Novice poplavochniku

Part IIIPhoto by the author The snap float rods hook are important and essential details such as carbine swivel and stoppers. Here's talk about their size rooms hooks and numbering, as well as how to knit fishing units and debug right tackle.The hook identify the following parts: the head, the forearm and lift and sting. Tie the line to the head; The head can be in the form of a ring or spatula and is bent inwardly to sting, or vice versa. Forearm mainly determines the height of the hook. Having hooked located between the tip and the gun. For maximum catchability hook must Read more [...]
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Left hand on the forearm

One of the commandments-not to move the entry of firing the gun for the purpose of his hands. Gets off the line of sight, opens rib, comb butt off on the cheek, recoil pad is displaced or partially othoditot shoulder. Photo by Sergey Fokin By «the classical formula» hand arrow is given a relatively passive role in the shooting process: raising the gun to shoulder with the exact «hit» butt plate in the shoulder and bring the sighting to the level of the target track. All the rest is the work of the body shot to the shoulder and lumbar belt carry Rotate (move) Read more [...]
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Rifle suffering

Photo by the author FAILED MOUNT BUTTMost rifles TOZ production, including TOZ-34, have a mounting block to the gun butt by a wedge located on the underside of the trigger guise. The very mask pulled up by a screw, screwed into the threaded shank pads. Metal wedge thus interacts with a return bevel tree neck butt, providing a compound of the metal and wooden parts of the rifle. Vibration shot, carrying the load on the belt, the dynamic load vskidyvaniem guns lead to the tree at the point of interaction with the wedge dominates appears shat between the trunks and lodge. Shat found Read more [...]
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Reliable vertikalka

Since childhood, my favorite toys were handmade crafts at "arms." First, cut from the board guns, then a bow and arrow and poserznee - samopaly. And only in war games. We are the children of war. None of the boys did not like to play for the "Krauts", but had to be chosen by lot. Also, we tried every possible way to decorate your "weapon".Photo by Anton Zhuravkova After the return of his father and older brother from the front of the number of guns in the home has increased since they were hunters. They were joined by the middle brother. I always looked forward to their return Read more [...]
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• Arm forearm armpit.The enemy storming direct or descending blow to the head [1]. Defensively both hands, get out of band attacks a turn and clamp the elbow of the opponent's armpit. If tight control is not achieved and the opponent pulls the hand, twist the brush and make a throw. With a reliable control of the little finger of the hand of the enemy is at the top, and the elbow is oriented upward. Now for you rather make a step forward, to pull the opponent: he is in your power.• Reverse arm forearm armpit. The enemy strikes from the outside either direct [2]. Get out of band attacks inside Read more [...]
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Communication gestures

This topic is, sooner or later, it becomes an interesting and in some ways even more important for the players in airsoft, paintball, hardbol and more. But do not forget that the ability to correctly and clearly and silently communicate with gestures can be very helpful and far from the game conditions and situations. So, I suggest to learn the basic gestural commands and their values."Attention" - Putting up his hand, fingers, palms together Team for all - Circular movement of the forearm over his head, fingers palms together Total collection - Vertical movement Read more [...]
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Disarticulation forearm

Disarticulation forearm produced instead of amputation shoulder, often in military field. Prosthetics rotation axis artificial elbow joint is located below the axis of rotation to the opposite side. The operation usually produces a circular manner. Lower joint space by 1/6 of the circle elbow circular slit cut through the skin with subcutaneous fat and superficial fascia. The projection of the joint space on the front surface of the joint is given by the broken line A. The horizontal part corresponds to the gap of the radial head, and angled-slit on the coronoid process. The top point of the Read more [...]
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Typical errors in the treatment of fractures of the forearm

When not close examination fails to detect damage to the nerves, tendons, dislocation of the radial head and the head of the ulna fracture Montedzhi and Galeazzi. Erroneous multiple attempts at conservative reposition the interposition of soft tissues. Fractures that can not be an attempt to reposition the case of double or have a tendency to secondary displacement in the cast are subject to surgery. Inattention to patient complaints to compression of a plaster cast, movement disorder and the sensitivity of fingers, edema, cyanosis or pallor brush threatening pressure sores (see) or the development Read more [...]
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Injuries to the shoulder girdle and upper limb in athletes

Damage to the shoulder girdle and upper limbs are 18.30% of all injuries of the musculoskeletal system of athletes and presented in Table. 3. Table 3. Localization of injuries of shoulder girdle and upper limb in athletes Localization of injuries Number Percentage Injuries to the clavicle and acromioclavicular joint Injuries and Diseases of the shoulder joint Shoulder injury Damage to the elbow Fractures of the forearm Damage wrist Injuries brush 266 424 186 351 122 164 524 13,07 20.81 9.13 17.23 5.99 8.05 25.72 Total: 100.00 2037Fractures of the clavicle Dislocations collarbone Dislocations Read more [...]
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Injuries to the forearm

Injuries to the forearm the athletes are most often represented fractures, acute injuries of muscles and tendons, as well as injuries. Acute injuries are the most common and account for about 58%, chronic traumatic diseases - about 42% (which is often chronic mioentezity, ie diseases of the muscles and tendons). The specifics of injuries and diseases of the forearm shows Table. 5. Table 5: The nature of injuries and diseases No. of Acute injuries:           fractures           injured             bruises      muscle injury Chronic diseases:          Read more [...]
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Rupture of the distal biceps tendon

