Help the dog for injuries on the hunt

Most watched fractures of the femoral head, shoulder, forearm and lower leg. Fractures are open (the wound) and closed, may be offset and multiple shrapnel. Often find bones crack.Photo Fotolia Most watched fractures of the femoral head, shoulder, forearm and lower leg. Fractures are open (the wound) and closed, may be offset and multiple shrapnel. Often find bones crack.FracturesMost watched fractures of the femoral head, shoulder, forearm and lower leg. Fractures are open (the wound) and closed, may be offset and multiple shrapnel. Often find bones crack. Fractures are characterized Read more [...]
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First aid for injuries

With an open fracture must be prevented from entering the wound infection and simultaneously immobilize the injured limbPicture: Marat Velichko Accidental injury is available to any hunter or fisherman, found themselves in a difficult situation, far away from the point of professional medical care.General principles of first aid for injuries and accidents lies in the fact that as soon as possible to stop the impact of damaging factors and to take urgent measures to maintain vital body functions of the affected person. To do this you need to know what you can do, and that is absolutely Read more [...]
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Fractures and cracks. What to do?

Distinguish between open and closed fractures. With an open fracture of the bone fragments, piercing through the soft tissue and skin that protrude outwards. In closed fractures of the skin is not damaged, at the seat of fracture appears bruising, swelling and pain. How to give first aid? With an open fracture: 1. Remove all clothing from the fracture site (cutting it) and make sure that the skin is not damaged. If the skin is damaged, it is first necessary to bandage the wound. 2. To stop bleeding, pressing the fingers of the large blood vessels above and below the wound, Read more [...]
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Deadly diseases of the Apocalypse …

Continuing the theme of medicine after BP want to describe some of the modern pose no risk of diseases that can lead to death due to lack of modern methods of treatment. Need for a separate topic caused quite optimistic and careless attitude towards my warnings ... (Evolution as bent)Since I am a practicing physician and have some idea of ​​the general nature of the disease process and the organism's response to them (he studied pathological physiology) I consider myself competent enough to write this material.When the apocalyptic conditions of life, "a typical survivalist" will suffer Read more [...]
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Means at hand for first aid

When there is a tragedy, is not always possible to use and medicines from the medicine cabinet or stacking. Help is delayed, there is no opportunity to inform the rescue service. We get lost, seeing the helpless victims and there is nothing to help them. Take a look around. Use and apply all that will not harm the victims.Tourniquet:- Waist belt, tie, scarf, scarf, scarves, ribbon bows. - Strap handbag, backpack, school bag. - Electric cord, audio and video equipment, office equipment. - Cuffs outerwear fabric seam skirts and trousers rolled up tape or polyethylene. - Ropes, cables, wires, Read more [...]
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Fractures are closed - without breaking the skin, and open - with their break. Any fracture of dangerous complications. Bone fragments at a bias can damage the large blood vessels, nerve trunks and spinal cord, heart, lungs, liver and other vital organs and even cause death. Ability to recognize the nature of the fracture and correctly produce immobilization, ie create stillness in damage. Extremely necessary to prevent complications during transportation to the place of the victim provision of skilled care. How to recognize the same fracture? Usually the fracture victim notes pain noticeable Read more [...]
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survival medicine

Funds are on hand FOR FIRST AID.When disaster strikes, you may not have the ability to use tools and medications from the medicine Cabinet or packing. Help is delayed, there is no ability to say in rescue services. We lost, seeing the afflicted victims and there is nothing to them to assist. Wrap around. Use and apply all that will not harm the victims.TOURNIQUET:• Waist belt, tie, scarf, scarf, scarves, ribbon for bows.• Strap handbag, briefcase, school bags.• The AC electric shavers, audio and video equipment, office equipment.• The cuff upper clothes, fabric seam skirts and trousers, Read more [...]
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Medical notes 6. Text is supplemented by 28/01/14.

Given that readers are unhappy with the division of the text into different pieces, I complement the sixth publication of the new text.So, not sure many like it, but keep ... Original thesis:The author comes from the fact that a man with a backpack - 1. Has no medical education. 2. Has no experience in first aid. 3. NOT have the necessary medicines and to provide effective assistance. 4. Might not always make the right medical decision. 5. NOT always ready physically and mentally to stress and / or suddenly appeared difficulties.After a short theoretical review would be more correct to Read more [...]
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Hong Kong: Linear fracture water

Video downloaded on 20 February 2011. Hong Kong: the sailor caught a moment in time, the camera, the moment of crack formation. According to him, when he sailed around the island of Victoria, in the water formed a swirl, then conversion to linear fracture separating water. Some argue that the phenomenon was the result of the passage of a submarine or China. Others suggest that this is due to the pressure of the water tubes, perhaps during the water intake. Perhaps we are seeing something created by man or nature, or find some other phenomenon that cannot be explained? You decide.Comment: It Read more [...]
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Fractures and dislocations of the jaw

To anomalies jaws are congenital malformations as a complete absence or hypoplasia of one or the other jaw, are the most common cleft palate. Abnormal development and growth depend on the jaw of hereditary factors (excessive development of the jaw), and damage zones of growth in injury, inflammation (underdeveloped jaw). In some forms of the anomalies changes the relationship of the teeth (see bite). Treatment of congenital malformations and growth mainly orthodontic jaw, sometimes you have to resort to complex osteoplastic operations. Broken jaw - Not uncommon and is 2% of all fractures of Read more [...]
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Fractures of the upper jaw and its treatment

