Snow storms and frost in the USA

osulki frozen to Oranges January 6 in Lakeland, Florida. Farmers pollinate plants to protect from frost. In this area, the scale of the thermometer fell to -6 °, and farmers do their best to save the valuable harvest of fruits and berries. AP / Chris O # 39; Meara Snowstorms and sleet in large parts of the United States have led to chaos on the roads, canceling hundreds of flights and loss of life. According to the report of the international airport of Chicago (Illinois), have been canceled about 130 flights. Arrival aircraft is delayed, on average, an hour flight - for half an hour. About Read more [...]
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Global climate change. Report

Global climate change does not break any meteorologists, nor the inhabitants of the planet. Forecasters continue to count the record levels of the weather, while infinitely faulting in the projections even in the coming days. According APInews.Ru, weather anomalies associated with global processes occurring inside our planet ive space. Scientists report that the extremely cold winters will alternate with the now familiar warm, as well as a cool summer and will alternate with fries. This phenomenon - of a quantum evolutionary transition, which takes place tonight at the scale of the universe. Read more [...]
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In India, dense fog and intense cold

Thick fog and intense cold continued to demoralize moving rail and air transport in the north of India. Bad weather has made changes to the flight schedule at least 170 flights after the night of Tuesday to the capital of India Delhi dropped a thick fog. In addition, the Indian authorities have canceled hundreds of flights around railway lines.
Visibility on the streets of Delhi in many areas does not exceed 50 m, making it difficult to car traffic.


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Flooded the South of Spain. Video

On Spain hit flood that filled the south. More than just hurt the town of Jerez, which was cut off from the outside world. Roads are covered with water, in connection with which they were blocked and can not drive the train. The local airport has suspended its work. The water crept up to the terminal building so close that the airport was forced to turn off the electricity in it. On the runways of the flow of water carried a pile of stones and tons of mud. Dozens of flights canceled flights, said "Russia 24". Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Snowfall in the United States. Cancellation of flights and power outages

Heavy snowfall on the east coast of the United States led to the cancellation of flights and widespread power outages, according to Friday's American broadcaster CNN. According to the report, because of the weather, local authorities on Friday canceled flights at the airports of New York, Philadelphia and other cities. According to the representative of the airline "American Airlines", as of Friday morning had been canceled 42 flights out of New York. In addition, as of Friday, about 32 thousand people on the east coast remain without electricity, including 22 thousand - in New York. According Read more [...]
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Italy threatens underwater volcano

Southern Italy threatens underwater volcano, the agency France Presse. Marsili volcano can be activated at any time, it will inevitably lead to the eruption of a powerful tsunami that flooded the southern region of the country - Campania, Calabria and Sicily. Eruption may be due to the collapse of the walls of the volcano, scientists believe they are too fragile. According to the structure of the volcano is not solid, and the amount of lava in it is quite large. Employees of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology) believe Read more [...]
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Icelandic volcano ash paralyzes Europe

Spread of ash Volcanic ash can cover the north and west of Russia. In the first place under the threat of Murmansk region. After the border with Finland and Norway it is already paralyzed. Experts warn that perhaps volcanic dust will penetrate into the lower layers of the atmosphere. According to doctors, it is the concentration will not be hazardous to health. However, people with hronicheskimim respiratory diseases such as asthma, it is better to stay at home and have on hand inhalers with medicine.The emergence of a giant cloud prepared in Kaliningrad. It can reach the Russian coast of Read more [...]
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Volcano throws up new portions of the ashes. Video

Volcanic ash cloud, which stood in the way of foreign delegations, only grows. According to recent reports, fully enclosed air space more than 20 states of the Old World. Is the second attempt to get home, Angela Merkel fails. Her first plane from the United States made an emergency landing in Portugal. Now the flight from Lisbon broke in the Roman airport. Continue the journey to the Chancellor will have to land. In Russia, delayed or canceled nearly three hundred flights to Europe. More than half - of the capital Sheremetyeva. Meanwhile, the volcano continues to exhale all the new portions Read more [...]
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Icelandic volcano threw up into the sky a new cloud of smoke and ash

Icelandic volcano has not calmed down, just before he was again thrown into the sky a new cloud of smoke and ash, and flights in the region ceased to be safe again. This immediately led to chaos at the airports of Great Britain and Ireland, there have been canceled hundreds of flights from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin and Belfast. In the waiting rooms of thousands of people gathered. But wait they already have little time, if the volcano will behave quietly, all flights promise to resume on Thursday, in the first half of the day. Icelandic volcano, silent for nearly 200 years, woke up in March Read more [...]
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Ash cloud canceled flights between Europe and North America

Hundreds of flights between Europe and North America were canceled or delayed because of the spread of volcanic ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland, which has spread over the Atlantic, the Associated Press reported, citing the statement of the European organization for the safety of air traffic control Eurocontrol. Currently, cloud-long 2 thousand. Spread km from Greenland to the south of Spain. "We assume that basically most routes transatlantic flights will be changed on Saturday. Because of this expected to be significant delays " — Eurocontrol said the representative Kyle Evans. Approximately Read more [...]
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Icelandic ash cloud touched Asia and Africa

The ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano that caused traffic jams in Europe today has touched Asia and Africa. A total of 500 of the ash canceled flights, closed 8 airports in Spain, five of them - in the main resort of the country - the Canary Islands. According to forecasts, the particles of volcanic ash can cover the entire Iberian Peninsula by Wednesday evening. For a few hours and was discontinued air service in North Africa - Morocco. Reached a dangerous cloud of Cyprus, but the authorities of the island has not yet imposed a ban on flights, unlike Turkey, which already canceled dozens Read more [...]
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The volcano Eyjafjallajökull out of steam

on July 13. The eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in southern Iceland, which has created a huge problem for flights in the European continent in the spring of this year, apparently, ended, Swedish scientists. Now from a volcano erupts already not ash or lava and white couples, reports PRIME-TASS. \"We cannot exclude the possibility of resuming its activity, but this time she probably stopped\", - said the employee of the Seismological Institute in Uppsala Reinier Bodvarsson.Measurements at the Swedish stations show, the scientists noted that the katla Geopark, the eruption of which, Read more [...]
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How the TSA Makes Fast More Expensive

If your notecase feels a niggling flatboat afterward gainful for a batch of airplane flights, don't incrimination the TSA agents who gave you pat-downs; their rear system is creditworthy. The Conveyance Surety Judicature fee gain sanctioned in December takes core tod, poignant all passengers with flights originating in the Joined States.The TSA ill-used to burster $2.50 for day-and-night flights and $5 for connecting flights, but all flights now accompany a $5.60 fee. The fees go toward a worldwide exchequer store that, in portion, supports the TSA's attempt to living air passengers Read more [...]
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South Korea was struck by a tropical Typhoon

The seventh in this year's tropical Typhoon «Compass» hit South Korea and caused serious damage to several parts of the country. This was announced today Hydrometeorological RK. For the capital he was the most powerful in the last 15 years. Caused to Seoul damage has led to the most serious in recent decades a transport collapse, ITAR-TASS reported. The storm led to failures in the operation of railway transport and almost all terrestrial areas of the Seoul subway. In the Western parts of the country violated the supply. On the West coast of the province of Chungcheong-namdo were Read more [...]
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In the Chinese province of Zhejiang due to incessant rains marked the gathering of landslides and mudflows

A powerful Typhoon hit the Eastern areas of China There was a two-month rainfall. This caused flooding and landslides. The water came so quickly that many cars in a matter of seconds were flooded with water on the roof. Wind felled trees, damaging roofs and broke the wires. Dozens of settlements is de-energized. Now in the disaster zone rescuers arrive, began the evacuation of the injured.Photo (Xinhua/Zhang Guojun) Tropical storm «Meranti» provoked multiple landslides and flooding in the Southeast of China, according to the «Xinhua». 3 hours from 04:00 to 07:00 Read more [...]
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How Can I Get Upgraded When I Fly?

Fix to card, peradventure eventide beginning form.     Picture: T-Design/ShutterstockA:If I knew around light way to exercise the scheme for mechanically acquiring bumped capable byplay or low grade, I’d donjon the arcanum to myself—but I don’t. So rather, I’ll commit you tips on how to leastways amend your chances for an ascent. I wouldn’t botheration with domesticated flights, where the deviation betwixt offset course and saving isn’t pregnant adequate to real thing. But on foresightful outside flights, when seated up battlefront way often wagerer Read more [...]
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Cosmic danger

The ISS today, spent several anxious hours. From the Earth came the signal that the station is approaching the chip space debris. The NASA experts and specialists of the Russian MCC felt that it threatens the security of the orbital complex. For reference, dangerous in such situations, consider the approximation in which the probability of collision is 0.001%. To avoid waste, it took 3 minutes to start the engines, to increase the speed of the station and to raise its orbit at 1.5 km above. Which, as it turns out was not superfluous: chip flew a distance of only 50 meters from the ISS. And one Read more [...]
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More than 145 thousand houses de-energized in the United States because of the hurricane. Video

More than 145 thousand homes were left without electricity in the States of Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio after the hurricane, which swept through the Midwest on Tuesday, according to local media. \"Tuesday morning the Midwest was at the mercy of the elements. The strongest winds speeds from 35 to 80 miles per hour (15-36 meters per second), by the end of the day Tuesday was not stopped. Record wind speed recorded in the city of Butlerville, Ohio — 37 meters per second. Storms and hurricanes came into the region from the Pacific coast and were about a third more than Read more [...]
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Due to bad weather delayed or canceled flights in a number of Russian airports

Several Russian airports delay or even cancel flights due to dense fog and wind. The most difficult situation in Volgograd, where the suitcases sitting 800 passengers - they had to fly to Moscow and Krasnodar. Better visibility in Samara and Saratov, but there in the sky not produce four liner. In Sochi adjustments in the schedule of flights made strong wind: from the black sea coast, with a delay of a few hours flew planes in Moscow \"Domodedovo\" and the St. Petersburg Pulkovo. Source:  TV And Radio Company \"Petersburg Volgograd airport does not receive or send planes because of the fog Read more [...]
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First snow in the USA led to hundreds of accidents and the cancellation of dozens of flights. Video

USA. Minnesota. BlizzardBlizzard suddenly covered on Saturday, the American States of Minnesota and Wisconsin. In the region where the first snow usually falls no earlier than mid-December, the snow cover reached almost 30 see Lead Snowfall in the American States of Minnesota and Wisconsin became the cause of more than 400 accidents and led to the cancellation of dozens of flights, reports CNN with reference to local services. «Although we are seeing this year, for some reason the first snow of the year reveals that all have forgotten how to drive in this weather. So going on Read more [...]
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