About the sounds in all sorts of articles, watching until the end.

Show 2012. Project BLUE BEAM.avi 14:265 APR 2012 10:04|I like44 commentsArtem Ignatenko Crap what it is, for fools)5 APR 2012|1Sergey Chikurov Everyone has their own perspective and look at the world, and with fools and demand less)5 APR 2012|3Helen Adeyewa that's about ultrasonic waves is unadulterated truth.. control mentality in this way is confirmed 100% ( panic, contentment, nightmare etc)and tested on animals and on humans. about "Goal" naturally bent.. but that's about the justification of the use of nuclear weapons Read more [...]
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a little history..

Ancient Russian SWEAR words:Cultural Russian people do not swear, because in Russia a rich Mat has always been a marker of lower social classes. But if you need to swear that you SWEAR is True, RUSSIAN,not as dead kids global globalization.Seriously, we believe that our eternal Russian "visharada" or there "Indiga" penetrate even the most ordinary to battle individuals ;)Ancient Russian swear words:Adeul - Mockingbird, the scoffer.Baba vetrogony - foolish (Nar.)Balaba - RoHS, Razin (arch.)Balabolka the fool, moron, futileBelohvost - red tape (about a man) (dial.)Basali - snapper (from "bass" and Read more [...]
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I know this kite

The volume and quality of my loneliness in Kamenka determined air. If campuses sky is not perfectly, in the village, it is pressed to the ground. In winter it is more: The cold winter starry sky - everything - on the earth in the snowdrifts, in the gardens, on the silver fences on the roofs of sheepskin on the crystal and mica windows on tyazheleyuschih cilia on zyabnuschih shoulders. Sky everywhere - light, glistening, white, tall and chills ... summer - is another matter: the sky is off the ground, stuck in the trees and hard tack-free water, and therefore entirely leaked upwards - to the place Read more [...]
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Sketch Atmosphere colored bottle glass - of early autumn only there are rains. Someone is sure to bring to you the milk. Turn around, my dear - so - for a moment, do not go away - devchenka, mother, muse, anyone else - it's like - I promise to live for four winters. Do not move, obsession is at the moment will pass, and if you can, please Do not go away. Lake Soar Andrew Permiakov Hunt, hunt to write a poem about summer, about the evil motorboat, about good pike. Lake, boat and fish go into the reeds, leaving no sound. Only and will be - silver hollow rumble afternoon fog over Baikal dumb Zaton Read more [...]
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Sally on Rzhevskij art. polygon (that part)

jogging, propryzhka crawled and povtrechalas me here such monstrous thingbut it turned out that it'snext is another art. setting, but it did not go because I far from it noticed strange movementThat's what I was found in nearby bushes, seen bad, but believe me, it's the head part of the projectilefound tightly sealed bunker helpfulwere later discovered more interesting findings is what stands in one of the boxeson the spot decided to bitein the next box I met here this beautyif I am not mistaken it is "penny", but what's insidehere were a few cars to ensure, that Read more [...]
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Quotes of the Strugatsky brothers

The superior man wants to leave on a world other than the one in which he appeared, - the best, enriched his own creativity. For this, he is willing to sacrifice much of joy or even the pleasures that ordinary people enjoy. Strugatsky brothers, "Burdened evil" No one knows who first discovered water, but it certainly did not fish.Every person are mixed a little of everything, and life is squeezing out something one of the mixture to the surface.No, no matter how honest, intelligent and honest man can not change the structure. Structure itself it will bend, flatten, driving under.Feat Read more [...]
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