Winter fog and freezing rain

Unusual for winter fog that morning I saw the first working day of the new year, many Muscovites, caused by a sharp decline in temperature - ohladivshegosya the air could no longer \"hold\" so much moisture, and it condensed into tiny droplets forming the fog. About this in an interview with RIA Novosti said the chief specialist of the Moscow weather Bureau Tamara Pozdnyakova.\"It happens in conditions of high when there is a cooling in the lower layer of air. Lowering the temperature leads to the achievement of the maximum concentration of water vapor, when the humidity becomes absolute, and Read more [...]
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Russia is freezing rain. Video

The emergencies Ministry warns of icy rainWeather in Saint-Petersburg and around the North-West Russia in the coming days will only get worse. Expect heavy snow, Blizzard, sleet, snow and sleet, reported today Director of the hydrometeorological center.Hit the Leningrad, Pskov, Novgorod, Vologda oblast and Karelia. MOE has distributed emergency warning: it is possible freezing rain. As it became known today, should we expect this year Epiphany frosts. Roman Vilfand, Director of the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation: \"this year we expect prekrashenie frosts. Starting Read more [...]
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Icing continues in China

In the East China continues distress caused by freezing rain. Suffered greatly for 19 provinces. Economic losses exceeded three billion dollars. In the disaster areas to grow food prices, the authorities are not able to help the affected farmers, who are forced to cope with the loss yourself.Currently precipitations in the form of freezing rain continues in the provinces of Hunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi and Zhejiang. Officer forest County, Guangan Guangxi Juancho Autonomous region by the name of Zhao told The Epoch Times that their forest has suffered 105 thousand hectares Read more [...]
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For tourist: Freezing

With strong hands freezing Wear gloves and stooping down, waving his arms forward and reverse with a period of approximately 1 second. Cold feet to warm as well. Do may be more extensive and vigorous swings. Freezing occurs faster at the highest humidity and strong winds.In long-term general supercooling may suddenly occur shock - temporary loss of consciousness. When you need to act fast freezing - Seat the victim and fling him warm clothes, available at hand (no need to wear sleeves - while not cheap!). Upon returning consciousness give sugar, glucose, wine, smell ammonia.Read more [...]
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Freezing rain and snow storm will hit US. Video

The US was covered with snowThe United States is now covered with snow. Powerful snowfall paralyzed the airports throughout the Midwest. Canceled more than 500 flights, and this is not the limit. Many departures may delay or postpone.The snow increased and on the highways. Police advised drivers without the pressing need not to sit behind the wheel. Blizzard brought in addition to a sharp cooling - air temperature dropped to minus 18 Celsius. Forecasters predict a worsening of the situation. It is not excluded that this storm will be one of the most powerful in recent decades. In the coming Read more [...]
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Freezing rain fell on Washington

Freezing rain fell Monday night at American capital, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Traffic police of Washington encourages motorists to use extreme caution on the roads, and to refrain from traveling. However, the rain had led to congestion on the roads and a small accident. The police also warned about the danger to pedestrians: sidewalks were covered with a crust of ice, and sand fall in the first place, the highway. For residents of Washington and neighboring States of Maryland and Virginia, freezing rain was a surprise: in the last days the weather was warm enough, at the end of last Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Biting pike and freezing

Biting pike and freezing

2-3 weeks after the freeze-up pike fishing in small ponds becomes uninteresting — Due to oxygen starvation predator falls into a stupor. But the vast rivers and reservoirs — on the contrary, the activity increases markedly, since such reservoirs for 2-3 weeks pike passes adaptation to changing conditions.

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In the Tomsk region in the middle of summer can hit freezing

Forecasters predict freezing to minus two degrees in the Tomsk region on the night of 30 July, according to the website «Meteoroloji». «While in the European part of the country there was heat in Siberia average daily air temperature is two to four degrees does not reach normal. Forecasters issued a warning about that in the night of 30 July in some areas of the Tomsk region are expected freezing temperatures will drop to zero — minus two degrees», — the message says. «Meteoroloji» explain that «so the cool weather is a consequence Read more [...]
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Moscow ecologists do not exclude the repetition of freezing rain this winter

on 30 November. Moscow ecologists do not exclude repetition «freezing rain» this winter, however, to prevent falling trees because it can't, told reporters on Wednesday the head of the Moscow Department of natural resources and environmental Anton Kulbachevsky. «Freezing rain» that struck Moscow region in the last days of December 2010, led to the icing of power lines and falling trees. The wire breakages caused «freezing rain», snowfalls and strong winds led to the fact that the outage left many settlements of Moscow region. «The ability „freezing Read more [...]
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Weather front brings freezing rain in the Central district of Russia

on 20 December. Active Mediterranean cyclone is moving North-East from the southern regions of the Central Federal district, shifting in front of a band, where possible supercooled precipitation — freezing rain, according to the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation. «Mediterranean cyclone, covered with snow, the Balkans, continuing his path to the North-East, goes to Moscow. His vanguard was warm atmospheric front... In a narrow area in front of the front (in Belgorod, Kursk, Lipetsk, Orel and Voronezh regions) are supercooled precipitation (rain, freezing rain), Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies can cause the extinction of the entire ecosystem in the Arctic

