On the eve of the flood

Roach and ide move in the spring river, if not met by artificial barriers in the form of dams and networksPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Around in mid-March fishing on the environment, there are fermentation about where to go to fishing, since the spring warmth opens up new possibilities. FROM on the one hand, I want to get on biting bream and pike-perch with last ice. FROM the other, the practice of previous years suggests that maybe it is time to the mouth of the river to watch the beginning of the famous course and ide roach.Therefore, Read more [...]
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Flash flood

Towards surviving in extreme conditions, there may be a variety of obstacles and dangers, up to the most unpredictable and deadly. And the more dangerous it can be for a man some natural phenomenon than it is surprising. Today we will talk about one of the most unexpected and dangerous effects for the traveler – flood flood. While wandering people can move in different relief and areas. Among other things, you can be in a dried up river beds, off the coast of small rivers and mountain streams, in ravines, canyons and other places close to water bodies. You can not suspect anything, brook, Read more [...]
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A rare autumn flood recorded in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Extremely rare autumn flood fix specialists of Nizhny Novgorod GES - November 26, almost twice as increased lateral inflow to the waterworks, on December 2, 1360, it reached a value of cubic meters per second, said the GES. Until December 10, the average daily consumption set within 2900-3500 m3 / s. These figures are quite comparable to the spring flood of 2009. "Autumn flood - namely the so-referred to as cost increases through waterworks in the second half - a rather rare phenomenon and predict it, in contrast to the spring flood is difficult. If in the last century 45 years of operation of Read more [...]
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Biggest flood in Sao Paulo, Brazil

For several days, both on the southern Brazil hit torrential rains, which have resulted in severe flooding. The most affected one of the largest Brazilian cities - Sao Paulo. Six people died in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. They were victims of a landslide that caused heavy rains, reports NTV. People living in one of the poorest neighborhoods. This area is located on a hillside and was partially destroyed by the flow of mud and stones. Another consequence of the rains in Sao Paulo was a major flood. Local rivers burst their banks and flooded several major highways. Car traffic was paralyzed. Read more [...]
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Sea-level rise is inevitable

According to the latest report of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), as a result of global climate change, which will lead to the melting of ice in the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland, and as a result - an increase in global sea level, the water will be large areas of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives will be submerged and the archipelago of Tuvalu. Homeless can stay 100 million Asians, 14 million Europeans, 8 million people in Africa and South America. Stefan Rahmstorf German scientist, whose research is based on the forecast of sea-level rise of 1.4 meters, said that rising Read more [...]
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The storm flooded streets in southern California

The natural disaster that struck the American state of California on Wednesday, triggered a flood. Local authorities plan to evacuate 489 homes, according to the American newspaper Los Angeles Times. The National Weather Service has registered in California, at least, one tornado, four rainfall and wind storm, gusts that reached 129 km per hour. According to forecasters, the more powerful and cold storm should fall on a Wednesday evening at the city of Los Angeles. The newspaper notes that the storm will test the old system of flood management in the Los Angeles area, which was established in Read more [...]
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Photos from the

Soufriere Hills volcano erupted on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. (AP Photo / Wayne Fenton) In this photo review pictures from different parts of the world where fixed abnormal weather conditions. Many of them have received the attention of the press, some mentioned in the slides, either intentionally or by accident we do not know. After seeing the post integrity can imagine what is happening on the planet. The main thing is that the fact remains - it happened and it goes on. Photos are clickable.Man and dog sitting on the steps of the historic monument, surrounded by morning fog, Read more [...]
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Flooding in the northern Mexican state

July 23, 2013. Northern Mexican state of Chihuahua has suffered from flooding caused by spills of local rivers. After a heavy downpour water in rivers and Nogales Kakauateles exceeded safe levels and flooded coastal areas. Flood victim was a man, another Mexican was able to pull out of the seething stream using a rescue helicopter.As reported by the weather forecasters, three hours in Chihuahua had the annual, or even 1,5-annual rainfall. Therefore, the flood was a disaster for the Chihuahua International Airport, which was forced to close and cancel all flights due to the complete immersion Read more [...]
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On the Northern Dvina and Sukhona ice break is expected in late April

Yesterday, in the Vologda region in the town of stately Ustiug held a working meeting between the Deputy Director of the Department of Territorial Policy Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Alexei Saiko with the authorities and heads of various departments of the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions on crossing ice and flood waters in the spring of 2013 Northern Dvina and its tributaries. Northern Dvina River and its tributary river Sukhona flow through the area the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions. All carried out preventive measures aimed at easing Dvina ice and trouble-free Read more [...]
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By the rivers of the North Caucasus was rain flood

And in the Kaliningrad region on the river Pregolya lasts profit water. During the period from 11 to 13 January significant configurations in the hydrological regime of the rivers of the Russian Federation did not work. By the rivers of the North Caucasus - Pshekha, Pshish, Psekups, Ubinke, Adagum held rain flood with increasing water level in the 0.5-1.1 meter reports Weather RF. In the Republic of Karelia on the river near the town of Nizhny Vyg Byelomorsk water level exceeded the unfavorable mark 2 cm. In the Kaliningrad region on the river Neman near the town of Sovietsk remained ice blockage. Read more [...]
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On the Volga ice blockage on the rivers of the Caucasus rain flood

