That can be eaten with fish? Part 2

How much fish disease can be dangerous to the health of humans and domestic animals? This is a serious topic, a little scary, but treat it with understanding: Booked - is forearmed! Today, the article focuses on a couple of nasty parasites, such as fluke parasite and cat. Parasites, or, in other words, kolyuchegolovye - are small worms, the length of which can be up to two inches are a bit flat elongated body, which is part of a broad head, and they are covered with thorns. In color may be red-orange, white or brown, so they are easy to find at cutting ryby.Vstretit them only in the intestine. Read more [...]
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Fluke and flat worms

These parasites are found in the fresh waters of the slow tropical areas of America, Africa, Asia, Japan, the Philippines and other Pacific islands. In the salt waters of the fluke are not found. In case of contact with the fluke penetrates through the skin or through the swarming of the water used for drinking or bathing. They feed on red blood cells and lay eggs in the cells of the blood or intestines. Purely wash it will help you to avoid contact with these parasites. Read more [...]
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Parasites light

Typical lung parasites are measled stage tapeworm Echinococcus (see Echinococcosis) and Raragonimus westermani (see lung fluke disease), Paragonimus ringeri and P. pulmonalis. Scattered foci of lung fluke disease in East and South Asia. Infection occurs by eating in the form of half-baked freshwater crabs and crayfish, sometimes by drinking unboiled water, which are the larvae of the parasite that go out after the death of invasive crustaceans and preserving the ability for 25 days. Diagnosis is based on parasite eggs in sputum or feces. Lungs are also a step in the migration path of the larvae Read more [...]
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Lung fluke disease

Lung fluke disease - Bot that attacks are usually mild, rarely brain. Pathogen - fluke Paragonimus westermani a 7-13mm. Infection of lung fluke disease is by eating raw freshwater crabs and crayfish. For lung fluke disease is characterized initially enteritis later - bronchitis, focal pneumonia, dry, or pleural effusion. Possible pulmonary bleeding, purulent pleurisy, drift worms or their eggs in brain with the development of meningoencephalitis, tumor syndrome (headaches, seizures, mental illness, sometimes paresis, and paralysis). Diagnosis is based on clinical data, found in the sputum or Read more [...]
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