Proactively with the shooting in flight

Let's try to understand the values ​​of pre-emption, unchanged component when shooting at moving targets. This is usually most concerned and novice and experienced hunter. The value of true anticipation depends on two variables: the speed of flight goal (game) and time of delivery to the object sighting shot. And this value does not change any of the parameters, or by any means of firing. Another thing, what manner will solve the problem of the removal of the gun-ahead goal. Unlike the feedforward true, the value of visible dependent on the angle between the line of sight and Read more [...]
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Spring. shooting in flight

If a few decades ago, the main spring hunting, which had fire in flight, was part Rod Woodcock, now becoming more and more hunters posterech geese from ambush. Photos Michael Ireland / Dollar photo club In any case, according to the rules of hunting shelter is necessary that is often accompanied by certain difficulties of shooting in flight, sometimes from a very awkward position.But, following the assessment of the current centuries the prestige of spring hunting rifle, start a conversation with a woodcock. I hope that it is appropriate (or at least, interesting) to bring some Read more [...]
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The school shooting in flight

For several years I was able to shoot on the bench SBI Leningrad. Here I learned the importance of handiness gun for shooting accurately and quickly. Now shoot without thinking, although I believe that the most reliable shooting - shooting with the leash. All the guns I fit under my complexion length lodges - taking into account the length of the hands from the elbow to the middle of the index finger, was killed - given the distance from the eye to the collarbone, side discharge - taking into account the width of the chest. Photo by Ilya Antonyuk On the stand, having become acquainted Read more [...]
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On a constant anticipation

Shooting for the entry of a rifle hunter is not only a way to get the trophy, but also a certain "sports" component of hunting on a feather. Shot at a moving target, whether it is nimble snipe snipe or slow, weighty "straight" mallard or teal fidgety, would be quite simple if necessary to aim directly into the game.Photo by Sergey Fokin But without advancing purpose, ie taking anticipation, to get into a flying bird or a target is possible only in rare cases. It would be correct to say, you can get there without any apparent pre-emption, but always with the presence of true. The Read more [...]
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The shooting of ducks in flight

Hunting for waterfowl the most mass, but for many hunters only hunt in Peru. Weighty mallards, teals nimble, slender pintail, rapid Gogol - enviable trophies not only for the young but seasoned hunter, besides more interesting objects for shooting in flight.Photo Mukhamedshina Raphael In the excitement, and sometimes due to improperly matched cartridges, many hunters admit annoying mistakes, it would seem, in most cases true.The main types of duck hunting in August: in the morning and evening flights, marginally running hunting on flooded meadows and passable Bolotin and entrance Read more [...]
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Shooting in flight

Hunting rifles, ammunition, shooting in flight - the age-old discussion topics hunters. But no matter with what gun you went hunting and what ammunition in the trunk, each hunter-shooter must clearly understand what to do when a game. Many are skeptical smile, of course, shoot, and by and large they will be right, except that the result is not all be positive. Shooting in flight do not need to present as too complex, but also to simplify it to a simple press of the trigger can not be.Actions arrow divided into the following elements: grip (holding rifle), position of the legs, the position of the Read more [...]
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Record-Breaking Billow Escape

Someplace 'tween the modest bang of fetching off in your medium plane and comely fat and noted adequate to allot for spacefaring with Vestal Astronomic, Weltanschauung Enterprises plans to fling the alternative of drifting into the stratosphere affiliated to a inflate. Now the party is one footstep finisher to devising that a world. Subsequently a record-breaking essay fledge on Tuesday, Weltanschauung believes it leave be capable to get tourists 20 miles supra World for about fairly astonishing views by 2016.The Arizona-based spa touristry fellowship conducted a pocket-size flying exploitation Read more [...]
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Words mysterious rustling …

*** What is currently rushing river? Its thicker than water singing, free and easy, but not as a bird. No, knows nothing of the pore, spring and summer, what time in the yard, what century. *** Break out and flash again founded in memory of the code - prophetic words of the sacrament, invisible thoughts turn. Sounds scrapie together, silk thread tie thoughts of life routine proudly flying soul. Flash in always lit. disputes highlight, so as not wilted word mysterious rustling, thoughts inaudible language. *** And if it was, and vyave, and in fact, I heard that eh wrenching music herbs, complements Read more [...]
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What’s the outflank point-and-shoot camera?

A:I care the tardy, lamented Yashica T4 First-rate so often that I now own two of them. Plainly the outdo sub-$500 35-millimeter point-and-shoot of the preceding 10. Now, as you billet, Yashica has place with a replacement: the T4 Surge ($199 street cost). Ilk the T4 Superintendent, the Surge is a squeeze, nicely intentional camera with a hooligan al personify. Unfortunately, it seems to miss the Sup's quirky-but-useful waist-level finder, which you could use to aim the camera level if it was session on the land. But the Surge does suffer, same the Sup, a Zeiss lense: all meth (well-nigh point-and-shoots Read more [...]
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What are the 5 topper go apps?

