Lack of pollock fishermen Primorye compensated herring

On November 15 fishermen Primorsky Krai produced 660 thousand. Tonnes of fish, which is 105.6% compared to the same period last year.Such data correspondent «Fisherman's newspaper» head of the department of fisheries Primorye Territory Alexei Tsymbal.«Today the performance of fishery industry of the region is not worse than in 2010, which was a record for a decade, and we were able to overcome the barrier of 700 thousand tons. On November 1 this year has been mastered 70% of the allocated quota. There is an increase on the taxes paid, salary. Important figure – more than Read more [...]
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And in Kiev — «Stalkom»!

In connection with the situation in Ukraine in Kiev today unwittingly references classifies us to the Maidan, political battles, and the innocent victims of military operations in a number of well-known from school districts. However, Kiev – it's not just bruised the political system, the epicenter of the analysis of spheres of influence and a lot of hot spots… This is including the majestic Dnieper, over which a pedestrian bridge inclined fishermen, fishing fish. And they do so only in their own way, in Kiev.It is about urban gear fishermen and want to talk. Oh very Read more [...]
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Map of fishing may be free

Moscow. December 7th. Interfax - Map of fishing, which provides for the introduction of the bill "About recreational fisheries"May be free, he said "Interfax" Head of Federal Agency for Fishery Andrei extreme.According to him, everything will depend on the form in which this law will be adopted - whether members agree to enter or not. "On the bill has yet to work the deputies of the State Duma of a new"- He said.But whatever decision has been taken, Rosrybolovstvo agreed with federal authorized organization (SCF) "Universal Electronic Card" the possibility Read more [...]
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Risking their lives, coastal fishermen are out on the ice

Underwater fishing season opened coastal fishermen. Armed with all the necessary, they risk their own lives for the sake of one - to catch fish. In this case no warning MOE is not a hindrance to them.They do not hold home nor cold, nor things to do. Every weekend they seemed possessed, carried out with a fishing rod in his hands.Everything you need for winter fishing: dress warmly, take a drill, tea in a thermos, a fishing rod and a tyrant. It is a long fishing line with a 5 or 6 hook and colored tips. Every fisherman knows, smelt fish silly, pecks on a bright and brilliant.Fishermen as one repeat, Read more [...]
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Map of fishing will be part of the universal electronic card

MOSCOW, December 8 - RIA Novosti. Map of fishing will be introduced into the universal electronic card - a corresponding agreement between the federal and Rosrybolovstvo authorized organization of "Universal Electronic Card" was signed in Moscow on Thursday, the agency reports "Prime".Said after signing the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Andrei extreme, it is assumed that citizens wishing to fish will be able to activate it in the universal card through any bank terminal, a terminal for receiving payment or using a personal computer.Under the law, a universal electronic Read more [...]
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Striped Waltz

The news of the carrying on Akhtuba Festival «Salmo-2015» It spreads in the fishing community quickly and unexpectedly as the thaw instead Epiphany frosts. This year we decided to hold the festival a little earlier and I must say, well done! What then started to happen with the weather – simply boggles the mind. In early February, the impression was that the spring for a week looked to Volgograd with a question – wait, no? I do not know how the organizers predicted the a whim, but the event was scheduled for January 31st. The fact that because of the difficult Read more [...]
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Fishermen — the law

Here came the turn and fishermen live by the law. A draft of the new Federal Law "About recreational fisheries". One name is happy, though on what was called human, not a law on rational use and preservation of objects related to the world of water objects of fishing, etc. and so, as we see in the hunting industry.January 11 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a meeting with representatives of public organizations, recreational and sport fishing. On January 18, held a press conference in ITAR-news. It was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Svetlana Orlova, Read more [...]
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World Paustovsky

This year, May 31 marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of famous Russian writer Konstantin Paustovsky - Romantic writer, a tireless traveler, a lover and defender of native wildlife, big fan of fishing.Fishing is not only developing our love for mother nature, but also gives us a lot of knowledge about it.  Many of his works are considered to be the highest in poetry prose masterpieces of Russian literature.  Pprochteniem each chapter «Tale of life». «Tale of Forests». «Mescherskaya hand» or «Notes on angling Read more [...]
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Fishing for catfish

Photo by Vladimir Suprunenko Charges short-lived, go to the gate, I heard the noise: suitable vehicle «lorry», at jokingly called «tin», Clattering all its parts, like any One of these parts is not firmly connected with another one. AT Three cockpit: a young lad and a driver two older men recognized us, the youth, both large hunting authorities, and fishermen too.Posted over the side of his hunting gear, climb into body and convenient to arrange on pretty decent layer of straw hunters already sitting Read more [...]
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Grandma — catchability nozzle

     The right choice of bait is often the most important factor for successful fishing, but fishing only teaches those anglers who want to learn.     Visit some ponds fisherman can remember with great difficulty, and the other trips are stored in memory for all and all for just one event, so I can not forget the Eagle River.     To others in the same year I went for a few hours, just to socialize because we had not seen each other for a long time, and that's on the phone agreed to meet.     The weather was perfect, and we are talking to him in the arbor of the garden, we sat longer Read more [...]
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«TEAT» FOR saz

