On the river Vologda fishermen fall through the ice

Luckily all there were no casualties. Last weekend inspectors State Inspectorate for Small Vessels Vologda Region raided the river Vologda. From the town of Vologda inspectors traveled more than 20 km on the hovercraft to the mouth of the Vologda. As told inspectors fishermen, a man by the neck covered with snow fell in the lane. His partner assist someone to get out with the help of an ice ax. Once out, they returned to the car and drove off to get warm. Also in March, first lower the river flows Vёksa ice could not stand the weight of the 1st of the fishermen. Collapsed, he kept his head and Read more [...]
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Eye of the fisherman fell through the ice

Currently, aqua surface tributary of the Volga Oka is covered with ice about half a meter wide. On such thick ice is safe to fish, ski or snowmobile. But because of the convexity of the bottom in some places on the ice gullies occur. Running water erodes the seemingly strong ice, making it porous, somewhat lax, very unsafe for stepping on his person. In frosty day on January 14 one of the local residents went to the Oka River to fish. About scour, which was near the right bank, he, like all of the local fishermen know. Cut through the ice once, twice, and he felt that the thickness of the ice much, Read more [...]
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In the Omsk region car with fishermen fell through the ice

The incident happened in the area on the lake Krutinsky Sultan in the Irtysh River basin.  Now remote operations duty MOE Omsk region, it was reported that on the lake Sultan Krutinsky district in the ice trap proved UAZ. Experts at the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels of Russia's EMERCOM in the Omsk region and the fire department for the protection of Krutinsky district promptly left the scene. Despite repeated warnings about the ban, as well as prohibiting signs installed in the pond, five fishermen left the ice on a UAZ car. One kilometer from the shore failed car with 2 wheels in Read more [...]
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Crimean fishermen caught a shark Goblin

In the Black sea, the Crimean coast fishermen caught hitherto unseen in these latitudes being. Not a mutant and not a hoax - scientists have identified the catch as shark Goblin and called the event incredible. This is not just a rare instance - rare!Each case encounters with the predator - unit and serves as the occasion for the writing of scientific work. But against the background of Egyptian passions catching sharks in the black sea resort area looks like PE. Local authorities catch seized and put information on the topic ban. Toothy monster on the deck of the ship - extraction of Sevastopol Read more [...]
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The Volga river clogged with silt and reeds, endangered proved to be valuable species of fish

One of the largest rivers on Earth, the largest river of Europe may lose this status. She is shallow, overgrown mud and reeds. Endangered proved to be valuable species of fish. The coast and the channel must be cleaned, but officials can't decide who should be responsible for it. Even for local fishermen Bank of the Volga river every summer as new. The river recedes before our eyes. Ducts either partly or completely dry up, as long algae constitute the entire floating island, between which even the boat is not always pass. In this landscape Volga does not look the biggest river in Europe. Dense Read more [...]
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Off the West coast of Japan are going swarms of giant jellyfish

Off the West coast of Japan are going swarms of giant jellyfish Millions of giant jellyfish NAMUR (Stomolophus nomurai) again intruded into the territorial waters of the Country of the rising sun. These create a great look like sea monsters of science fiction novels and horror movies — in diameter they reach almost two meters and weigh up to 200 pounds! Once in the network, a giant jellyfish often tearing their weight and crush the fish. A visual representation of the size of these marine animals is an event that occurred in the fall of 2009, when a 10-ton fishing schooner sank after Read more [...]
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Philippines: now floods hit Palawan

on January 18. Puerto Princess city heavy rains, the probability of which previously scitools small, caused the flooding, the depth of water in which was waist-deep. These floods flooded low-lying areas of the province, is preparing to evacuate. The provincial government said on Monday morning that was affected by at least three municipalities in the Central part of Palawan: Narra, Aborlan and Roxas. The press Secretary of the Provincial Council for combating the effects of incidents reported that 500 families already posted in different evacuation centers. Bad weather conditions have created Read more [...]
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Mysterious pestilence fish in Verkhneisetski pond

on July 22. Monday to coast Verhnestaritskogo pond waves brings a dead fish. Residents of the village of Upper Sysert now bypassed by the pond. Some local people believe that such a massive release of rotten fish happened after the lightning storm that erupted from Monday to Tuesday. They argue fishermen: twisted fauna began to appear during the day on Monday. Residents may not understand where this pestilence? On the banks of the pond are the elite cottage settlements, recreation, and government house. The reservoir is considered to be one of the cleanest in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg. Read more [...]
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In Lipetsk sea fishermen caught a piranha

on July 28. In Materska reservoir appeared piranhas. Exotic fish caught on a hook Lipetsk fisherman. An exceptional case - tropical predator in the middle lane not found. Vladimir King - fisherman-lover with a decade of experience, but such a miracle-the fish had only seen on TV. Surprise anglers no bounds. Mr King, the Fisher-fan: \"Pull out, and didn't understand what. Thought some small bream fitted with springs. Friend yells, \"You caught it there?\" and I don't understand. He came over and said: it seems like a piranha.An unusual catch at first dwelt in a house of Vladimir Read more [...]
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In Tuapse fishermen caught a piranha

29 iulie prey with sharp teeth - piranha appeared in ordinary Tuapse apartment on the Calarasi after fishing. It was Packed up and left to be stored in the refrigerator. - Fish, stretched from the water, played in red and scarecrows predatory grin, - said Olga Sacrava is her husband brought with fishing toothy predator. In General I would like to know, where did it to us swam? Underwater predator, reaching a length of 30 centimeters, able to the bone to oblogati their prey in a matter of minutes, inhabits the fresh waters of South America. The most famous place of live piranhas, the Read more [...]
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In Georgia in the Kura river killed a large number of fish

