Mailing-card from Pooville: The Bowlder Floods

A geyser of overflow piss shoots out of a rage debilitate on Canyon Boulevard following to the Drop-off Theatre in Manitou Springs, Colo. September 12, 2013.     Pic: Michael Ciaglo, The GazetteHow do you make a crapocalypse? Hither’s how: 'tween September Tenth and Fifteenth, lowering rains engulfed Bowlder, Colorado, where I endure, dumping 16.4 inches on the Citizenry’s Commonwealth. On September 12, the metropolis set an all-time 24-hour rain platter, at 9.08 inches. Bowlder is located in a semi-arid realm that averages most 20 inches of rainwater yearly, and yet Read more [...]
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Riders on the Force: Colorado Cyclists Close Subsequently Floods

Equitation from Gilt, Wheeler in the 2012 USA Pro Dispute approaching Bowlder, Colo.     Photograph: Ben KlausClothed in our topper pajamas (mine, it mustiness be aforementioned, floods), we shifted our feet in the revolt irrigate, drowning our anxiousness with chin-wag. I hadn’t ridden my bike since the sky had bats, and I disquieted loud some my breeding contrive. I secretly hoped, if sole for a import, that my cellar would floodlight, too, so I wouldn’t be consigned to the trainer.My Movement Reach roadie friends and I are sledding nutcase. The Bowlder and Larimer Read more [...]
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Flooding in India claimed thousands of lives

July 17, 2013. In India, the floods around 6,000 people are still missing. Indian authorities believe that the majority of people are still surpluses in this mournful list, appear to have died. According to the official statistics, in the current floods in India, killing about 800 people. Recall that the heavy rains during the period from June 14 to 17 resulted in severe river flooding, landslides and floods Rescue services have speculated that the number of victims of the disaster may be increased by 10 times. It is worth noting that the country continues rescue operations. Local authorities Read more [...]
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Flood of homeless 30,000 Kenyans

More than 30,000 Kenyans made homeless by the floods, according to the local office of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. "The situation has caused us serious concern, especially because of the possibility of initiating the spread of cholera, as it was in the northern parts of the country in early December of 2009," - express opespokoennost UN officials. According to the police at the moment, floods have claimed the lives of 34 people. Severely damaged fields with crops, killed tens of thousands of pets that people have thrown to escape from the elements. In addition, Read more [...]
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In Indonesia experienced severe floods, there are victims

July 19, 2013. Two residents of the Indonesian province of South East Sulawesi were killed and nearly 30,000 were left homeless as a result of severe floods, said Friday the newspaper Jakarta Post. «Two of the victims were residents of the colony and subareas Laeyya», — said the head of the district administration South Konave Imran (Imran). Almost continuous rain for the past few days has led to the fact that in this area the water was almost 80% of its territory, he added. Just South Konave flood inundated 227 villages completely destroyed 447 homes, damaged four bridges Read more [...]
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Mudslides in Egypt. Photo

Mudflows and floods are the result of three days of torrential rains in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Victims of raging in the Sinai and southern Egypt three days of heavy rains that caused mudslides and floods have become 12 people, including a British tourist. Another 40 people were injured, and tens - unaccounted for. Such showers that passed the day before, was not here 16 years.Hostage disaster in Egypt were also about 300 rosiyskih tourists. Several coaches have been blocked due to flooding on the road Cairo - Sharm el-Sheikh. Almost daily passengers spent without food and water. Read more [...]
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In Bolivia, a state of emergency

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced on Friday a state of emergency due to incessant rains and floods. President ordered to allocate the necessary funds to help victims of the rampant disaster. At least nine people were killed and thousands of people were left homeless. Culprit engulfed Bolivia floods once again become a natural phenomenon El Niño (Sic). This phenomenon is a warm current, causing warming of the eastern Pacific on 5 ... to 9 °. El Niño usually becomes the culprit of environmental disasters: drought or prolonged heavy rains, leading to flooding. So, in 2006, flooding caused Read more [...]
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Flooding in North Korea

In the DPRK, the victims of the floods began 8 people July 23, 2013. In North Korea, a series of floods, which have claimed eight people. This is with reference to local media reports ITAR-TASS. Hardest-hit province Pyongan-do-do and Pyongan. 4,5 thousands of homes destroyed, 17.7 thousand people were evacuated. Floods caused by the rainy season. Last year at this time, killing more than 300 people. Source:,  Flood victims in North Korea began to 8 people July 23, 2013. As a result of severe flooding caused by heavy rains, from 20 to 22 July in North Korea killed eight Read more [...]
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Severe flooding on the island of Madeira, Portugal. Video

As a result of the floods and mudslides on the Portuguese island of Madeira, 25 people were killed. Another 60 people were injured. At the same time, according to unofficial sources, the death toll could be and 31 people. Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on 5 dead. Another 60 people were injured. Data on the presence of foreign tourists affected yet, reports BBC BBC. The armed forces of Portugal brought to eliminate the consequences of the severe floods in Madeira, where as a result accompanied by squall torrential rains killed dozens of people. Recall, last night, heavy Read more [...]
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In Morocco, floods and mudslides

More than a dozen people are still dead in different parts of Morocco as a result of flooding and mudslides caused by heavy rains that struck the kingdom in the past few days, said Wednesday the Moroccan agency MAP. The authorities added that hundreds of people were affected, flooded or destroyed hundreds of homes. Bad weather bothers Morocco over the past three months. The country's authorities have declared that the rains and floods caused by them have caused serious damage to agriculture, in particular, the main export crop Morocco - orange trees. Manufacturers say that this crop were missing Read more [...]
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Flooding in Jeddah (continued). Photo

