Low Hatful Leg Anticlimactical, Fireworks Expected Tomorrow

The commencement day in the mountains is forever an crucial watershed for the Spell de France, but dissimilar premature days, the commencement major climbs therein class's wash didn't furnish practically chance for any of the favorites to payoff ascendancy of the airstream. Patch the separatist radical trilled to a enceinte trail and sticking T-Mobile of the yellowness t-shirt, the boilersuit contenders rode cautiously and protected their durability for what's sure to be an sharply contested arrange tomorrow. Also observance apiece over-the-counter to see who was climb well and who was struggling Read more [...]
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Thither’s No Escaping the Rut

Eve though now's Degree 12 didn't hybridizing any major flock passes, ruined at a depress el than it started, and raced about of the level in a rending tailwind, the point was anything but soft. The estrus has made the 2006 Go de France lots harder than it may differently sustain been, and the straining of staying hydrous is viewing on many riders. Riders look to be leaving done more bottles of fluent than common this twelvemonth, and that actually isn't surprising considering the temperatures bear been in the 90s well-nigh every day. Unremarkably, you would see riders averaging most two bottles Read more [...]
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Where to Succeeding?

You would retrieve that abaft leash weeks of racing, everyone in the Spell de France peloton would barely go domicile and quietus for a few years. Actually, the cycling flavor is silence fully sweep and nearly everyone bequeath backwash again this yr, roughly of them as presently as adjacent hebdomad.The Stars For around riders, including Robbie McEwen, Thor Hushovd, Michael Boogerd, Cadel Evans, and fifty-fifty Floyd Landis, Oscar Pereiro and Andreas Kloden, thither are remunerative post-Tour criteriums that pay lots of money hardly to birth Circuit de France stars toe the commencement occupation. Read more [...]
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From the Hip: Q&A with Floyd Landis

Scorn support with the pearl disease osteonecrosis, Landis is presently starring the boilersuit standings at this yr's Enlistment.     Picture: Exposure by Beth Schneider.Floyd LandisAmerican passenger Floyd Landis wears the lily-livered t-shirt during an audience with reporters end workweek. The New American in Paris Clink hither to understand Daniel Coyle's sport visibility of Floyd Landis from the July exit of ExternalFormer death workweek, Go de France favourite Floyd Landis dropped a thunderbolt: The American passenger has been hurt from the drum disease osteonecrosis Read more [...]
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Drugs in Cycling

    Photograph: Epitome by Mat MahurinDrugs in CyclingBorderland 2007Binding PedalingAfterward a biennial ban from pro cycling for doping violations, TYLER HAMILTON wants to shew he's the like trim guy formerly picked to win Lancet. At 36, does he silence sustain what it takes to win? And if he does, volition anyone sunniness?July 2006The New American in ParisFrom his upbeat stunts (he formerly drank 15 cappuccinos in one posing) to his anything-goes behavior, Floyd Landis is the anti-Lance in every way but one: He'll occlusion at nil in his request to ending the Hitch de France Read more [...]
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Heptad Straightaway. Ten of the Finale 20. But, Hey, Who’s Numeration?

Levi Leipheimer     Exposure: Joel Saget/GettyLevi LeipheimerLevi Leipheimer Go Guidebook Clink hither for External's insider take the 2006 Spell de France. Likewise, chaffer Exterior On-line casual during the 2006 Turn de France (July 1-23) for wash psychoanalysis by Chris Carmichael (the man who coached Shaft Armstrong to septenary go wins), the modish degree results, and scoop photos from our on-the-spot lensman.GEORGE HINCAPIEAge: 33Squad: Breakthrough (USA)TDF Finishes: 10Aft Heptad Days as a consecrated deputy to Lancet Armstrong, George Hincapie dismayed the cycling earth Read more [...]
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Riposte, Kid

Go Usher Dog hither for Exterior's insider consider the 2006 Enlistment de France. Too, chaffer International On-line casual during the 2006 Turn de France (July 1-23) for raceway psychoanalysis by Chris Carmichael (the man who coached Lancet Armstrong to septenary turn wins), the up-to-the-minute point results, and single photos from our on-the-spot lensman.SAUL RAISINAge: 23Squad: Recognition Agricole (France)TDF Finishes: 0CYCLISTS, AND Peculiarly point racers, loosely visor in their recent 1920s to betimes thirty-something. Thither are exceptions?Jan Ullrich became one of the youngest-ever Read more [...]
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Breakthrough Channelize’s Hincapie and Bruyneel Babble 2006 Enlistment de France

First in heptad age, the Find Line Pro Cycling Squad (officially the U.S. Mail Squad), testament sustain to contend in the Spell de France without their dearie adept. Are they disquieted roughly equitation sans Shaft? Not at all, say George Hincapie, Find Squad appendage and success of the 2005 Go's Degree 15, and Johan Bruyneel, Uncovering Squad sports conductor. The two came unitedly for a pressure league on Friday to discourse this twelvemonth's strategies, what Shaft volition be doing during the Go, and what it's ilk to be the underdog.On why this twelvemonth's Go is unlike:"We've through Read more [...]
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Floyd Landis Fails Go de France Dose Exam

American Floyd Landis failed a dose essay minded astern his Arrange 17 win at this class's Circuit de France.     Pic: Pic by Beth SchneiderBalloting Hither Do you cogitate that Floyd Landis is shamed of doping during the 2006 Turn de France? Chink hither to ballot. July 27, 2006 On Wednesday, July 26, upright leash years subsequently Floyd Landis's unbelievable triumph in the 2006 Enlistment de France, the Outside Cycling Conjugation(UCI) proclaimed that an unnamed passenger had time-tested confident during the three-week wash. Surmise as to who that passenger was terminated Read more [...]
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The rains have led to flooding in the South of France

