Tornado — India, USA, Russia, Australia

Tornado in India, 18 SeptemberHail and tornadoes in Kansas, September 15,Tornado in Surgut, September 14,\"Alternately formed up to three tornado - managed to shoot at the same time the formation of two. Last year in the month of September in the same area, the formation of such a tornado.\" Tornado in the Voronezh region, September 14,Tornado, Samara region, September 19,The birth of a tornado in Athens,Tornado on the East Australia, 14 September Read more [...]
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Tornado in Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, Philippines, Poland, USA

Tornado in Mexico, Equate, September 23Tornado in Vittuone, Italy, September 18,Tornado in Brazil, 21 SeptemberTornado on acting Margarita, Venezuela, September 20,Forming a small tornado on the island of Margarita VENEZUELA Tornado in Maracaibo, Venezuela on 20 SeptemberTornado in the Philippines September 22Tornado in Poland on 22 SeptemberTornado in Nuporanga, Brazil, 21 SeptemberTornado in Guadalajara, Mexico, September 21st (very strong)Tornado in Vera Cruz, Mexico, 21 SeptemberTornado in Mexico, 20 SeptemberTornado in Kenova, West Virginia, Read more [...]
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In the Bay of Tuapse residents watched tornadoes

Photo: Tornado, Eyewitnesses to such natural phenomena as tornadoes, became residents of the city of Tuapse they watched them in Tuapse Bay. As reported «New TV Kuban» the tornadoes formed far from the coast, but close to the ships at anchor. Within 10 minutes tornadoes circled over the sea, and then disappeared. The company notes that the formation of tornadoes — common for the locals, but at the end of September, they appear rarely, most often see them in August. The formation of tornadoes, forecasters explain unusually high for this time the temperature Read more [...]
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Underground Kryvbas: hidden threat

26 Anurag previously reported, \"the messenger\", in the morning of the 14th of January in Krivoy Rog were recorded tremors power of 3.9 points. It was a complete surprise to seismologists even the nearest to the city of seismic stations in the Crimea. Doctor of Sciences, Professor Bella, Pustovoitenko, for example, doubts that it was a purely natural phenomenon. Tremors could be not natural and artificial origin, caused by years of industrial objects, i.e. mining companies. Despite differences of opinion, one of the assistants said firmly: earthquake could happen as a result of blasting. In Read more [...]
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How Can I Turn a Ski Patroller?

If you dear to ski and wishing to assistant citizenry, turn a ski patroller!     Picture: Rob Zabrowski/ShutterstockA:It’s sluttish decent to sign for ski-patrol breeding and modification courses—provided you survive good a refuge hatful. The grueling function: really qualifying the examination and earning the favour of tiring one of those chill red jackets. Hither’s how to brand that materialize.Wait TO Shuffle TENS OF DOLLARSYou won’t get plenteous ski-patrolling, and in many cases, it’s a voluntary spot. It has its perks, though, same fashioning offset Read more [...]
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In the United States in the several States announced the new threat of tornadoes

24.04.2011 In the U.S. National weather service warned that on the territory of the States of Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri can be a lot of tornadoes. Declared a storm warning. Meteorologists call on local authorities to prepare for tornadoes and floods. As expected, banks can reach the Ohio river and Miami and other bodies of water. According to the weather, the reason for the formation of new strong storms will become the front of bad weather looming over the southern part of the Midwest and Great plains. On the eve of a powerful cyclone has caused the formation of dozens of Read more [...]
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Cleveland, USA: the Crack in the St. Clair remains a mystery

3 August. The incident occurred over a month ago on St. Clair Avenue. The crack is on the sidewalk from Ontario to East 6th Street. Experts are at a loss whether it was caused by the fragile structure of the pavement, temporary geological fault, or was it something else?Research planned budget of $465 million, funded by taxpayers. Jeff Appelbaum has been a representative of the project. He says that many minds and technologies was thrown into the battle, trying to find out the cause of crack formation and whether it can be repeated. Nakadomari, inclinometers, ground radar, and the rig Read more [...]
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In El Salvador, formed a huge ravine

20 October. Geologists from the Ministry of environment and natural resources (MARN) and members of the civil defense arrived this morning in the village of San Antonio in the municipality of Comasagua, Department of Libertad, in order to check the situation with the formation of the ravine. The ravine appeared in last Tuesday due to erosion of the earth after nine days of continuous rain. The depth of the ravine about 100 meters and 500 meters long. People who live near the place where the earth opened up, were immediately evacuated because of the danger of erosion of the earth. The formation Read more [...]
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The apparatus NASA photographed the birth of the Islands in the Red sea

The formation of a new island in the Red sea fixed satellite EO-1. NASA on December 28. NASA satellite photographed the emergence of a new island in the Red sea. Photos and description of results Universe Today. The images were made with a camera EO-1. They show the region off the West coast of Yemen. There is a great number of small Islands formed during the formation of thyroid volcano. In this region there is a system fault, the resulting divergence of the Arabian and African tectonic plates.In mid-December in this region began an eruption. According to some reports, lava and ashes flew Read more [...]
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Unusual formation near the Sun

A strange formation in the sun. Unidentified object possibly fueled by the energy of the Sun. Object visible through the AIA telescope (eng. Atmospheric Imaging Assembly), the Assembly for obtaining images of the atmosphere (the Sun). In fact, AIA - a battery of four similar telescopes that see the Sun at the same time in ten color channels. However, of the ten \"colors\" only one refers to visible light, and the white, is designed to obtain images of the stellar photosphere in the entire optical range. Through the rest of the instruments of the Observatory nothing unusual there. Everyone Read more [...]
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The nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania caused a blizzard

