95% of the territory of Venice flooded

Italian Venice suffered severe flooding. Much of the city was under water. This flood was the largest such disaster in the last 30 years. As a result of the flood, the first day of winter, the sidewalks and the area was flooded. Plunged into the water and most valuable historical monuments of this unique city, reports TourDaily.ru with reference to the mayor's office in Venice. For example, St. Mark's Square was covered with a half-meter water column.Already flooded 95% of the territory of Galway City, as the water level in the Venetian lagoon rose to 1.6 meters above normal. Moreover, experts Read more [...]
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Dixie flooded

Heavy rains in the southern states of the USA once again led to flooding. As reported on Tuesday, the authorities of Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia, were flooded miles of roads, a number of settlements. Many schools canceled classes. In New Orleans (Louisiana) only for the last day dropped 18 inches of rain. In the western part of the city authorities have opened a shelter for people whose homes were in the flood zone. With flooded highways had to be evacuated in trouble motorists. According to the National Weather Service United States, the rains in the affected areas will continue for at least Read more [...]
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I do not believe in global warming. Photo

Phrase "I do not believe in global warming" written on the wall next to the Regent's Canal in London. British media believe that the authorship of this graffiti street artist Banksy belongs. (Luke MacGregor / Reuters) Tropical cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes become more and they are stronger. Drought is becoming tougher. Statistics for the year the number of earthquakes is increasing. Volcanoes that slept - wake up. Winters are becoming more unpredictable. Precipitation somewhere becomes abnormally large, but somewhere there are none at all. Glaciers are melting faster and calve Read more [...]
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Flooding in Tuscany

Immediately after Christmas in the Italian region of Tuscany began extensive flooding. Because of the warming and the melting snow overflowed Serko small river that flooded the neighborhood and turned the village located on the hills in the provinces of Lucca and Pisa in these islands. Flooded roads and partially damaged power lines - which is why in the region declared a state of emergency. In the affected areas of profit rescue squad that boat evacuating people from dangerous areas. Those who are in a hurry before he left his flooded house, authorities allowed under the supervision of engineers Read more [...]
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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, flooded thousands of homes

Flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina has flooded thousands of homes in the mountainous regions of the country. According to local authorities, the situation could worsen high probability of landslides, reports Associated Press. Element also affected the central part of the country. In Sarajevo, the population of some areas was forced to escape to the upper floors of buildings from the elements. In the south, in the city of Mostar, which was founded in 1452 and whose objects are recognized monuments protected by UNESCO, due to flooding closed public institutions, schools, shops and restaurants. According Read more [...]
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Rampant floods in the United States. Photo

Rainbow over the flooded area of ​​the city in the same state of Arizona January 22, 2010. (David Kadlubowski / Arizona Republic via AP) We already told you about the bad weather here in California (video) and here (photo), and yet here, but the rampant disaster affected not only the "Sunny" state, and walked around the south-west of the country. Arizona desert covered with a blanket of snow in Las Vegas fell to 4 cm. Precipitation. Floods, snow drifts and icy roads have caused the death of about a dozen Americans.Left the car at the railway station on Friday, 22 January 2010 in Arizona. Read more [...]
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Heavy rains flooded the city of Mecca

Strong rains accompanied by thunderstorms and strong wind hit the Mecca on Saturday evening, according to the Saudi news agency SPA. Flow of rainwater flooded the streets in some areas of the city, where in some places the level reached 0.5 meters and above. Traffic was paralyzed in some areas broken power supply. Torrential rains that lasted more than 4 hours in a row, led to landslides and the destruction of several non-residential buildings near the ring road. Head of the Civil Defence Forces city of Mecca, General Jamil Arbain said that as a result of rescue 48 people were evacuated from Read more [...]
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In Turkey, the rain, mud, wind …

On the western and southern coasts of Turkey, including in the resort of Antalya, many highways were flooded due to heavy rains. Drivers are forced to leave their cars and get them out of the water has to have with the help of heavy machinery. Heavy rains have caused many accidents. Part of mountain trails closed due to numerous landslides. Hurricane winds snapped power lines, no light left thousands of residents.Antalya was dominated by bad weather on Monday (February 8). This resort hit powerful showers. In the city from hurricane places felled trees, caused damage to many greenhouses. Read more [...]
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In Ukraine, began flooding

In the Kherson region, due to prolonged rainfall that hit the neighboring region last week, has considerably increased the level of groundwater. As the press service of the Kherson obladminstratsii, now in seven districts of the region were flooded 41 town. Water stands in gardens, in the basements of nearly two thousand residential private homes in the region. A little more, and can be flooded the houses, according to "TSN". To fight with the water element MOE tripped 90 pieces of equipment and 135 rescue personnel for pumping water. Earlier this week, special commissions at the local councils Read more [...]
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Flooding in Serbia. Evacuated hundreds of residents

Hundreds of people were evacuated due to floods in eastern Serbia. According to the police, because of incessant rains in the region, and the melting snow from the coast came a few rivers. As a result, more than 300 homes and a prison in Zajecar, located on the border between Serbia and Bulgaria, were flooded. As the Serbian police, a few dozen prisoners were taken out of the flooded prison.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Flooding in Haiti

