History sozdaniyaNivy

VAZ-2121 "Niva", now designated LADA car 4h4- Soviet terrain. The first SUV mirekomfortabelny small class with a monocoque body and permanent all-wheel drive.The compact SUV VAZ-2121 «Cornfield» with a monocoque body is considered to be the most original and successful the development of the domestic automotive industry. In the late '70s «Cornfield» made on the world market caused a sensation unique to his time combination passenger comfort and high cross at more than competitive price (but only beyond the borders of the Soviet Union). Enviable even for many modern counterparts Read more [...]
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MTS20-01 and 16 caliber bullet Poleva

TsKIB COO Tula has developed an interesting MC 20-01 rifle and it went into a series. For TsKIB typical upscale release weapons, and now (after years of sluggish, almost single production) issued and in sufficient quantities, simple, cheap, robust gun. Somehow, it is touted as a commercial – I think it is not so. 20 minutes for the caliber krupnovat «taiga» gun. The absence of a rifled barrel malopulnogo generally negates «Promyslovo» MC 20. The standard for fishers – long-standing «Squirrel» – IL 56-3, modern «North». And what about Read more [...]
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Anthem field kitchen

My favorite dishes are prepared in the field kitchen were gruel, soup, cabbage soup, braised potatoes, buckwheat with meatHungry soldiers - a bad soldier. Folk wisdom. Photos from the archives of the publisher.The fact that the soldier should be well fed, known by the ancient generals. Hot porridge and a good joke to halt the fighting spirit of support, added power.[mkref = 1696]History has brought information that the terrorists still Kievan Rus with the prince ate good «the hut»And under Peter I, who translated the Russian army on the principle «regulyarstva», Serving Read more [...]
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The first voice of spring

Spring came to the Great Russian PlainRight in arable land hides shylyA wandering – and for half an hour,Like winged bells,Slowly she goes to heaven.Sergei Smirnov. Lark.The clouds thinned and the sunshine faltered ice «coat of mail» fields, the first "black island" open land in the endless "sea of ​​snow." All day spring sun struggles to expand the boundaries of the "islands" to win another piece in white spaces, raising clouds of steam into the air. The earth seemed to breathe, just about ready to wake up from a long winter sleep. This vapor rises higher and sits on the Read more [...]
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Outdoor kitchen Fisherman

I host several recipes (most ways) cooking fish in the field. (boasting of course, but to be honest yourself through suffering, and not written off from the Internet)Yet to cook fish dishes in the field a bit more complicated than the equipped kitchen. I hope that is useful to someone my useful, and sometimes even sad experience.So, you went on vacation hunting-fishing trip in which a deaf-blind spot. Fishing paradise right. And you are lucky! Fish halt as ever! Of course, the main part drove to the house, but also in the field to eat something right.Here's how it worked for us.On the firstCertainly Read more [...]
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On the morning of the roe deer

Summer nights are short. And in Latvia in particular. Briefly set down the wrong dim twilight, and after a few hours the sky turn gray and begin again the dawn is near ...Returning exhausted from the evening hunt, falling on the bed to an hour - half rise again on the morning dawn, and so is repeated every day, unconsciously want to see this crazy kaleidoscope stopped briefly, allowing at least five of hours of respite. But time does not stop. Dawns. Shuffled crawl up the stairs to the lawn in front of the hotel.On an asphalt parking lot is already pickup «Mitsubishi». Throwing back Read more [...]
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The first field tests of Aytos

Aytos, black and piebald Russian Spaniel, has grown over the winter, stronger, although still remained a puppy. Spaniels - Dog maturing, many are beginning to work in an adult as early as 6 months. Sergei Dushina, owner ROS Greta – mother Aytos – a friend, a doctor, a chess player, an avid hunter, and just a wonderful person devoted.Spring came of 1997. Together with the melt water floods otshumel April. The long-awaited May painted shades of emerald countryside. Bird cherry, white as fresh newly-fallen snow, the whole week to lure even cool, but the real cold and frost on the ground, Read more [...]
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News from the land

Before the opening of the spring season in the Ryazan region two weeks. Very pleased with the news that the planned opening for Easter, postponed to next weekend. Holiday signed cartridges prepared things found and stacked. The weather is wonderful, and I'm going to explore in the fields and meadows. Saturday April 4 issued the first really warm day. Probably so, and he met me outside the house of his spring song of the first pair of starlings. In the city of snow is almost gone, and the picture is different in the fields of: more than half of the area is nestled white veil. And so I was not able Read more [...]
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In the fields of Serbia, of Hubertus.

In mid-October in Serbia, in the ancient town of Niš gathered cops with hunters from all over Europe. They were brought here Hubertus, the patron of European hunters. According to legend, in the VIII century knight chased deer and when he caught up with the perfect animal, the deer turned and branched horns Hubert saw a glowing cross. In order not extinguished European tradition of hunting, in 1978 it was created competition for the practical hunt game birds with setter – World Championship Hubertus. These competitions are attended by teams from different countries, the members of which Read more [...]
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Hounds: field work and its evaluation

Field tests, or as they were called earlier, "test", hounds began in Russia for more than 100 years ago.      First, they provide only a part of modular units, but later the focus was shifted to the single dog test by virtue of the hunting dog breeding in Russia's attitude to the field testing as a breeding selection.     Terms of these tests since their introduction in 1901 has been revised 6 or 7 times, and the last option passed in 2004. It would seem that all the issues relating to the verification and evaluation of field working qualities of this group of hunting dogs must already Read more [...]
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Ilmenskaya spring