Previous news with photos of major floods in Jeddah here and here According to the latest data, the number of victims of the catastrophic floods in Jeddah has increased to 118 people, said on Saturday the Saudi News Agency (SPA). Among the dead whose bodies were discovered recently - a woman from Sudan at the age of 104 years. Fifty people are still considered missing. More than 22 thousand people moved from the areas of the city most affected by the floods, to temporary housing provided by the city authorities. Meanwhile, the local media continues the discussion of the causes of the tragedy Read more [...]
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Opening of the rivers in the south of Karelia will begin in mid-April

While preparing for the vernal floods on the territory of the republic of Karelia planned preventive measures in order to reduce the risk and prevent flooding of Fri, economic facilities and agricultural areas. In the middle of the main measures of preparation: predpavodkovaya drawdown reservoirs, cleaning culverts from ice, wells, storm sewer, drain ditches, for the preparation of hydraulic structures and their safety during the period of the vernal floods. According to forecasts of Hydrometeorology highest levels vernal floods most rivers expected to be close to the average long-standing values Read more [...]
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Floods in Brazil, Part 1 Photos

A man looks at an overflowing canal Marapendi in Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca. The number of victims of landslides and floods in Brazil has reached 95 people. In the state of Rio de Janeiro declared three days of mourning. Such abundant and continuous rain in the region has not been the last 40 years. 36 hours precipitation was twice the monthly norm. As a result, many of the streets of Rio are literally under water. Clickable.Passers-by try to pass, holding the fence of the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro April 6, 2010. The destruction caused by one of the many landslides. The picture Read more [...]
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150,000 Indians have suffered from floods

More than 150,000 people have become refugees in eastern India due to floods caused by strong rains, said on Saturday the agency IANS referring to representatives of the local authorities. Livni with gale began in the east of the country in the middle of the week. Squally winds broke trees, interrupted wire power lines and telephone number in the foothill areas went mudslides. In the eastern state of Assam in the flood zone were about 250 villages. Livni also caused flooding in the states of Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura. According to media reports, the refugees are placed in railway wagons, Read more [...]
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Flooded the southern states of the USA

Southern states of the USA — Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi — to be a long recovery after severe floods. According to forecasts, this may take several months. Disaster victims have become 27 people. The water level in the rivers is still above the critical level. In the flood zone were thousands of homes and hundreds of kilometers of highways. Damaged communications, urban systems can not cope with the volume of water. In several counties declared a state of emergency. In the capital of Tennessee — Nashville — closed hotels, restaurants, offices. Read more [...]
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Southern Tajikistan paralyzed severe flooding

In the list of fatalities due to floods in Tajikistan for 16 people, with dozens unaccounted for. Heavy rains led to river flooding. From the mountains to the same go and sat down. Jump Street is now worth a large labor flows turbid water knocked down. In the worst-affected town of Kulob to help local residents came to the Russian troops stationed there base. But in such filth sinking even armored vehicles. According to preliminary estimates, to restore the destroyed bridges, washed out roads, damaged power lines - require more than one month. Meanwhile, weather forecasters predict showers Read more [...]
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Monsoon rains poured India

August 1, 2013. It is reported that heavy monsoon rains in India have caused an increase in the water level in the river Ganges. In Uttar Pradesh recorded numerous floods. The constant increase in the water level in the river has forced residents of Allahabad to collect their belongings and move to a safer place. Ganges River overflows annually during the rainy season (July - September), at which time the water in the vicinity of the cities of Varanasi and Allahabad may rise to 15-16 m. Since the main tributaries of the Ganga - Yamuna and Cauchy - very low banks, the disastrous floods - not Read more [...]
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Major floods in the United States

May 10, 2010 Last week, in the states of Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi was one of the largest floods in recent decades. From the shores of the river came the Cumberland and its tributaries. Amount of material damage exceeded half a billion dollars. Confirmed the death of 23 people. Rescue work continues. Photos are clickable. Source:  InterRight Previous News: · Flooding in North Dakota. Photo · The largest flood in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah). Photo · California is sinking. Photo · Flood in Peru. Photo · Flooding in Spain. Photo · Hurricane "Xynthia" covered Read more [...]
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Dozens of people were killed in floods in eastern Afghanistan

August 3, 2013. Dozens of people were killed in the floods, which occurred in a mountainous area near the capital of Afghanistan. As reported today by the representative of law enforcement agencies, is not yet possible to specify the exact number of victims because many people are still missing. According to him, due to a sharp rise in the water level in the area of ​​Surobi east of Kabul houses destroyed, severely damaged the building received a local hospital. Flows through this area several rivers so severe floods in this area are not uncommon. Source: ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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In Arkansas flood victims became 20 people

At least 20 people were killed in floods in Arkansas. Dozens of people are unaccounted for, according to «Russia 24». Torrential rains hit the region yesterday. In just a day has dropped more than 20 inches of rain. Rivers burst their banks and flooded towns. Most of the victims of one of the sites visitors to the sleeper. Their cars were under water in the early morning, when the drivers were still asleep. Emergency services evacuated residents most affected by the disaster areas. The operation involved teams of firefighters from the air to help them rescue helicopters.In Arkansas Read more [...]
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