FlightTrack App     Picture: Courtesy of MobiataA:FlightTrackYou’re perpetually topper served by having a standalone flying trailing app that’s soft to accession and leave update much and rapidly—that way, you can tap into your flying info as chop-chop as potential when you’re in a rushing. The trump of the cluster is FlightTrack. It follows domesticated and external flights, impressive you not lonesome the scheduled going and arriver multiplication, but besides when the skim really leaves the passing rod and when it volition really come. A map trailing the Read more [...]
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Survival in Space

Good day to all surviving! Came across an article about a month ago. He smiled, so I think now share to defuse the situation a bit amid the alarming publications. original article here (Hereinafter referred to uppercase my comment) How to survive in space. (Well it's what needs to happen and / or how to get drunk NEED TO Whew got there?) You never know where you would find the problem of survival in space, whether you're an astronaut future of flying in space, space tourist (A TKAIH AMONG read the vast majority of) modern epidemic on board, leaving Read more [...]
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U.S. Squad Kicks Off Skier

In one of the more distasteful reasons for firing from a sports squad due to behaviour violations, the U.S. Ski Squad kicked a phallus off its evolution team later he peed on an 12-year-old missy during a JetBlue flying from Portland to New York. The squad notified the AP of the dismission via netmail nowadays. Robert "Flaxen" Vietze, of Warren, Vermont, took the Wednesday fledge afterward a week-long education ingroup at Ride Hoodlum. He consumed six beers and two rum and colas ahead the flying and onetime during it stumbled respective rows before of his backside earlier relieving himself Read more [...]
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In Yashkino photographed asteroid

Resident of the village Yashkino captured glowing falling object. Countrywomen sure it was an asteroid. Heavenly body was seen on December 17 at 9.20. Worker District House of Culture, Olga Tokarev made photographs of the village for their group in social networks, when I saw a rare occurrence. A bright red stripe rushed to the ground at a sharp angle."Tool's got a camera, when she saw something in the sky flies - quoted Olga Tokarev information portal Yashkinskogo area. - Recently read somewhere that will be seen flying near Earth asteroid. I think that's what he was flying." Read more [...]
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Aviation ancient

Balazs Ismailov - last pilot, retired lieutenant colonel. Almost all his life, he served in the Far East. But it is his explicit side of life, and there is also a secret: he is interested in history, but in the broad sense of the word, and in the narrow. Ismailov interest aircraft antiquity, he examines them, collects all available information and, if possible, and travels to see for those in museums exhibits that attract his attention as a professional pilot. - How did the your hobby?- While serving in the Air, I could not help but think about what people did in the last century, when they Read more [...]
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The night before the explosion of a UFO flying over Chelyabinsk

In the night of 14 to 15 February on Chelyabinsk 3 UFO flying in the morning on the side where they were flying, it appeared that exploded over the city. Video sent us a resident of Chelyabinsk. In addition, unusual celestial phenomenon, anticipating an explosion fireball over the Urals, on the eve of February 15 saw many people in Kurgan. , Told Itar-Tass representative Railways Kurgan Vyacheslav Ovanesov, walking the dog in the evening, he saw "a wandering star, which then flew towards the airport, then back." "It was scary, because it was in complete silence, and a wandering Read more [...]
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In the table lay Andropov folder secrets aliens

Recalls assistant KGB Chairman Igor Sinitsyn. KGB showed not idle curiosity in UFOs and much earlier, when Yuri Andropov. Igor Sinitsyn was his assistant from 1973 to 1979. He is now completing work on the book "Andropov close. Reminiscences and Reflections of a time thaw and stagnation. " It has an interesting story about how the then members of the Soviet Politburo interested "flying saucers." An excerpt from the book, we offer readers today."One day, looking through the foreign press, I came in the popular West German weekly" Stern "in a series of articles Read more [...]
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Photographer captured an unidentified flying object in Death Valley

In mid-December, photographer Gavin Heffernan and his team endured extreme cold in Death Valley to get a beautiful time-lapse footage of dunes and stars. However, they did not expect the shot gets a strange flying object appeared in the night sky. According to them, they deliberately avoided the term UFO, as yet not sure exactly what they saw. Strange object made three broad range over the desert. According to witnesses, the object did not issue any sound, so it definitely was not a helicopter. Category: UFOs Read more [...]
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Our pilots encountered a UFO hundreds of times

Old story about the meeting of two of our passenger aircraft with an unidentified flying object remains a mystery. But experts are still alive, which were directly related to the investigation of such incidents. Meet Valery Postnikov, one of the most authoritative experts in the field of accident investigation. - Valery, you are in the Soviet time undertook a study of UFOs. Why? - In the early 80s I was assigned to a single State Research Institute of Aviation Research Institute near Moscow, where he was secretive department on anomalous phenomena. My task was to prepare certificates for Read more [...]
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UFO flying back in the crater of the volcano Popocatepetl

UFO again developed a hum from some unknown to anyone flying into and departure from the vent of the volcano Popocatepetl. The last time such an activity also triggered a devastating hurricane "Sandy" hit the United States.
Category: UFOs
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UFO stagnation of the early

One of the most prominent members of the Geographical Society of Israel, writer, artist, journalist, radio host and the same "age" boxer planet today tells of a very strange incident 45-year-old ... Gauja - a river with nature and mystical history. Photo: Gatis Pavils, Wikipedia Yefim Hammer, Jerusalem Was forty-five years, an eye opener Latvian media about unidentified flying objects seen in the sky over Liepaja, Ogre, Sigulda. Once this event shook the entire Soviet Union. But later, due to the incoming ban on the publication of such material, the story forgotten. Today, in his Read more [...]
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