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FIAT Ducato and Tambov wolf

Long test drive a van of the Italian continues Second trip «Italian» Russia had not so far, but not close. In late October and early November Ducato drove your correspondents Penza and Tambov regions, running as a result of about 2000 kilometers.Recall that the first trip was longer — we obkatali car on a trip to Abkhazia (, passing over 4000 km. And now the purpose of our trip was the town Serdobsk, lost about half way between Penza and Tambov.We planned to take a boar (stalking), Read more [...]
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FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

Outside, boring rain, ears are the words of head wounds portal "AvtoVzglyad" Alexander Rostarchuka: "When will hand over the material in the winter test drive FIAT Ducato? When the text is ready? " When? Yes, right now! All the sensations of the last trip still left in me, as the taste of a good cheese on the tongue ... Cover your eyes and before me bottomless, promorozhennaya black sky of space to the Tver region. And not even the crunch, and penetrating into the spine creak — No shriek! — snow under the wheels of cars and our feet. Yes, I love the winter and consider Read more [...]
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FIAT Ducato: I’m taking no wood!

Looking for an Italian truck from the passenger compartment Photo: Anton Zhuravkova On the road performance of a thoroughbred «Italian» We were told repeatedly and still not tell time. But the potential for its owners (especially those who order modification for comfortable transportation of people) will certainly be interesting to know how in the belly of the van passengers feel. Especially if you have to go «on dalnyak»…This time our editorial «expeditionary force» It consisted of five dogs and hunters. The dog was placed in the luggage Read more [...]
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FIAT Ducato and ice fishing

Is afraid of heat-loving "Italian", Russian frost? Perhaps our decision to go ice fishing for doubtful winter lanes on FIAT Ducato seem strange. But in the course of our previous long-distance voyages to hunt in the Penza region of Abkhazia and it is so well established that changing «Wheel» more walkable, we did not. Especially because it was too spacious and comfortable it was this van…On the street — minus thirty. And the most insulting, that even nominally be available in preheater Webasto we are on the eve of departure to use for its intended purpose Read more [...]
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Friends, useful your union!

Most recently, it was impossible to even imagine that the Americans stop buying everything, but on the contrary, will begin to sell acquired over the years, built from scratch, fostered and events around the world as another symbol of the free world of business. But ... everything flows, everything changes! Now the European, Asian and even Russian money "look out for, so that where" ... It so happened that the Italians «on the occasion of» We bought (even scared to say) one of the symbols of America. Let not national and only the car, but in a country Read more [...]
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By the blue sea on the Ducato

Passion to change places a person lies in the blood. In the Middle Ages, people discovered new continents and countries, subject to this passion. Today to go for a few thousand kilometers, it is not necessary to be a hero or a traveler, it is enough to have a car ... So how, you ask, I should feel myself sitting on the right — navigator — place in the cockpit of a hefty six-meter «barn» FIAT Ducato, devouring kilometers of highway M4 «Don»? Yes, in the company of good travel companions, but in anticipation of hunting quail in Abkhazia? I'm just Read more [...]
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FIAT for Gerda

This full-blooded "Italian", capable of accommodating more than one and a half tons of cargo, is clearly not designed for hunting fun. Yet to go to Abkhazia on quail with a two-year bitch Gerda is still quite rare in the country rocks epanol Breton, we decided on it. FIAT Ducato and did not disappoint ...In Pitsunda built new comfortable hotels instead of the old Soviet-era hotels. Abkhazia for our voyage was not chosen by chance. Hoping to get to the end of September — early October quail flight, we expected not to overload the setter excessive abundance of game, and still Read more [...]
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Fiat Ducato in a big city

Redaktsionnny FiAT Ducato was already almost 10 000 km. Went hunting in Abkhazia, Moscow, Penza and Tver regions, and, by and large, do not shoulder any serious complaints, except for problems with equipping thoroughbred "Italian" Nizhny Novgorod craftsmen. But now, six months telling readers about «hunting» The ability of this van on country roads (and modern highway, and broken primers), we somehow lost sight of the features of its behavior in the city. But the trophies must not only produce, but also drop off at home. So to experience all the delights of the city Read more [...]
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Goodbye? And hello!

The five-year daughter capricious. And pushing leg with own collected on fishing backpack, where it was just packed their own steamed oats to feed, issued an ultimatum: "On the big car ehay myself and my mother in a small. Or I'll stay with my grandmother! "By" large "it is meant crossover Chery Tiggo 5, which until yesterday claims at the girls did not have. But all the cards mixed up test FIAT 500.In technical terms feysliftingovaya version of the FIAT 500 is not much different from the previous one. Although the producer and states that contributed to the construction in 1800 of innovative changes. And Read more [...]
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Matte Fiat Pro

Matte Fiat Pro     Picture: Exposure by Inga HendricksonTHE Trade: One of the lightest full-suspension bikes some.THE Quiz: Our testers praised the dim-witted, single-pivot rear-suspension pattern, which gets its iv inches of locomote from bend in the chainstays, on this flyweight carbon-fiber anatomy. Eventide punter, the Fox RP23 jolt's three-position ProPedal afforded splendid grip on the ups and a astonishingly plushy cod on the way devour. "Climbs care a billy, descends alike a zip cable," wrote one examiner. The wax XT constituent packet shifted and braked flawlessly—and Read more [...]
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Remember your crony with the big covert, or rip out the briny street cinema for a dark, and fiat a presale simulate of Patience. This ski click from Zac Ramras and Dent Wagoner deserves a high-resolution intervention—and genuinely shouldn’t be called a “ski pic.” It’s more of a skiing magnum composition. Blastoff on a shoelace budget, it took the filmmakers and a 31-person bunch of dauntless backcountry skiers and snowboarders two geezerhood of trekking from Peru’s Cordillera Blanca to Chilly’s Patagonia to amass all the footage. In an harebrained presentation Read more [...]
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