In Moscow because of the heat blossomed Apple trees. Photo

Abnormal for August phenomenon recorded in the North-West of the capital in Strogino the floodplain. About a dozen Apple trees bloomed in Moscow. This is the second blooming for the year 2010. Previously, these natural anomalies in the Metropolitan region was not observed. Blossoming Apple trees can be caused global warming - told Life News head of the landscaping of the garden \"Hermitage\" Alexander Safonov. Repeat flowering occurs from strong solar insolation, high temperature, severe drought. This year coincided at the same time all three factors. The period of formation of flower Read more [...]
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In Voronezh blossomed trees. Video

Abnormal for autumn phenomenon can be observed on Plekhanovskaya street. Flowers are released chestnuts. What causes unusual phenomena?Many chestnuts because standing still recently the heat has dried up even the leaves. What surprise witnesses, when, seemingly, on \"asleep\" the trees began to bloom flowers. The first autumn flowering. On Plekhanovskaya noticed employees of organizations located nearby. Man: \"For all the years this was never, never was. It is really an abnormal phenomenon\" Girl: \"This, of course, a natural anomaly, but very pleasant. It's like a piece of summer, it's Read more [...]
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In mid-October in the South of Kazakhstan bloomed lilacs. Photo

Lilac blossoms. Shymkent, October 20, 2010. Residents of Shymkent these days witnessed the miraculous phenomena of nature. The trees were dissolved buds blossomed Apple trees and lilacs. According to experts, the last time such a hot fall was in this area in 1936. In the courtyard the resident of Shymkent love Diorditsa bloomed lilacs. Usually, this plant blooms once a year in may. Although this phenomenon of nature in the middle of autumn and surprised everyone, Love diorditsa thinks this is a bad sign. She says that late blooming flowers \"priznaiot cold winter\". - Last autumn lilac bloomed Read more [...]
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In Krasnoyarsk blossomed plum

— Summer and even autumn flowering happens very rarely, but nothing unusual in that. Most often this phenomenon is observed in non-varieties of cherries and plums, which were imported from another region (mostly the South). Sometimes even formed ovaries that do not have time to ripen. Summer blooms can cause warm and Sunny weather, during this period, quickly are formed flower buds. Another possible reason may be that in some trees the process of forming kidney last year was delayed and ended only in this (belated development of the kidneys). In any case, this phenomenon is not widespread, Read more [...]
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Abnormal flowering trees in the regions. Overview

In Simferopol among September unexpectedly bloomed chestnuts Almost a month in the Crimea lasts flowering chestnut trees. And this week blossomed even a few trees in the center of the Crimean capital in the area of the Soviet. According to \"New Region\", experts have put forward different versions. Some complain: lost biological clock trees. Others, on the contrary, I assure you that it is normal for the Crimea. On the background of trees with scorched brown crowns they look more than amazing. According to Simferopol specialist in dendrology Vladislav Leonov, for Crimea is a usual phenomenon. Read more [...]
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Anomaly: in Kirov flowered willow

Schoolgirl Anastasia Budko found near his home, a strange tree. On the nose it's already November, and the nature broke out in earnest. Experts agree on the reasons for flowering, but do not have a common opinion about the fate of the willows. — Such things happen. Here the main reason for such a behavior tree is abnormally hot summer, — the Director says \"EcoFund\" Gennady Bakin. — Most likely, the willow in the near future will cease to bloom because of the cold weather. Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Evgeny Pankratov agreed with the statement about Read more [...]
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Cyclamen and snowdrops bloomed in Sochi ahead of time

Cyclamen and snowdrops Voronova blossomed in Sochi approximately seven to ten days earlier than usual, due to the warm weather there are also cases of other early flowering plants, reported RIA Novosti senior state inspector of the Caucasian state nature biosphere reserve Julia Erofeev. \"On the trail in the yew-box grove for 600 meters you can find about 100 flowers cyclamen - I find it quite a lot. Bloom also snowdrop Voronov,\" - said the Agency interlocutor, adding that the normal blooming time for these plants - late January or early February. The city also can be found blooming Mimosa Read more [...]
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In Sochi eucalyptus blossoms. Photo

In the village of Dagomys Lazarevsky district of Sochi we met flowering eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus ash (lat. Eucalyptus cinerea) on the black sea coast of the Caucasus found in gardens and parks — from Sochi to Batumi (Georgia).

In Sochi eucalyptus trees begin to bloom in October and the New Year usually finish. But unusually warm winter this year extended the flowering of Australian customers.

Source: Max Portal

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For tourist: Luteus

Oil should be found in dry forest, lichen pine forest, in a small conifer seedlings, young conifer plantations on the sides and mixed pine forest, near a small road on the burned areas. They grow bolshennymi families, so much so that one can dial glade full basket. Favorite tree - a pine. Flowering pine - the first true sign of oil. WARNING!You must know that there where a lot of cranberries, butter mushrooms, usually do not grow. Mushroom second category. He's great in the marinade, especially if you remove the film from the top of the cap, but it can and dry, and fry, and cook Read more [...]
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Re-flowering trees in Kiev, Khanty-Mansiysk and Vladikavkaz

In Khanty-Mansiysk blossomed Rowan18 Aug. In the city the second time this year bloomed Rowan. White flowers appeared next to the nearly ripe fruit. People recognized — such natural phenomena they have never seen.Still uncertain that pushes the plant on the second flowering. Most likely, the flora was affected by weather conditions. Repeated flowering trees nothing good turns. So Rowan spends its force on the already useless flowering, while they strongly desired results. And, in addition, there is a sign — blossomed Rowan in August — expect lingering autumn, Read more [...]
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In September in Donetsk blossomed chestnuts

