Edifice a Improve Helmet

    Exposure: Chris PhilpotHigh-velocity shoetree collisions to terrain-park wipeouts Since the other Nineties, helmet figure hasn’t changed often: it’s essentially expanded polystyrene froth (EPS) stuffed indoors a polycarbonate case, intentional to defy a unity major impingement. But that’s ever-changing. Cogwheel manufacturers birth been gushing millions of dollars into underdeveloped new technologies that may palliate impacts capable 60 percentage wagerer than ceremonious helmet designs. Among those starring the tutelage is the snow-sports manufacture, which Read more [...]
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"It is such a new year's news, this little secret. You know that not so long ago we pulled the boat one of the newest, nuclear cruiser. And at this point began to play on duty missiles mine home last generation", - Putin said at the meeting with members of the government. In mo, it was reported that the Russian Navy took in the combat composition of the second nuclear submarine of project 955 "Borey" under the title "Alexander Nevsky" ( photo) http://ria.ru/defense_safety/20131223/985832962 .htmlAccording to the plans of the Navy, strategic submarines of this project Read more [...]
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Turkestan Front

Turkestan Front military unit of the Red Army. Formed directive Commander on Aug 11. 1919 Regular. from the right-flank of army units of the Eastern Front 1-st and the 4 th and the newly formed 14 August. 11th Army (it included part of operating in the vicinity of Astrakhan). August 25. Front Command also were subject to all the Red army, cut off from the main forces in Turkestan. Front Commander was appointed (August 15). Frunze. Headquarters until January. 1920 was in Samara, then in Tashkent. Frunze as commander was to Sep 10. 1920, ie in the period of the most significant fighting. In the Read more [...]
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PERM DISASTER defeat owls. troops in the district of Perm (29 11.1918 06.01.1919) as a result of implementation of the plan white com. (Prick. Commander V.G.Boldyreva from 10.09.1918) to connect to the forces of gene la E.K.Millera S. and traffic on Moscow. The task entrusted to the Siberian arm. (Com. P.P.Ivanov-Rhinow), Ch. blow inflicted ECAT. group (com. R.Gayda), the role of distraction and Bound level assigned Perm. group (com. S.N.Voytsehovsky) total 68.5 thousand. bayonets, 5.2 thousand. sabers, 230 machine guns, 70 guns. They were opposed by units of the 2nd Army Eastern. fr., 5th Level., Read more [...]
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Dmitry Lebedev Antonovich

Dmitry Lebedev Antonovich (1883-1921), in Russian. mil. figure, gene-l-Major (1918). Outcast. first world. War, Colonel. Participated in the speech gene la L.G.Kornilova, formation and operations of the Volunteer arm. in the south of Russia. In 1918, Denikin for communication sent to Omsk, made friends with AVKolchak. Took part in the coup on November 18 1918, appointed early. the headquarters staff of the Supreme glavnokom. all land and naval forces of Russia. Concurrently. Military min., actually directed the actions of arm. Kolchak. In August. 1919, after the failure of a planned together with Read more [...]
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KOLCHAK Alexander

KOLCHAK Alexander (04 (16) .11.1874, Obukhov steel zd near the St. Petersburg. 02.07.1920, Irkutsk), in Russian. scientist and oceanographer, explorer, admiral, is watered. figure, the leader of the White movement, the Supreme Ruler of Russia, Admiral (1918), a full member of. Imperial geogr. Society Islands. Noble family of naval artillery officer. He graduated from the Naval Cadet Corps (1894). In 1900-1904 participated in two polar expeditions. Outcast. the Russo-Japanese War, com. destroyer, artillery batteries at Port Arthur. He was wounded and captured. Upon his return from Japan led the Read more [...]
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The Russian Civil War (1917-1922)

CIVIL WAR in Russia (1917-1922) was caused by the aggravation of the profound contradictions watered. and Social-Economy. nature in the absence of traditions of compromise between the warring parties and the growing influence of extremist forces. Actual beginning. GV appeared in October. events of 1917. To beg. GV stage W. typical coverage was open armed hostilities only fin., preim. Cossack districts. In Orenbah. attempt by the Bolsheviks to seize power by force of arms in the middle. Nov. 1917 was foiled by the actions of army Prospect Island in Sec. Ataman A.I.Dutovym. To help the local Bolsheviks Read more [...]
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GOLIKOV Philip I. (17 (29) .07.1900, der. Borisov Coorg. Region. 29.07.1980, Moscow), participation. CET. War on W., the commander, Marshal of the Soviet. Union (1961). Since June 1918 Heavy 1st ri Red Eagles 1st Level. SD. As part of the 29th SD participated in the fighting on D and in Siberia. After civil. war participation. suppression of the cross. recovery. in Ufa Province. He graduated from the Military Acad. im. Frunze (1933). Since July 1940 the deputy. Chief Gen. Staff, Chief of Chap. Intelligence Agency, the gene-l-Lieutenant. In the early years. WWII led the Owls. military mission in Read more [...]
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Wojciechowski Sergey

Wojciechowski Sergey (16 (28) .1883, Vitebsk Province. July 1951), in Russian. commander, General al-Lieutenant (1919). Of the officer's family. He graduated from the General Staff Academy (1912). Outcast. first world. War, Colonel. In 1917-18 Chief of Staff of the 1st Czechoslovak Division, an active participant. uprising against the Bolsheviks. In the summer of 1918 he commanded Chelyaba. and ECAT. group of Czechs in October. December. Samara group of troops. Since January. 1919 headed the 2nd Corps Ufa, from late May Ufa group in July 1919 with the 2nd Siberian army since Jan. 1920 Commander. Read more [...]
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Oviform vs. Operative: Like Exercising?