Rupture of the distal biceps tendon seen in gymnasts with great sports experience and coaches. Tendon comes off in his attachment to the tuberosity radiation bone at a sharp blow to the front of the forearm. Symptoms. At the time of rupture patient notes a sharp pain and a characteristic crack, there is a weakness in the hand, swelling of the anterior surface of the elbow joint, and later extensive haemorrhage. During inspection and palpation determined retraction in the region of the distal biceps tendon, muscle is slightly shifted upwards. Although the range of motion of the elbow is almost Read more [...]
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Diaphyseal fractures of both bones of the forearm

Fractures diaphysis both bones of the forearm result from direct trauma or a fall on the outstretched hand. Both bones are broken at the same level. Symptoms. In the fracture strain due to bending is determined by the longitudinal axis of the forearm. In the place of the fracture is swelling, observed abnormal mobility and bone fragments bone crunch. Fractures of the forearm without bias harder to recognize. At the site of the fracture is usually a swelling. Marked pain on palpation. Radiographs clarify the diagnosis. Fig. 11. Comminuted fracture diaphysis of the radius (the state after Read more [...]
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Errors and complications in fractures of the forearm

Improper transport immobilization of forearm fractures in the upper and middle thirds of the elbow without the seizure may cause the displacement of bone fragments, soft tissue trauma and neurovascular bundle. Insufficiently attentive examination of the function of fingers and sensitivity of such fractures may be the cause of delayed diagnosis of nerve damage. Removal of the cast until the bone fusion - Rough bug, leading to nonunion fractures, education deformation (bending), pain, formation of false joints, which eliminates the possibility of sports and can cause permanent disability. Lack of Read more [...]
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Dislocations forearm

In the practice of sports traumatology most common rear dislocations of the forearm (Up to 90% of all elbow dislocations) arising at the time of the fall on a straightened arm at the elbow. Symptoms. The elbow distorted with swelling and bleeding. Forearm is in the extension of a fixed part (120-140 °) and slightly pronated. Movement impossible. Leverage seems elongated and forearm - Shortened. The tip of the olecranon is 2-3 cm above the condyles of the shoulder. Defined symptom springy resistance. The first step is to conduct X-ray examination and immediately send the patient to a specialized Read more [...]
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Fractures of the forearm

Fractures of the forearm divided into the following three groups. 1. Intra-articular fractures of the elbow: a) fracture of the olecranon, and b) fractures of the head and neck of the beam, c) fractures and detachments of the coronoid process ulnar bone. 2. Diaphyseal forearm fractures: a) fractures of both bones of the forearm, and b) an isolated fracture of the shaft of the ulna without dislocation and dislocation of the radial head, and c) an isolated fracture diaphysis of the radius without dislocation and dislocation of the head ulnar bone. 3. Fractures of the lower end of the radius: Read more [...]
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Fractures of the radius bone of the forearm in a typical place

Fractures of the radius in a typical place (Fig. 17) up to 70% of forearm fractures and 10% of all fractures in general. They are metaepifizarnym fractures and often combined with simultaneous fracture of styloid process of the ulna. Fractures occur from a fall on the outstretched arm forward or hit the palm. The most common extensor fracture Number of forest, less flexion fracture Smith. The latter occurs when falling on the dorsum of the hand or on impact. Possible fractures without displacement (crack, impacted fracture) and offset. Fracture plane passes by 1-2 cm proximal to the lower Read more [...]
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Fractures of the head and neck of the radial forearm

Fractures of the head and neck radiation bones are more common in the fall on an outstretched hand. At the same time, simultaneous elevation of cartilage damage capitate humerus. Distinguish between cracks and fractures of the head without bias, marginal fractures with displacement, trimmed fracture head (Fig. 9). Isolated fractures usually occur in children 8 - 12 years, breaking a head found in them is extremely rare. The diagnosis is based on the presence of swelling and tenderness in the head radius, limitation of active and passive movements (often with delicate notes bone crunching). Read more [...]
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Diaphyseal fracture of the radial head dislocation with ulnar forearm

Fracture diaphysis of the radius with dislocation of the head ulnar bone (fracture Galeazzi) often occurs as a result of indirect trauma, accompanied by rupture of the ligaments in the lower radioulnar articulation and often fractured ulnar styloid ulna. In addition to the symptoms characteristic of a fracture of the radius, there is swelling and pain in the head ulna. The distal end of the latter is shifted to the back or side of the palm, easy to reduce a pressure-sensitive, but once again pops up. Reduction - as in fractures of both bones of the forearm. Cast latching and radial-ulnar carpal Read more [...]
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Damage to the elbow

Elbow injuries are accompanied by bleeding into the surrounding soft tissue, mucous bag, as well as in the joint cavity. Often there is the ulnar nerve injury, which is accompanied by sharp pains radiating to the IV and V fingers. Sometimes bruised elbow synovitis complicated, chronic traumatic bursitis, ulnar neuritis, myositis ossificans, limiting movement in the joint. Sprains of the elbow occur when its excessive extension (while playing tennis, the exercises performed with weights, etc.), followed by a break capsule hemarthrosis. Treatment for bruises and sprains: immobilization with a Read more [...]
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Damage to the forearm

Closed injuries of soft tissues of the forearm (mostly injuries) are recognized and treated by the general rules (see Injury). Nerve damage - see above. Soft tissue injuries forearm are of great importance if the wound penetrates the aponeurosis. In the small cross section of the forearm is placed a large number of various anatomical structures that lie in close proximity, especially in the distal third of the forearm. Therefore injured P., especially firearms, many more than any other segment of the injured upper limb lead to serious violations of functions, mainly due to the development of Read more [...]
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