One of the pictures taken by radar over the nuclear power plant in Beaver Valley, clearly shows the formation of a weather system that is presented in the form of the valley surprise 25mm environmentally unsafe snow.Snowfall was made possible after the stack station release enough steam and moisture, which flows under the influence of cold air masses from the north-west turned into snow. Appear as a pair of snow helped a pipe located near the generating station Mansfield coal-fired. From the point of view of physics, there was the usual process of condensation, cloud formation and precipitation. Read more [...]
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Traces of the magnetic field of galactic dimensions

Two years ago, scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (USA) announced the discovery of two giant twin lobes formed by gamma radiation, to retire on 50 thousand light-years above and below the plane of the Milky Way. It seemed that these bubbles came from the field of the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A * at the galactic core. There is even a theory that the "gamma-petals" are generated by emission from the vicinity of SMCHD Sagittarius A *. The alternative hypothesis, put forward at the same time, it is assumed that the reason for their occurrence, by contrast, Read more [...]
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Probe captures seasonal changes on Mars

NASA astronomers by machine Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter were able to observe Seasonal changes in the North Pole of Mars. These changes are caused by the formation of ice on the Martian surface of CO2 and its subsequent melting under the sun.Since the melting of ice in the spring begins at the bottom of the ice layer, where the transparent ice in contact with the dark Martian soil, high pressure gas from time to time thrown up, thus creating intricate patterns on the surface of the Red Planet. Gas drags sand that is carried by the wind, resulting in the formation of ice, dark stripes. In summer Read more [...]
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Hubble photographed the strange dwarf galaxy

In the blue compact dwarf galaxies like NGC 5253 proceeded processes resembling astronomers childhood universe.Image of ESA / NASA.Irregular galaxy NGC 5253, taken by space telescope "Hubble" - one of the closest known blue compact dwarf (BCD) galaxies. Before it is about 12 million light-years. It is located in the direction of the constellation Centaurus in the Southern Hemisphere.This species is known galaxies are extremely active star formation. This is despite the low levels of dust and a comparative lack of elements heavier than hydrogen and helium, which are usually the Read more [...]
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Cassini captures Saturn's giant vortex

Through images Cassini, made on November 27 this year, can now be considered in more detail the huge whirlwind raging on Saturn. Presented below image was taken at a time when the machine is at a distance 383 km from the surface. Due to the movement of the clouds in black and white in some places clear.At the other color image created from multiple images, see the same vortex, only from a different point.The photo shows the central vortex at the north pole of Saturn. Around it there is a huge hexagonal formation, which for the above images are not visible. Hexagon on Saturn has a diameter of Read more [...]
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Astronomers photographed superyupiter in Andromeda

Astronomers have directly photographed exoplanet around the star Kappa Andromeda in the same constellation. The planet is located at a distance of 170 light years from Earth and is removed from the star farther from the Sun than Neptune (ie 30 AU). The very same star Kappa Andromeda is 2.5 times as massive as the Sun. Age of 20-30 million years, which scientists say indicates a typical planetary scheme of planet formation. First stars formed from the disk, and then the rest of it, the gas giant.On the basis of origin, scientists are asked to name the open celestial body superyupiterom. Object Read more [...]
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Where are the dwarfs?

Observations of high precision made in recent years have shown that the universe is composed of 75% Dark Energy, 20% - dark matter, and only 5% - this is normal baryonic matter. Galaxy, as we all visible matter concentrated in a complex network of filaments and voids, which is sometimes also called "cosmic web." Computer models show that in such a universe must be distributed throughout the formation of dwarf galaxies of about one thousandth of the mass of the Milky Way - that is, in our immediate surroundings dwarfs should be very much. However, observations show that this is not Read more [...]
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When galaxies out the light

In the life of the galaxy, formed by the merger, there comes a time when all the gas is exhausted and new stars are not born.The farther into space, the farther in time. This fact allows astronomers to study the evolution of the universe, comparing the characteristics of neighboring and distant galaxies. The space telescope "Hubble" is very well suited for this work because of the high resolution of its equipment and the lack of atmosphere around it. With it, many have found the most distant galaxies and to obtain detailed images of very faint objects.Comparing galaxy, astronomers Read more [...]
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Of climate change, the most dangerous meteorologists consider more frequent cyclones

Because of climate change in Indonesia in 2012, has experienced more cyclones than it was a few years ago. Meteorologists believe that in the future this trend will intensify. Press secretary of the Agency for disaster mitigation Sutopo Purva Juvonen said: "Global warming leads to more intense formation of cumulonimbus clouds that trigger the formation of a larger number of cyclones." Mr Sutopo argues that natural disasters of 1200, borne by Indonesians annually, 36% are the sole responsibility of cyclones.Peak cyclogenesis Indonesian meteorologists expected in March-April. Other consequences Read more [...]
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Reaction on the surface of dust produce atmospheric aerosols

Atmospheric chemistry increasingly intrudes into our lives, so that the cause including irresponsible behavior. Man-made dust particles produce hydroxyl radicals, which cause the formation of sulfuric acid, and the nucleation of aerosols in the Earth's atmosphere.Experts from the Institute of Catalysis and Environment (France) found that active radicals generated on the surface of dust particles trigger the formation of new aerosol particles in the atmosphere. In the future, these aerosols play a key role in climate change, determine the "quality" of the air we inhale, and directly Read more [...]
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