Trees are growing faster

The forests of the North American Atlantic coast increased annual biomass growth. During the year they gain already 3.4 tons more than they should. On climate change, forests meet the increasing growth. This conclusion was made by environmentalists Smithsonian Center for Environmental Studies (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center). Statement is true, at least for the mixed forests of the eastern Atlantic coast of North America.Jeffrey Parker (Geoffrey Parker), forest ecologist, began to study the growth rate of trees in 1987. On the east coast of the Chesapeake Bay, south-east Read more [...]
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Chazhenka (Charzhenka) — the river flowing through the territory of the Leningrad region of Russia.

Chazhenka (Charzhenka) - the river flowing through the area of ​​the Leningrad region of Russia. Chazhenka is a left tributary of the River Volkhov. It refers to the Baltic Basin District, Ladoga lake and river basin Volkhov. River flows Chazhenka from north-west to south-east. Originates in horticulture Pupyshevo Volkhov district of Leningrad region. 1 km from the village Chazheshno, the river flows into the Volkhov. Localities. River flows entirely in the Volkhov area. At the source of the river taken Pupyshevo gardening. In the middle reaches on the river is the village of Volkovo. In the Read more [...]
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Hantemanskiysky region

KMAO formed on young Epipaleozoic West Siberian plate. Foundation slab is a huge depression with steep eastern and north-eastern and a gentle southern and western sides. It is composed of igneous rocks (granite, diabase, etc..), Volcanic tuff and in varying degrees of metamorphic rocks (gneisses, schists different), formed in the Paleozoic and pre-Paleozoic time. Basement rocks are deformed into complex folds and faults crossed the north-east and north-west. For these faults some parts of blocks of the foundation raised, the other went down. As a result of tectonic movements of the foundation blocks Read more [...]
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Teploukhov Alexander E.

Teploukhov Alexander E. (12.8.1811, p. Karagaj Solikamsky y. Perm. Lip. 18.04. 1885 s.Ilinskoe Solikamsky y. Perm. Lip.), In Russian. forester, an archaeologist. Rod. family serf paramedic Countess S.V.Stroganovoy. Graduated from two-year Ilinskoe School (1824), St. Petersburg. Stroganov school with / x and Mining Sciences (1830); served in St. Petersburg. office Stroganoff; trained in Tarandskoy Forest Acad. in Germany (1833-1838). Received his freedom (1839) and taught at the St. Petersburg Forestry. school with / x and Mining Sciences (1839-1847). Since 1847, Ch. forester, from 1864 to 1875 Read more [...]
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Northern Urals. Flora and Fauna

North Ural Region dense taiga forests, tall subalpine meadows and marshes. The vegetation of the Northern Urals is very diverse. Only in taiga forests, there are about 200 species of higher plants, of which 28 species of trees and shrubs. Individual ranges of the Northern Urals, rising above the surrounding plains to 1000—1,500 m altitude, have a distinct shift of vertical vegetation zones. Adjacent plains to the mountains covered with dense coniferous forests and taiga. To the west of the Urals crude taiga, with thick moss soil. To the north, in the basins of Shchugor, Podcherem, Ilych and Read more [...]
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North oasis

A few years ago in the national museum of Ural campsite Lysva I saw an old photo. Column guys Orchestra led a solemn procession somewhere. Curiously looking at her adult. Processes to meet the low stooping people in uniform cap and a cane in his hand. Pictures, perhaps, fifty or sixty years. - It is filmed on the opening day of our park, explained to me the organizer of the museum, the old lysvenets Mikhail Sibiryakov.- Have you heard about it? The famous park! Must see. On the park, I heard something before. Those who had seen it told about this "northern oasis" downright admiration. As we do Read more [...]
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Polar Urals. Flora and Fauna