Fractures of the upper jaw of peacetime are among the most severe types of injuries, and the data about their frequency (from 7 to 23%) varied (MA Makiyenko, 1960 T. Chernyatin, 1968 AL Dudin, 1970; R. Petz, I. Meyer, 1968, etc.). Complex and still not fully resolved the issue of the treatment of fractures maxillary. During the 4 years (1967-1970), we observed 111 patients with fractures of the upper jaw (men - 100, women - 11). In 87 patients (78.4%) fractures of the upper jaw were observed in most of working age (21-50 years). Fractures of the upper jaw is especially common among miners (42.3%). Of Read more [...]
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Osteomyelitis as a complication of traumatic fracture of the mandible-1

Equally important in the prevention of osteomyelitis is the right solution to the health of the tooth, which is located in the fracture line. In the literature, you can still meet with their different interpretations of the problem. The presence of a tooth in the fracture line, of course, increases the risk of osteomyelitis, but we are in full agreement with VN Arons (1959), AV Klementovym (1959), V. Lukyanenko (1968) and others, that the question of a healthy tooth, located on the fracture mandible, need to be addressed individually. If the fracture is projected on top of the root of the tooth, Read more [...]
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Osteomyelitis as a complication of traumatic fracture of the mandible

Complications of mandibular fractures are not uncommon. Among them has an important place traumatic osteomyelitis. The origin of this complication has been insufficiently studied. According to most authors, traumatic osteomyelitis mandible infection is caused by damaged bone microflora of the mouth, jaw fragments fixation of delayed or non-fixation, the presence of a tooth in the fracture line. In 1969-1970. in the maxillofacial department of the hospital № 25 Kyiv is on the treatment of 347 patients with localized fracture in the lower jaw within the dentition (87.5% of the total number Read more [...]
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Care of patients with vertebral fractures

Care of patients with vertebral fractures (see Spine) Is determined by the position of the passive patient (usually a solid panel, possibly with extension) at a certain angle the bed, sharp limitation of movements, especially in the first days after the fracture, fracture of the cervical spine slightest movement can lead to a fatal outcome. The first 2-3 weeks are not allowed to at least temporarily remove the noose Glisson. In the future is crucial to therapeutic exercises. Gymnastics with uncomplicated fractures of thoracic and lumbar spine begin with a 7 - day 10 of the disease (the gradual Read more [...]
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Traumatic otitis and mastoiditis-1

After 16 days, there were sharp pains in the right ear. Temperature of 39 °. Spontaneous perforation and profuse suppuration, further developed mastoiditis ended healing without surgery. In the skin of the ear canal atresia. Plastic surgery. Etiologic relationship of acute ear infections with an injury, despite the late appearance, is very likely. But regardless of the etiologic relationship injury undoubtedly played an important role in the pathogenesis of mastoiditis and to determine its clinical picture. The defeat of the middle ear (fracture its walls, break the mucous membrane) can also Read more [...]
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Typical errors in the treatment of fractures of the forearm

When not close examination fails to detect damage to the nerves, tendons, dislocation of the radial head and the head of the ulna fracture Montedzhi and Galeazzi. Erroneous multiple attempts at conservative reposition the interposition of soft tissues. Fractures that can not be an attempt to reposition the case of double or have a tendency to secondary displacement in the cast are subject to surgery. Inattention to patient complaints to compression of a plaster cast, movement disorder and the sensitivity of fingers, edema, cyanosis or pallor brush threatening pressure sores (see) or the development Read more [...]
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Bruised pelvis

Injury pelvis - the result of a direct impact with a hard object or a fall. Symptoms. In a place of pain and injury are determined hemorrhage (hematoma) - Detachment of the skin and underlying tissue filling the cavity with blood. General condition of the body is broken, depending on the size of the damage. First aid and treatment. The first victim to create peace, must-see place of injury (not forgetting the possibility of fracture). Apply the cold (ice pack) and a pressure bandage. For suspected fracture pelvis require emergency transportation of injured athletes on a stretcher to a specialized Read more [...]
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Damage to individual flat bones

The most common mechanism damage to individual flat bones is their destruction of flexion. Under the action of a solid blunt mechanism of bone fracture plane bending is reduced to a single compact disc compression and stretching of the other (opposite), and the broken plate experiencing pulling tension. The crack extends through the thickness of the bone plate to the opposite, destroying sponge (transverse). Along the surface of a bone fracture (fracture) Applies accordingly fold. At the edge of the fracture (on the surface, which experienced compression during flexion) is found chipping compact Read more [...]
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Damage to the skull-1

Fractures of the skull from the front of the blunt objects are relatively common, especially in the transport injury. In some conditions, trauma fractures of the facial area of the skull may extend to its base, going on sometimes in the form of a rather long cracks and even the massive destruction. Damage to the lower jaw blunt trauma are common. The mouth being closed uneven surface of the upper and lower rows of teeth creates a secure fit and prevents lateral movement of the body of the mandible. In this case, the point of application of force can be detected or bone fragment, or chipping the Read more [...]
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Damage to the skull

Fractures of the flat bones of the most important gain skull injury. Mechanical skull injury involves mainly the direct impact on its arch, which can carry the load from 1600 to 8000 N. The closer in design vault skull to the hemisphere, so it is ceteris paribus more resistant to external influences. Stability of the base to the external loads is much less that the ability to fully offset the depreciation of the curvature of the cervical spine. Skull is a complex mix of flat bones and the external load breaks differently, depending on its shape (brachycephaly, dolichocephaly) on the one hand, Read more [...]
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