End elusive five

Sinantro? Pnye authorities? Zmy, sinantro? NN (from the ancient Greek. ??? - Together ???????? - people) - the animals (not domesticated), way of life and the number of which is associated with the person and its housing. Gray wolf - is a wild animal, which flourished for the last hundred years, due to the rapid agricultural human activities. That's when there was a "new" food base, in a herd of fat cattle, sheep and horses in the number of wolves has grown tenfold.As a result, people have once again introduced an imbalance in the delicate balance of wildlife. In the spring summer hordes of hungry Read more [...]
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In Kamchatka volcanoes awoke 5. Video

As many as five volcanoes in Kamchatka woke up, planes in the region is directed to a backup route. Added work and cartographers.As many as five major volcanoes of Kamchatka intensified, and did so at a time. Together with the activity began and the growth of giants. Famous Kluchevskoy with 4750 meters grew to nearly five kilometers. And the neighbors are not far behind, with one eruption added at least 150 meters. Volcanoes from the air under constant surveillance. Specialists use aerial devices and infrared observations. With their help, you can monitor the temperature on the slopes of Read more [...]
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NISKOVSKIH Vitaly Maksimovic

NISKOVSKIH Vitaly Maksimovic (06.1925, Kirov (Vyatka), engineer, inventor, innovator. In 1951 he graduated from Ur. Polytechnic. Inst and worked on Uralmashz de, where he worked as a shop foreman until Ch. Constructor fin. Continuous casting machines. In 1971 initiated a traffic engineering tehn. UZTM employees to develop and implement plans for personal creative scientific-technical. progress in five years, to-Roe received popular support in the country. Since 1984, Dr. of Technical Sciences, has 167 scientific. works, 107 from which one is protected by copyright certificates, pl. of them have Read more [...]
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Landslide in Peru has killed 5 people

Landslide in Peru At least five people were killed in a landslide in the department of Huanuco (Huanuco) 450 kilometers north-east of Peru's capital of Lima, said on Thursday the Peruvian radio station RPP. "In the village Kansehos (Cansejos), located on the road from Huanuco, an avalanche of rocks and mud caused by the continued heavy rains five o'clock. Beneath it were buried 43 houses. There is evidence of five dead, including one child, "- said the representative of the radio regional civil protection service. According to him, the death toll could rise as several people are still missing. On Read more [...]
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Mudslides in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, mudslides covered five provinces of the country. They descended from the mountains on Tuesday and Wednesday due to heavy rains on their way to the region. As a result, 20 people were killed and more than 20 were injured Afghan varying degrees of severity, according to TV channels in Afghanistan. Of all the affected provinces of Herat has received the most damage. It killed 15 Afghans and wounded 22 in Ghor province mudslides took the lives of five people. Among the affected provinces such as Herat, Ghor, Badakhshan, Balkh, Jowzjan and Parwan. In the vicinity of the city of Mazar-i-Sharif Read more [...]
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In the tourist state of India due to landslides killed five people

August 5, 2013. At least five people were killed in heavy rains and landslides provoked by them in one of the most popular tourist states in India - Kerala. Livni, who does not stop here for many days, led to the fact that the authorities were forced to close the local airport, located in the administrative center of the state, the city of Kochi. In many places, the rains washed away the road, blocking the entrances to the affected villages.All victims of the current landslide - residents of the settlements in Idukki district, known for its hilly terrain. District proved, in fact, sandwiched Read more [...]
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In Hungary was hail, damaging five domov.Video

This bombardment of hail the size of a walnut undergone several settlements in the north-eastern Hungary. In the 20 minutes that was icy rain, damage received nearly five hundred houses. They practically do not have a single whole glass, and the roof turned into a sieve. Now residents of restoring order and try to assess the damage. Bad weather came in Romania — southern regions were dominated by the strongest storm. Rivers overflowed, water gushed into the streets. Do not help even a dam of sandbags, which hastily constructing rescuers and volunteers. Flooded hundreds of homes Read more [...]
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Victims of heavy rains in Guatemala, five people were

At least five people were killed and 256 injured in Guatemala as a result of landslides and mud flows caused by the ongoing week of heavy rains, according to the national coordination centre for disaster management in Guatemala. Worst-hit southern parts of the country, in particular, the Department of Suchitepequez (Suchitepequez). Since the beginning of the rainy season in Guatemala killed 170 people. In areas of disasters and floods Guatemalan authorities to urgently send humanitarian aid. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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At Sevastopol on the shore jumped five dolphins

Photo from the website aquamagia.ru Dolphin killing heat and dirty water From 5 to 10 August in the Crimean village of Orlovka at Sevastopol on the shore jumped five dolphins. - Grandchildren ran to look, \" says local 64-year-old Maria Stepanyuk. - Dolphins are thrown ashore, go to the side and die. The neighbor called the marine laboratory. There said, because of the heat. The sea water is heated, hydrogen sulfide rises. Animals do not survive. 34-year-old Alexander Kalugin works in Simferopol laboratory Brama”. There carry out biotechnological developments in ecology, medicine and aquaculture. Read more [...]
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In Israel, the rain has gone

Totally unexpected, not only for the inhabitants of Ashdod and Ashkelon, but forecasters, on the South of Israel, the rain has gone. Heavy rain has passed over the coastal strip of Ashkelon on Thursday morning. «The piece» rain clouds went neighboring Ashdod, where the duration of amazing for this time of year is a phenomenon limited to five minutes. On the North of the country also observed precipitation. So the people of the prestigious village of Kfar Vradim told that they on Thursday morning it was raining. «I woke up from the noise of the rain. About half past five in the Read more [...]
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During the storm on Haiti killed five residents of the tent city. Photo