The vegetation of the Polar Urals is very diverse: in the southern part, especially in the Urals, -taezhnye forests consisting mainly of larch and spruce. On the plains of Urals larch replaces birch and fir sites. Among the abundant forest moss and sedge-moss bogs, which grows abundantly in blueberries, blueberries and cloudberries. In summer, the spruce taiga gloomy, stuffy smell of rot and damp, many trees withered on the vine; moss everywhere - on land, on the trunks and branches of trees. Hard to go through the taiga: gray-green pieces of moss and swirls cling to clothing, wet moss buried feet. Read more [...]
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Features Travel to the Middle Urals

Terrain features, minerals. Geological processes and glaciation of the Earth defined modern relief of the Middle Urals. The western part of it occupied by low Ural Mountains and Zauralskaya hill, east is represented by plain, which is part of the vast West Siberian Lowland. The most south-east takes Ufa plateau at 450 - 500 m, heavily dissected by river valleys and folded strata of soluble rocks (limestone, dolomite). Elevated part of the Middle Urals are ridges higher axial strip. On the tops of the mountains seen buttes composed of strong rocks: quartzite, gabbro. Especially picturesque granite Read more [...]
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Lake Baltim

Baltim is one of the most popular summer resort of Sverdlovsk. Lake 20 miles on Verkhoturye tract. Here from the forecourt of the city runs regular bus. Getting off on the 18-kilometer outside the village Baltim and turning left on a good road, after 3 km you will arrive at South the lake shore. On Sundays in the summer there is a bus from the square of the First five years on the Uralmash. His final stop on the 22nd kilometer Verkhoturye tract. Here, on the northeastern shore of the reservoir summer recreation Uralmashzavod, Uralelectrotyazhmash, trust Shakespeariana. The bus runs from the city Read more [...]
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Lashman one of the groups state. cross. Vyatka, Orenbah., Kazan Province. Preim. Tatars, Mordvinians, Chuvash, partly inhabitants of Rus. s. and village. of the same mouth. Decree of 31 January. 1718 are assigned procurement and delivery of ship forests for the fleet. The hardships of this kind guilt compounded by the fact that LA had to be away from their place of residence at a distance of 300 to 1,000 miles. LA suffered from harassment and officials. L. exempt from recruiting and others. Duties. Originally L. worked for free; 1774 was appointed board foot for 10 kopecks. night, horse 16 kopecks. Read more [...]
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Landscapes of the eastern slopes of Urals

Ural mountain range stretches from north to south along the western boundary of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. It is the southern part of the Subpolar and the northern tip of the Northern Urals. Polar Ural extends between the upper reaches of Khulga and Yatriya (270 km). The research is the highest point of the ridge of the Urals – Mount Narodnaya (1898 m). Extends parallel to the peoples-Itinsky ridge with heights – 1200-1500 m. East are replaced by flat-topped plateau arrays Moscow Society of Naturalists, with elevations of 800-900 m, and ranges south of Magna-Nyrd, Hobe-Out, Read more [...]
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Mountain and Lake Arakul

At 95 kilometers south of Sverdlovsk, on the eastern slope of the Ural mountain range, between two powerful mountain ranges, located in the beautiful countryside mountain lake Arakul. To reach it, you must take a train to Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk siding Strong and go east 7 miles. From the west to the lake falls vertically stretching the whole kilometer rocky Arakulskaya Mountain, called the local population wild stone (575 m), Cross the bridge to the left bank of the river Great Mauk flowing near the junction Strongman, you will find yourself on a wide clearing, leaving the hill to the lake Arakul. Range Read more [...]
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Vagilsky edge

Etc.. Sos'va - pos. New Vagil (boating the Sosva and Lozvy) - pos. Fog (by Vagilskoy narrow gauge) - Lake Vagilskie fogs - der. Zaozernaya - on p. Vagil - der. Ust-Vagilskaya (at p. Tavda). The route length of 190 km, duration 9 days. Season: June - August. 350 km north of Sverdlovsk, in Garinsky area of ​​endless green forests of the sea, the rivers and Lozvy Pelym, there is a group of shallow lakes - Vagilskih fogs. Of them originates Vagil river, a left tributary of Tavda. Vagilya pool, covering an area of ​​3.4 thousand square meters. km - the land hunting, fishing, fishing pine Read more [...]
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In the lower reaches Chusovoi

