All finally happened!

Hunting excitement our team enough. And like hunting we have seen different, and success is not achieved once and experience of any call. But hunters gooseries our team was not. And to learn there was nobody. In the spring hunt in 2014, we began to make plans somewhere February. We visit both exhibitions in Moscow. Something bought with someone to talk to. Not the first year, passing by the stand of the hunter-Gusyatnikov from Ryazan Yuri Sidorov, I from interest considered his homemade camouflage suit «Stubble». Tempted to try every time Read more [...]
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When you put an end to «all-Russian obiralovu»?

Still amazing the way our power! The President and Prime Minister all the time are in constant concern for the welfare of his people and of the State Duma deputies and officials of lower rank are not. Photo by Sergey Naumov Ministers reprimand and expel deputies. All sections of the people, including hunters, looking for their legislative and work, are at a loss: «To give it!»Since the beginning of market relations hunting and hunting does not fit into the framework of the market. Earlier, officials saw the reason for this in the absence of a law on hunting and other Read more [...]
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The end of the forest suicide

Going through the old hunting photos, I came across one where the captured wolf hunting. I lived then in the Kalinin region, in the village of Sukhoverkhov. The surrounding forests were full of animals and birds, and hunting has always brought luck.Photo by Vladimir Bologova This picture reminded me of the capture of the main trophy of the season ... Winter and March was sovereign mistress. In the evening steep snow carousel, and in the morning in the fields and woods lay soft newly-fallen snow. Light frost is attached snowy blanket, drove the excitement hunters.Locals complained Read more [...]
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Elektroudochniki and the end of the world

The noisy campaign about the end of the world December 21, 2012 has finally ended. It is clear that the hype was initiated by producers of goods and hucksters. It is also clear that the media picked up this topic were also interested in submitting ugly and painful, intriguing. And the merchants of the box office liking this conjunctural theme. New subjects, the ability to tickle the layman and, of course, make money. The result: sales of weapons, underground bunkers, unsold goods, hastily kinodokumentalnoy Products catchy captioned articles on the theme of the Apocalypse. And – increased Read more [...]
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For krasnobrovymi beauties

Every year, especially after a long winter, waiting for those incredible feeling ... Black cold, but the long-awaited night in a tent grouse a few minutes before the start of the action ... But in these last moments of waiting, which stretch impossibly long, morning frost is not particularly feel – a foretaste of the upcoming warm hunting. Finally, even in complete darkness «chufyknul» First grouse. He said another, a third. On all sides you hear the noise of the wings sits Kosachev. And away we go… «Chufykane» and continuous murmur fills the ear! Born April Read more [...]
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Bream in late summer

Among experienced anglers late summer and early fall are considered the best times to hunt for a trophy bream. Sensing the imminent arrival of cold weather, the fish gradually gathers in numerous flocks, and begins to actively feed, which is used by experienced leschatniki.At the end of the summer even inveterate spinning lay for a while and take out your favorite activity float and bottom gear in the hope to get to the big fish bite. What to say about fideristah and inveterate poplavochnikah that await these pores look! However, the bream is not as simple as it might seem at Read more [...]
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LDPE or snowless Karelian summer

Good day comrades! I happened not very pleasant thing ... ill with pneumonia. But there was finally a lot of free time, and finally decided to write an article.It happened in August.Since I am a lover of cycling, then without my trusty steed, I'm going nowhere. This time I decided to go to a secluded spot, located 40 km from the city of Petrozavodsk, where I live. Rode a bicycle to her villa (25 km.) This summer, there began to build the road (finally), but the end is not completed, so I had to wade walk here on such a mess] Next was a whole saga. Snack, I started looking for a paddle Read more [...]
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Our Rush

The smoke clears, the gates of Paradise are Ravshan and Dzhumshut in white coats and glasses. Open the gates. Goes Apostle Peter (Svetlakov) - Uh, you Th doing here? - A schto do? E E here ... - I ask you, what you have there babahnulo? - Babaschnul, yes strong babaschnul belemge kalayder Slaman, naschyalnika ... - Collider? Yes you finally ohreneli there or what? Yes you heard that you've done there? You finally why the heck it built? - Higis were separated ... - What else higis? - Bozonma higis did ... Adin did ftarooy did, and together they made the two one ... - You Th them, pushed or what? - Read more [...]
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Trees Maturate Quicker As They Age

