrative and economic recovery of the sector. Moreover, this was possible because they were all "chicks" great hunting management school of the Read more [...]
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July 20, 1920 adopted a decree on hunting

Federal law "On hunting and hunting on the conservation of resources and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation" has been 5 years, discussed on the pages of our newspaper. It periodically make changes and additions. The law itself published a brochure in 47 pages.Most of it is devoted to the details of the agreements and the conclusion ohothozyaystvennyh holding auctions for and the use of hunting grounds It contains a lot of legal norms. But so if we need the law, abundant excessive legal norms? Not Was it enough to make a few additions to Read more [...]
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They laugh at us and mock!

Welcome Hunters!Photo Dave Pape / WIKIMEDIA.ORG Is it difficult to understand that we are holding for the sheep ?! Everything that makes power hunting, aimed at its destruction! I have a few months corresponds with Ministry of Natural Resources, where the main demands were made for a change of leadership «Department of state policy in field hunting» (Complete in Net). Some unsubscribe! Force officials enough only ensure that all parts of the body to hold on to their seats, and to the fruitful work of the mind is no longer remains. Read more [...]
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Rosstat is authorized to inform

Look at the map of Russia, takes your breath away! As in the song, a lot of our forests, fields and rivers ... Just think, hunting grounds about 1 billion 600 million hectares! Of course, and the expectation that revenues from hunting management must meet the expanses.Photo Nicholas Matyushenkova FGBU (Tsentrohotkontrol) reported — «the total annual turnover in the field of hunting economy is estimated at 80–100 billion rubles». The amount on the face of a large, but by reading this naked figure, do not you see how much money is invested and how many get Read more [...]
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Appeal to Medvedev DA

To the Editor received a letter from A.V.Firsova familiar to our readers for the publication in the newspaper and on our website. We can not be published and given a letter of appeal.Photo:, Nikolai Sorokin Chairman of the RF Government DA Medvedevfrom the hunter A.V.FirsovaYaroslavl region, Pereslavl region, Berendeevo village. Dmitry Anatolyevich!I ask you personally, in «manual» understand the following situation, as it is a disgrace to the Russian state and its government. So I ask you to remind assistants that, guided by part 6 of Article 8 of Read more [...]
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Leading game wardens gathered in Kirov

     Leading specialists of the hunting economy of Russia and some foreign countries held an international symposium on "Current problems of wildlife management, game management and farming." He was held in late May in Kirov - the national game management center and was dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Hunting and Farming named after Prof. BM Zhitkova.     The work of this scientific conference was attended by more than 200 scientists, biologists, hunters and workers of the hunting economy of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Read more [...]
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How to equip our hunting

February 26, the opening day of the exhibition "Hunting and fishing in Russia", a conference convened by the Russian Union of hunting, on the theme "The hunter, hunting and hunting in the realities of modern Russia." Photo Natalia Sdobnikova I was pleasantly surprised by the very high number of participants. Yes, and impressive geography. Conference was opened by the chairman of the ROS Bonch-Bruevich. Presentations were made by the Chairman MGOOiR A. Kaledin, a State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev, President POPC T. Aramileva, Editor «Hunting» B. Kuzenkov, deputy. editor Read more [...]
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Wanted as better …

FROM THE EDITOR:At the end of 2014, when the sidelines ohotsoobschestva raging storm of emotions caused by the persistent desire Ohotdepartamenta force hunting users to spend a winter trip records in accordance with the recommendations Tsentrohotkontrolya, editor in chief «Russian Hunting Newspaper» and the magazine « Hunting and Fishing twenty-first century» together with the president of the Association « RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz» Ministry of Natural Resources to the Minister SE Don letter about the pressing issues of national hunting. The letter contained a request Read more [...]
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Hunting society and our youth

First, let's say a little about hunting economy of Russia. This, my dear readers, there is a total collapse and the abyss. A "help" in the officials directly responsible for its prosperity. Photo by Aleksey Dzyubchuka Of all the shortcomings of the Law «On the hunt», Hunting rights and other important legal documents or who just wrote and wherever may say. But no one hears! Even previously issued an appeal to the president (because only the strong-willed decision can be all at once and irrevocably change!) Had no effect. Poaching of senior officials for the sake of Read more [...]
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Private ohotpolzovanie — the way to biodiversity?

The private ohotpolzovaniyu many people somehow related to nature, yet retain a cautious attitude. And this alertness show how simple hunters and the staff of environmental organizations.And those  and others have expressed their concerns about the same. Povybivayut supposedly rich  all alive, and then thrown the land, leaving the absolute desert… Yes, and the rights of local residents will be prejudiced because they are now, a simple country people probably will not be allowed to hunt.Other opponents have questioned how private users will be able to comply with the rules in their Read more [...]
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It’s time to take the plunge

State hunting and game business in the country is not encouraging. I like all the hunting community is deeply concerned about this problem, and it is inspired to speak again on the topic of the day. I want to go back to the question of whether there is in Russian hunting as an industry.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova AT «National Classification of Economic Activities» (NACE) hunting as a form of industry, does not appear. And in the legislation, «Strategy» and other documents developed by the Department of hunting, it is present as «razvlekuha». If Read more [...]
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Mary Weaver, St. George’s Day and spring hunting

Hunting small industry. But it covers a large number of economic structures and social groups in our still stratification in society. Orders and groups from the root meaning for the Russian general "conventional field." Fields also significant for Russia, as the geomagnetic field of the Earth, and is an important part of the national code - important for the Russian and Evenk. Hunting and former farmer Tver, and the deputy and the owner of "factories, newspapers, steamships" - Marquis of Carabas, as sometimes they call the owners of hunting zaimok.Photo Peter Mishachev In the vast Read more [...]
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On the eve of the new, 2013 had to look into the recent past. Has pushed this to our probable future, which happened to meet on the site Ministry of the Environment ... The thing is that in carrying out the order of Russian President, the Office prepared a draft document, the implementation of which should be "will contribute to the establishment of the modern game management and the formation of an integrated balanced approach combining protection rare species of animals and plants, including outside of protected areas (PAs), the organization ohotpolzovaniya taking into account environmental and Read more [...]
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We are waiting for changes!

Article TwoPhoto by Dmitry Kashirina In making extremely harmful to the Hunting Law of the Russian Federation heads the Association "RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz" should immediately seek to protest against it in all sorts of authority, namely the President, the Prime Minister, the State Duma. If this did not work, refer to the TV, the radio, in print. If this would not give the desired result, to raise the hunters demonstration organized rallies and pickets and announce it as widely as possible. Last our rulers fear most. And I think in this case the President would know very quickly who Read more [...]
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All, like the others?

From 22 to 26 June 2015, Prague (Czech Republic) under the auspices of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) with the support of CIC, the Czech-Moravian Hunting Union, the Ministry of Agriculture and Research Institute of Forestry and Hunting of the Czech Republic held a seminar devoted to the problems of hunting Central Asian countries. Since 2006, this is the fifth meeting. Why FAO — an organization whose primary purpose is stated to food security, namely guaranteeing regular access to high-quality food needed for an active and healthy life, Read more [...]
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Caution: the same mistake!

Photo by the author That's really really can not agree with Elena Gorbunova, argues in his article («HORN» Number 25, 2012) that it is necessary to think. Unconditionally: think of everything. And it is especially hard – people with the mandate power, the solution of which depends not only the fate of millions of ordinary citizens, but also of entire sectors of national economic activity. From the very first lines of the article «Need to think. Good thinking» I had the impression that everything has already been written once read or heard. When Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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