Woodcocks wintering in France

A characteristic feature of the present wintering woodcock in France - its uneven occurrence. Typically, in the north, northeast and central France woodcock winters in smaller numbers than in the south and southeast of the country. Photo Richard SCHMIDT This year, everything turned the other way around.This is due to the weather. Autumn and early winter in France and in most of western Europe were exceptionally mild and rainy. But in the last days of December came the winter cold, covering mainly the south and south-east of the country.Impact on woodcock winter cold snap has been Read more [...]
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France — woodcocks for Christmas

In memory of slightly faded memories of autumn hunts vysypkah. We can only wait for spring to meet again with woodcock. Many hunters on the red game always wondered, what about the things with the hunting of woodcock wintering in Europe?The French believe that the hunting of woodcock - one of the most poetic. It is no accident the classics of French literature devoted their works to the bird. Ranked Among the four Western European states — Italy, France, Spain and Greece — shoot almost 80% of the pan-European production of forest waders. The most reliably tracked mining Read more [...]
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Well if Woodcock in France?

French hunters are concerned about the future of woodcocksPhoto: Mark Kras This year the winter woodcock flew to France to a much smaller number than usual. Autumn migration has been sluggish almost everywhere, and experts and hunters have a low density of forest waders.Despite the extremely low number of woodcock in France as a whole, their distribution in the country is extremely heterogeneous. There were areas of mass gatherings woodcock with a very high density. Unfortunately, in these areas, and passes the basic hunting.According to experts of the National Office of hunting Read more [...]
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On the wintering woodcock in France: hot news

According to an employee of the National Agency for Hunting and Wildlife Francois Gossman at present there is a good, and sometimes high number of woodcocks wintering in the north and northwest of the country. In the southern and south-western departments is a little bird. According to the scientist, woodcocks, Fenno-Scandinavian flying through the transit got two strong points that were literally kicked out the French winter. The first difficult period came at the end of October, second- the end of November and the first 10 days of December.If you look at meteokartu, you can see the anomaly, the Read more [...]
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Span woodcock: Spring 2013

Dear amateur hunters hunting drawn! We begin to alert you about how this year goes a spring flight of woodcock. Such information will be added as they become available. We look forward to your messages and the appearance of the first woodcock, early traction and mass migration in your region. Also marks the first appearance and other species of birds, which are well know. These observations write in comments to this article. We place much hope on the hunter-naturalist, who regularly come to the forest and lead phenological observations in nature.Photo by Sergey Fokin 18TH OF MARCH. Read more [...]
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Froome to Tether Squad Sky at the Turn

Squad Sky sustain confirmed that Chris Froome volition trail the squad's rubric demurrer at the Circuit de France leading of defending ace Sir Bradley Wiggins.Afterward Froome's former temper wins at the Enlistment of Oman, Criterium Outside, and the Enlistment de Romandie, Squad Sky chief Sir David Lav Brailsford told CyclingNews that the determination to option finale twelvemonth's runner-up terminated Wiggins was "evidence-based.""Granted Chris's increase in performances this twelvemonth, our programme, as it has been since January, is to sustain him track the Spell de France Read more [...]
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Bradley Wiggins Out of Circuit

Ruling Spell de France mavin Bradley Wiggins leave not maintain his style this twelvemonth due to a tarriance wound, his squad aforesaid on Friday. Wiggins, 33, has been battling lighting in his genu for weeks, and has been ineffectual to restoration to his unconstipated grooming regime. Earliest this temper, he dropped out of the Giro d'Italia abaft catching a dresser contagion."He hasn't been capable to gear difficult since the Giro and now he inevitably boost repose," aforementioned Dave Brailsford, Squad Sky's corpus. "Whilst we all cognise these things befall in fun, it doesn't Read more [...]
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The Untried Americans: Tejay van Garderen

