The night Watch

In school, my father would sometimes take us to the little brother Romka on summer vacations in reindeer team. Mother was not too early, so we all school years lived in a boarding school, and if the shepherds did not have time to come for us to thaw, we stayed all summer in the village with distant relatives.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM In May, the children visited the parents of other children from neighboring brigades. And then on the reindeer, we get to the herds. Sleds gaining a lot. They traveled in herds of reindeer with overnight stays, though their overnight stays and something Read more [...]
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Travel Becker and his wife on the inside Africa

Cofi - poor village with thirty huts, lying in a delightful area. German bricklayer named Florian built stone house is the only one in the area and lived in it for several years. It was a very pale man, powerfully built, but the constant work and the countless diseases he fainted, and he were only skin and bones.Armed with telescopes, I I observed daily for wild animals that were grazing quietly on the opposite shore. He came from Europe c Austrian missionaries who founded in Kartum; then, as a man of enterprising nature, left the mission bought a gun, became Read more [...]
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From the memoirs of a hunter

Here again, the opening of the hunting season for waterfowl in the Lower Volga. And tomorrow will pierce the darkness rising from the fading star of the first shots. Someone will return to utryanki a game, and someone in the excited state from the experience and what he saw. AND after a long time on hunting bivouac at home, and will sound stories memories of hunting.It so happened that on the the opening of the autumn hunting Astrakhan, I do not seem to I hit it. All days were held in thoughts about the event. Sadly, that is not I see the Read more [...]
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Chronicles of goose hunting

During the time that we were drawn in the area of ​​our visibility has flown more than 15 schoolsPhoto: Yuri Lyubimsky Spring hunting for me and my friends — is primarily a hunting geese. Preparing for it begins immediately after its completion. Tinted half-shells, repaired and improved costumes and capes to disguise the old decoys set up and made new ones.It only remains to wait for the arrival of spring, as a mass flight of geese in Central Russia, held only at this time of year. And in the spring we are able to get this very careful and attentive bird.In spring 2011, Read more [...]
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Expedition into the reeds

Every hunter knows - the opening of hunting of waterfowl - most hazardous and dobychlivaya hunting, giving a powerful adrenaline rush, revitalizing dormant ancient hunting instincts. Photos Robbie's Photo Art / Our hunting grounds are known for their abundance of game in the world. Only one list of them leads to thrill connoisseurs and lovers of hunting: «Sweet estuary» and Reserve «Plavni» on the Azov Sea, Manych – Gudilo, Ob, Lake Chany and Chistoozere, Volga delta, Kurgan region, two-thirds covered by lakes and, of course, the Great Volga Read more [...]
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Spring fever

Force wait for the arrival of spring ended in March. All shoot from past hunts sleeve again kitted, viewed picky eyes, counted, packaged neatly. Gun jammed, treated kindly, "zanyancheny." Equipment mangled, folded and waiting for the green missiles! Phones are broken, my friends, like runners in a low start, waiting for a visual signal! His wife nervously walks in circles, but does not say a word, knows that still run away. It always has been! And so it will be until the restless heart beats, feet are the body and the soul breaks free. After all, with the first warm beam, with Read more [...]
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Successful Vecherka

The long-awaited April - a blessed time to spring hunting, which is all so eagerly waiting, counting the days. And we are no exception. Nervously, fidgeting in their chairs, call back, specifying the period of departure, we climb out of the skin, earning time off, take a shift change, holidays, bored wives of superiors and nerviruya ... What can you do - hunting! She is known to be more than bondage. Breaking the head with a coil in a hurry, our beloved brother in the heart of the place to meet the sunrises, sunsets to accompany, to breathe the fresh air of freedom, infused with Read more [...]
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Bream in different conditions

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Most people watching conventional, whose health corresponds to the years of living, the number of illnesses and injuries, healed not to the bitter ending. Come and treat yourself to fishermen according to the words, to avoid the sun, use the right bait and tackle — only possible at this time and in this place.Rivers are most suitable for different experiences, working out methods of fishing, as well as to bring the gear to the optimal settings. Significant catches are always labor. Big fish in catches sad sack is not: believe and large asp not catch, Read more [...]
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Head-shrinker Booby-Trapped Bicycle Trails

A head-shrinker who worked for Jackson County in Oregon has pleaded hangdog to booby-trapping pop trails out-of-door Ashland in an attack to impairment flock rockers. According to the Day-by-day Send, Jackson Dempsey, 57, strung nylon corduroys crosswise paths and disjointed nails and fallen trees on the reason to stumble riders, finally injuring leash masses, because, he aforesaid, he didn't same flock rockers, who oftentimes passed him as he walked his dog on the paths.Justice Lorenzo Mejia sentenced the shrink to 30 years in poky; he besides arranged him to stop off interior afforest trails Read more [...]
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Lechatelierite Flock Opens for One Day

It sounds similar a park cyberspace defraud: Gloss on our Facebook varlet and win. Withal, a few powder-hungry following of Quartz Flock’s Facebook varlet did win the fortune to tatter the deal on Tuesday, fountainhead ahead it's spread to the populace.Due to an early-season deck with coke capable 18’’ in places, the Washington submit recur distinct to ability up its car solely for the beginning 75 citizenry who posted their pet matter around the hangout on its Facebook death dark. More 400 mass commented for the bump to buy a raise slate for $15 now.“It's approximately Read more [...]
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Remote Cartridge, Mar 2007