Tourists have some time, can extend the route to the mouth and down the Chusovoi Kama to Perm. This part of the journey is interesting in historical terms. First Russian capitalists here began to colonize and conquer the Urals and Siberia land. In the lower reaches Chusovoi laid the present and future of the Soviet Urals oil. The boat sails past the low shores, swamps, meadows. Occasionally turn black rocks, limestones whiten. In the vicinity of the beautiful lush forests. If in the mountainous part Chusovoi dominated by conifers: pine, spruce, Siberian cedar, larch, in the lower reaches more Read more [...]
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From burning forests in Bashkiria ran bears

Residents of the village of Sigevo Beloretsky region still cannot forget the nightmare in which they have lived for almost two weeks. Who benefits from the fires? Scenic ridge Kraka, which have always been pleased with the local population and tourists for a couple of days turned into a burning volcano, threatening to destroy everything in its path. - First, we saw that smokes the top of the ridge. With each passing hour the fire gained momentum and went down lower and lower. To extinguish the fire began when he came quite close, is remembered with horror by the villagers. Fire in Beloretsk Read more [...]
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What are the top leash sea kayaking destinations in the Midwest?

Kayaking in the Apostle Islands     Photograph: mfairlady/FlickrA:Thither’s an old locution that clichés are clichés for a reasonableness. That applies to outside destinations likewise. Moab is a equitation cliché, but you distillery won’t receive improve slickrock anyplace else. The Gunks are a climb cliché, but they fulfill their repute. In the vitrine of Midwestern flatwater paddling, the near far-famed floater—Envisioned Rocks, the Apostle Islands, and the Bound Waters—real are the pm places to coggle. For those of you who are Read more [...]
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Annually from the face of the Earth disappear forest area equal to the area of Greece

Experts from the world wildlife Fund (WWF) announced in Berlin recent results of studies on the condition of forests on our planet. According to them, every year on Earth disappear forests with a total area of about 13 million hectares, which is comparable in area to the territory of such state as Greece, according to AMI-TASS. More than 90% of all disappearing from the face of the Earth's forests are tropical deforestation. The main cause of tropical deforestation — the development of agricultural activities and the release of land for agriculture. For example, in Brazil, are exempt Read more [...]
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The area of forest fires in Russia per day increased by 5 thousand hectares

on may 13. Forest fires in Russia are gaining momentum. During the day, their area has increased by five thousand hectares. Complicated situation in Siberia, Yakutia and the far East. In the MOE warn: fire threatens forests of the Moscow and Yaroslavl regions. And Ural rescuers had to cope with serious fire in the nature reserve \"pripyshminskie forests\". It took almost a day. The fire occurred on the unique forest from two sides at once, so we had to involve not only professional calculations, but volunteers - residents of neighboring villages, their homes were in danger. As a result, people Read more [...]
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The amounts of deforestation in the Amazon region has doubled in the last year

According to satellite observations for the period from August 2010 to April 2011 volume deforestation of the Amazon forest has doubled compared with a year earlier. The lion's share of deforestation falls on the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. So in April of this year in this region were cut 243 km2 forests that 537% more than in 2010! In total, from August 2010 to April 2011 were cut 1755 km2 the forests. Large-scale deforestation also leads to intensive erosion processes. Without a doubt rapid economic development in Brazil will contribute to further deforestation. Deforestation of the Amazon Read more [...]
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Forest fires in Siberia and the far East not depart

20.06.2011. Over the weekend, the area of forest fires in the far East have almost doubled. Still the most difficult situation in Yakutia. But in the Amur region and Khabarovsk territory to fight the fire helps nature — there are torrential rains, TV channel «Russia-24». Meanwhile, in Siberia during the day, extinguished 66 fires, including a large, General area 5657,2 hectare. Firefighters continue to struggle with 111 seats of fire that engulfed 3635,9 hectare of forest area. By morning they were able to localize 47 fires on the area 1967,4 hectares reported in the Siberian Read more [...]
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