Of all the industrious Americans in the pro peloton, Tejay van Garderen is believably the scoop known. That’s because he has the all-round abilities of a degree racer—he can mount with the heap goats and sentence tryout with the diesel engines—and he continues to modernise into a passenger who can contend the thousand tours. Forward of close class’s Go de France, we named him the subspecies’s night sawhorse. When his BMC Racing squad leader Cadel Evans faltered, the American stepped up, finally finish 5th boilersuit and in the gabardine t-shirt of trump untested Read more [...]
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2013 Turn de France Prevue

Set for the 2013 Turn de France.     Picture: Spell de France/FacebookHow to Sentry the Hitch The better shipway to strain in to this yr's version.In crafting the 2013 Circuit de France itinerary, turn manager Christian Prudhomme appears to suffer created something fickle and compelling. In 2012, the parcours’ rich clip trials, few mountaintop finishes, and mostly sweetheart climbs made Bradley Wiggins’ triumph all but a certainty from the day he took the maillot jaune on Arrange 7. This yr, the finish seems to be to livelihood the GC in gambol until the concluding crest Read more [...]
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Andrew Talansky to Caput Garmin-Sharp

Leading of the Hundredth variant of the Go de France, squad Garmin-Sharp confirmed that gaolbreak American passenger Andrew Talansky volition be connection onetime Giro d'Italia victor Ryder Hesjedal, and Liege-Baston-Liege success Daniel Martin as a squad leader. Different virtually teams, which fixate one consecrate leader leading of the slipstream, Garmin-Sharp bequeath be winning a multi-pronged feeler.“We deliver a few guys subject of achieving that — Ryder’s won a G Enlistment and located in the top 10 of the Turn de France; Andrew is new and piece it’s his beginning Read more [...]
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Our Picks For the 2013 Spell de France

The centennial version of the Hitch de France starts in Corsica Saturday, and it promises to be one of the nearly competitory races in geezerhood. Whereas conclusion yr’s form and contest played to the methodical strengths of eventual success Bradley Wiggins and his Squad Sky auto, the 2013 variant should testify more fickle. The fields is curvaceous with volatile climbers compared to death yr’s lop of steadier big-engine typecast of riders, so thither’s likely for a shakeup on virtually every one of the 11 mountainous or cragged stages. And disposed that the airstream concludes Read more [...]
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Testament Fewer Masses Be Observation the Enlistment this Twelvemonth?

Volition ratings see a jumping in 2012?     Photograph: William Morice/FlickrThis floor is not some Gig Armstrong, but it starts with Fizgig Armstrong.On July 27, 2005, Shaft Armstrong rode refine the Champs Elysees, the seven-time victor of the Go de France. On the ambo, a beautiful charwoman handed him a stuffed lion. He hugged his kids, besides habilimented in yellow-bellied. Kissed a tilt asterisk. Gave an torrid—now, middling ironical—language. (“I’m dismal you don’t think.”)On TV, 1.7 jillion Americans, including me, watched. We were winners, Read more [...]
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America’s Following Big Cycling Hotshot: Andrew Talansky

It’s a rarified wheeler, who, at age 25 and alone his arcsecond show in the Hitch de France, can embark the earth’s biggest bicycle slipstream as a consecrate leader.But that’s barely the billet Andrew Talansky volition adjust to Saturday in Leeds, England. Garmin-Sharp proclaimed its Enlistment roll before this workweek, and the squad is reinforced explicitly round Talansky’s GC ambitions.The untried American isn’t as sporty as around of his gumptious peers, but he has quiet naturalized himself as one of the humankind’s almost bright American level racers. Finis Read more [...]
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Circuit de France: How to Vigil

Customers sentry the run on a TV concealment in a bar during the one-fifth level of the 2012 Go de France.     Pic: APHistorically, to sentry the Go know you needful wire—and the willingness to pull yourself out of bed at 5 a.m. This yr the backwash pose on the NBC Sports ­Net, but the hard-core volition try out on-line alternatives. these are the outdo. European Feeds Eurosport offers subscriptions from fivesome euros (most $6.50) a month, and Italy’s Rai.tv has absolve streams. Both demand an IP direct originating in Europe, uncommitted from Witopia for $6 per Read more [...]
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Pup Escapes Peloton