16.08.2011, Tbilisi 08:38:49 In the Kura river in Tbilisi today killed a large number of fish — the water surface was entirely covered with pop-up fish that fishermen and special services throughout the day before was out of the water. According to experts and fishermen, they do not recall a case of such mass death of fish in the Kura river. The cause of the fish kill is not yet installed — she will be known after conducting a laboratory analysis. Agency of natural resources of Georgia shall nominate two preliminary version — this water poisoning or lack of oxygen Read more [...]
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Amber Fish

Walk a chinook up the pier.     Picture: Exposure by Corey ArnoldsportfishingWalk a chinook up the sorrel.In the fiercest wild fight since ANWR, Alaskan fishermen are scrap the proposed Pebble Mine, with its projecting century of billions of dollars in fuzz and amber. Lensman Corey Arnold took off for Bristol Bay to history sockeye fishermen nerve-racking to relieve the $300 meg resourcefulness that?s sustained them for more a 100. Read more [...]
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Red Gilt

Walk a chinook up the pier.     Picture: Photograph by Corey ArnoldBristol BayWalk-to a chinook up the wharf.Tv Lagger: Red GoldenIn the fiercest wild engagement since ANWR, Alaskan fishermen are fight the proposed Pebble Mine, with its relieved c of billions of dollars in cu and au. Travis Rummel and Ben Horse directed Red Gilded, a one-hour documentary on the fighting as told done the fishermen of Bristol Bay, Alaska.Drift: Bristol BayLensman Corey Arnold took off for Bristol Bay to story sockeye fishermen stressful to relieve the $300 meg imagination that?s sustained them for Read more [...]
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Novosibirsk fishermen reported a massive fish kill in Ob

on January 24. Traces of environmental PE found in the Lower Licowki and our crew. Eugene and Vladimir — fishermen with experience. But this time the wells are drilling is not for production, and to demonstrate. There, under the water, dead fish. They say on the eve of a dead perch clung to hook one after the other. Such Zamora lovers ice fishing don't remember.Vladimir Gazenko, fisherman:«The man was 15 and all were in shock. No one had ever seen. Dead fish are biting. Well, not biting, and hook clings».The entire catch and remained on ice. More recently on Read more [...]
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In the Sverdlovsk region mass Mor fish

on January 31. In the East of Sverdlovsk region even during the day below thirty degrees. And this has led to ecological disaster. For the first time in 30 years paramarsha river Ibitca. The fish is not enough oxygen and it dies. Residents of the village of Sosnovy Bor is trying to save the fauna. Such a catch is not expected even experienced fishermen. Several hundred Chebakov villagers just got from the ice. Already dead - fish suffocated. Mass Mor fish by local fishermen discovered by accident, when it completely stopped the catch. On the river Ibitca they found a place with thin Read more [...]
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Do Unto Smelt Thumpers

International clip, June 1994Do Unto Smelt ThumpersThe six commandments of fly-fishing humblenessBy Horny Wayne AlbumenFly-fishing, at its outdo, is a craftiness so affords a studied, tied good overture, though that doesn't imply that those who coming it moldiness besides constantly be so good. Many are--more and more, it seems to me.Fly fishermen themselves sired the impersonation of the meditative, self-involved goosefish in pursual of unity with nature, Read more [...]
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In Australia, the fishermen attacked a five-meter shark

Fishermen from Melbourne became the heroes of Australian news after shot on the camera giant white shark, also known as "man-eater", while any other in their place at the sight of this dangerous predator would be immediately backpedaled. Brothers Andrew and Ben Donegan and their friend Joel Ryan met face to face with a five-meter white shark while fishing in the port of Cape Nelson, near the city of Portland to the south-west of Melbourne. Recorded video, the fishermen decided not to risk, given that the shark jaws vgryzlas motor boats. Fearing that the engine will stop working, Read more [...]
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In Yakutia, the search for missing fisherman and find out whose remains found in the forest

Yakut investigators opened a criminal case after the taiga found human remains. The media already being discussed possibility that get lost fishermen could eat his friend - supposedly the remains belong to him. But in this story there are still many unclear points. Yakut investigators opened a criminal case after the taiga found human remains. "Investigative team made two inspection of the scene, in which discovered and seized parts of the human body with signs of violent death" - told the Investigation Department of the Union of Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The case filed Read more [...]
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North Korean fishermen from the storm battered boat spent several days on a deserted island in Primorye

Six North Korean fishermen because of the storm spent several days on a deserted island in the Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve. "Barkas illegal fishermen storm broke in mid-November. After that, they took refuge in the island Matveeva," - said the agency "Interfax-Far East" state inspector of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve Igor Katin. The inspector noticed fishermen reported them border guards. "In my experience, they spent 4-5 days on the island," - said I.Katin. Because of the raging storm, the boat a few days could not come to the island. "On the island Read more [...]
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Humpback whale collided with fishing boat

To fish in the Gulf of California to the west of Mexico men faced a new problem: their boat nearly took to the skies with the same frisky humpback whale. Was in a rare moment of the objects are on a nearby ship American tourists. Traveler from Arizona Gillian Panasveyts witnessed both beautiful and frightening events. Two humpback whales frolicking happily in the waters, and then surfacing and submerging with a splash back into the water, said the woman. "It was like a mother and calf. Near them in the same way "entertain" a flock of sea lions, and it seemed that they were Read more [...]
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