On Fox in February

"Loaf", slowly moving the edge of the field, strongly storm snow drifts - in search of fresh tracks we cut another array of forest. In the body of the UAZ shakes mercilessly, and hunters, her hands clasping his hands for all that you can, head down to avoid hitting the ceiling on potholes, silently suffer the hardships of transportation.In the central regions of European Russia in the late winter fox pelts have a high commercial quality. Hunters still strange people. When the whole country is sweet slept in the weekend after a week of work, we finished the night charges not We Read more [...]
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February on the pond

In general, good fishing ponds are usually no different, especially now, in gluhozimeauthor photo Already in February to visit the ponds and I never thought arose, my pond saga has usually ended in mid-December, when there became very sad.But once in the middle of February I was invited by a friend and we – by coincidence – very well caught. But my next visit and I have not seen bites. This mystery has made me more often in the dead time in the city ponds. And soon began to emerge something which system, which would like to share.In gluhozimePonds, especially strongly Read more [...]
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February tale

February blizzards! Snow and wind. Snow and wind every day, at night and at dawn. I watched the snow streams brought here today, trying to cling to the built that night and has already firmly established, compressed toes and bumps layering and weaving. But the wind, tearing force, drove them all on, and everything is repeated, and the snow was no end to the excitement. Photo by Vladimir Bologova Incessant snow camping ground! Already that time my hunt ended at Now with these fields bezbrezhem shining brocade. Nor trace or beast. Yes I and he stood there Read more [...]
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Difficult wintering

Photo Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune sauvage At the end of the first half of January-February 2012 due to strong snowfalls and prolonged cold weather in large parts of our wintering habitat for migratory birds have developed extremely unfavorable conditions.In this regard, there were rumors almost on the mass deaths of birds wintering and a possible ban of the coming of spring hunting. We hasten to reassure ohotnikov- it is not. But first things first.The bulk of breeding in the European part of Russia and Western Siberia, geese and ducks spend the winter in the ice-free Read more [...]
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February Borok

In large reservoirs of movement and activity of the fish depend substantially on the mode of operation of dams. Enhanced water discharge – It appears for the fish comes in large rivers, both large and small. In small rivers flowing into the Rybinsk Reservoir, the concentration of fish in February, it is very high, up to the local Zamora. Fans mad rush to fish, arranging on the ice this orgy.In the vast expanses of the Rybinsk Sea in February, on the contrary, deserted. Fish is caught, but it is still necessary to find what is particularly thick ice and water and snow on Read more [...]
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Washington snowed. Photo

Snow falls into the territory of the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. President Barack Obama who decided to leave the White House for a meeting with the National Democratic Committee, called the storm "Snegarmageddon." (Jonathan Ernst / Reuters) Heavy snowfall that hit the nation's capital city Vashintgon have caused the closure of several government agencies. According to local authorities, about 230 thousand. Government employees get the day off due to the raging elements, reports Associated Press. All employees were ordered to stay at home for security reasons. It also reported that Read more [...]
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The approaching new moon marked by a series of earthquakes

As we approach the time of the new moon, which will fall on Saturday, February 13, the world marked increase in the number of earthquakes. According to RBC with reference to the Associated Press, an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale occurred on the night of 8 to 9 February in southern Mexico near the city of Oaxaca. Tremors were recorded in 55 km to the north of Puerto Angel, and in the capital, Mexico City. Earthquakes also occurred in Kamchatka and Chukotka, in China and in the Shirak region of Armenia. Source: R&D.CNews Read more [...]
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In Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions are very cold

In Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions, local emergency department of the Russian Federation announced on February 12 storm warning because of the abnormal cold. According to the regional Hydrometcenter, February 12, in the Novosibirsk Region minimum temperature will be -33 ... -38 °, on the south-east - the temperature to 40 degrees. In the next, the Tomsk region on February 12 expected minimum temperature -34 ... -39 °. In connection with the receipt of this forecast Defence Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Tomsk region warns of possible emergencies. All these basic services recommended Read more [...]
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February bourgeois-democratic revolution

February bourgeois-democratic revolution second Russian dem. roar., resulting in a swarm overthrew the tsarist autocracy. W. the first reports on the Revolution. events in the capital appeared Feb 28. 1917 fuller March 1-2. Information about them is delayed by the authorities, especially perms. Governor Lozina-Lozinski. March 3 and he acknowledged the fall of the monarchy and called us. for calm. On the same day of Ur. military-industrial. -T appealed to the citizens to support the Provisional. pr-in. March 4 perm. Governor passed the mountains. at the disposal of the police authorities. Were Read more [...]
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Four earthquake near Japan

1) Magnitude: 5.3 Time: February 16, at 1:57:16 UTC Depth: 10 km Coordinates: 40.44 N 143.68 E 2) Magnitude: 4.7 Time: February 16, at 3:27:51 UTC Depth: 33 km Coordinates: 40.45 N 142.92 E 3) Magnitude: 4.8 Time: February 16, at 3:32:00 UTC Depth: 33 km Coordinates: 40.33 N 143.65 E 4) Magnitude: 4.6 Time: February 16, at 5:30:54 UTC Depth: 33 km Coordinates: 39.90 N 144.46 E Source: EMSC Read more [...]
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Another earthquake in Primorsky Krai