A series of freezing rain in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard has led to an almost simultaneous decrease in the number of large herbivores to record low levels.A series of freezing rain in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard has led to an almost simultaneous decrease in the number of large herbivores to record low levels, indicating a very high vulnerability of arctic ecosystems to climate change and their accompanying weather events, according to an article published in the journal Science. "We know that climate fluctuations can manage numbering several populations of the same species. Read more [...]
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In the Moscow region may repeat freezing rain

Moscow very soon can expect freezing rain, like the one that struck the capital two years ago. Such a warning issued today the weather forecasters. Blizzards and wind, poor visibility on the roads, jumps in atmospheric pressure and other vagaries of the weather:  — according to forecasts — will the arrival of winter in the Moscow region. In the city in the coming days — forecasted could fall to half a meter of snow. In such conditions usually dramatically increases the number of accidents. Inspectors of traffic police has already appealed to drivers with an Read more [...]
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In the Pskov region liquidate the consequences of a powerful snowfall and freezing rain

Snow and freezing rain hit the Pskov region last Friday. Because of the breakage of the power transmission lines without light still about 12 thousand people. Now in the rehabilitation work involved over 600 people. Damaged power lines are looking for even with the help of a helicopter. The situation is aggravated by the fact that access to many disaster areas is difficult because of the huge piles of snow and downed trees. According to the latest data, power was restored 15 lines, but more than fifty still de-energized.Source: The first channel, Read more [...]
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In Moscow \»drums\» strong freezing rain

on December 26. The territory of Central Russia crosses the atmospheric front, which extends Atlantic air. The passage of the front section is accompanied by a complex of unfavorable weather, including freezing rain ? droplets of water, covered with a crust of ice. The air temperature remains below zero. When it hits the ground and the subject of ice \"shell\" is broken, and flowing water covers all the rough layer of ice. The intensity of the phenomenon is quite high, icy drops loud knock on umbrellas, hats and hoods. Cars, trees, sidewalks and roads again allegedely. However, the repetition Read more [...]
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Moscow hosted the freezing rain

February 9, 2013. In Moscow on the night of Saturday passed «freezing rain». Ice has significantly complicated the movement, as pedestrians and cars. According to the correspondent «Interfax» about midnight in the capital of the rain, the water falling to the ground, beginning to instantly freeze, forming on the sidewalks and the roads icy crust. Precipitation instantly washed away de-icing agents, which on the streets became very slippery. Pedestrians could scarcely walk on the sidewalks, which turned into a real ice rink. On the roads it was also very slippery, because Read more [...]
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In Siberia, in the height of summer rain descended

Urals and Western Siberia are in the care of an anticyclone centered near Yekaterinburg. Night with overcast weather and light winds in night on Tuesday, July 27, at Mound air cools to 5.9, in Omsk to 7.5 degrees. It is these values and become the new absolute minimum for this number.Winds north, following the eastern edge of the anticyclone, making their way to the south of Siberia, and drive the arctic air. And on Thursday night in the Tomsk region and north of Novosibirsk in clarifying, in the wee hours air You will catch a light frost to -1 degrees. But the only one freezing night.This same Read more [...]
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In the North of Russia was low freezing

June 14, 2013. Last night in the North of European Russia was rather cold. Under the influence of the Scandinavian anticyclone air Mykolaivska to +1...+6 and places mentioned even a mild frost. In particular, the lowest temperature in the region?0,4) fixed at \"pole of cold\" of the Central district in the city of Sharjah (Kostroma region) and Northern Kirov region in city Lals. As predicted by meteorologists, in the middle lane of the EPR freezing wore local and short-term (pre-dawn) character, and not caused by thermophilic cultures much harm. But in the Russian North, the cold was more significant. Read more [...]
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Winter Woes: frostbite and freezing

Food for Thought. Frostbite occur with prolonged exposure to low temperatures, the body in contact with the cold metal of the cold. It is a mistake to believe that only get frostbite in the cold. There are cases when freezing occurred at temperatures above 0 degrees with high humidity and high winds, especially if a person lightweight clothing, tight or wet shoes. Cases of frostbite at zero air temperature up to + 15 degrees, were recorded in the first and second world wars. They are registered in the fighting in Chechnya. Predispose to frostbite and freezing as the general weakening of the Read more [...]
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First aid for frostbite

Frostbiting - Is damage to tissues and organs as a result of the low temperature. Frostbiting may occur not only at temperatures below zero, but at low positive temperatures. Contribute to its emergence diseases, blood loss, significant fatigue, intoxication. In addition, the frostbitten and general freezing can cause wet clothes and shoes. What to do if frostbite. Need to take immediate steps to gradual warming of frostbitten body parts. To do this they rubbed a piece of wool or cloth, and then wrap up the victim and make hot tea, coffee, warmed water. With a total freezing of the victim can Read more [...]
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Euthanasia is the right to life or the right to die-1

...In 1967 in Los Angeles, 73-year-old psychology professor James Bedford was found ill with lung cancer. By this time in the United States operated a number of so-called cryonics companies, that is, organizations that offer patients "freeze"And save in this form for an infinitely long time. The idea of these societies - the belief that humanity has ever mastered the secret of curing cancer or can rejuvenate people. It was assumed that, when the such century, these people will be unfrozen and will receive appropriate assistance. James Bedford was the first person to consent to the Read more [...]
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