Caution: the same mistake!

Photo by the author That's really really can not agree with Elena Gorbunova, argues in his article («HORN» Number 25, 2012) that it is necessary to think. Unconditionally: think of everything. And it is especially hard – people with the mandate power, the solution of which depends not only the fate of millions of ordinary citizens, but also of entire sectors of national economic activity. From the very first lines of the article «Need to think. Good thinking» I had the impression that everything has already been written once read or heard. When Read more [...]
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Woe Gnilusha

It winds through the village Exemplary creek with screaming the name Gnilusha. The guilty vodonositsa outside Moscow in front of people calling her name so negligent, is not known. In Soviet times, the heroic glory thundered breeding farm "Red Road", feeding the capital of quality beef and sin, according to local residents, the fact that cleaning out the stalls sewage directly into the river. The collapse of the farm together with the Union, the stench settled to the bottom, and it seemed, was the clarified water that so connected to the killing of the river Domodedovo airport. Read more [...]
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Wildlife Employee Investigated in Savage Sidesplitting

A Wildlife Services employee is below investigating for the sidesplitting of an endangered Mexican gy wildcat in January, according to a federal voice. The Albuquerque Daybook reported that wispy details issued by the representative and a governing reputation hint that the employee was investigation two stock deaths on January 19 and may suffer erroneously identified the endangered masher for a coyote and stroke it.“Spell on-site he lethally distant a canid, which was so identified as perchance a Mexican brute,” Wildlife Services voice Carol Bannerman wrote to the Albuquerque Diary.Bannerman Read more [...]
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Beginning Internal Cannabis Mark is Good

Erstwhile Microsoft administrator Jamen Shively has proclaimed his design to make the low interior cannabis sword. Shively, who has already begun getting multiple aesculapian marihuana dispensaries in trey states, aforesaid he envisions his sword seemly the leader in both unpaid and checkup marihuana, lots same Starbucks.Shively, 45, aforementioned he is already soliciting investors for $10 trillion in start-up money and plans to consequence the ware lawfully from Mexico. Piece marihuana stiff illegal below federal law, it is effectual in two states, Washington and Colorado, and 18 more countenance Read more [...]
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Angle and Wildlife Servicing Declares Grayness Beast Healed and Bequeath Murder Protections

Lunchtime at the Gray-haired and Beast Uncovering Centre at W Yellowstone, Montana.     Picture: OnyxDog86/FlickrJeopardize Morals Mary Catherine O'Connor writes on environmental issues and the morality of chance.Afterward an 18-year retrieval attempt focussed on beast packs in the Northerly Jolty Mountains and the Westerly Big Lakes, the U.S. Angle and Wildlife Overhaul has set that the gray-haired masher is no yearner threatened with defunctness. As a answer, the means has recommended removing the greyish savage from federal auspices nether the Endangered Species Act, FWS manager Read more [...]
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Norfolk: A Sinking Metropolis

    Norfolk, Virginia, sits in a shaky office. Sea levels round the metropolis of 243,000, abode to the state’s largest naval foot, are ascension quicker than elsewhere on the Eastward Seacoast. Surge gauges shew an growth of 14.5 inches betwixt 1930 and 2010—New York’s was niner inches—and one discipline predicts that sea levels thither leave hike 18 inches in the adjacent 20 to 50 age.The reasons are complicated. Outset, the metropolis is sinking. It was reinforced on a quaggy impression odd by a 35-million-year-old meteoroid hob, in an ar where the world’s Read more [...]
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Greg Mortenson Humbug Title Jilted

A federal appeals homage gore has spurned a exact that fabrications in Greg Mortenson’s Deuce-ace Cups of Tea and Stones Into Schools established put-on against purchasers of the books and against masses who donated money to the sympathetic arrangement Mortenson founded, the Cardinal Asia Found, the Associated Closet reports.The regnant, made on October 9, upheld an sooner reigning by Sam E. Haddon, a federal justice in Montana who had reviewed the exact and called the charges “thin and wondering.” The One-ninth Lap Courtyard of Appeals upheld Haddon on all points, citing plaintiffs’ Read more [...]
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Cash Menses

A ruined habitation in Mantoloking, New T-shirt.    Exposure: Jeremy M. LangeFor days the syllabus has allowed Americans to be in flood-prone areas by subsidizing their indemnity rates. More: Consume by the Seaboard With Dr. Destine Geologist Orrin Pilkey takes David Gessner on a turn of wipeout. IT TOOK Ternary months for Intercourse to toss a eyeshade aimed at serving E Sea-coast residents match the hob of Arenaceous, and it leave takings leastways eighter multiplication that yearn to expend it. Dissimilar many emergency-spending bills—which get pissed up with outside viands, Read more [...]
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G Canon U Mine Delayed

The proposed reopening of a u mine nigh the G Canon is on handgrip in the boldness of dropping u prices and on-going litigation.The old mine, six miles s of the Southward Rim entering to the canon, is one of the "automaton mines" that the federal administration has disposed muscularity producers commendation to reopen scorn the Obama disposal forbidding new hard-rock minelaying in areas terminated 1 zillion land, since the rights of the mine see cover to when it was unopen two decades ago.Earlier it was stalled, the minelaying troupe, Vim Fuels Resources Inc., plotted to excerpt Read more [...]
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The Federal fishery Agency agrees illegal fishing on spawning salmon rivers

In the work of the territorial divisions of the Agency have been instances of non-compliance with legal requirements when organizing competitions for the right to conclude agreements on the allocation of fishing areas, the control and oversight, implementation of regulatory roles extraction (catch) aquatic biological resources. The Federal fisheries Agency has been illegal practice decisions of the regional commissions on granting institutions the right to install a fish counting Weir barrier to spawning rivers with the possibility of withdrawal of bioresources in the absence of the fishermen of Read more [...]
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To fight against poaching in the reservoirs of the Moscow region goes public

