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During autonomous survival in the wild, not always the victim is set to signal distress. If salvation is near, it is necessary to draw attention to themselves by all possible means – It is obvious. In such circumstances, the most effective way to signal distress – this dissolve signal fire. If the court of the night, or twilight, the fire is visible from afar. If the court of the day – Rescuers should draw smoke. That is why, should be a lot of smoke, and the fire most noticeable. This signal is allocated and against other types of fires. But talk of signal fires Read more. Classical Read more [...]
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Singapore Smogginess Hits Platter Levels

Air contamination in Singapore reached book “wild” levels Thursday as heater from fires in conterminous Indonesia billowed terminated the island city-state. Singapore’s Internal Surroundings Delegacy embossed the metropolis’s Pollutant Standards Indicator, a bill of air character highly-developed by the U.S. EPA, to an all clip mellow of 371, far exceeding the functionary “risky” denomination of 301.Officials in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia deliver all issued warnings advising residents to confine their meter open and to swallow more irrigate. As of Friday, Read more [...]
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Lookout: Eggbeater Raids Consortium to Scrap Firing

As monolithic fires ace Portugal, a whirlybird bunch has resorted to fill their pail from a local pond to combat the flames.

Portugal has requested assistance from Spain and France as fires cauterize in the exchange and northerly areas of the area. Roughly 1,300 exigency force are officious combat more 275 blazes.

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Federal Finances For Wildfires Low

For the endorsement full-strength twelvemonth, the federal governance has fatigued its budget for combat-ready wildfires and leave now be strained to scar unitedly $600 zillion from over-the-counter sources. As of this workweek, the Timber Serve has fatigued $967 jillion on firefighters and their equipment.About 32,000 fires birth burned-out in the U.S. this twelvemonth, destroying roughly 3 jillion estate of afforest. Finis class, 67,700 fires burned-over 9.3 trillion land. According to the U.S. Afforest Overhaul, this is now par for the line, with scorched seasons permanent more two months yearner Read more [...]
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Australian Wildfires Exasperate

One man has died and more 200 properties get been ruined by a serial of wildfires burn crossways the Australian posit of New Southward Wales. The blazes, which figure more 60 and admit one that stretches 190 miles, are among the nigh destructive to always smasher this share of Australia, known for the scenic Dark Mountains. Firing risk is expected to gain this hebdomad, as gamy temperatures and warm winds fire flames. According to the Huffington Position, thither's a hard theory that various fires may eventide tan into one another, creating one monumental wildfire.“I don’t cogitate Read more [...]
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In the south-east of Spain fires burning

July 11, 2013. Cause of fires in Spain were numerous lightning hundreds of times blow to the Spanish land during a thunderstorm. From electrical discharges burned grass and shrubs of the Spanish province of Almeria. Fire plane taking off at the scene, was calculated to extinguish the fire fairly quickly, but a strong wind that rose after the storm destroyed their plans.So, the hot weather dried vegetation southeastern province continues to burn in three locations in Turre, Mojacar and Uerkal-Auvers. The local Spanish flora and fauna, it would be disastrous, but for people virtually no danger, Read more [...]
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Some pictures. Tsunami, volcano, flood, fire

Authorities have published this image showing the damage after the earthquake of 7.2 magnitude, which triggered landslides and tsunami in the Solomon Islands. In Rendove, for example, was destroyed about 200 homes. (National Disaster Management Office / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images) New Year immediately "delighted" tsunami in the Solomon Islands, the activation of new volcanoes navodeniyami and fires.A police officer goes through the woods on the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia. Because of the unusually high temperatures and dry season having dozens of fires, because of which lit up the Read more [...]
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Colombia fires enveloped

On Saturday, Interior Minister Fabio Valencia Cossio Colombia declared disaster area 12 of the 32 departments of the country due to the raging fires. Over the past few days the flames were killed over three thousand hectares of forests in several departments in the central, western and northern parts of Colombia. According to recent data registered in the country six major forest fires affecting the territory of 98 municipalities. Affected by the fires is not. As the minister said, the move allows the government of Colombia to seek international assistance for the purchase of fire equipment. Read more [...]
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Guard means to protect against fire

     April 30, 2005 Russian firefighters celebrated the 356 th anniversary of the professional holiday. Interesting history of the fire service in our city. At the beginning of the 20th century, fires were frequent, sometimes a little fire turned into a disaster, and in 1902 it was decided to establish a voluntary fire brigade. Founder and first ruler of the superintendent was factory railways mining district Demidovs NM Kolishkin. The brigade was kept by donations merchants and influential middle class. It consisted of 11 people: Burgher (team head), connected upstream and Read more [...]
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Natural disasters — a view from space. Part 1

Before impact Hurricane Ike in Texas. Employees of the company GeoEye made a selection of images from his companion, who makes a very detailed pictures of the Earth surface, dedicated to natural disasters. Basically, in the compilation of forest fires, floods (before and after), impacts of cyclones and hurricanes. In addition to the United States there are pictures of Europe and Asia. According to the online photos show how much land can be unfriendly. All pictures are clickable.After impact Hurricane Ike in Texas. Flooding in Galfporte, Illinois. Forest fires in California. Coast of Indonesia Read more [...]
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MOE disappointing forecast