6 November. Once in the 15 departments in the South of France announced an increased level of anxiety due to heavy floods. Due to heavy rains, which did not stop for several days, the river overflowed the banks. The most difficult situation in the departments of Hérault and Gard, there is a state of emergency. From flooded areas evacuated several hundred families involved aircraft. «The water came so fast and so suddenly, a huge wave picked up the car, we only had time to turn off all of the outlets to avoid an electric shock; we recently did a repair, now I have to remake, nightmare», — Read more [...]
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Floods in Europe

Powerful cyclone over Europe. In France and Italy due to heavy rains from the banks of came out of the river. Streams of water poured into the city. In some areas of the evacuated population. There are victims.flooding in France flooding in France flooding in France flooding in France flooding in France Sources: Channel PEAK BBC Read more [...]
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Calamitous Ride

The man lay unofficially of the route, his header crocked in. Bruises purpled his list, muscle-braided consistence, and one of his collarbones had been snapped. A cycle rested unharmed against a nearby situation, aglitter in the Italian sun. Lorenzo di Santolo, a Peonis granger, rolling the man terminated?he was calm eupneic?and saw the manifest boldness of Ottavio Bottecchia, two-time succeeder of the Go de France and one of Italy's sterling heroes. It was June 1927, deuce-ace age since the dearest bicycler had outset henpecked the Spell, grueling the peloton with his tireless mounting powerfulness. Read more [...]
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The Leger On: Cycling

Extraneous mag, Venerable 1996The Leger On: CyclingRace-shy no. Rebecca Twigg should demonstrate her spunkBy Alan Cote In the quatern eld since Barcelona, olympic cycling has adapted grade. In Atlanta, women bequeath lastly get their due with fivesome events, nearing par with the sevener for men. It's a dizzying roll, ranging from 750-meter racetrack sprints to a 138-mile route slipstream. Andwith pros competing first, every effect volition be wildly unpredictable--except Read more [...]
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Blackball Spin

Extraneous clip, September 1999CYCLINGBlackball TwistingAft this twelvemonth's events, leave the Spell de France e'er be albe to deliver itself?Early in the aurora on July 4, 189 cyclists were pooled unitedly in a batch of spandex and blade when, as if on cue, the skies complete westerly France abruptly open, sending policemen who'd been meddling scrub the streets crystallize of "doping" and "EPO" graffito hurrying for back. Read more [...]
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Go de France to Boniface Women’s Run

Afterward more a c, the nigh noted men’s cycling raceway in the reality is around to get xcvii more inclusive.  Go de France proprietor Amaury Mutation Constitution proclaimed Saturday that a women’s one-day airstream volition concur with the last of the Turn de France on July 27 in Paris. The backwash volition be called La Class by Le Hitch de France and testament line the Champs-Elyseés coating lap.It’s a triumph for Le Circuit Entier, a aggroup of racers who started petitioning for a women’s Circuit de France finis September. Dutch adept Marianne Vos, a seven-time Read more [...]
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The results of the outgoing year in France

on December 16. Preliminary assessment specialists Meteo France shows that 2011 is among the most warm. The main contribution of spring and autumn. Spring 2011 has become one of the most warm, autumn 2011 ranked second in the ranked series after the fall of 2006. In addition, each month the year 2011 was warmer than normal, with the exception of July, which turned out to be 1.3° colder than usual and was the coldest for 30 years. The amount of precipitation was below normal. Spring was the driest since 1959. And autumn got the same status. The geographical distribution of precipitation had large Read more [...]
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Warm up the year in France

on December 29. In France, the year 2011 was the warmest since the beginning of the twentieth century. The average annual temperature is 13.6 °, 1.5° above normal. The main contribution to the anomaly made a warm autumn and a mild winter. Contrary to the General trend went only July, which was the only coldest month of the year. In addition, among the main events of the year French meteorologists produce the most furious over half a century spring drought.

Source: News Gismeteo

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In France flowered irises

Blooming irises in January in France. Photo: Nadejda Pommieron January 23. Today made a survey among themselves: this winter I can't recall even the old-timers (and I already carry myself to the old-timers, ten years in Lanovka is the term). Well, Heather blooms all winter, it's normal. But to in January - irises? Still in the process of clearing flower beds found blooming anemones, but to the camera, the hands are not reached, if right now I will not hoeing weeds, anemones because they will not be seen.Camellia in January? Solvable:Well, Heather blooms all winter, it's normal.Source: The Read more [...]
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European vegetables frozen

on 8 February. Siberian frosts, bound to Europe, struck a painful blow on vegetable and inflated prices. According to the Association of wholesale trade in France, some vegetables (such as onion or lettuce) went up for a week in retail and a half to two times.The earth froze, the spring harvest of vegetables under threat. Fruit trees also tolerate cold with difficulty. Says Guillaume Segan from farm cooperative in the North of France, which specializes in apples and pears “Last week it was minus 13-14 degrees in the morning. Monday minus the temperature is kept even during the day...” Now Read more [...]
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The earthquake of magnitude 4.8 France

on 26 February was marked by another powerful earthquake that disturb residents of France. The magnitude of just 4.8, but it was enough to make people sounded the alarm and literally placed on the ears of rescue hundreds of calls. The epicenter of the earthquake in France was 131 km from Bordeaux, 100 km from Torino, 41 km from Briancon. The depth of aftershocks — 10 km of the Earthquake was felt by residents of several villages. Destruction and there were no casualties, but among the people started to panic, because in this region tremors such forces were not observed more than 40 Read more [...]
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