On the territory of Russia passes National Ecological Action "Clean the shore." In the last ten days of June, 2013 at the Mytishchi district metropolitan area in the framework of this action on the Moscow Canal reservoirs was conducted environmental measure in order to prevent cases of mass destruction of fish and other aquatic biological resources. The event was cooperated activists Public Council under the Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources in the Central Federal District, along with spices Moscow Oksky territorial and basin "Mosrybvod" Rosrybolovstva offices. Read more [...]
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In the Voronezh region flooded part of the federal highway Kursk-Saratov

Water hides the road connecting the two routes are federal. To get to Rostov from Belgorod and Kursk, drivers have to storm the site. 200 meters along the swollen river. At the risk of flood the engine. Fortunate, since this part of the coast is removed on a mobile phone. And as a warning to spread on the Internet. Evakuatorschiki on duty nearby. Lucrative post. If you do not know the ford, you risk to stay here forever. Overcome this portion of the federal highway is only possible with an experienced pilot. Local drivers are trying to choose bypasses. But motorists from other regions are Read more [...]
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In South America has fallen snow

July 26, 2013. Natural anomaly observed in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. Snow in these countries did not fall more than 20 years, reports «Uralinformbjuro». The air temperature dropped to minus 10 degrees, while the norm at this time of year is a plus 3 cold wave, which covered South America, came from Antarctica. Approximately 11,000 homeless people in Sao Paulo were urgently evacuated to temporary shelters. Total in Brazil from the cold death of nine people in Argentina - six write federal media. In Brazil, closed several roads, including federal. Doctors recorded Read more [...]
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Those responsible for the mass death of fish in the river Ohta have not been identified

Experienced inspectors surrounding the company discharged waste water with a high content of pollutants, but these faults were not a prerequisite for ecological disaster in Okhta, Leningrad region. August 8, 2013 RPN published the results of administrative investigations into violations of the requirements for the protection of water bodies - the Okhta River. Recall, first of July this year, local residents said on conservation organizations about the death of fish in the river Ohta. Specialists RPN together with the employees of the FBI, "Center for laboratory analysis and process measurements Read more [...]
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Russian march. Senseless and merciless? Notes not Russian human -2

Russian marsh.Bessmyslenny and ruthless? Notes are not Russian human-2 RN Bikbaev, writer, lawyer newspaper "New Petersburg», № 2,3,5,6,7, 2011Part Four Irregular reserve. More and "our"?Not armed irregulars of the state there is private security ready if needed in case of a direct order to perform public service functions. The first is a well-equipped private army-paid professional Gazprom. And then who is working? Well, let's say, in the country a critical situation, the system staggered private army give the command "Fetch!" They will go against the crowd, but against armed people? Can Read more [...]
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Record heat in Russia will result in fires

After a rather leisurely approach of spring nature sharply added momentum and decided to open the summer season in Moscow in early May. Current levels are already above the average high of July. And every day in the capital region is getting hotter, so there are very few — and maximum temperature, set nearly 130 years ago, will be broken. Then, May 13, 1883, in Moscow, the air warmed up to + 28,6 ° C. The same temperature was 12 May 1921. Therefore, a new record can be delivered today. At least, this is good background, says an expert center «Phobos» Leonid Starkov. «Temperature Read more [...]
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Locusts attacking Dagestan

Dagestan farmers switched to a state of siege. Crops - wave after wave - attack the hordes of locusts. Chemicals do not help. It turned out pests indirectly are under state protection. In a paradoxical situation versed NTV correspondent Omar Magomedov. Insects so much that the earth takes on an orange-yellow tint. Agronomists have spared no pesticides, but the number of locusts this chemical is unlikely to be affected - the number of pest takes. Every day, hordes of insects capture all the new fields and pastures. In some areas of the country only on one square meter of the earth inhabited Read more [...]
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How Can I Visit Cuba Lawfully?

Cuba.     Picture: Nathan Laurel/FlickrA:Those aren’t urban legends you see most Americans who hop a mastermind fledge from Canada or Mexico to Havana, solitary to be hit with an fulgurant mulct in the thousands of dollars subsequently they reappearance. Thither are federal laws against devising a misstep to Cuba exclusively for touristry, and the administration takes them rattling earnestly.The reasons the anti-travel restrictions to Cuba flush survive are as composite as boilersuit U.S. dealings with the state concluded the conclusion 50 eld. In possibility, Americans are Read more [...]
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In Colorado because of the flood entered the emergency

September 13, 2013. President Barack Obama imposed a state of emergency due to a major flood in Colorado, where victims of the disaster became three people, said Friday, DPA reported. The flood was caused by heavy rains that hit the Central part of the state. One person was killed in the settlement of Jamestown in the collapse of the house, the second in Colorado springs, another man drowned in boulder, trying to save the woman.The state of emergency will allow local emergency management to receive Federal assistance for flood control. In addition, a separate Federal Agency for emergency Read more [...]
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U.S. to Appropriate Barefaced Eagle Deaths

Betwixt 1997 and 2012, U.S. Angle and Wildlife Serving researchers counted 86 denudate and favourable eagle deaths at hint farms nationally, and this month the Obama Judicature formally says that's Ok.A new federal ruler bequeath ply sound shelter for fart vim companies when denudate and gilt eagles are unwittingly killed by fart turbines, if companies commemorate the deaths and issue measures to forfend kill saved birds. The new permits, which enter consequence on January8, death for 30 age, with reviews every phoebe geezerhood.Although neither eagle species is on The Endangered Species Name—denudate Read more [...]
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