In the seventies of the last century I Fishing conducted in society Leonid Fedorovich Riverside, fishermen and hunters in the tenth generation. In the vicinity of the memorable Slavyansk-on-Kuban. The carp ponds meter in size and weighing 15-20 kg were many.Experienced local fishermen catch these "monsters" primitive bottom gear. Number perevertok load-feeders at the bottom of the reservoir corresponds to the theory of probability is 50 percent. Anglers this fact does not confuse. Five of the ten donok abandoned - worked ... and kind of goodness no one was looking. And I've always loved experimenting Read more [...]
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50 AN Durandin

    Honorary member of the Association "RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz" Honored Worker of Hunting Association "RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz" Durandin Anatoly Nikolayevich - Chairman of the Yaroslavl regional public organization "Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen" April 16, 2007 was 50 years.     The remarkable age for the head, the more so because his business Anatoly knew from the very beginning. After serving in the army, he went to work in Pervomayskoye rayohotobschestvo huntsman, and then hunters gosohotinspetsii Nekrasovsky Yaroslavl region, combining practical work with study at the Agricultural Read more [...]
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Myths and signs is not obliged to believe

Part 1Photo: Anatoly Mailkov The EGR №42 (846) published an article by Anatoly Mailkova “Fishing myths and reality”. Author subtly and carefully outlined the problem. My position, not a corporate person, the administrative framework is not limited, a more favorable… I continue to difficult subject, relying solely on the personal life and professional experience and long-standing practice of fishing.[mkref = 756]The main fishing myth, in my opinion, is a myth to tighten legislation on the control and regulation of recreational fishing. This sweet soul of any Read more [...]
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One day at the White River

To start decided to get acquainted with the ways of catching the local fishermenPhoto: Ivan Semyonov Start of production at all times postponed because of minor turmoil in the factory, then dragged and trip. It was the second week of my stay in the city of Salavat. Entertainment in this city chemists bit, and I'm not a fan of urban amusement, but to go on a fishing trip very much. Tackle I, however, did not take with him – I thought the food is not for a long time, but is it a hindrance to this fisherman.Near the hotel found a fishing shop, I bought it in the most simple Read more [...]
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Don biryuchki

Tsar fish styled Don biryuchka. Peter, tasting soup from Nosara, admired her taste. To the royal court from the Don sent wagons with delicacies. Centuries passed, and the fish and fishermen still pleases.The first meeting with Biryukov I took as a child. Painful injections Herald spikes immediately taught careful handling of fish. In those years Biryukov Don was a lot. On the float rod catching rural rebyatnya hundred spiny fishes. Catches not please his mother. Clean «milksop»Not iskolov fingers was impossible. Also, bad water washable thick mucus that covered Biryuk. Read more [...]
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Elements snap float rod

Part 3. Hooks.Hook — The most important part of any tooling. Most anglers opt for those or other specific types and sizes of hooks to which they are accustomed. At the same time, did not hesitate to use the same model in all cases. The explanation is simple. Fisherman catches predominantly or a specific fish, such as bream and white bream, or some bait, such as worms or catches everything that peck at everything that comes to hand. Hence there «far-fetched»But a convenient form of repose of a certain type of hooks. This assignment hooks names of one or another fish — bream, Read more [...]
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Not to catch the matter …

Fishing deal, I think, deeply intimate. This is exactly the lesson, during which the person has the opportunity to be alone with yourself, relax from everyday thoughts and a lot to rethink. No, I certainly do not mind fishing in good company among real fishermen to be always pleasant. But on the ice, unfortunately, such is not always possible to meet.We have in the region of two very similar fishing spots. This oxbow-bayou formed during washing the bed next spring flood. In winter, these older women or, as I call them, «gullies»It accumulates a lot of any fish, and Read more [...]
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Fish and fishermen on pedestals …

Every spring I go out for a few days to catch a bull-Azov martovika. Special gear, experience and skill for this is not necessary. The resort Berdyansk anglers are located right on the waterfront. Bothers to pull calves, you can walk around the city and admire its monuments. Some of them are quite original. For example, a monument to the bulls. The inscription on the pedestal on which rests a small bronze fish, said: «Bychkov-breadwinner». «Small spool but precious» — This proverb fully reflects the attitude of the fishermen, professionals and amateurs Read more [...]
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A remake of an old man

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Petrovich, nicknamed «Academician»Methodically waving udilnikom over the hole. But probably not for methodical he was called Academician among fishermen.Dark dank, but rather warm day, which is unusual for January, these areas are not uplifting. Cleves was not in the morning, like all the preceding days. Before this happened, and whining fishermen in this regard Petrovich replied that gluhozimya not happen.Petrovich Andreev old friend was sitting next to on the ice and, as usual, tried different gear and attachments.— Kotov, enough to sit, Read more [...]
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Karas early summer

Late spring and early summer — the most favorable time for catching carp. Typically, the fish spawn, otbolev a while, it begins to feed intensively. It is now out of the water showing aquatic vegetation and aquatic environment temperature reaches 20 degree mark. Go for carp!Hungry fish sent to the coastal zone, which actively feeds. In contrast to the early spring, when the angler has all chances to capture a truly trophy fish, at the end of the spring and summer has been a steady bite motley carp — They come across as a little carp, noses, and weighty «bast» Read more [...]
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