Jubilee Basyanovki

    Former fuel base Lining 70 years. It all started with the fact that the giant took a cheap car- process fuel. Geological exploration found promising deposits, and in 1933 stormed Basyanovskogo swamps. Read more [...]
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Regional problems of ecology and environmental protection

The dynamic development of economic activities in the autonomous region, exerting a positive influence on the economy of the Russian Federation, at the same time remains a powerful factor of anthropogenic influence in determining the range of environmental problems and their negative impacts. Specificity of the economy and industry district associated with the opening here of rich oil and gas deposits. In the sectoral structure of the oil and gas industry accounts for 89.4%, electricity – 5.5%, machinery and metal – 2.4%, gas processing – 1.6%, logging and woodworking – Read more [...]
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Large harvest in Tatarstan in this year will not be

Blame this spring drought and heat waves. Due to lack of moisture in the soil crops continue to be killed, and rain in the near future is expected. According to specialists, farmers, the state could save weekly rains. That's how much water you need to crops in the fields of the republic were able to fully grow. In the meantime, they are forming the main stem and ear, while the other shoots die. Dry perennial grasses and clover. Thus, even the necessary supply of feed in the agricultural sector to ensure Tatarstan unlikely. On a large crop of winter count is no longer necessary. With spring wheat Read more [...]
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Cotton bollworm devours crops in North Ossetia

Caterpillar cotton bollworm, which is a pest for more than 120 species of cultivated and wild plants, including cotton, maize, chickpea, tomato, hemp, tobacco and soybeans, hit almost 100% of farmland in North Ossetia, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the Minister of agriculture of the Republic Robert Zaseev. \"Cotton bollworm is a caterpillar, which is still in our fields were recorded in a single case, and in the last week to ten days it massively appeared in our plants,\" said he. According to Zaseeva, most agricultural pests spread to areas of farmland right Bank, Mozdok and Ardon Read more [...]
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On flooded Amur fields dies wheat. Photo

Amur farmers are struggling with the flood. The wheat harvest is usually at this time the fields had already been harvested. This year farmers are late. This summer almost every week it rains, so in the fields of water. ...Under the tracks combine not wheat ears, and the sea poured. In such extreme conditions Amur farmers have to harvest. Summer this year was anomalous: in June it was hot under 40 degrees, and in July and August were torrential rains. \"Not so much work, how many suffer,\" complains mechanic Peter Egorov. The machine now and then breaks down. \"For example, scooped combine Read more [...]
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The river flooded fields in Eastern Kazakhstan in 40 degrees of frost

The river flooded fields in the East Kazakhstan region due to an ice jam formed in 40 degrees below zero, according to the Agency «News-Kazakhstan» with reference to the regional emergency situations Department. «Near the village Zhanaaul Buranovskie rural district of the Kurchum district on the reason for the sharp drop in the air temperature to minus 43...45 degrees formed ice jam on the river Kalzhyr below 300 metres of the site „Alkyl“. Consequently raised the water level in the river, and the water overflowed, thus flooding the fields», — Read more [...]
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Indonesia: Already half flooded village at 1.5 meter tidal wave

on March 23. Due to the fact that the last 6 months, many rice fields covered with a water layer thickness of 1.5 m, many residents of Kupang Kidul lose composure. In order to survive, some of them were forced to go to work as laborers in other villages. Local residents Tahari recalls: «I don't know when I will again be able to grow rice in this area. The last 6 months here nothing grows. Before the flood receded, and now no». The first reports of flooded village appeared in September 2010, since then nothing has changed: rice fields covered with water with a thickness of about Read more [...]
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American harvest-2011 drought threatens

on 7 April,Farmers in many American States were concerned about the condition of winter crops in the spring time. Because of the high temperatures led to early melting of snow cover in the fields. Farmers feared that melt water is not enough to nourish the culture in late spring, and was absolutely right. Currently, almost all major agricultural lands settled the unprecedented drought that threatens the production of corn, cotton and other row crops, informs IA \"Kazakh-Zerno\". Meteorological service of the United States said that this drought was recorded for the first time in the last two Read more [...]
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Tornado in Uzhgorod

on June 14. Today, about 14 hours at Uzhgorod market \"krasnodonzev\" was the tornado. According to witnesses of the accident, the wind was disturbed several outlets... It is reported that the tornado was of such power that the individual goods scattered in the surrounding fields. In particular, entrepreneurs on the adjacent fields are the goods that they sell: children's pools, toys, jackets and more. Tornado a few minutes passed, but left a considerable loss. According to an eyewitness, a private entrepreneur Vladimir, in the morning was cloudy and there were no signs of trouble. Suddenly Read more [...]
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Bedroom Supports Oil-Sands Program

A controversial program to manufacture a line linking Canadian oil fields to refineries good the Disconnect of Mexico got a vital advance conclusion hebdomad from the U.S Bedchamber of Mercantilism, which launched a lobbying exploit dubbed the Partnership to Fire America. The radical volition attempt to figure political keep for the line, a task that is wide opposed on environmental curtilage. The Bedroom of Mercantilism first arrives amid both a broader advertise to yield blessing for the line and a sensed demulcent by the Obama brass in privilege of major oil projects. Before this workweek, a Read more [...]
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In Poland were under the water the fields and roads

