Turalinskih TYPE MONUMENTS archaeological. memory. arranged in forest belt bass. p. Nitsa and Wed reaches of the river. Tours on the banks of the indigenous. Excavations Inst. Mysovskikh (V.D.Viktorova) and Small Shartashskaya (S.N.Savchenko) pos. Terrestrial Log buildings divided into small (3-5 sq.), Apparently the host. destination and home pl. up to 100 m. m. homes found pockets of land and households. pit. Regular. h. finds from the settlement. fragments of flat-bottomed vessels, 60% of the to-ryh made on a potter's wheel. Vessels without ornament. Large h. Gorshkovidnoy of them form rarer Read more [...]
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Tumansky I Selishchev sanctuary, KOSTISCHE, Tumansky TYPE OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES

Tumansky I Selishchev sanctuary, KOSTISCHE, Tumansky TYPE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES archaeological. memory. Sverdl. region., Garinsky district, pos. Fog, the estuary. Tyni and the Culm at the confluence of the lake. Large Vagilsky Fog. Memory. It is 500 m to the north of the village. Fog. It occupies the eastern. extremity of the sandy mane towering 2 meters above the flood plain of the river. V.D.Viktorovoy excavated southern. h. storage. Mane was used by ancient people repeatedly and dec. purposes. Check the first two relating to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic, were seasonal in nature. To Bronze Age Read more [...]
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TAVRICHESKOE SETTLEMENT archeol. pyridoxamine. Rep. Back., Baymak R-N. MEM. located 1.5 km to the South-East from the village. Veretennikova. Washroom studies. two dwellings and including miilimagi space. Date village. the second floor. II thousand BC Ter. pyridoxamine. square about 12 thousand square meters It is the first above the floodplain terrace RV Summary. Housing 1 camera square 50 square meters found Inside the household. pit, the bottom of the K-Roy stone and pebbles, a hearth with the collapse of the three vessels, the remains of the smelting furnace. Walls reinforced by four limestone Read more [...]
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SAVIN, arheoastronomichesky monument

SAVIN, arheoastronomichesky monument sanctuary Eneolithic (Ser. second floor. III millennium BC.). Coorg. region., Belozersky district, 3.5 km to the southwest from the village. Zyuzino. Open and Inst. M.P.Vohmentsevym Potemkin TM Located in the floodplain. Tobol (pr. Shore), on the shore of outcrops. On Naib. sublime north-west. h. mane found construction of two adjacent rings ext. 14-16 m in diameter, resembling vosmerkoobraznuyu figure formed by wide moats. 0.9-1.8 m, depth 0.6-0.8 m. Inside the first round, which is located northeast., Are two koridoroobraznyh passage strictly from the west. Read more [...]
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On the potter’s wheel

Short on already been dug pit for the foundation of the apartment building where we were able to begin the excavation here. Therefore, it was possible only to lay a trench on one side of the pit, and the square on the other. In the trench immediately went to find fragments of pottery, wrought nails, pieces of horseshoes for men's boots, a large iron knife and bone artefacts. Volumetric sculpture met, then the image of an animal, like a walrus: eye of round, elongated snout. For the manufacture of bone artefacts used the long bones and vertebrae of a large animal. Found fragments of pottery molded Read more [...]
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Koptyakov V, Selishchev, Koptyakovskaya CULTURE

