Midwest Pummeled by Thunderstorms

Pinch officials are assessing the terms caused by another fusillade of thunderstorms and tornadoes that took leastways fin lives and injured 75 mass crossways the Midwest Friday. Presence fine-tune on Oklahoma Metropolis, Oklahoma, the storms toppled cars and left-hand commuters treed on an interstate. One twister tossed a Conditions Line ramp pursuer motortruck nigh 200 yards earlier slamming it to the land, though the passengers loose with nipper injuries.Storms in Missouri and Arkansas caused considerable prop wrong and flooding. Trey mass went lacking other Friday and tercet others were reported Read more [...]
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Sentinel: Bowlder Floods, Residents Kayak

Flare floods in northerly Colorado suffer left-hand leastways tercet masses beat and many residents and motorists in and some Bowlder isolated. Deliverance crews birth been hampered by far-flung mellow waters and outages, and the Interior Endure Serving has called the flooding an "highly serious and severe place."According to the Denver Berth, the Home Hold has been called in to avail saving marooned citizens and towns interrupt by the photoflood, but brave weather bear express the use of delivery helicopters.Under we’ve rounded up the about unbelievable videos of the flooding, Read more [...]
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Argentina is likely to lose the crop due to flooding

After severe flooding caused by prolonged heavy rains, Argentina is likely to lose the lion's share of the wheat harvest. Province of Entre Rios - the only one where the acreage of grain crop this year has increased compared to the previous one, has been hit hard by the disaster. According to experts, showers and impact on quality and quantity of grain.Ministry of Agriculture of Argentina noted that this year wheat was planted 2.8 million acres - and it is 40 percent less than last year, and in general a record low. Grain harvesting is completed in the country in January, and then we will Read more [...]
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Dixie flooded

Heavy rains in the southern states of the USA once again led to flooding. As reported on Tuesday, the authorities of Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia, were flooded miles of roads, a number of settlements. Many schools canceled classes. In New Orleans (Louisiana) only for the last day dropped 18 inches of rain. In the western part of the city authorities have opened a shelter for people whose homes were in the flood zone. With flooded highways had to be evacuated in trouble motorists. According to the National Weather Service United States, the rains in the affected areas will continue for at least Read more [...]
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Flooding in Brazil

Flooding caused by heavy rains that struck the capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and its surroundings, killed at least 19 people, 12 were injured to varying degrees of severity, according to a Friday news agentstvoAgencia Brasil. In particular, according to the agency, sixteen people were killed in the municipalities of Belford Roxo, Niteroi, San Juan de Merito, Jacarepaguá, Bass Lobo (Vaz Lobo) and Quintin (Quintino), three - in located near the capital city Duki- Caxias and its surroundings. According to the agency, more than 600 people in the capital were forced to leave their homes and celebrate Read more [...]
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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, flooded thousands of homes

Flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina has flooded thousands of homes in the mountainous regions of the country. According to local authorities, the situation could worsen high probability of landslides, reports Associated Press. Element also affected the central part of the country. In Sarajevo, the population of some areas was forced to escape to the upper floors of buildings from the elements. In the south, in the city of Mostar, which was founded in 1452 and whose objects are recognized monuments protected by UNESCO, due to flooding closed public institutions, schools, shops and restaurants. According Read more [...]
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Flooding in northern Albania

Albanian army units last night and during the day today evacuated more than 3,700 people from the district of Shkodra, where heavy rains caused flooding and severe flooding. The government is going to declare these areas in the north of the country, adjacent to Lake Skadar, a disaster area. According to the Interior Ministry, the water had gone more than 10 thousand hectares of agricultural land were flooded more than 2 million homes and buildings. Many villages were left without electricity and drinking water, there are problems with food supply. The authorities in Tirana believe that assistance Read more [...]
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In Bolivia, a state of emergency

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced on Friday a state of emergency due to incessant rains and floods. President ordered to allocate the necessary funds to help victims of the rampant disaster. At least nine people were killed and thousands of people were left homeless. Culprit engulfed Bolivia floods once again become a natural phenomenon El Niño (Sic). This phenomenon is a warm current, causing warming of the eastern Pacific on 5 ... to 9 °. El Niño usually becomes the culprit of environmental disasters: drought or prolonged heavy rains, leading to flooding. So, in 2006, flooding caused Read more [...]
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Evacuation in Los Angeles due to flooding

Residents located in the foothills of settlements near Los Angeles (California) preparing for a new weathering bad weather. The National Weather Service predicts the United States on Wednesday and Thursday downpours and flooding of many residential areas. Authorities ordered the evacuation of the inhabitants of 541 homes in paragraphs La Canada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Acton and two canyons north of Los Angeles. Police officers bypass house to house, warning residents of impending danger. Those who voluntarily decided to stay, sign papers absolving the government from liability for the consequences Read more [...]
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In Australia, severe flooding

Incessant rains caused severe flooding on the east coast of Australia. The main impact of elements occurred in the central regions of New South Wales. Local authorities recommend the public to stock up on food, fuel and medicine, because, according to weather forecasts, the weekend is possible violent storm. According to a spokesman of the rescue services of Erin Podzhmora for last night appealed for help over a thousand people. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Flooding in north-eastern Greece. Photo

