Tea - a beverage, was prepared by macerating leaves of the tea bush. Tea has a tonic effect due to the content of caffeine in it, essential oils and tannins (tea tannin). The caffeine content in tea ranges from 1.2 to 3%, most of it is in conjunction with the tannins. Essential oils of tea, which contains a very small amount (about 0.006%), give the flavor of the drink and have a stimulating effect on the body, adding to the effects of caffeine. Tannins - tannins (8 - 15%) - determine the taste, color and astringency of tea, most of them have a P-vitamin activity and antimicrobial activity. Read more [...]
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Water fluoridation

Water fluoridation - Artificial addition of fluorinated compounds in tap water to increase fluoride to hygiene. Held at low levels of fluoride in drinking water. Insufficient intake of fluorine drinking water into the body leads to increased morbidity of dental caries, and some other disorders. Water fluoridation can reduce the incidence of dental caries population by 20-40%. However, a significant increase in the content of fluoride in drinking water can lead to a number of painful disorders in humans, including fluorosis (see). In this regard, water fluoridation carried out according to Read more [...]
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Fluoride (as an industrial poison), F, - an element of Group VII of the Periodic Table of Mendeleev, the serial number 9, atomic weight (mass) of 18.9984. Slightly yellow gas with a sharp, irritating odor; t ° boiling -188,1 °, t ° melting -219,6 °. Combines with hydrogen to the explosion. Fluorine - A strong oxidizing agent that reacts with many substances, decomposes water to form HF. Workplace air pollution and atmosphere possible in the processing of apatite and phosphorite in the production of fertilizers and Insectofungicides, fluoro-organic compounds (including plastics), phosphorus, Read more [...]
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Fluorosis (Synonym Cryolite disease) - a chronic disease bone that develops with prolonged excessive intake of fluorine and its compounds. The cause of dental fluorosis may be elevated fluoride in drinking water, the consumption of food contaminated with fluoride, inhalation of dust containing fluorine and its compounds. Disease detected mainly in people a long time working with fluorides (see Fluorine). Once in the stomach, fluoride dissolved gastric juices are absorbed and enter the blood. Then salt of hydrofluoric acid circulating in the blood begin to be delayed in the skeleton and teeth. Read more [...]
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Protivokarioznye toothpaste containing fluoride preparations

In the formulation of such pastes are usually used fluoric sodium, tin fluoride, zirconium fluoride, monofluorophosphate, etc. The content of fluoride in toothpastes varies within a wide range (0,1-4,0%). Their effect is evaluated differently, but most researchers believe that fluoride tin and monofluorophosphate in toothpastes are more effective than fluoric sodium (Keyes et al., 1961; Barrie, 1962; Hartles, 1962; Slack with et., 1967 a, b; Ashley with et., 1969, etc.). Protivokarioznoe action fluoride toothpaste is due primarily to the fact that fluoride applied topically, support increased Read more [...]
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Prevention of dental fluoride

High biological activity has led to the study of trace elements sharing the latest in various physiological and pathological conditions, including the dental caries. Published data suggest that the imbalance of trace elements contributes to the development of experimental dental caries, while the introduction of the diet of individual trace elements leads to reduced disease animal caries. Cereals grown on different soils under different water supply, given unequal caries. Meanwhile, the dietary supplement natural food significantly reduced rates caries. Believe that the trace elements affect Read more [...]
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Fluorine and its compounds (hydrogen fluoride, chlorine trifluoride oxide, fluoride, etc.)

Used in organic synthesis, in the manufacture of refrigerant in liquid form as a component of rocket fuel. Hydrogen fluoride is a solvent for plastics, etc. All of these substances - strong oxidizing agents. Dissolve in water to form hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen fluoride and other compounds. Ignite wood, paper, textiles. Fire or explosion. When you exit the atmosphere from the liquid state (under pressure) smoke. In emergency situations, it may be formed unstable, high-speed local lesion. Especially the more dangerous heavy spray, vapor cloud contaminated at low temperature environment. Fluorine Read more [...]
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Toothpaste Part 2

read first This group includes medical and dental preventive pasta "Novelty-72" - one of the best home pastes for hygienic and medical indicators. Along with good cleaning, deodorizing and flavoring properties, it has a very favorable effect on the gum tissue. Toothpaste "Novelty-72" includes a range of biologically active substances, carotene, vitamins C, E, K, chlorophyll, and other components. It comes Moscow Cosmetic Association "Freedom." In 1976, the union has issued another new therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste "Extra", which consists of Read more [...]
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The effectiveness of toothpastes

read first Given the effectiveness of toothpastes containing phosphates, calcium and fluoride preparations, they were used in a clinical setting. Thus, numerous clinical studies have shown that the use of fluoride toothpaste gives some preventive effect, but according to different authors, it is very different. Foreign researchers use toothpaste with fluoride tin, sodium fluoride, monofluorophosphate and other drugs have reduced fluoride and dental caries in the range of 25 - 49%. Particularly good results have been obtained in children with controlled three times is brushing. The use of fluoride Read more [...]
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Organization of clinical examination of children with a dentist-6

Orthodontic care for children of health care offices and children living in an area served by the department, orthodontists have assigned to this treatment and territorial plot (Figure 1). This way of working has many benefits, not only to increase personal responsibility for the state of the local doctor in the area, but also responsibility of the physician-patient department for the overall quality of patient care and prevention in a health department; concretized volume and nature of the work projected attached orthodontist; revealed mutual interest in the integration of medical diagnostic and Read more [...]
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Hydrogen risk

For prolonged storage organophosphorous substances inside the sealed cavity, along with other decay products released in appreciable quantities of hydrogen fluoride. When it interacts with the iron of the product casing is an intensive formation of hydrogen - the substance is extremely reactive. Diatomic hydrogen forms compounds with all elements (except noble gases), soluble in metals and relatively easy to penetrate through them. [108] Since hydrogen fluoride is directly connected (even at a temperature of - 252 ° C). Account of such features of molecular hydrogen suggests [109] that in the Read more [...]
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