Roach in lemon sauce

Surely everyone knows that fish – it is the only natural source of phosphorus, which is so necessary for normal human activity. If you want to please your family or guests who came unexpectedly extremely tasty and at the same time very useful dish of roaches? Then this recipe is exactly what you need.Ingredients:1 kg of roach1 medium lemonA beam of green3-4 garlic teeth1-1.5 liters of hot waterSalt and pepper to tasteCooking method:Roach carefully cleaned of scale, gutting and take out the gills. Fish carcass is rinsed under running cold water. Then prisalivaem, pepper and chopped shpiguem Read more [...]
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Tetereva beer

This simple recipe I tried on summer birds, but I think it is suitable for spring Kosach, but it will have to put out a little longer.So, take the extracted grouse. No, no, Kurzhaar today we are not going to cook :)In cooking, I - a person lazy and not accustomed to split hairs with the cooking. Therefore, this recipe is very simple. We need a little:Burke bird: take the legs, the breast and remove the remaining flesh on the bones.These pieces are washed and further hand squeeze water from the meat, remove tissue remaining moisture.In utyatnitsu warm up the oil and fry the meat on rapid fire. Read more [...]
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Smoke over the forest

Nobody needs to prove how big the role of forests in meeting the ever-growing material and cultural and aesthetic needs of the population, their beneficial effects on human health. Read a lot about our green friend, many kind words slyshish it, but we do not always treat him gently. There is, apparently, because many people think the forest inexhaustible wealth, which can be used without restriction. We forget that the forest as one of the durable systems is very difficult to restore. "Cut down the tree - a minute to grow - a hundred years," - says the proverb.About irresponsible, even criminal Read more [...]
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And outside burning Reserve

Early in the morning in July 1882 at the station "Don" of the passenger train left Moscow University professor Vasily Y. Zinger and keeper of the Botanical Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Ivanovich Litvinov. From the window of the car, they noticed on the steep bank of the Don unusual rock like sheltered gray-green carpet. Scientists are interested in this «striation», and they decided to make a stop in way ...Within a few hours, the researchers found 17 species of plants that can grow in Alps, but nothing in the Russian Read more [...]
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Science campfire

That ended the warm season. However, many hunters and fishermen ignore rest and spend the night in the hunting bases - in the woods is more freedom. However, life in the wild is full of difficulties and surprises, especially for beginners camp life ...Good to carry boxes of hunting matches. Such a match, even if it is lower in water without goes out. Moreover, it is not the wind will blow and rain does not flood. Take, for breeding forest fire. Of course, dry calm weather, the fire will dissolve even a child, so let's talk about procuring fire adverse Read more [...]
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The judge made a mistake and confiscated the gun. What to do?

Police officers and judges sometimes make mistakes in the qualification of administrative offenses. Such errors often occur when qualifying offenses related to violation of rules governing the storage of weapons, expressed in the possession of weapons with an invalid (expired), permission to keep and bear arms. The title should be qualified an offense under Part. 4 Art. 20.8 of the Administrative Code - a violation of rules governing the storage of weapons.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Sanction this Article provides for the imposition of «an administrative fine from 500 Read more [...]
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What is dangerous for Russian forests?

The most serious scourge of densely populated areas - deforestation for developmentPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Two years ago, Russians VTsIOM asked the question: what, in view of, major threats to the environment? In the first place were household waste, garbage and dumps and deforestation took «honorable» second place. On one of the last places appeared hydro and thermal power plants.According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), every year the forest area on the planet is reduced by 13 million hectares. But in Russia, the forest area is not only not decreased, but Read more [...]
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Revived the field

Today, my father returned from the hunt sad. Nothing got. "No, - he says - the birds in the fields empty." "And where - ask - was it?" "Yes, our places - is responsible. - And there's nothing. " "Can not be!" Photos of Nina Kulikova What to do? Time – evening before sunset hour and a half or two. Does not stand up, I take off. I picked up the gun, cartridge belt, two faithful spaniel velvet and Balta, sit in «Niva» and – there, for the bridge over Klyazma, in meadows, where every bump, it seems, is already familiar. How old are hunt… How many unexpected Read more [...]
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Rare fish and salmon diet

Visibility around no more than fifty meters, the vegetation changed rock slides, in addition, the river started strongly zigzagPhoto: Sergei Pavlov In 1989, I He worked in Kamchatka one of the expeditionary research groups, which in addition to a number of other ichthyology work was to catch and deliver the closest village to the genetic studies did not less than five living stone loach. This event left in my memory all life…We were three. Two other studenta- third-year, both Sergey and «Head of Research» — young Read more [...]
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The fire in the cabin

Antonov An-2 threw them together with the simple belongings on the river plait, stood for a few minutes, working the engine, and then turned around and bouncing funny, dispersed and left in the twilight of the oncoming sunset. Photo: FOTOLIA It began in November — most probably a gloomy month of the year, — from its long twilight, short cloudy days. A maybe not cloudy, the sky just over the taiga in It appears in the circumpolar This month, gray and low. A at cloudy weather, it just sits on the neck, pressing to land Read more [...]
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The last fire