    Exposure: Maridav, bikeriderlondon/ShutterstockA:Low, cognise that your worry is not wild. Explore has shown that novitiate runners with a BMI of 25 or higher get a higher jeopardy of wound than their barge counterparts, potential because the excess pounds growth hob forces on your torso. Falling your BMI beneath 25 can diminution your hazard of trauma by 10 percentage.If it’s early in your breeding, say foursome or fewer months out, subbing the egg-shaped for one or two runs a workweek patch you fall approximately pounds is o.k., says Dr. Lavatory Porcari, an employment Read more [...]
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Head for the Hills!

    Picture: Instance by Scratch ToddON JUNE 26, the heads of the humanity's eighter major industrialised democracies—the G8 nations—testament encounter in the outside repose of Kananaskis Settlement, Alberta, a pip on the map in the centre of a 1,544-square-mile wild in the Canadian Rockies. Though Kananaskis is blossom greensward for the bigwigs to get around wise deal air, the outside recede is too a innate fort that acme organizers trust testament blockade the dreadlocked antiglobalization warriors who hurry the gates at virtually every big-think assemblage, Read more [...]
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Military Dog Captured by Taliban

A military dog has allegedly been captured by the Taliban. According to the Washington Spot, an person who distributes Taliban propaganda posted a telecasting to Chitter that shows the creature enchained by armed Taliban fighters.A Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, told the Place that the dog carries the place of colonel. "The dog was of eminent meaning to the Americans," Mujahid told the paper. "The mujahidin valiantly put yob impedance against the soldiery for hours."According to the BBC, the men in the television say the dog was captured abaft a foray by U.S. Read more [...]
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Edgar Cayce on the origin and destiny of man

This article is a translation of statements Casey on the origin and destiny of man.Questions are marked with (B), Casey said - a symbol (O).(B) Is the Darwinian theory of human evolution right or wrong? Give an answer that will enlighten people about evolution.(D) The man was created in the beginning, as the lord of those elements, which have been prepared on the earth plane for his needs. When this plan was so that people could maintain its forces and conditions, a man appeared, not from what has already been created, but as lord of all that has been created, and the man was all that was in Read more [...]
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Japan is exploring options for a war with China

As announced on January 8 target group of liberal Democratic Party of Japan on defense, military budget could be increased to 100 billion yen ($ 1.15 billion). Three of the five scenarios considered by the Ministry of Defense recently, the SDF contains a commitment to take action against the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Although among the possible factors discussed North Korean ballistic missiles, and Russia, the three primary scenarios include the crisis in the East China Sea. The first scenario involved the war between China and Japan over disputed islands Diaoyutai / Senkaku Islands Read more [...]
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The French are entering a new colonial adventures. At this time in Mali.

Let's start with the official reports, intended for "the world community", "France intends to contribute to the cessation of terrorism, which threatens not only Mali and Africa, but threatens both France and Europe," - said French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ero. French military operation in Mali aimed at regaining control of legitimate authority over those areas of the country that are captured by radical Islamists, including groups linked to al-Qaeda. Operation "Serval" French armed forces began on 11 January with a view to stop the advance of the extremists towards Read more [...]
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Russia sent to the coast of Syria landing ship

Russia sent to the eastern Mediterranean large landing ship (LST) Russian Black Sea Fleet "San Francisco." He is heading for the item logistics of the Russian Navy, located in the Syrian port of Tartus, "Interfax" referring to the military-diplomatic source. "On Monday," San Francisco "took on board several military vehicles and special forces units. On Wednesday, the ship safely crossed the Bosporus and the Dardanelles and today went to the operating room in the Aegean Sea, "- said the source agency. Currently, in the Mediterranean Sea is a detachment Read more [...]
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Military U.S. and France are prepared to protect storage of chemical weapons from Syrian rebels

Elite units of the armed forces of France and the United States are on the Jordanian-Syrian border, preparing for a possible intervention in Syria, in the event of the fall of President Bashar al-Assad to protect stocks of chemical weapons at the hands of Islamists.The command of the French Foreign Legion in the past months repeatedly departing from Jordan to Syria scout to gather information. To camouflage the soldiers of the elite French army units carried out, presumably, protect the field hospital for refugees located in the Jordanian city of Mafraq.Specially trained for combat in the desert Read more [...]
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U.S. Department of Defense report: Without the help of the NATO Afghan army will not be able to resist the Taliban

The Pentagon was disappointed in the Afghan army, without the United States, it will not be able to resist the Taliban. U.S. Department of Defense has submitted a report in which the state of the Afghan army is estimated extremely pessimistic. So, Pentagon experts concluded that of the 23 teams that are available today in the armed forces of Afghanistan, only one is able to conduct operations independently - without air, rear, intelligence and other support from the NATO forces. These conclusions confirm the fears that after the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2014, the Afghan army will be hard Read more [...]
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Romania withdrew some of its diplomats from Damascus

Romanian ambassador in Damascus, as well as most of the embassy staff moved to Beirut in response to concerns about the level of security in the Syrian capital. "From December 7, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reduced the number dippersonala Romanian Embassy in Damascus for security reasons" - said in a statement, Foreign Minister of Romania.Most of the embassy staff moved to Lebanon, where they will monitor the situation in Syria and if necessary, provide consular services. According to Reuters, the Syrian Embassy in Bucharest is working normally.The conflict, which broke out in Read more [...]
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Books: The Dumbo Composite

Out-of-door cartridge, June 1995Books: The Dumbo CompositeBy Miles HarveyWhen Elephants Cry: The Aroused Lives of Animals, by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan McCarthy (Delacorte Imperativeness, $23.95). In what mightiness be considered a virtually idiosyncratic playscript, controversial Freud learner Masson teams up with skill author McCarthy in an assay to establish that animals are open of a large-minded reach of emotions. Regaling thereader with Read more [...]
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