At least 11 people were killed in floods and mudslides caused by torrential rain in the north-west of Haiti. "The situation is sad ... whole areas completely flooded. People are forced to climb on rooftops to escape, "- said in an interview with one of the representatives of the local authorities. According to him, five people were killed in the area of ​​gels in the northwest of Haiti, the foundering of the car in which they were, three people were killed in the neighboring village Torbek gels, and three other people in the region were also victims of the disaster. Due to heavy rains the Read more [...]
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Photos from the

A police officer with a dog looking for victims of a landslide in the ruins of a building in Santo Antonio - the village near Funchal - the capital of the island of Madeira. Dozens of houses in the village were destroyed by a landslide, when the Portuguese island of Madeira hit heavy rains. Local authorities have confirmed that the landslide took with them 40 lives. (AP Photo / Octavio Passos) Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos are clickable. Photos from the last one, two, three, four and five.Local authorities inspect the dried pond in Mile Read more [...]
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Flood situation in the Samara region

At present, in the Samara region stored flood conditions. 6 flooded low water bridges and four infield. In Syzransky eventually saturated melting of snow and the water level rises in the river flooded Syzranka outbuildings and gardens 2-private dwelling houses in the village Fri New Rizadey and 2-private dwelling houses in the village Fri Uvarovka. In Bolsheglushitsky area populated Fri Beryozovka eventually raise the level of water in the river Big Irgiz flooded low water bridge cars. Transport traffic carried on roundabout ways. Rescuers and local governments continue to keep under review the Read more [...]
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Australian Melbourne flooded. Photo

In Australia, as a result of torrential rains which began partially flooded the city of Melbourne, according to Sky News. Weather Service warned people in advance of a strong cyclone, but for the majority of the elements played out was unexpected. According to the channel, in the first 18 minutes fell to about 19 mm of rain. Showers accompanied by strong winds and hail. In many homes, hail shattered windows. In one part of the city a gust of wind blew off the roof of the railway station. The region declared a storm warning. Source: BBC, SkyNews Read more [...]
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Severe storms in Australia instantly flooded city. Video

Sixth day of March in Australia as a result of torrential rains which began partially flooded the city of Melbourne, reported Sky News. Weather Service warned people in advance of a strong cyclone, but for the majority of the elements played out was unexpected. In the first 18 minutes fell to about 19 mm of rain. Heavy downpour sopravozhdalsya wind and hailPrevious News: · Australian Melbourne flooded. Photo Read more [...]
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Irkutsk goes under water

In Irkutsk, due to heavy snow melt, many streets were turned into real river, in the private sector flooded dozens of homes. Water in the room - literally - on a belt and clothes and furniture literally swim. Local resident: "I do not know what we'll do. It's not summer - water ice, everything floats. " Problems arose and with public transport. In one of the areas under the water left the tram tracks. According to forecasts of the MOE, in the Irkutsk region flood wave will be one of the most powerful. Source: NTV Previous News: · Flooding threatens two million Russians · Flooded central Read more [...]
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Showers in Azerbaijan flooded and deprived of electricity 150 private houses

Torrential rains in Azerbaijan on Wednesday and Thursday, flooded about 150 private houses, a number of government agencies in the district center Kyurdamir (about 200 kilometers west of Baku) and the nearby residential area of ​​Aran, in the villages and Atakishi Hyrdapay same district, deprived area of ​​electricity, according to the Baku APA news agency.Element created serious problems in the regional center, has complicated the movement of people, the water flooded rooms, cellars of several houses, some of which are having a crack, covered with silt monastery, in many courts of Read more [...]
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In the Voronezh region until floodwaters recede

In the area of ​​the region between Rossoshansky populated villages and ancient Kalitva newcomer Kalitva flooded low water bridge over the river Dark Kalitva created for movement of agricultural machinery. The water level of the bridge is 2.6 meters, over the past day, the water level is not changed. In Sts area flooded low water bridge over the river Hopper between villages and Gubar Makashevka. The water level of the bridge is more than 70 cm, for the past day, the water level is not changed. In Ramon urban area in the village of Stupino flooded low water bridge over the river Voronezh. Read more [...]
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Torrential rains flooded the Rio de Janeiro

Torrential rains that lasted 14 hours, flooded Rio de Janeiro. At least eight people were killed in the city and three others in the province, five people missing in a landslide. Water level rose up to 7 cm. Traffic in the city is paralyzed, canceled classes in schools are not running the company.The death toll from mudslides and flooding in Brazil Rio de Janeiro has reached 79 Livni lasted more than 15 hours. As reported in the fire service, at least 40 people were hospitalized. Rescuers continue search for missing persons. "The situation is critical. Roads are blocked. We recommend people Read more [...]
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In the west, Georgia residents evacuated due to flooding

July 30, 2013. Part of Senaki in western Georgia was flooded due to heavy rains, do not stop for a few days. The water level rose to 50 centimeters, and in some areas of the city up to a meter. Local authorities decided to evacuate the women, children and the elderly. At this point in the city paralyzed traffic, remain flooded basements and first floors of dozens of homes. Source: RT Read more [...]
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