Clumsily fired a bullet from a gun raspolosovat human colon and is stuck in the spine bearPhoto: FOTOLIA It was a hot August days. Bear — smug, shiny from the walk up over the summer fat — left on forest road. It is no longer a fear rumbling of passing timber only just cling to ground. Then he had to wait a long time, and only caught the apparent calm, he again made his way to the cherished place.Well as also leave, forget these dope Malinniki and Bear day after I superintending the day there. Fragrant berries suck up cloying, Read more [...]
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Eternal match (flint)

Photo: Dressed conventional gasoline lighter. For fire-strzhen be unscrewed from the housing and flint to strike him on the side located on the magnesium cylinderA simple, reliable. It will help you build a fire in any weather, in rainy and cold weather. Very compact and easily wearable device. Recommended for backpackers, hikers, fishermen, hunters, mushroom pickers and other lovers of nature (nature and sometimes very insidious!). You will always have with fire!The flat silvery bottle supplied one single match - but "match" This is not to wear! Suffice Read more [...]
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Kindle a fire in the rain

Arrange a fire in the rain — It is not easy and requires a special and very careful preparation. The sodden forest is absolutely impossible to find dry kindling, but even if it succeeds, a portion of kindling burned and thicker branches do not have time to dry.The problem with a fire in the rain is that it is impossible to receive the very first very small handful of coals which exhibit sushivali and set fire to the thicker branches. Therefore, in case of rain must be out of the house to capture something that could for a little while sunbathing replace fire kindling. Usually, experienced Read more [...]
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Drying clothes and footwear near the fire

The temperature in the drying zone should not exceed 45-60 ° C, otherwise the clothes may lose its original strength as synthetic - melt.Clothes dryer is desirable to provide a special "hangers" 2-3 stakes driven into the ground, slingshots stacked them zherdinami transverse or parallel to the bonfire stretched ropes. They must not be located above the flame, and at some distance from it. The temperature in the drying zone should not exceed 45—60°C, otherwise the clothes may lose its original strength, and synthetic – melt.Strong heating not only dries much spoil things! Read more [...]
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«Soup» of the woodcock

Today, my friends, I offer you a very simple but very tasty and satisfying recipe. For cooking, we will undoubtedly need woodcocks. I took the fall birds extracted from the setter on vysypkah. But spring sandpiper is fine. Three birds quite enough to feed three people fill. Do not be surprised! Yes, three small «kudyablikov» It would be sufficient. And help us in this pasta!So, take the birds, they are washed well under running water. You can chop into portions, you can use whole carcasses.Fill the meat with three liters of cold water and put the pot over high heat. To obtain a clear Read more [...]
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Unusual craving

Along the road, trying to hide behind the rare electric fence posts, bristly christinae slouch sparse forests of Suzdal: Sokolovsky, Burakovsky, Drobniewski, Lalika. Road hare confused the padding slides along soaked lowlands and dives into the pine landing overlooking otlozhenii to an abandoned peat quarries. photo: Dmitry Kashirina Long untilled field richly covered with weeds and high grasses. Swale overgrown with aspen and alder rough, rests against the village Travniki. For Andreyevskiy the hill between the dark-brown bristle brushwood the sun goes down. Natives and purple, Read more [...]
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How to survive the winter in the woods

So, you have come to the place of hunting. The first thing you need to do to prepare for the night. In winter it is more time-consuming work, than in the summer, but it is necessary to begin immediately. Snow raking up the land itself. This can be used skis, boards, pieces of wood. Yama in snow will escape the heat of the fire and protect from wind. See only that it is of sufficient size, otherwise you run the risk of burning clothes flying sparks from the fire.If you have time to dissolve bottom of the pit fire and warm dry land. Sleep will be much more Read more [...]
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CZ550 — Czech contradictions

Okonchanie.Nachalo in № 11/2012Photos Anto Zhuravkova The barrel carbine CZ550 all models produced by cold rotary forging with four rifling right. AT Depending on the model, its length is 520, 600, 610, 635, 650, 660 mm, and is considered a standard length of 600 mm.Sometimes we hear complaints that the trunk is strongly heated and the point of impact moves. AND This is not surprising. For hunting requires a comfortable, fit for long wear weapons, and want not want, reducing weight, you have to sacrifice in first thickness of the barrel. Read more [...]
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Duck in November

Once I noticed that were born in August, domestic ducklings their own nest platted until next July. And next year the local population kept yard rearing periods. New offspring appeared again in August. Photo: Vladimir Motkova In everyday life people of the North are strictly aligned with the calendar spring and autumn migration of birds, the date of occurrence hlopuntsov, timing of molting geese and so on. The survival of northern peoples depended on the success of hunting for migratory birds.  In the European part of Russia with the established norms and rules of amateur Read more [...]
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Grouse stewed in sour cream

There comes a time to one of the most beautiful and romantic hunting. Grouse hunting with Pishchik. And if you're lucky, you can use this recipe. You will not regret.Take grouse and if they have long gathered dust in the fridge to soak them in water a couple of hours.Mode bacon into small cubes:And shpiguem their carcasses, pepper and season with salt:Then fry the grouse until golden brown over high heat:Stuff them in a pressure cooker or in utyatnitsu:Fill soup somewhere on third and simmer on low heat for about an hour ... Near the end of cooking, when a part of the broth has evaporated, add Read more [...]
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