Approximately of the oldest keep organisms on the satellite are trees, but how precisely do they produce? A new work in the daybook Nature provides answers. Xxxvii scientists from 16 nations collaborated and institute that trees turn quicker—not slower—as they age.The bailiwick examined more 600,000 trees from roughly the humans and launch that piece trees finally block maturation vertically, they preserve to mass up, alike body-builders."It's as if, on your ducky sports squad, you hear the maven players are a crew of 90-year-olds," Nate Stephenson, a woodland ecologist with Read more [...]
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Rupkand — Lake skeletons

This is an unusual glacial lake is located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is at the base of two Himalayan peaks - and Trisuli Nandghungti. The lake is located at an altitude of 5029 meters above sea level. For the first time, officially, in the lake were found skeletons in 1942, the year, and have suggested that in the lake were Japanese soldiers.Since the yard was the Second World War, it was sent to the lake a group of scientists to determine the origin of the skeletons. The British suspected that it was some sort of syllogism Japanese army. Through time version was denied, because the skeleton Read more [...]
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Witness Goldfarb

For nearly 10 years, is unfairly undervalued fiction in its frank and informative article editor then belonging to Berezovsky "Nezavisimaya gazeta" on 12 October 1999. In it the chief advocate of the war in Chechnya and Putin's project as a whole is not something that was recognized and sung by Russian security services business trip Basayev Dagestan, "to get a legitimate reason to restore the federal government in the country." "It is clear - patronizingly explained Mr. Tretyakov, - the operation was a Russian secret service (not to be confused with the explosions Read more [...]
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«Into the Barbaric» Elk Huntsman Killed

Gordon Samel, 52, was killed on Sunday in an officer-initiated shot encompassing a drunk-driving incidental in Wasilla, Alaska.In 1992, Samel became a contribution of Alaskan folklore when he launch the personify of Christopher McCandless piece on a elk search nigh Denali Subject Ballpark and Conserves.Samel was described as a passionate outdoorsman but likewise mortal who had lived a riotous biography. Recent Sunday dark, Samel was tortuous in a patrol dog he was reported for rummy drive. Pursual a sustained interest, patrol units finally encircled Samel as he sped toward an policeman coming on Read more [...]
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Raleigh Disk Ace

Raleigh Disc Ace     Exposure: Picture by Inga HendricksonCharge Up Brooks leather saddles bear been round since 1866 and are silence made in England. The seniority is a will to their superiority. Heavier? Certainly, but you won't incur a cooler-looking graeco-roman burden, and the leather finally takes on the form of your behind, resulting in a well-off, customs roost.Trusted, chromoly route bikes are heavier, but when it comes to farseeing distances, brand very shines. No otc fabric delivers such a quiet, nuanced razz, which is why it is so entire to cycling's farsighted, artisanal Read more [...]
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1,500-Year-Old Moss Reanimated

Moss dating dorsum 1,500 days, institute in a bed of permafrost on Signy Island in Antarctica, has been reanimated. In a major effort of resurrection bionomics, scientists brought the moss binding to liveliness victimisation a lamp and an periodic misting."Jurassic Green was one affair, but we're talk around material animals, veridical plants, veridical organisms that suffer been suspended for selfsame longsighted lengths of clock," aforementioned Lawrence J. Weider, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Oklahoma, in a New York Multiplication study. Resurrection bionomics Read more [...]
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Mood Modification Solvent: Underpromise, Overdeliver

David Roberts of     You've been lecture Nordhaus. Let me conjecture: New image is what he's expression, and old epitome is what everyone else is locution. My takings: It's a sham duality. He has a spot insofar as the Kyoto Protocol failed by skipping direct to what a terminal pact would face care: concrete emissions butt=s. But finally, they're what's sledding to spare our asses, so a "new epitome"? No, because we finally motive the old pact. The matter to do is what Obama is stressful: Set expectations low so rhythm them. Get commitments of money to keep disforestation Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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