An earthquake of 3.5 points occurred in Sochi

From the powerful tremors in Sochi on the walls of houses went cracks on may 30. MOE region reported tremors, registered on the territory of the capital of the Olympic games — 2014. The first tremors were felt by local residents on the territory of the Adler district of Sochi. Scared people immediately began to call the hotline. — The earthquake occurred about 12 hours, — told Life News in the Ministry of emergency on the city of Sochi. — Information on victims yet. Later, the aftershocks were felt in the region and Host. According to preliminary data, Read more [...]
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Unusual sound shock and severe tremors throughout West Michigan

on may 29. People are wondering what could cause loud sounds and heavy impacts on the evening of 27 of may and the morning of 28 may 2012 throughout West Michigan. Messages come people in Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties. People say that they felt and heard: for example, John Nieuwenhuis, who lives in Oshtemo, said that he felt and heard the explosion, which shook the whole house. Nieuwenhuyse called fire, but they could not find the source of the explosion. The explosion damaged the trees near the house of John Nieuwenhuis, but how remains a mystery... see also: Fault in Michigan NewsChannel Read more [...]
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Krasnoyarsk felt Tuvan earthquake

on 6 June. On Wednesday evening, June 6, Krasnoyarsk felt echoes of the earthquake in the Republic of Tuva. Tremors recorded at 22:04 on mestno time. As reported in the Department in Krasnoyarsk Krai, sureselect in the epicenter of the earthquake on the territory of Tuva amounted to 5.9. Power jerks in Krasnoyarsk — 2.3 points. According to seismic monitoring, magnitude earthquake in Tuva — 5,1. Note that in Krasnoyarsk earthquake felt only the residents of the upper floors of tall buildings. Recall that last winter, in December and February, in Tuva, there were two powerful Read more [...]
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Earthquake in EAO 4,6

Earthquake in EAO touched the territory of four municipalities on June 18. Earthquake in the Jewish Autonomous region touched the territory of four municipalities. In Birobidzhan force reached three points, said Corr. RIA ЕАОmedia the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in EAO. June 18, 2012 at 16:10 (HBR) on the territory of the Jewish Autonomous region was recorded quake, which was felt in, Birobidzhan power up to 3 points. According to the geophysical service of RAS seysmosovete happened magnitude of 4.6. According to preliminary data, the earthquake was felt in, Birobidzhan, Birobidzhan, Read more [...]
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Encounters with UFOs often end favorably for the contactor

Canadian anthropologist Krista Henriksen said recently that in a study of several dozen cases of abduction by aliens, she came to a rather surprising conclusion: the experience in some cases is positive.Argentinian Maseyras Ventura, 73-year-old caretaker of the musical city of Tres Arrayos, saw a UFO when drinking tea in front of his guard booth. "Then I heard a strange hissing - he told me later. - It's like a swarm of angry bees flying. When I discovered that the sound comes from the top, then looked up and saw an object that hovered in the air a short distance above the eucalyptus Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 4.6 happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina

on July 28. The earthquake of a magnitude of 4.6 happened in the night of Saturday in the Central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, victims and no serious damage, according to the office of civil defense. The epicenter of the earthquake, which occurred at 01.12 (03.12 GMT), was located near the town of Zenica. Strong tremors were felt in different parts of this Balkan country, including in the capital Sarajevo and the cities of Banja Luka, Bihac, Gorazde. It is also reported that the earthquake was felt in neighbouring countries — Serbia and Croatia. Reportedly Bosnian media, the earthquake Read more [...]
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In the sea of Okhotsk earthquake of a magnitude of 7.3

on August 14. In the sea of Okhotsk earthquake of a magnitude of 7.7 (originally called the figure of 7.3). About this reportsThe USGS. The threat of a tsunami, according to the message American specialists, no, although it is only about the U.S. — The Hawaiian Islands. According to «Interfax» the seismic station «Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk» about 7:25 in Moscow announced the threat of a tsunami, but a few minutes later cancelled the warning because the earthquake occurred at too great a depth. The earthquake was at a depth of slightly more than 582 kilometers. Closest Read more [...]
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The population of Cheboksary alarmed signs earthquake

Today, December 26, at 14 chas.30 min. In on the panel "01" was reported by witnesses on the occurrence of shocks in the river port in Cheboksary. In place of the task force arrived EMERCOM Russia's Chuvash Republic, led by the deputy chief of EMERCOM Russia's Chuvashia colonel of internal service Herman Mikhailov. Because of the sharp warming likely occurred sediment and soil slip. In the building of the River port has a few cracks in the glass. A crack in the building the port, which was reported, was formed long ago, before the accident. No injuries or damage. River port Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 6.9 occurred in Yakutia

According to seismologists, the quake was recorded at 17.13 MSK at a point located in 389 kilometers to the east of the Verkhoyansk and 340 kilometers north of the Ust-Nera. The earthquake was located at a depth of 9 km. As the representative of the national central board MOE, in Yakutsk, the tremors were not felt, the information on specified areas of the republic. "The epicenter - in Abyyskom area, the nearest town - Syaganah - 54 miles to White Mountain - 150 kilometers," - said the source, adding that the residents of these communities have felt minor tremors. According to him, Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 occurred in the Stavropol region and Abkhazia

Tangible tremors were recorded around the same time in the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the Republic of Abkhazia. First earthquake felt residents Gagra and Sukhumi. - The houses rattled windows, kitchen utensils fell, people ran into the street in fear and panic - told Life News resident of Gagra Esma Churkvidze. - No warning of a possible state of emergency was not.According to local residents, they have not yet come into the house, fearing a repetition of the earthquake.- On the territory of Sukhum and nearby settlements recorded quake - Life News confirmed the Office for Emergency Situations Read more [...]
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An earthquake measuring up to 3 points occurred in Sochi, victims and destructions

Quake force up to 3 points on the Richter scale was felt last night in the city of Sochi, the agency "Interfax-South" in the town of seismic stations.