    Photograph: Picture by Dana Edmunds/Jupiter ImagesTraveling Particular Tailspin THE World   (Picture Connection Presently UNAVAILABLE)In 30 age, we've through a sin of lots of roaming, and we're psyched to say the mankind is littler than always. Why's that a beneficial affair? It's ne'er been easier to go where you deprivation, when you wishing, and how you need whether you're looking the lap of sumptuosity or hard-core hazard. Now go already. Rise SON    (PODCAST Contact Presently UNAVAILABLE) Privy HARLIN III has farsighted been preoccupied by Read more [...]
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Extraneous Clip, Nov 2002

Covering exposure by Nathaniel Welsh     F E A T U R E S THE Coolheaded SELLOUT Finale February, Olympic medalists Ross Powers, Danny Kass, and J.J. Thomas—amend known as Squad Broom—became the powerfulness punks of snowboarding. Now that they're fat, rad, and illustrious, can the shrill jockeys stillness countermine the predominant epitome, or is their variation's epitome most to go as pop as MTV? By Eric Hagerman KNIVES IN THE Pee The 2003 America's Cup is formation capable be an unprecedented fight royale, with NASA-caliber sauceboat engineering, high-stakes Read more [...]
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What’s the flock with «directive wearable?»

A:Paramo, a British companionship, has been some for astir niner or ten days. It was founded by the makers of Nikwax, the companionship that naturally made its epithet manufacture raincoat coatings for boots and wearable.Paramo was a innovator in a vesture family now generally lumped unitedly nether the gloss of "softshell" garments. These don't try to hold urine out by savage power, but quite use a compounding of water-resistance and the exploiter's own consistency hotness to donjon the exploiter dry in near all weather, besides as more well-off. In the showcase of the Paramo designs, Read more [...]
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The Scoop Southeasterly Outfitters: Flock Crossings Outfitter, Neels Gap, Georgia

Walasi-yi.     Photograph: Thomsonmg9000/FlickrA:A.k.a. Walasi-Yi, this lilliputian fund, which occupies a endocarp edifice constructed by the Civilian Preservation Corps well-nigh 80 age ago, doesn’t gas an awing extract of products. Alternatively, its vantage is in its localisation: the Appalachian Track really passes done the edifice. The memory is a three-day boost from the AT’s start pointedness, Impost Heap, so nearly hikers use the stoppage hither to hitch at Flock Crossings' auberge and appraise what geartrain they pauperization to jettison or bargain the shit. Read more [...]
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Trump Appalachian Tail Hikes: Presidential Scope, New Hampshire

Presidential Reach, New Hampshire     Pic: Greg MelvilleA:Topped by 6,288-foot Rise Washington, the eminent Presidentials are among the highest mountains on the Appalachian Chase, devising practically of this 88-mile department done the Tweed Flock Subject Wood flavor comparable a pass done the Gelid tundra.  You’ll obtain approximately of the toughest climbs on the AT hither, also as systematically striking vistas of lakes in the valleys downstairs.The part, all retained by the Appalachian Flock Nightclub, begins in Kinsman Nick and ends northward of the Presidentials Read more [...]
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A flock of sheep committed suicide

Mass suicide sheep occurred in Turkey in seven kilometers from the city Erzincan, reported Cihan. According to shepherd Mehmet Ghana, it has surpassed the flock through the mountains to sell in the market before the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. Suddenly one of the sheep jumped off a cliff into a deep abyss, and then followed by another 52 sheep. None of the animals could not be saved. The reasons remain unclear. The holiday of Eid al-Adha, or Eid al-Fitr is one of the main holidays in Islam. It is celebrated on the 10th day of the twelfth month of the Muslim lunar calendar in memory of the Read more [...]
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Deal Hardwear

Trad Gang

    Exposure: Courtesy of Flock Hardwear

You can jam all your climb geartrain in Heap Hardwear’s Trad clique. The alloy-reinforced framesheet gives plenitude of reenforcement for a 30-some-pound loading, and the uncut daisy string makes flagellation on additional train wanton.

Steel: Flock Hardwear$130
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Lot Hardwear

Geist Run Cap

Flock Hardwear Geist Crownwork     Photograph: Courtesy of Flock Hardwear

Batch Hardwear’s superlight yet fix Geist Operative Cap super off any working rig.

Make: Flock Hardwear$30
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Getaway Games

Posing passably: the Teton Lav     Photograph: Greg Von DoerstenPosing jolly: the Teton Trick Riddance Turn A Wyoming flock templet sounds off on a noted Teton toilette and the government of wadding it all out. Detent HitherTHE TETON Projection is hardly one representative of a ontogeny grassroots campaign of rangers stressful to justify the wild from lav wallpaper blossoms and off-trail commonwealth mines. Volunteer pack-out-your-own programs be in various home parks, including Glacier, Olympic, Northerly Cascades, and Chiliad Canon, and successful mandate programs are in billet Read more [...]
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Taos Flock Picture Fete

Taos Batch Shoot Fete     Taos Flock Pic FeteTaos Mount Cinema FeteApproximately of the outdo new hazard films leave be featured at this twelvemonth's fete, including Michael Chocolate-brown's 3 Weeks 3 Peaks, Jon Bowermaster?s Antarctica, and Francis Bon's Aconcagua Amphetamine Equitation. The fete takes situation October 9-12 in Taos, New Mexico.Taos Hatful Picture Fete Read more [...]
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