Spring. Machine Tool agitated Ohotkollektiv our news: we were officially invited to goose hunting in the Novgorod region. The organizer of the event - hunting area, located on the shores of Lake Ilmen.Izvestno that the west of Moscow is "Goose Trail", which further goes on Ilmen to the Baltic and Scandinavia.Golden Retriever ideal for feeding knocked game. Spring. Machine Tool agitated Ohotkollektiv our news: we were officially invited to goose hunting Novgorod Region. Event organizer — hunting area, located on the shore of Lake Ilmen. It is known Read more [...]
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Forests, fields, Czech Republic and Hungary

Polyakov Pan, Pan Sinitsyn, I congratulate you on joining the ranks of hunters Czech Republic! For the accuracy of the translation can not answer, but I think something like that told us the representative of the local authorities, shaking hands and handing out laminated cards with our names.A piece of yellow plastic in hand, something similar to the card after maintenance, giving us the right to try to experience the happiness of hunting in the Czech Republic.This trip we (I and Alexander) had planned for more Kyrgyz endless tea. After an extreme, rest the soul asked. Of course, the rest should Read more [...]
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Long Hunt

It so happens that no luck, no matter how hard you try. Like a beast in the grounds there and do everything right and nothing comes out. Though you burst. It was a full moon, and most of the night we were looking for a fellow ranger boars. Bypassed recently planted peas and corn fields, overgrown with dandelion and grass meadows where day notice it fresh Poro.  Kaban, vanished into thin air. Only in the morning, already sleepy and tired, we came upon a small herd. Legs buzzed from a long distance. Relax and forget to check with the wind, we climbed the oak-covered vzgorok, which was deserted Read more [...]
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In the end

The last day of my hunting in Latvia. Hunt, I waited for a whole year. Three days swept dizzying kaleidoscope in an instant. Even getting up in the memory left in the business city, and it became a little sad, that all ended so quickly.It was late morning. Wind waves walking on the green carpet of grass rustled in the trees. High and the sun shone brightly. Burned yellow flowering rapeseed field. Nature stormed greenery and flowers. And surrounded by beauty, which will soon have to say goodbye, even stronger heart ached.We checked last ranger storage. Left behind expanses of meadows and fields, Read more [...]
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What is shown last season

Prior to the opening of hunting less than two months. I would like to recall what turned out to be the summer-autumn hunting season in the Ryazan region in the past year. It opened on 19 August. Visits to hunting grounds before the opening game showed a slight increase compared to previous years despite the closure of the spring hunting.Increasing the number of waterfowl was due to water filling almost all the fish farm ponds Riga. A large number of young fish in the ponds present coots. And here at mallard broods to the opening of the season was uneven. Some are already being flown, and the other Read more [...]
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Quail opening

The fifth of August - the opening day of hunting in the field game, which means that in addition to bog meadow game, you can hunt quail, partridge and wild pigeons. On the eve of the opening we Ivan and friends Yura, with Romulus and kurtshaar spaniel arrived at the lat place the upcoming hunt. Despite the approaching night was hot. Under the shade of a spreading oak tree camp, we got the necessary hunting ammunition. Having dealt with uncomplicated, but pleasant troubles, decided to bathe the dogs erected by beavers dam.As soon as the Read more [...]
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A late holiday

Abnormal dawned summer of 2010, which brought record heat and, as a consequence, severe drought and forest fires, which covered the central regions of the European part of Russia. Photo: Victor Lukashou In this regard, the long-awaited opening of the hunting season for game birds in the Moscow region came very late. Although, in my opinion, the hunt would be open and the first Saturday of September. Not afraid to do the same in Vladimir, Tver, Kaluga regions bordering the Moscow region.But officials suburbs existed a special look at this issue. Scalded milk, they began to blow Read more [...]
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Summer. August. All day the heat is unbearable. Hot sun, playing highlights on the meandering river in the flood plain, beats down relentlessly. Trembling unsteady haze over the retracted bread. Dry, hot air pulls in coppice foliage, beginning to turn yellow over time not sooner. There was a country road on a yellow cloud of dust raised by rumbled potholes truck. All living things hid all directions to escape the scorching heat. Only in a monotone creaking grasshoppers high grass and rush over shallowed goggle-eyed dragonfly ponds.In the cool shady arbors we kill time Read more [...]
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Wild boar at the damage

Always said that the hunt for prey attracts me in the least. But the off-season. The license price is acceptable, but for the right to have its serious passions. And how can we give up, if offered?Photos Vladislav Sasova However, oddly enough, from my hunting entourage I was enthusiastic about the news, only one Alexander, and the remaining bees swarming, sauna built, the fish is caught, the heat, the wife…Oh, that's that, and heat — it's really a nightmare! And so many gadflies and horseflies I do not remember at all. So force yourself to bypass the field along the Read more [...]
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Field grouse

It is a unique case occurred to me in the spring. In my many years of hunting practice never experienced anything like it. Not only that - I do not find this is no logical explanation. I will say more: not see with my own eyes - would have believed. And that's happened!Before the opening of the spring season, we went with a friend to look Mikhail crow perches. The sloping cornfield been noticing since the autumn, and there was no doubt that the goose to complain. This field is located near the abandoned village, where there were only walls of two houses of red brick. AMAZING skill of the builders Read more [...]
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