Poland pour rain. Basically flooded the countryside in the South-West of the country. Here are several rivers overflowed the banks, many of the fields and roads were under water. Pumped her fire brigade. They build walls and fences, to somehow reduce the damage from the elements. Forecasters, meanwhile, assured that the rains will continue for some more days Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The number of evacuated after the eruption Sinabung exceeded 5 thousand

November 13, 2013. Since the eruption of the volcano Sinabung, located in the West of Indonesia, is becoming more dangerous for the local population, the authorities continue to evacuate neighboring mountain village. In this regard, from the Karo Regency removed 5 265 people. Meanwhile, after a double eruption in the early weeks of the crater Sinabung began to stand out more ash to constant pyroclastic flows were added emissions molten lava had time to go down to 500-1 000 m from the crater. Assessing the danger of the current eruption, authorized services announced the expansion of the radius Read more [...]
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Drought in China

Chinese new year has not yet ended, and the rural residents of Northern China area Huabei watered drying seedlings of wheat. In the Northern provinces there were no significant precipitation since October of last year, the drought has been 1124,2 ha of wheat. The onset of spring and the increase in temperature increases the evaporation of water, which required special wheat that came in a green period, which can adversely affect the growth of plants.3-5 photos show seriously affected by drought wheat germ.on 6 February, in Henan province, County van Huaiyang farmers watered wheat Read more [...]
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The rains destroyed almost 10% of the fields in the rice granary of Japan

on 3 August. The harvest of 10 thousand hectares of rice fields, or 9.2% of their total area — in the Japanese Prefecture Niigata destroyed by heavy rains that passed here a few days ago, said on Wednesday the authorities of the Prefecture based on preliminary estimates of damage. According to the meteorological control of Japan, in several districts of Niigata Prefecture 72 hours fell more than 1 thousand millimeters of rainfall, which became the Prefecture unprecedented rate. The victims of the torrential rains that hit Niigata Prefecture and Fukushima at the end of last week, were Read more [...]
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Dalton Highway, AK

IN ALASKAN Lingo, the Dalton Highway, a 414-mile stretchability of hard-packed flummox paralleling the Trans-Alaska Line northward of Fairbanks clear to the Golosh Sea, is known as the Draw Route. It's alluring to guess that discover as tachygraphy for the Hauling-Ass Route?the periodic mark poster a 50-mph velocity confine gets as lots regard as a no guns signal in Afghanistan's Hindu Kush?but it's genuinely a Hauling-Equipment Route, for supplies on their way to Prudhoe Bay's oil fields. For fearless motorists, the Dalton offers a itinerary into the wildest, about beautiful landscape you'll always Read more [...]
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Water speeds up the melting of glaciers, directing sunlight

21/01/2013 German researchers have discovered one of the reasons that destroyed perennial ice fields. It turned out that willow - permanent ponds of meltwater on the surface of the ice fields - act as lenses, conducting heat deep into the ice mass. Melt water speeds up the melting of glaciers, directing focus the sun's rays into the ice. As they note, such as the sun would "burn" the ice.Climatologists believe that the most serious problem is the qualitative change of Arctic ice.Experts from the National Information Center for Snow and Ice (NSIDC) U.S. found that Arctic ice Read more [...]
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Effects of electromagnetic fields on human health

Almost all the appliances that produce electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are invisible, but all around us - at home, at work, in traffic.The technological boom of the last two decades has led to the fact that today we live in a continuous electromagnetic field.What is the effect of electromagnetic fields on human health?At a certain intensity of the field of industrial frequency of 50 Hz (which, for example, generate a refrigerator with the «No frost» or working microwave) the impact on the human instrument is similar to the impact of a weak carcinogen. "It is well established Read more [...]
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Drought in Argentina threatens new crop

on June 25. The dry spring and summer are not a surprise for South American countries, because the last three years, the Argentine crops have experienced constant lack of moisture. However, the situation this year is already recognized as the most disastrous for the past 15 years. In 2012, drought, brought to atmospheric phenomenon La niña, are particularly affected fields with grain and soybeans. Similar in trouble and in Venezuela, where, as in Argentina, La niña dominated since 2010. According to forecasts, the soybean production in Argentina will be reduced to 42.9 million tons compared Read more [...]
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Vortices will save even superconductivity in high magnetic fields

A group of Russian, Spanish and British scientists has achieved unprecedented preservation of superconductivity in strong magnetic fields.Researchers from Russia (Institute of Semiconductor Physics. Rzhanov AV), Spain (Madrid Autonomous University), UK (University of Bristol), Belgium (Interuniversity Microelectronics Center) and the U.S. (Argonne National Laboratory, scientists of the last two countries are of Russian origin) stated achievements, combining fundamentally change the pattern applied use of superconductors.Superconductors behind MRI, levitating trains and many others, could make Read more [...]
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The flood in Argentina washes off the field and at home

8 September. Record rains threaten trouble Argentine farmers - one of the main \"breadwinners\" around the globe. In the country flooded up to 20% of fields, and herds of cattle graze knee-deep in water.On Argentina was struck by a powerful flood, record rains were flooded fields and roads. In some regions of the country the water reached the houses. Right in the water are numerous herds of Argentine cows whose meat is one of the sources of wealth of the country. The Argentines on the boat trying to save their cattle, driving or transporting it in a dry place. Water on the fields threatens Read more [...]
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