"Quake occurred at 01:50 MSK. Its epicenter was supposedly in the Black Sea. Force tremor was up to 3 points on the Richter scale," — told the station. According to the source, the underground tremors felt in Lazarevskoye Sochi. Victims and victims.

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Kanevchane also felt the earthquake occurred in the Krasnodar Territory

The earthquake, which occurred in the Krasnodar region on Monday evening, and residents feel Kanev. As the site of TCE, with reference to the head of the department for civil defense and emergencies Anatoly Ninth, calls to a single dispatchers started receiving from 21:07.Only 5 signals recorded from different parts of the village - from the streets of the Coast, Chipiginskoy, Gorky, harvested, Guerrilla. The report did not specify what was the strength of earthquakes in the district center.Meanwhile, it is known that an earthquake of magnitude 4.8, occurred on December 10, at 20:56, Read more [...]
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Residents of the Krasnodar region felt tremors

People from different regions of Krasnodar reported tonight for 15 minutes, clearly felt the tremors. Reports of the earthquake from people coming and Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik and Anapa."We on the ninth floor on the street 40 years of Victory Furniture suddenly started to go shake. It felt exactly and lasted around half a minute," - said a resident of Krasnodar Svetlana. Igor North from Novorossiysk reports that residents of the seaside town feel more strong aftershocks. "Many would argue that it was an earthquake measuring 4.5 balls, no less. Many fled to the streets. Now Read more [...]
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In the United States in Kentucky earthquake of a magnitude of 4.3

on November 11. In the American state of Kentucky earthquake of a magnitude of 4.3, the Associated Press reports with reference to the Geological service of the USA. Centre tremors lies at a depth of 1.1 km Its epicenter was located in the Appalachian mountains in the town of Blackie, which is located near the border with Virginia. Initially, the magnitude of the earthquake was estimated 5.3. Tremors were felt in several States of the U.S. South: Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia. In addition, they felt in Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana. Reports of damage and no casualties were reported. Read more [...]
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In Myanmar, the earthquake of magnitude 7.0

on November 11. A strong earthquake occurred on Sunday morning in Myanmar, Reuters reports with reference to the Geological service of the USA. Tremors of a magnitude of 7.0 were recorded at a depth of 9 km, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 60 km North-West of Mandalay, the second largest commercial centre of Myanmar. According to witnesses, the strong tremors were felt around 7:30 local time. «These were shocks of unprecedented strength, heard the roar and the gas light», — lead Agency the words of one of the residents of Mandalay. The earthquake was also felt Read more [...]
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The earthquake in Sochi, Georgia, Turkey

In Sochi, an earthquake occurred in 6 points, people ran out into the street on December 23. On Sunday at 17:45 GMT in Sochi when the earthquake happened. As informs \"Interfax\", the Ministry of emergency situations Sochi reported that the earthquake had a magnitude of 5.6 points occurred in Abkhazia, near the Georgia sea, 40 km from the coast. \"In Sochi, the earthquake was felt in 6 points\", - said the head of seismic stations Sochi Elena Karpovich. According to her, such a strong earthquake in Sochi \"was for the first time in at least the last 20 years.\" Residents of apartment blocks in Read more [...]
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The earthquake in Almaty: Kazakh city shook several times

January 29, 2013. In Almaty earthquake on January 28, 2013 local residents felt late in the evening. Tremors started at 22:38 local time (20:38 Moscow time). The earthquake magnitude 6.6. Such data results in the experimental and methodical Seismological expedition of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 225 km South-East of Almaty. It lies at 10 km depth. After the first earthquake in Kazakhstan occurred several small aftershocks. The magnitude of the second earthquake was 4.5, third - 4,7, and the fourth of 5.1. The center was also Read more [...]
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I have not been on the Khodorkovsky and Lebedev. I regret that I missed the ancient feat of Hercules, tore three-headed hydra Lernaean colonel in uniform. The meeting, to which I got this week was much less dramatic clarification routine procedural and technical issues. But clearly felt some new tone in the room, the essence of which I could not easily articulate for themselves. I will not deny that in a complex range of emotions that I felt at the trial, was present and pity for prosecutors, especially to the most ungainly and tongue-tied of them, which became a favorite target of ridicule Read more [...]
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Earthquake in California came to Los Angeles

March 12, 2013. On Monday in southern California took place more than 100 aftershocks of a magnitude of 4.7 points. This is a common phenomenon for the region, but not for the part, which was the epicenter. Reported by the LA Times. Monday morning tremors reached Los Angeles. The epicenter was in the village of San Jacinto. Usually it falls on a different region. According to experts, in the next three days can be more strong earthquake. «If something happens in the next 72 hours»- says Professor of Geology Pat Abbott. Tremors could be felt by the residents of several areas, from Read more [...]
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A strong earthquake with magnitude of 7.2 occurred off the coast of the Kuril Islands

April 19, 2013. The earthquake of a magnitude of 7.2 occurred on Friday in the area of the Kuril Islands. Tremors were recorded at 13:05 local time, reports the U.S. Geological survey (USGS). The earthquake in the sea at a depth of 10 kilometers. At the moment, information about the victims and destructions. Warnings about the threat of tsunamis have been reported. At the same time, according to the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical service of Russian Academy of Sciences, earthquake of a magnitude of 6.9 occurred at 15:05 local time (07:05 GMT), the epicenter was at a depth of 33 kilometres Read more [...]
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