If you had any doubts approximately the unscrupulousness of pro cyclists, ticker as this wanted, BuzzFeed-worthy pup is most broken to last nether the wheels of the win-if-it-kills-puppies Circuit de France peloton this weekend.You mightiness cogitate that a puppy-processing on be TV power convey the unharmed of the Centesimal Circuit de France to a shrieking stay—but you'd be misguided. Various dogs let been hit in former editions, and riders typically fair settle on the bicycle, as they say. [Monition: Though the pup infra walks aside finally, the fortuity is replayed in viciously decelerate Read more [...]
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The Biggest TdF Scandals: 1966—The Get-go Dose Tests

French submarine Raymond Poulidor.     Photograph: Nationaal Archief Fotocollectie AnefoFar-flung use of functioning enhancing drugs was plebeian since the kickoff years of the Hitch de France. In an sweat to ascendance dose use in mutant, France passed a home anti-doping law in 1965 and introduced dose examination at the 1966 Spell. The offset doping mastery was carried out undermentioned the one-eighth leg, with various riders organism logical to accede to examination. Among those told to cater a weewee taste and resign to an examen by doctors was French bomber Raymond Poulidor. Read more [...]
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The Biggest Scandals in Hitch de France Account

French torpedo Raymond Poulidor.     Picture: Nationaal Archief Fotocollectie AnefoPiece the Hundredth variant of the Circuit de France has been blessedly dislodge of outrage indeed (disdain insinuations that Squad Sky was suspiciously rife on the lot stages), passim its chronicle La Grande Boucle has had more shame and play than the Kardashians. Although it stiff one of the humans’s near beautiful clean events—a k vitrine of strenuosity, sand and braveness—since its earlier years the Enlistment has been sullied by heroic displays of adulterous, imbecility, and Read more [...]
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The Biggest TdF Scandals: 1986—Hinault vs. LeMond

Greg Lemond racing to the win in the 1989 Turn de France.     Photograph: BeWePa/FlickrAbaft 3 weeks of straining, but one man stands on the top footprint of the dais in Paris as the boilersuit achiever of the Spell de France. But no one gets thither without the avail of teammates. In 1986, Greg LeMond was equanimous to suit the kickoff (and to this day the sole prescribed) American genius. To execute that effort, LeMond was tally on the help of his French mate Bernard Hinault, whom LeMond had helped to triumph the late yr. Hinault, hush a heavy passenger and a five-time success Read more [...]
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Top 3 Finishers in 1998 Turn Essay Confident

The top deuce-ace dais finishers at the 1998 Turn de France took EPO during the subspecies, according to a paper promulgated by French day-after-day Le Monde on Tuesday. Italian Marco Pantani, Germany's Jan Ullrich, and American Bobby Julich were named on with German sprinter Erik Zabel, who won the commons t-shirt for the topper sprinter that twelvemonth.All leash named athletes sustain antecedently been identified as dopers. Julich admitted to fetching performance-enhancing drugs in 2012 and resigned from Squad Sky, expression that during the 1998 Spell de France his wife confronted him some Read more [...]
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Other Dopers Miss Jobs

Leastways foursome one-time master cyclists are out of a job afterwards their names surfaced on a listing of EPO positives from the 1998 Turn de France released Wednesday. Spell the French Sen composition promised no passenger would aspect disciplinal activeness from the examination, the solution has been 96 dissimilar.The commencement jock to mislay his job was Laurent Jalabert, who retired at the end of the 2002 mollify to employment as a savant for two French telecasting stations. As intelligence leaked beforehand of the Spell roughly his comprehension on the listing, he stepped consume from Read more [...]
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