Back in 2008 in Rybinsk was a presentation of a snowmobile "Buran" with a 4-stroke engine Briggs & Stratton Vanguard. In the same year the engineers' Russian mechanics "in full swing preparing start serial production of a snow machine called" Taiga-Tungus ", again with the 4-stroke powerplant from the company Weber. However, both the project due to the global financial crisis and had to turn postponed, as they say, to better times. Not know how there with «best times»But, judging by the around, four topic Rybinsk decided nevertheless Read more [...]
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India: Mumbai landslide

July 10, 2013. Mumbai is located on the western coast of India, from the beginning of the week continuously poured rain. As a result of waterlogged soil on a hillside in the Antop Hill near the old postal building formed a landslide. Victims of natural disasters have at least two people. The fate of another 23-year-old resident of Mumbai is on the line, as he was seriously injured. Arrived on the scene rescuers found four more citizen are under the rubble. Another three people were rescued within a few minutes after the collapse of the soil layer. Who is the top priority of 40 sent to the Antop Read more [...]
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Shiveluch volcano reactivated

Shiveluch volcano reactivated. According to a source in the local branch of the Geophysical Service of Russian Academy of Sciences, throws giant column of ash to a height of four kilometers. "Surveillance for SHEVELUCH difficult because of the low cloud cover, but the seismic data suggest that per day from its crater there were at least two emission at a height of about four kilometers," - said the expert. We also know that in the last 24 hours in the area covered volcano seismologists have recorded 130 local tremors. The temperature in the area of ​​the active dome Shiveluch — Read more [...]
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Sun threatens satellites

Professor Catherine Mitchell (Cathryn Mitchell) from the University of Bath (University of Bath), UK, warns that in the period of maximum solar activity, which is expected in coming years, satellite navigation system can produce major disruptions. It is not just an error in determining the coordinates, which can be 10 meters, but also the refusal of a few hours or even days. Interview with the researcher cites the Air Force.The Global Positioning System (Global positioning system, GPS) is based on the computation of ground coordinates using the signals from four satellites in orbit. To do Read more [...]
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How much are sorry!

     I've recently acquired a new habit. After a forced march to the shops, especially food, read the cashier's checks. Fortunately, they are now not only the final purchase price point, but also that from which it is formed. So it is possible to track the positions of: what, how much, for any price purchased.     Not that I have nothing more to read. In this age of the internet and television zombie bezbrezhiya preserved even Skill poshurshat newspaper or book pages. But again, read cash checks for me now is sacred. And life itself makes.     It Read more [...]
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POLENOV Konstantin Pavlovich

POLENOV Konstantin Pavlovich (1835 Sineshensky y. Kostroma Province. 1908 ECAT.), A talented host. hands. and societies. figure. In 1852, with the greatest evils. Medal graduated from Moscow. University, and then surveying fin. Acad. Staff. In 1859, at the suggestion of P. Demidov was appointed head teacher of mathematics and Vyisky tehn. uch-conductive in Nizhny Tagil. Since 1862 worked as the manager of dependence of-Shaitansky and 1864 Lower Salda iron-h-huh. In 70-90 produced a radical reconstruction of the company. Raised the level of dams, established four hydraulic turbines instead of water Read more [...]
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LYAMIN Mikhail Andreevich

LYAMIN Mikhail Andreevich (13(26).12.1906, D. Khomyakova, MA. 08. 07.1978, Izhevsk), mA. writer, Nar. writer YFS. Participants. The second world war. The genus. in the cross. family. Graduated From Leningrad. PED. Inst. them. Alexander Herzen. He taught at the REP. the desks. school, was a member of the UDM. book publishers-VA. Printed from 1928. The first book collection of FR. essays Through the fire (1945). The military theme is dedicated to book an Unforgettable years (1956) and the Battle path (1962). Documentary stand. Four years in greatcoats (1965) talks about the martial way 357-th divas. Read more [...]
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Have Demidov patrons?

Almost four generations have passed since then, as the last of the Demidov left Tagil ground. But on the edge of the former masters of the people still remember. Remember them differently. " And the bad and good. To that I want to remember. Indeed, in the biography of one of the most famous families of Russia was lots and lots of events that can be measured on a different footing. Today we will talk about patronage. It is fashionable to talk about the famous philanthropist monarchical period of our country. The media pay so much attention to this subject, all the while putting Read more [...]
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Tornadoes in the American state of Oklahoma

Destruction after a tornado May 11, four people were killed on Monday in Oklahoma because of the tornado that struck the evening on the southern and central parts of the United States, reports the Associated Press. Bad weather led to accidents on the roads, blocking ultimately two federal highways, and cut off a significant portion of the population with electricity. According to the TV channel CNN, in this state of a few dozen people who received injuries as a result of the tornado, were hospitalized on Monday night. Status of eight of them rated as critical.Powerful tornado was on the Read more [...]
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The Greek Islands have burned thousands of hectares of forest

As a result of forest fires on the Greek island of Evia and Crete burned thousands of acres of forest, suffered eight houses. This was reported today in the Fire service of Greece. On the island of Crete — the largest in Greece — on Sunday during a severe forest fire in the town of Preveli completely burned biggest palm grove area 500 ha, reputed to be one of the local tourist attractions. The firefighters struggled with the fire in the forests near the town of Rethymno in Crete. On the island of Evia, the second in the country after the biggest Crete, the fire raged Read more [...]
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In the area of the Kuril Islands Iturup have been four earthquakes

