How trench can a busyness freedive in the sea and survive?

    Picture: Tomas Sladek via FlickrApproximately 500 feet ... leastwise that's what Austrian freediver Herbert Nitsch was told ten geezerhood ago, when near mass believed that dive deeper meant sealed last due to n narcosis, o perniciousness, and the paralyzing effects of bends (the aeroembolism). Since so, yet, that scratch has been crocked many multiplication, and Nitsch, 41, has go the "deepest man on ground" by plunging to 702 feet—roughly 70 stories—below the sea's airfoil on a unity hint. In November he plans to go lots glower, attempting a "no Read more [...]
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Hydrographs confirmed the emergence of a new island in the Arctic

September 23, 2013. Expedition hydrographic service of the Northern fleet made a number of geographical discoveries in the Arctic and confirmed the fact of the formation of a new island in the archipelago of Franz Joseph, told reporters on Monday the head of the information Department of the press service call by the Northern fleet (NF) captain first rank Vadim Serga. For the first time the question about the division of the island of NORTHBROOK on the Franz Joseph (FJL) appeared in 2006. Then the captain of the nuclear-powered icebreaker «Yamal» Stanislav Rumyantsev said that there Read more [...]
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The Franz Josef try to prevent an ecological disaster

In the reserve, "Franz Josef Land" can happen is a real ecological disaster, if not focusing efforts on cleaning areas and eliminate waste accumulated over decades. As described in yesterday's press-service national park "Russian Arctic" The clearing of the archipelago are underway with the previous year. Now identified the six most contaminated sites reserve: Alexandra Land island, Hayes, Hooker, Graham-Bell, Rudolph and Hoffmann. To these areas in the first place labor landed troops. In total, the Franz Josef Land is nearly 400,000 barrels, which contain up to 60 thousand Read more [...]
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Scientists first discovered the whale, fin whale off the coast of Franz Josef Land

Scientists discovered off the coast of Franz Josef before met there whale fin whales, as well as many new to the archipelago species of plants, fungi and birds in field tests in 2012, said on Wednesday, Deputy Director for Research of the National Park "Russian Arctic" Mary Gabriel."We met a new, unknown territory for this species such as Sabine's gull, and long-tailed duck, duck, some shorebirds, first discovered a large skua nest ... We met not only new types of fungi and birds, but also a new species of whale. This year We first saw the giants such as fin whales, this is the Read more [...]
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Mineral water in the fight against illnesses-6

At the end of XVIII century, Francis I of Habsburg, the last emperor of the "Holy Roman Empire" and the Austrian monarch, ordered to found resort. Soon the name of a magnificent sovereign ruler transformed into a plebeian name: Franzensbad, as if it was not a royalty, and of one of his friends Schweik, open a toll bath. So passes the glory of the Earth - say on this occasion - or, as evidenced by one of the modern Czech sayings, worldly fame - the grass field. One of the doctors of the city Franzensbad, MD L. Nenadovich, wrote in his book "The foreign resorts," which in this Read more [...]
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Geography of the Arctic. Part 2

Franz Josef Land Franz Josef Land - a large archipelago of 187 islands with a total area of 16,090 square meters. km. Situated in north-eastern Barents Sea. Powerful ice sheets (total area of 13,690 sq. km.), Furrowed with deep cracks, like armor covering the islands of the archipelago. So, on about. Hooker they occupy 87% of the surface. Climate of Franz Josef Land is arctic nature. Positive temperature observed only'' in July. The average temperature in February, the coldest month, minus 28,1 ° (Govoruha, 1970). Complete silence - a rarity for the Franz Josef Land. The northeast Read more [...]
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