Despite the spring who came in most rivers and reservoirs RF saved winter mode. In the Lower Volga above the village in the Astrakhan region Enotaevka congestion ice near the town Akhtubinsk formed ledostavnaya jumper. In the Rostov region on the river Don near the village of Kazan due to shearing in the ice cover observed portion of open water. By the rivers of the North Caucasus - Snow-white, Kurdzhips, Pshekha, Ubinke and Adagum held rain flood. The rise of water was 10-60 cm; near the village of Polyana reddish headed for the water level mark flooding floodplain. According to the Hydrometeorological Read more [...]
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Natural disasters, or How to reflect the blows of fate: Flood

Floods are caused mainly by three factors: heavy rainfall - either very lengthy or brief, but very intense; rapid melting of snow and ice jams; surge of water from the sea to the coast and estuaries, strong wind or tide Bulk; dam reservoirs.Only in cases of dam ice jams and ground jumper upstream flooding can occur instantly. In other cases, there is a greater or lesser time reserve, allowing time to react to the threat of flooding. However, in all cases during heavy spring snowmelt, prolonged bad weather, ice flow at low river banks better not stay. Especially dangerous during snowmelt and prolonged Read more [...]
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Possible areas of flooding in Russia

click to enlarge According to the MOE, this year in the flood zone can get more than 3 thousands of Russian towns and villages in which they live more than 2 million people. In many areas, flooding is expected earlier than usual, and in the Rostov region, he started back in the winter. In some regions of Russia coming flood can lead to environmental problems, according to Natural Resources Minister Yuri Trutnev. The water level in the Moscow River in the period of thaw could rise by 80 centimeters. Such data on Friday voiced staff MGUP "Waterworks." According to experts, the last winter was Read more [...]
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Giant flood 2 million years ago flooded China and India

July 24, 2013. Geologists have found in China and India, traces of a giant outburst floods mountain lake. This flood is the largest known natural disasters of this kind. To such conclusion the American scientists from the University of Washington, whose article was published in the journal Geology. The authors examined the traces of a mountain lake, which was once located near the south-eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, just above the gorge of the Tsangpo (as it now is the river Yarlung). Judging by the coastal terraces, the volume of the lake was about 800 cubic kilometers. After a sudden Read more [...]
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A dam burst Kiev reservoir. Forecast

In Ukraine, there is no such rivers as the Dnepr ... Pripyat Chernobyl threat? ... How MOE will save citizens, if he himself need to be saved? ... Everyone should be ready backpack with everything you need ... A few weeks we are frightened spring floods, which threatens many areas of the capital and the numerous settlements of Ukraine. We turned to the experts-katastrofologu Basil Creed, the head of an international group of independent experts on predicting the effects of disasters and emergencies that he outlined his vision of the expected threats.In Ukraine there is no such rivers as Read more [...]
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In Lithuania, a great flood. Video

The country has a great flood. In the disaster zone thrown heavy military equipment. PE was the cause of the flood. Flooded land near Kaunas. Villagers on boats transported to a safe area.  The water in the local rivers have risen for five or six meters. The situation is complicated by the huge ice jams - some half a kilometer long. They have to blow up.  According to forecasts, the situation will deteriorate. Promise rain. Continues snowmelt. On the coastal zone occurs Sea. Floods expected even in Vilnius. Source: First channel Read more [...]
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Yenisei Bugach and other rivers Krasnoyarsk prepared to meet the flood waters

In Krasnoyarsk rivers Yenisei, Bugach, Bazaikha, Kacha, Panyukovka. At the moment, on the eve of the flood they are under close surveillance around the clock. Urban services regional capital spend flood event. Spices have to clean the choke tube and sections of rivers under bridges, spillway and dam, as open sewage systems, drainage channels, specially made along the streets to drain meltwater. Shore attach stones and ice erode hot water. Local bureaucrats have raised awareness to the population. In the town prepared evacuation centers, provided all the necessary  for the temporary accommodation Read more [...]
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Flooding threatens two million Russians

Most severe in the past 40 years the winter, accompanied by heavy snowfalls, the Russians threatened unprecedented floods. According to experts, in the inundation zone may be about two million people. In this regard, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered officials to take swift action to prevent emergencies and to help people who still get in trouble. The Prime Minister also called on to make sure that the Grand Ustjug not flooded residence of Santa Claus."It is well known that the outgoing winter was in Russia one of the most severe in the past 40 years, and as a result - in many Read more [...]
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Flooding in North Dakota. Photo

Members of the National Guard during a patrol in the area, flooded during the flood the Red River on March 19 in Fargo, Se.Dakota. (M. Spencer Green / AP) All last week in the northeast United States continued severe flooding caused by heavy rains and became unusually snowy winter. Most went to North Dakota, where flooding continues for the second year in a row. Special danger the city was in Fargo, where as a result of melting snow and heavy rains have passed overflowed river Red River. In this case, exactly the same as last year's event, when there was the largest in the United States flood Read more [...]
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Spring Cupid fraught with peril

Once a year, springtime sun's rays melt the snow on the expanses of Russia. River filled with water and exempt from ice captivity. At this time, increasing the risk of flooding by flood waters populated pt. In the Amur region of preparation for the flood Torrents discussed at the next meeting of the committee on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations. The greatest danger in this region carries within itself the Amur River. Because for 10 years before the vernal floods on the river a number of activities, including blasting. Thanks to them, pass the flood waters in the Amur region Read more [...]
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