In 2010, Russia will face a strong tide and peat bog fires. In the forecast of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is also a major accident on the power grids and gas pipelines: without light and heat at any time may be left almost 400 thousand. Persons, and worn out pipes by 21 thousand. Kilometers of gas pipelines. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry announced a forecast of emergency situation in the country in 2010. Basic PE will be associated with a strong tide. There are also serious accidents on pipelines and thermal power generators. Against the background of climate warming back Read more [...]
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How to Protect Yourself From Wildfires: Conditions Watchful Scoop Wireless

DT-400W AM/FM Digital Upwind Awake Sac Wireless     Exposure: Courtesy of SangeanA:Situational cognizance matters—much. Incendiarism and inadvertent fires befall, no motion. But in the W the bulk of fires—and about of the big summertime burns—are caused by lightning.So it pays to cognise what the upwind testament be alike. Chip your local Subject Endure Avail situation ahead you go. And possibly coterie on a Sangean DT-400W AM/FM Digital Conditions Alarm Bag Tuner ($65). It has AM and FM bands, and likewise monitors NOAA brave transfer broadcasts. So you can Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in 26 regions of Russia imposed a state of emergency

In connection with the anomalous heat in 26 the subjects of the Russian Federation and 558 areas introduced a state of emergency. As the press service of EMERCOM of Russia, last week the modes of emergency was introduced in ten subjects and 152 municipal districts. The most difficult situation is in the territory of the Central Federal district. \"Currently, the control of the EMERCOM of Russia is furnished in natural fires on the territory of the CFO and the environment associated with the threat of destruction of agricultural crops caused by drought in southern, Volga, Urals, Siberian and Central Read more [...]
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August is going to be hot

All the current troubles of forest fires is the result of an unprecedented heat that prevails in Russia for more than a month. There were hopes for the rains that forecasters promised these days, but they did not materialize. And the situation is likely to deteriorate. At least the forecast at the beginning of August disappointing. By the middle of next week, temperatures will again reach 35 degrees and no rain. Alexander Belyaev, Deputy Director for science of the Institute of geography Russian Academy of Sciences: \"we Should keep in mind that the situation will be even more critical than Read more [...]
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Powerful fires broke out in Canada due to lightning strikes

For the last two days 64 new forest fire broke out in the canadian province of British Columbia. According to the forest Service, 10 of them are caused by careless handling tourists with fire, others the result of lightning strikes. The largest fire in the lake Pelican lake is spread on the area of 2.5 thousand hectares; 30 km from lake William lake was burned 1.8 thousand hectares of forests; in mountain Caribou in the area jade fire destroyed 1.2 thousand hectares. Since the beginning of the fire season, according to the forest Service, the province recorded 1 16 thousand fires, forest destroyed Read more [...]
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NASA experts have measured the Russian anomaly

Map of anomalous temperatures this summer in Russia. Where redder, the average temperature is stronger differs from the average values plus, more blue plots show deviations in the negative. NASA Earth ObservatoryNASA experts on the basis of images from an orbiting satellite Terra made a map of temperature anomalies of the end of July 2010 on the territory of Russia. On the map are regions where the temperature is 12 degrees above the average for the period 2000 to 2008. But there are regions where the temperature is the same amount of degrees below average.On the basis of data obtained Read more [...]
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In Spain and Portugal raging strong fires. Video

In Spain the victims of the fire was a few people. Heat does not give fire to stop the onset of fire. Difficult situation in the North of Portugal. There forest fires come close to human settlements. More than a hundred local people are already evacuated from the dangerous region. To fight with fire was thrown aviation. However, due to strong gusty winds to localize foci failed. To the rescue operation was also joined by two French military aircraft. Source: Capital TVRead more [...]
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In Spain and Portugal forest fires capture all new square

In the North of Portugal the fire crept close to human settlements. Local residents currently come into the fight with the elements. And in Spanish Galicia burned more than 100 acres of forest.Italy. Forest firesPortugal. FiresSource: Lead Read more [...]
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Map of fires. Help

Hello! Today we found a civil society \"Map of fires\". We consider it our duty to place a link to this resource on our website. The fires are still raging in Russia, so if you have the time, physical resources, clothing or equipment to help people, do it. Completely nothing fails. Any help will benefit You in karma. With respect. Administration Read more [...]
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The Greek Islands have burned thousands of hectares of forest

As a result of forest fires on the Greek island of Evia and Crete burned thousands of acres of forest, suffered eight houses. This was reported today in the Fire service of Greece. On the island of Crete — the largest in Greece — on Sunday during a severe forest fire in the town of Preveli completely burned biggest palm grove area 500 ha, reputed to be one of the local tourist attractions. The firefighters struggled with the fire in the forests near the town of Rethymno in Crete. On the island of Evia, the second in the country after the biggest Crete, the fire raged Read more [...]
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