In the area of the Kuril Islands Iturup this morning there have been four earthquakes magnitude of the most significant of these was 5.9. The estimated strength of the earthquake of 7.5-8 points. Three more impetus had a magnitude of 4.8 to 5.4, according to the Geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The first manifestation of the elements were registered in 04:41 Sakhalin time /21:41 GMT 8 September/. The last underground kick awarded 09:58 /02:58 GMT/. The epicenters of all earthquakes were located in the Pacific ocean, 150 km South-East of the city of Kurilsk, located on the Read more [...]
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The eruption Sinabung. Part 2

Indonesian volcano, sleeping more than four hundred years, last Friday monster new batch burning ash to a height of more than three kilometers, forcing terrified residents to flee their homes for the second time in a week. All the power of the eruption is still the strongest, you could feel at a distance of eight kilometers from the volcano. \"It was horrible, \" recalls 37-year-old ANTO Sembiring, still trembling after he ran out of his coffee shop right in the heart of the danger zone. All ran as fast as possible. Panic\". The eruption Sinabung on Sunday and Monday has forced more than 30,000 Read more [...]
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Four guests at a wedding in Mauritania were killed by lightning strike

Four people were killed by lightning during a wedding celebration in the open air, which was held in one of the villages in Mauritania, where all week were heavy thunderstorms, said Friday the RIA Novosti news Agency with reference to the associated Press. As told El Hadi Oud Mohamed El Hadi Ould Mohamed, one of the witnesses to the event, lightning struck in the crowd vselivshihsya guests, killing two men and two women. Two more people have suffered burns and were taken to a hospital near the village of Idini, located 65 kilometres East of the capital Nouakchott. The bride and groom were not Read more [...]
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Residents of Tuapse, afraid of earthquakes, sleep on the street

Tuapse district of the Krasnodar territory \"shakes\" for the second week. Last night the part of local residents, Wichita somewhere on the Internet that after the small tremors coming a terrible earthquake, poured out into the street. Took only the most necessary — documents, money, warm clothes. Rescue the rescuers, which has a flurry of calls, tried to calm the people. But could not. Experts still had to go to the place and talk to the frightened crowd to panic covered the entire city. — How to not be afraid, if we have a regular bed on the floor jump, dishes from the Read more [...]
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The driver narrowly escaped falling into the tornado

A powerful tornado struck the Northern areas of the U.S. state of Texas, according to the associated Press.According to the authorities, County of Navarro, the elements were damaged five houses and an elementary school in the city of rice, with the rail and descended several freight cars. On the highway the strong wind turned the truck, the car collided with a passing next to the car. The accident injured four people. Local resident Eric Myers managed to capture on video as the tornado crosses the road right in front of the car and the driver he was. The witness was trapped and could not Read more [...]
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The weather in Russia now has the traits of all four seasons

Currently in Russia there is the weather, typical of all four seasons — extraordinary heat in the South and severe frosts in Western Siberia are accompanied by unstable weather in the Central part of the country, — told reporters the head of Roshydromet Alexander Frolov. «Current weather in Russia can be called „four seasons“. In Siberia the temperature anomaly reaches 12 degrees, in Yakutia temperatures fall below 50 degrees. At the same time, in the southern district of unusually warm weather, the temperature at 12 degrees above normal», — Read more [...]
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Victims of the floods in Saudi Arabia became four people

on January 27. Floods caused by torrential rains has killed four people in the Saudi city of Jeddah, said on Thursday the head of the civil defence services of the Kingdom of Saad Al-Tuwaijri. The third day in the Western province of Saudi Arabia are heavy rains caused a powerful cyclone. The water level in the economic capital of the Kingdom Jeddah, located in the epicentre of the disaster, has reached unprecedented 104 millimeters. Many people trapped water in their homes and offices. «The Agency staff and volunteers have rescued more than 1.3 thousand people. Search and rescue operations Read more [...]
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In the Brest region flooded 300 yards. Photo

According to the press-Secretary of the Brest regional Department of the Ministry of emergency situations Sergei Masnou, according to the morning of 11 February, in four regions of the Brest region have been inundated over 300 yards and about 160 basements of private residential sector. In Brest in the groundwater rise due to the melting of the snow cover registered flooding 188 yards and 85 basements. In the Brest area - flooding of private residential sector in the villages mobiles, Priluki, skokie, Kleineke, Chernavchitsy and Nepli. 124 households and 67 basements. At this time the most Read more [...]
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For tourist: Raven Eye

Poisonous! It is a perennial herb longish and with a creeping rhizome, with a standing height of the stem up to 35 cm, on top of which plug-whorl of 4 obovate leaves and bluish-black with vaguely waxy coating on the end of a berry. On the stem of a plant is one single berry. Blooms in May and June greenish-yellow flower. Perianth double row of eight leaves, 6 stamens, four bars.Berry ripens in July-August. Very toxic to people and pets, as it contains toxic substances - and PARADINA paristifin. Read more [...]
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In the Philippines, the volcano awoke Bulusan

on may 13. Volcano Bulusan in the Philippines woke up after four years of peace, according to Bild. Shortly after midnight local time in the crater there was an explosion that could be heard in a radius of five kilometers. At least on two villages was the rain of ashes. The volcano is located about 375 miles South-East of the capital Manila. It is forbidden to cross the area in a radius of four kilometers from the crater, as there is a danger of explosions of ash and steam. Can also be disrupted air traffic. Bulusan, a height of about 1500 meters, is one of the 23 active volcanoes in the Philippines. Read more [...]
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