Koptyakov V, Selishchev, Koptyakovskaya CULTURE archaeological. memory. Sverdl. region., Verkhnyaya Pyshma. KS located in the south-east. Isetsky shore of Lake. near the village. Koptyaki on yugo.-west. slope of Birch Point. Memory. open and Inst. at the end of the XIX century. O.E.Klerom and N.A.Ryzhnikovym. Cape populated thrice. From the first settlement. preserved entire, and fragments of vessels and Koptyakovskaya Cherkaskul types of flint, graters. By the third period of the early railroad. in. refers to the base forge copper smelting crucible fragments and yellow. Sarmatian knife shape. Memory. Read more [...]
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KOKSHAROVSKO-Yurinskaya PARKING multilayer torfyanikovy memory. in Cp. Trans-Urals. Sverdl. region., Upper Salda district, outskirts of the village. Koksharova, Yu-east. native shore Yurinskaya Lake. (Koksharovsky moor). Open and Inst. Ur expedition. State. Univ of the hands. Yu.B.Serikova in 1979-81. Parking consists of two hours. Onshore and offshore. The stratigraphy of these hours. Different. On the original bank balances bronzes. in., Neolithic and Mesolithic lie immediately under the turf in a black slimy layer is powerful. up to 40 cm. coastal h. materials early yellow. in. and Late Bronze Read more [...]
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ZOTINSKY GROTTO archaeological. memory. Chelyaba. region., Kaslinsky district. Located on the lion. bank of the river. Bagaryak, 2 km downstream from the s. Zotin. Grotto developed in limestone at an altitude of approx. 10 m above the water, facing the entrance to the south-west V.T.Petrina excavations in 1974 opened by approx. 18 m. m. Holocene sediments found 76 fragments of pottery of early railroad. century. 2 arrowhead of bone, the scattered remnants of the human skeleton, to-rye interpreted as destroyed burial. By the Upper Paleolithic stone tools attributed 12 of the green-red banded jasper, Read more [...]
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BOLSHEGORSKOE Fortified Settlement

BOLSHEGORSKOE Fortified Settlement archaeological. memory. Itkul culture V-III centuries. BC Sverdl. region., ECAT., der. Palkino lion. bank of the river. Iset. BG opened in 1982 V.P.Viktorovym. Memory. occupies the eastern. part of the plateau high forested hill (Big Mountain). Hillfort oval chetyrehploschadochnoe, banked, and in north-east. h. shaft and the shallow groove. Passage width. 1-1.5 m recorded in the south-west. section of the fortifications. Ext. sites separated by trees. Memory. single layer. In the excavation pit, and recorded the remains of the defensive wall, which was built Read more [...]
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Unnamed GROTTO

Unnamed GROTTO archaeological. memory. Sverdl. region., Sukholozhsky district, lion. bank of the river. Pishma, 1.5 km downstream from the Sukhoi Log. Sovrem. Sizes 3 grotto&# 215; 3.5&# 215, 1.5 m. Investigation. V.T.Petrinym and N.G.Smirnovym Excavations in 1974 opened by approx. 16 m. m to a depth of 2.9 m. Ref. complex things related to the Upper Paleolithic. Products are deposited in a layer of red clay and gravel, and the bones of Pleistocene animals reindeer, horse, rabbit, saiga, bison, marmot, fox, woolly rhinoceros, wolf, fox, a cave bear. At a depth of approx. 2 m found yadrische Read more [...]
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The boy from Florida crashed meteorite

November 28, 2013. 7-year-old resident of Florida Steven Lippard received an unusual injury. Playing in the back yard, he felt a sudden sharp headache. The boy's father immediately rushed to his aid, found in the head of the son of small metal stones. Examination confirmed that these were fragments of the meteorite, according to Metro. Tiny fragments fallen from the sky stones struck the child is so strong injured that it had to be transported to the hospital, where Stephen has imposed three major seam. According to doctors, the boy's life is not in danger, and soon the wound on his skull to Read more [...]
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TSA’s Weirdest Finds

More 2 trillion travelers passed done Transport Certificate Establishment checkpoints every day finish yr. From that current of travelers, TSA officers confiscated roughly passably uncanny hooey.The TSA promulgated its yearbook "Class in Reappraisal" blog berth for 2013, totaling the craziest and scariest things multitude tested to work onto airplanes conclusion yr. This is what they ground:1 homo skull. In April, officers at Fortress Lauderdale (FLL) ascertained fragments of a busyness skull at the behind of mud pots. The passengers claimed they'd bought the pots and had no thought skull Read more [...]
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The moon consists of particles of earth matter

on March 27. The moon is comprised almost entirely of the same material from which made the Earth at the dawn of the solar system. This is the conclusion of American astrophysics from the University of Chicago, media reported. A group of scientists examined the composition of the earth's rocks, meteorites, chondrites and fragments extracted from the bowels of the moon. The researchers studied the presence of 2 rare types of titanium isotopes: light titanium-47 and \"heavy\" titanium-50. The ratio of these elements in any part of the earth's surface where the titanium atoms remains the same. Read more [...]
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Information warfare around Chelyabinsk incident