Magnitude: 4.5 Time: February 21, 07: 29: 08.9 to UTC Depth: 553.2 km Coordinates: 42.586 ° N, 130.745 ° E Source: USGS Just recently, on February 18 in the same area was recorded deep earthquake. Read more [...]
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Repair the ice crossing on the river Vychegda Komi Republic

The past first of February, vcome short-thaw led to the formation of gullies on auto ice crossing the river Vychegda in Magog - Magmas in Ust-Vym area. Exit from the right Bank began a partial destruction of the ice. It was decided, from 15 February to temporarily close the crossing on the river Vychegda. After the repair works the exit of the left Bank will be strengthened Bonami.  Critical load, which will allow movement of the vehicle on the crossing, after completion of rehabilitation works will determine the Commission, reports the press service of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation in the Read more [...]
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The record high temperature in Japan

Record high temperature for February was recorded in 73 cities in Japan on Wednesday, reported the country's meteorological office. Almost half of the country was recorded temperature is above 15 °, on the southern island of Kyushu, in the south of the main Japanese island of Honshu, the thermometer rose above 20 °. It was on this site and concentrated city pobivshie record temperature.So, in Nagasaki daily temperature was 22,6 °, and was beaten by the temperature record of 120 years ago this time of year. In Osaka, the thermometer rose to 21,2 °, in Tokyo, the temperature was 16,6 Read more [...]
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Japan — 13 earthquakes

February 26 was recorded major earthquake off the coast of Japan. After that happened 12 more So for 4 days, from February 26 to March 1, in the same place 13 earthquakes. It should be noted that then kolosalnaya seismic activity emerged near Chile. Magnitude: 7.2 Time: February 26, 20: 31: 27.0 UTC Depth: 20 feet Coordinates: 25.92 N 128.49 E Source: EMSC Previous News: · A major earthquake near Japan Read more [...]
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The story of one notes

February 8, 1999 marks 165 years since the birth of the great Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleyev. And 100 years ago, in the summer, he led an expedition that studied the causes of the decline of iron ore and metallurgical industry in the Urals, was in Nizhny Tagil.Conclusions expedition documented in a detailed report "Ural steel industry in 1899." Then Mendeleev stated that "it is necessary with particular insistence finish all the remnants of the landlord relations and the progress of the Urals need more development here of private initiative, update metallurgical engineering and technology, Read more [...]
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Winter in KhMAO

Winter begins with the establishment of stable frost, which in most parts of the territory, starting in the third week of October. The beginning of winter is characterized by a further increase in the frequency of occurrence of the circulation processes eastern type, contributing to a decrease in temperature. The most intensive lowering of its celebrated in late October early November, after the snow, so that the difference in average temperatures in October and November  10-12°C. The radiation balance in November reached the lowest in a year of negative values ​​due to the lowest Read more [...]
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25.01.1996 Our Calendar

1746 (250 years ago) Was first documented mention of the trays: a second-class property description Onega Krestovskogo monastery specified two types of tray Ural\\\\\\\" lacquered iron. " 1976 (20 years) In the Ural School of Applied Arts, the first release of artists specialists in painting trays. January 1, 1971 (25 years) Commissioned for the equipment store room "Thousand little things\\\\\\\" on the street. University Software Development. January 3, 1941. (55 years ago In Nizhny Tagil organized inter-regional sanitary-epidemiological station serving than the city Visimsky, Petrokamensky Read more [...]
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12.02.2003 Event Calendar

February 55 years ago. February 5, 1948 organized by the Children's Home for 50 persons in Dzerzhinsky district to village CHP. 75 years ago. February 6, 1928 organized a maternity hospital in the pharmacy premises 2nd Soviet hospital. 30 years ago. February 6, 1973 Palace of Culture named after IV UVZ Okuneva. 5 years ago. 8-13 February 1998 UralVagonZavod visited a group of experts of the Ministry of Defence of India led by Lieutenant-General S. S.Mehta. 150 years ago. February 18, 1853 organized Avrorinsky orphanage in Nizhny Tagil factory. Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies in the world in February 2010

The past winter was on the territory of Russia the coldest in 30 years, said Monday the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov. "In Siberia, it will probably be the coldest on record," - Frolov said at a press conference dedicated to the Day of the meteorologist, celebrated on 23 March. But not only in Russia was strange cold and snowy, and around the world. Climatic variations, the heat, the cold ... An incredible amount of snow, and in the southern latitudes, rain. All this begs the question - what's going on in the world? RIA Novosti has collected a summary reference to weather for Verwall. Read more [...]
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On the Sun has experienced major outbreaks

Active regions on the Sun June 13, 2010. Observations parting EIT on the satellite SOHO. Occurred on the Sun is the largest series of flashes from February 2010. Space laboratory X-ray astronomy of the Sun, LPI, informed about the details of what happened on the phenomenon heavenly body in our solar system.A series of major outbreaks occurred on the Sun over the weekend. For two days, from 12 to 13 June 2010, the Sun was recorded 10 events of Class C and M. The biggest flash X-ray class M2.0 and lasting about 30 minutes, took place on June 12 at about 5 am Moscow time in the active region Read more [...]
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