In the northeastern Greek region of Evros due to flooding in the basin of the river of the same name declared a state of emergency. As a result of heavy rains that began last weekend, inundated more than 12 hectares (of which 4.5 thousand cultivated land) in the area where the borders of Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Water threatens two Greek villages of Poros and Lavar, whose inhabitants had to be evacuated. There were no casualties. According to the statements of the Greek authorities, the situation is under control, you may have to evacuate another village. But, according to the head of the Read more [...]
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Rescuers Tatarstan prepare to meet the spring flood

On the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan Tukaevsky district and the town of Naberezhnye Chelny occur nine large rivers. This Kama Melekeska, Chelninka, Shilna, Zycha, Avlash, Urguda, Egon, Tigraush. Through these 61 rivers built the bridge, but prone to flooding and low-positioned not. Ice jams on the rivers of the area are not expected. Local rescuers note that during the vernal floods on the ground Tukaevsky urban area and the town of Naberezhnye Chelny is no threat of flooding and waterlogging in institutions, socially significant, potentially dangerous objects, objects of economy and trade. Read more [...]
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In Ukraine, began flooding

In the Kherson region, due to prolonged rainfall that hit the neighboring region last week, has considerably increased the level of groundwater. As the press service of the Kherson obladminstratsii, now in seven districts of the region were flooded 41 town. Water stands in gardens, in the basements of nearly two thousand residential private homes in the region. A little more, and can be flooded the houses, according to "TSN". To fight with the water element MOE tripped 90 pieces of equipment and 135 rescue personnel for pumping water. Earlier this week, special commissions at the local councils Read more [...]
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Rivers Mzymta, Adium and Bacanga special attention in anticipation of the flood

In the Krasnodar region is a complex of measures to protect the population from possible flooding during the spring floods of 2013. Experts at the Head of EMERCOM of Russia for Krasnodar Krai prepare for further flooding. First, the monitoring of the state of the rivers considered the rate of melting snow in mountainous areas, precipitation. Developed a joint action plan professionals MES and the administration of Krasnodar region on the passage of flooding in river basins. Are shore protection, dredging and deepening of rivers, checked the readiness of waterworks. The total amount of money allocated Read more [...]
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Flooding in the United States, people were rescued, clinging to trees

July 22, 2013. Severe flooding in the south-western United States. High water in the normally arid raided Arizona. The flooding was a heavy downpour - left the river banks. Water was coming very fast, flooded highways and dozens of motorists trapped in their own cars. Had to release them with the help of helicopters. Situation is not better in neighboring Mexico. In the north, the showers did not cease for three days. During this time, had the annual rainfall. High water has caused significant disruptions in the transport message. Podtopilo International Airport Chiuahua. Air carriers had to Read more [...]
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Flooding in rivers Oka and Moscow are expected to historical averages

Flood, flood &# 8211; is significant flooding areas as a result of the rising waters of the river, the lake during snowmelt, rainfall, wind surges. In the metropolitan area during the vernal floods can be expected river flooding - Volga, Oka, Moscow, Klyazma Pakhra. Each year in the Moscow region in the spring exposed floodwaters.  From April to May, the rise in water levels on water bodies to achieve the full marks, there is a possibility of flooding of certain areas Lukhovitsky, Kolomna, Ozersky, Serpukhov, Stoupinsky, Kashirskoe urban areas. Subjected to flooding of roads and low areas Read more [...]
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On the Lena River in the city Kirenska 8-9 May, is expected to increase the water level

In the Irkutsk region on the Lower Tunguska River in the area Podvoloshino Nepa Preobrazhenka Yarema saved the highest water levels, coastal flooding populated pt. Elena on the river at the site Kirensk Zmeinovo eventually removal of ice from the river Kirenga water level rose, flooding noted little lower terrain. Solid growth in the level of water in the 0,8-4,4 meters was observed in the middle reaches and lower reaches of Helena Kirenga. 8-9 May on the River Elena expected to increase water levels and flooding of low areas of land in the town and villages Kirenska Zmeinova Irkutsk region. Read more [...]
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In Dagestan, the evacuation due to the threat of a dam break

In Dagestan, is currently under evacuation of residents from a number of localities in the Derbent area was under threat of flooding, reported RBC in the press service of the Southern Regional Emergency Center of the Russian Federation. As a result of heavy rains raise the water level in the rivers, so that the risk of a breach was the dam of the reservoir near the village Gedzhuh. A decision was made on the emergency evacuation of water from the reservoir. All under the threat of flooding were about 132 houses, which are home to more than 300 people. To date, evacuated about 60 residents of Read more [...]
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Possible areas of flooding in Russia

click to enlarge According to the MOE, this year in the flood zone can get more than 3 thousands of Russian towns and villages in which they live more than 2 million people. In many areas, flooding is expected earlier than usual, and in the Rostov region, he started back in the winter. In some regions of Russia coming flood can lead to environmental problems, according to Natural Resources Minister Yuri Trutnev. The water level in the Moscow River in the period of thaw could rise by 80 centimeters. Such data on Friday voiced staff MGUP "Waterworks." According to experts, the last winter was Read more [...]
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Heavy rains caused flooding in Haiti. Video

Torrential rains have caused flooding in Haiti. In the flood zone were refugee camp, which is now home to hundreds of thousands of people. All of them lost their homes as a result of the January earthquake. Sediments eroded soil and caused debris flows. The water and mud sowed panic among the refugees. No casualties and no injuries were reported. Now, the lifeguard, to help eliminate the effects of the disaster. February 27, 2010 in Chile were documented numerous tremors to nine points. Up to 800 people were killed, hundreds missing. There are about 2 million people were left homeless. An Read more [...]
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