Flowers appeared on chestnut alleys on the street Tkachenko. Photo: Konstantin BUNOVSKY 2 September. For several years, Donetsk see an unusual phenomenon — flowering chestnuts in September. And now the flowers have appeared on chestnut Avenue, in particular on the street Tkachenko. However, scientists do not hurry to rejoice, because of abnormal flowering threatens the trees death and attests to their disease. — This is an abnormal disturbance in the cycle of development of chestnuts, — told «Komsomolskaya Pravda» Alexey Polyakov, doctor of biological Sciences, Read more [...]
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In Voronezh in September bloomed cherry and raspberry Zapadnoye

on 15 September. The reader of \"MINE!\" Elena noticed unusual for autumn phenomenon - in the garden of the house No. 32 on street Scribes (Leninsky district) bloomed cherry and Zapadnoye raspberries. — Unusually very watch it in September, — Elena says. - Moreover, this has never happened. Professional gardener gardener, host of \"the Season cares\" John Babin called the events a great trouble.— The phenomenon of secondary flowering we observed in Voronezh for that year. However, it is very bad, — Ivan says Babin. - The flowering cherries in September Read more [...]
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Anomalous autumn flowering trees and shrubs in many regions of Russia

on 1 October. In many regions of Russia this autumn unusual phenomenon — the flowering of individual shrubs, branches and whole trees. From Central Russia, the Urals and Siberia come reports of flowering Apple trees, cherry trees, various shrubs. In Moscow in some places blossomed chestnuts, cherry. MSU scientists say that the autumn bloom — the phenomenon of anomalous, but that's okay, just buds «deceived» temperature failure due to prolonged warm weather, and they do so winter has revealed. Biologists are encouraged to enjoy the beautiful phenomenon and not Read more [...]
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In Mozdok second time blossomed Apple trees and cherry

on October 14. Surprisingly and even somewhat mysterious look in the October days of flowering fruit trees. Residents of the Mozdok district this fall witnessed this unusual phenomenon: flowered for the second time Apple and cherry.The reason of the mass of late flowering gardens this fall could be struck Mozdok district September 4 storm with hail and strong wind, say biologists. Then hit a large portion of fruit trees. The strongest radoboj went through the pages Lukovsky, Terek, captured Kalinin and Kiev. It is in these localities and marked the blossoming of the fruit trees. According Read more [...]
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In the Kaliningrad region blossomed Kalina

Oh, flowering viburnum 2... on October 26. Shot from 25 October... the Harvest from this hive was removed, leaves red, faded — and she was so eager to fall did not end!!! :-)) And even better — immediately in the spring!!!! In many regions of Russia this fall observed an unusual phenomenon - the flowering of individual shrubs, branches and whole trees.The Central Russia, the Urals and Siberia are blooming Apple trees, cherry trees, various shrubs. In Moscow in some places blossomed chestnuts, cheremuhovaya say that the autumn bloom - the phenomenon of anomalous, but that's Read more [...]
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Chile in the Atacama desert there is an unprecedented season of flowering plants

on 9 November. Unprecedented in the last 20 years flowering plants can be seen in the driest desert in the world. 600 km North of Santiago de Chile, along the road leading to the national Park Llanos de Sales (Llanos de Challes) in the Atacama desert, there are endless carpet of flowers it is extremely rare for this region.The climate phenomenon El niño, coming on the Pacific coast of South America every six or seven years, brought this year in the dry desert in the world rains needed for germination bulbs and rhizomes, which may be in \"sleep\" mode for years. \"This is an exceptional year Read more [...]
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In new York blossomed trees

on November 22. In new York there is a natural phenomenon — in the city, which decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas, suddenly blossomed trees, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. On the cherry trees, which are still holding the old leaves, suddenly appeared brush of white flowers. The plant is considered to be in Japan a symbol of strength and beauty, usually flowering in early spring and keep your white outfit no more than 10 days. In Japan in this time of suit mass festivals admiring Sakura, Americans also come early in the spring in Washington, feast your eyes on the famous Avenue Read more [...]
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In new York the trees bloomed early

on March 29. In new York bloomed the first trees, surprising the old-timers who do not remember such natural phenomena in March. Astronomical spring in the United States occurs on 20 March and lasts until June 19. Cherry, Apple trees, azaleas and other flowering plants covered with lush spring hat for three weeks ahead of schedule. Scientists explain this early flowering mild and snowless winter in the North-Eastern coast of the United States, which was almost at zero temperature. Since 1 January, winter has set more than a thousand absolute heat records, according to the national center for Read more [...]
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Scientists have explained the origin of the white foam on the Curonian Lagoon

According to the press service of the National Park, this foam is not dangerous or harmful to the environment. According to the head of the laboratory of marine ecology Atlantic Branch of the Institute of Oceanology of the candidate biological sciences Elena Ezhova, the foam on the water - a sign of the presence of large amounts of dissolved organic matter. Source of organic bloom of blue-green algae and their decomposition. However, except for inorganic forms a set of organic compounds, colloidal particles, and whole cell fragments, which together are usually called 'dissolved organic Read more [...]
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The flowering of the Black sea becomes a record, say experts

on June 19. The flowering of the Black sea becomes a record, it has been going on for more than a month and covers the entire deep part of the sea, according to the engineering and technology center (ITC) «R & d center». «Flowering coccolithophorids, and this specific species of phytoplankton in the Black sea has been going on for a month and covers the entire deep part of the sea», — notes «R & d center». «Such intensity and duration of flowering in the Black sea has not previously been observed. The maximum intensity of flowering observed Read more [...]
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