On Saturday during the storm on Haiti killed five people, including two children. @ AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa On Saturday during the storm on Haiti killed five people, including two children. Injuries of varying severity have received at least 50 - all the victims and the wounded were living in a camp organized for people who lost their homes when INASSCOM earthquake.Strong gusts of wind blew over five thousand tents. @ AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa @ AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa @ AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa Source: Газета.Ru, AP Read more [...]
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Expert: tsunami in Primorye possible, but the bridges they will not wash off

September 10, 2013. The problem tsunami relevant for countries of the Pacific and Indian oceans, this issue this week to discuss scientists from all over the world in Vladivostok. How acute this problem is development and what is being done in the region to prevent the tragedy, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, the Deputy head of the Center tsunami Pamidronate Eugene Primakov. Scientists from 19 countries of the basins of the Pacific and Indian oceans this week for the first time gathered in Vladivostok at the meeting of the intergovernmental coordination group for UNESCO for the tsunami warning system Read more [...]
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Scientists: in Moscow a possible earthquake average power

September 24, 2013. Moscow in vain referred to seismically hazardous areas, in the capital of Russia possible local aftershocks measuring up to five points. This opinion ITAR-TASS expressed academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences /natural Sciences/ Vladislav Zaalishvili in Vladikavkaz, where he participated in the international seminar geophysicists. «I felt a few earthquakes in Moscow, according to my estimates, up to five points, if you focus on the ringing of bells on the bell — the scientist said. — And it's not man-made factors, as is commonly believed. Read more [...]
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Flooding in the North of Syria

02.05.2011. Victims of the floods that flooded several villages in Northern Syria in the province of Hassakeh steel three people, reports news Agency «Xinhua». The flow of water washed away the bridge lying in the region of the highway. Killed a man and two women, who were at that moment on the bridge. Rescue from the rubble affected houses, which can be five people are still missing. A week earlier, torrential rains flooded the 28 villages in this province. As a result of natural disasters killed five local residents. Source: RBC Read more [...]
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Large tide on the coast of Yucatan

on June 16. On the coast of Yucatan, bordered by the state of Campeche, a strange phenomenon caused by sea tide, which lasted several hours. Some see it as a \"tsunami\", others argue that the phenomenon is one of the consequences of global warming. Some remembered that five years ago there was something like that, but this time the phenomenon was shorter.The sea began to retreat on Tuesday afternoon, after the rain, which left a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Many took the opportunity to walk along the beach and observe this phenomenon, someone just collecting shells and snails. see also: Read more [...]
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Nine people were killed in a landslide in Indonesia

December 3, 2013. Nine people in Indonesia were killed due to landslides this past weekend, reports news Agency France-Presse. The tragic event was the result of heavy rains that began on Saturday evening. Precipitation provoked the gathering of rocks in the hilly areas of Northern Sumatra and caused the deaths of four adults and five children aged two to five years. According to the head of the information center of the National Directorate on liquidation of consequences of natural disasters Indonesia, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, all the victims lived in the village near the river, the shores of Read more [...]
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One day in the Sun has been five storms

on February 28. Our Sun does not cease to amaze. Last week our nearest star in just two days has made five emissions coronary mass, thereby causing a surprising colorful Northern lights. Solar storms broke out between February 23 and 24, and escaped from almost all fields of stars, including top, bottom, left and right sides of the solar disk, as reported by the space Observatory. Actually, these four outbreaks occurred within a single 24-hour period.One of the eruptions caused an impressive magnetic flash in the night of February 24. This caused the first of two coronal mass ejections Read more [...]
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In five provinces of Ecuador introduced a state of emergency

March 8. The government of Ecuador declared a state of emergency in connection with the disaster in five coastal provinces most affected by rains and floods: Manabí, Los ríos, Guayas, El Oro and Loja. President Rafael Correa ordered the Finance Ministry to allocate the necessary funds to ensure the provision of all the necessary population of the affected provinces.Most of this winter has suffered the province of Manabí, where is registered the most problems, especially in the cantons of Portoviejo, Cone, Hopehope, Santa Ana, Tosagua, manta. In Portoviejo, for example, some streets are Read more [...]
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Russians in 2013, expect 5 to 10 strong magnetic storms

Russian Emergencies Ministry expects that in 2013 the world can happen from five to ten strong and very strong magnetic storms, despite the fact that last year there were six such events. Magnetic storms on Earth begin when the magnetosphere of the planet "hit" the Sun ejected plasmoids. Charged particles cause geomagnetic disturbances. If they reach a great power, it can lead to failures in electronic equipment, disruption to radio and electrical networks. "In 2013, the projected 30-40 geomagnetic storms, of which 5.10 is large and very large," - said in a forecast of the Read more [...]
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In India, an unpaid restaurant bill led to mass slaughter and killing five people

The number of dead in riots in dhuli, Maharashtra has risen to five people - one of them died in the hospital. Only in the riots affected about 400 people, including police officers. The fight began when one of the customers of a local restaurant refused to pay the bill. Evening of January 6 guest refused to pay him to bring the bill for dinner, and then led to the institution of a crowd of 50 people and attacked the restaurant owner. The confrontation turned into mass slaughter. Arrived in time to the scene police met the hail of stones, bricks and bottles. The participants at the Read more [...]
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