All news feeds now crammed reports that scientists have found the Ural meteorite fragments and declared it "ordinary chondrite" and even came up with his name - "Cheburkul." Once all this is a lie and blasphemy, whose feet grow again from the notorious resource ura.ru famous because he gave crater burning wells in Turkmenistan.Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov denied reports that in Chelyabinsk were found fragments of a fallen meteorite. The search for fragments of exploded over Chelyabinsk alleged meteorite was formally terminated on 16 February.As for the Read more [...]
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In the Chelyabinsk region have completed the search for meteorite fragments

Vice-Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Igor Murogov said Feb. 16 the completion of the search for fragments of a meteorite that fell in the region. Earlier it was reported that the lake Chebarkul fragments of the celestial body could be found.Deputy head of the region reported that researchers mistaken for a meteorite impact site wormwood. In fact, the area of open water formed due to other reasons, reports RSN.Apart oz.Chebarkul, searches were conducted at the village and Zvyagin Kuvashi. According to the assessment by the Commission of the Government of the Chelyabinsk region, to find the Read more [...]
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MOE: Shards of a celestial body in the Urals — not found

Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov said that while experts are studying the possible location of a meteorite, but the fragments of the celestial body has not been found. He also demanded from his subordinates to complete a survey of all dangerous objects to the end of the day. Information received from the emergency services, will help in assessing the damage caused by a meteorite in the Chelyabinsk region. According to the Governor Mikhail Yurevich, this amount will exceed $ 1 billion. Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov he denied reports that in Chelyabinsk were Read more [...]
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Chronicle of a meteorite fall Chelyabinsk

Data on the size of the meteor, its weight and strength at the moment of explosion is so divergent in the statements of various members of the Russian science, which is an accurate representation of what is also dropped by Chelyabinsk extremely difficult. And in this issue can help information NASA as the agency has better equipment, and hence the data on the car. Comments, we will accompany NASA video of the event shot by eyewitnesses. On Friday, February 15, at 9:30 am local time in Russia, the asteroid entered the atmosphere over the city of Chelyabinsk and exploded. According to the Read more [...]
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Emergencies Ministry plane sat in Chelyabinsk to evacuate victims meteor shower

MOE special flight taking off for evacuation of the meteor shower, landed in Chelyabinsk. Cpetsreysom to Moscow will be delivered to the most affected by the fall of the meteorite fragments that need skilled care Moscow doctors.MOE special flight taking off for evacuation of the meteor shower, landed in Chelyabinsk, Russian Emergencies Ministry reported on Saturday. "At 04.58 MSK February 16, 2013 IL-76 Russian Emergencies Ministry landed in Chelyabinsk for sanitary evacuation aircraft suffered an meteor shower of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Aircraft is equipped medical unit," Read more [...]
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The diameter of the crater at the crash site of a meteorite is 8 meters

Gathered around a small hole in the ice fragments of black solidand resembling fragments of rock the size of 0.5 - 1 cm, to be submitted for examination. Unauthorized access to the scene is limited."First appeared in the sky shining point, which rapidly increased in size. Then there was an explosion and flew in different directions about seven fragments. One fell on the opposite shore of the city, up vzmetnuv pillar of ice, water and steam. The result was a huge polynya, with a diameter of about 8 meters, round, "- said in a statement GUMVD.Around open water collected small pieces of Read more [...]
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Expert: the likelihood of re meteorite fall in the next day is great

Meteorite fall in the Urals has caused panic among the population. To learn how to relate to the divine surprise, in an interview to "Russia 24" said senior researcher Pulkovo Observatory Sergei Smirnov. Sergei Smirnov said that meteorites are different: stone, iron, hydrocarbon and even ice (the latter often melt or in the atmosphere, or soon after the fall, so they find - a rarity). The exact composition of the present facility will be clarified after the study of the fragments. Judging by the videos obtained from the Urals (according to Smirnov, the records are very good, because Read more [...]
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