Iliac intestine (Ileum), is 3/5 the final part of the small intestine and ends at the ileocecal valve. Diameter 2-2.5 cm ileal loop occupy her pelvis and right iliac region. The mucous membrane in the initial part of the intestine has circular folds, which are absent in the final section. In the submucosa lie isolated and combined lymph follicles (folliculi lymphatici agregati et solitarII). The follicles are clearly visible, as the mucous shell has little fluff and fold (Fig. 246). The final part of the ileum, 10-12 cm long, the increment to the posterior abdominal wall, not the mesentery, Read more [...]
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Kidney membranes

Since the kidney cortex fused fibrous capsule (capsula fibrosa), from where the tender interlobular connective layer, invisible to the naked eye. In addition to the connective tissue fibers in the capsule of a poorly pronounced layer of smooth muscle. By slightly reducing their renal interstitial pressure is maintained, which is necessary for the filtration. Kidney fat enveloping capsule (capsula adiposa), composed of loose connective tissue, where the excess food store fat. Adipose renicapsule better developed on the rear surface and has a certain value in keeping the kidney in the lumbar Read more [...]
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Ileocecal angle

Ileocecal angle formed the final part of the ileum and cecum. At this junction of all layers of the small intestine continuously into fat. Feature of the structure is the presence of the ileocecal angle valve - the valve (valvula ileocecalis), which represents the final part ileum, inserted to a depth of 1-2 cm into the blind. This connection is most often performed in the medial wall, at least - in the back or the front wall of the cecum. From the hole - ostium ileocecale in oral cecum diverge two folds (plicae superior et inferior), formed by the mucous membrane, submucous layer and the Read more [...]
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The final emotional stress

During long trips submarines we have noticed that for 2-3 days before the sailing sailors became fussy, emotionally strained. They all thought that over time has slowed. There was a hurry as fast as possible to get to the shore. Emotional tension during the final period of the job and can clearly be seen in astronauts during the flight. V. Sevastyanov recalls that a few days before returning to Earth "originated something on the brain all, most would end the flight, would rather have on the Earth. Waiting for the end of the flight times were very slow. Mood deteriorated" 316. Read more [...]
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