Rothschild and Russian powder

Russian army at the turn of the 1890s. still equipped with outdated single shot rifle. The security interests of states require a new re-multiply-charged weapons with a cartridge in the smokeless powder.Cartridges with smokeless powder to the 3-line rifle model 1891 (left) changed the service cartridges to 4.2 linear sample in 1868 (right) with black powder. But where do we get the new gunpowder? .. The solution to this problem has given significant impetus to the establishment of military weapons… today's hunters and gave excellent carbines, and a very good cartridge. So Read more [...]
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The Frenchman and the beat

French cars have long been a mystery to me. Still would! The "Royal formula" motors Renault to tear to shreds all, and that is best for us - it is the people's, but a terrible Logan. French presidential ride in luxury Citroen and Peugeot, and advanced to the Moscow audience prudish "Germans" reduces eye.The assertion that the Russians love sedans, I do not says it all: just a normal little hatchbacks seen. TO Also in head firmly sat on the story stretched gear ratios of the French transmission, hydropneumatic suspension, stories about servismenov difficulties Read more [...]
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His Majesty the bell

I'm sure many are images of strange weapons, the muzzle of which was completed bell. And most likely, it was the images of children's books, which featured the pirates.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Weapons Flare is known from ancient times, there is an opinion that such a structure of the barrel improves dispersion shot or buckshot, which could be charged such weapons.In fact, of course, not all so although pirates as no Strangely enough, with such weapons are associated rightly. Weapons bell was destined to become «trademark» sailors and… Read more [...]
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Ex-French Pres. Admits to Panda Attempt

More iii decades abaft the fact, early French prexy Valery Giscard d’Estaing has plant the courageousness to accommodate that he was erstwhile the dupe of a panda onrush. It happened at Paris’ Vincennes Zoo spell he was in situation. Giscard d’Estaing, now 87, had distinct to exam his “presidential courageousness” by mounting into the panda envelopment. Things didn’t go as aforethought and faculty presently had to disengage the chair from the claws of a panda afterwards it leapt on him.The plump and vegetarian panda may not hit awe into the pump, but it Read more [...]
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JaJa Tests Confident for EPO

Samples interpreted from quondam French pro wheeler Laurent Jalabert during the 1998 Turn de France suffer well-tried incontrovertible for EPO. Spell the tests were carried out in 2004, they were through on anonyous samples. Now, the French Sen has authoritative that the names of the cyclists be released to the populace.Jalabert's doping story comes as no surprisal. He was contribution of the Erst squad, led by Manolo Saiz, latterly mired in the Operación Puerto investigating. Finale yr, the passenger dear known as JaJa aforementioned he couldn't unwaveringly traverse doping spell testifying Read more [...]
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Womanhood Dies Patch Qualification Canal Drown

A British char who was nerve-wracking to swimming the English Line to heave money for charity died Sunday abaft collapsing on the French seacoast. Susan Taylor was liquid to heave money for a hospice and diabetes charity. Though Taylor was airlifted to a French infirmary, doctors were ineffectual to reanimate her. Taylor had trained for the swimming for terminated a class and had smeared herself with goofball fat forwards of the float to protect against the weewee, which reached an abnormally hotness of 15 degrees Centigrade. Patch French officials do not countenance swimmers to digress from their Read more [...]
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The Biggest TdF Scandals: 1966—The Get-go Dose Tests

French submarine Raymond Poulidor.     Photograph: Nationaal Archief Fotocollectie AnefoFar-flung use of functioning enhancing drugs was plebeian since the kickoff years of the Hitch de France. In an sweat to ascendance dose use in mutant, France passed a home anti-doping law in 1965 and introduced dose examination at the 1966 Spell. The offset doping mastery was carried out undermentioned the one-eighth leg, with various riders organism logical to accede to examination. Among those told to cater a weewee taste and resign to an examen by doctors was French bomber Raymond Poulidor. Read more [...]
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Hitch Riders Deterrent at Retro Examination

The Connection of Master Cyclists (CPA) is opponent the French Sen's design to waiver the names of riders who tried incontrovertible for EPO during the 1998 Spell de France. Cathartic the inclination would be a "grave intrusion of key rights of riders," the aggroup aforesaid in a handout on Thursday.During the 1998 Turn, thither was no examination for EPO. But samples stored from the airstream were retroactively time-tested in 2004. And in Revered of 2005, it was proclaimed that thither were 40 positives from the subspecies. The French Sen has arranged that the riders be identified, but Read more [...]
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Other Dopers Miss Jobs

Leastways foursome one-time master cyclists are out of a job afterwards their names surfaced on a listing of EPO positives from the 1998 Turn de France released Wednesday. Spell the French Sen composition promised no passenger would aspect disciplinal activeness from the examination, the solution has been 96 dissimilar.The commencement jock to mislay his job was Laurent Jalabert, who retired at the end of the 2002 mollify to employment as a savant for two French telecasting stations. As intelligence leaked beforehand of the Spell roughly his comprehension on the listing, he stepped consume from Read more [...]
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Know the Go: Air in on TV

You don’t suffer to go sit by the wayside every day to revalue the subspecies. French TV pose every phase in nearly its integrality, and near every eatery and bar in the state testament bear it performing. Around of my ducky years mired a smattering of hours in the burden followed by a convalescence repast and boozing (erm, drinks) piece shriek at the TV side-by-side with locals at the brasserie. The meshwork’s regression with the French riders can be 96 lots—at the finishing at Le 1000 Bornand, thither were drawn-out interviews with Pierre Roland, Christophe Riblon, and Thomas Read more [...]
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Know the Go: Eat Approximately Fromage

It’s unimaginable how the French stoppage slim. Every repast matte care an saturnalia of whole-cream dairy, lush broiled meats (with plentifulness of elude), and dinero, breadstuff, and more breadstuff. It’s prophylactic to say the Paleo Dieting bequeath ne'er survive therein state. It became something of a jest—and spot of congratulate—how lots cheeseflower we could eat in a day.Stagecoach 19 at Le Thousand Bornand was the high-water scrape. At dejeuner, when the wait brought a frypan with a five-inch circle of Reblochon, we passed it approximately to parcel. “Non, Read more [...]
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New Classics from Patagonia

    Exposure: Inga HendricksonIT WAS THE former 1890s. I was on a coed paddling slip and it was gushing rainfall, and her gens was Annie. She knew everything astir canoeing and was hunkered kill in an queerly foresighted rainwater cap.“What are you exhausting?” I eventually asked.“A cagoule,” she replied, which sounded aphrodisiacal and French and solitary coagulated my jam.After I conditioned that the condition is French (it substance “cowling”), and that Patagonia, divine by British mountaineers, made the waist-cinchable rainwater cap doubly—in Read more [...]
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Pentad Supercharged With Manslaughter in Tito Traversa’s Dying

Manslaughter charges sustain been filed against fivesome masses in the destruction of 12-year-old crampoon Tito Traversa, according to Italian issue La Repubblica Tornia. Traversa was climb a itinerary in Orpierre, France, when his anchors failed and he fly roughly 40 meters to the background. He was airlifted to a infirmary in Grenoble where he died deuce-ace years afterward.Former investigations by French officials revealed that his quickdraws had been wrong assembled, with the carabiners threaded alone though the galosh steward, and not done the loop-the-loop at the end of the quickdraws intended Read more [...]
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French PressureThe closet produces a fat cup of java.     Pic: Courtesy of BodumThe baristas at Portland, Oregon–based Stumptown Roasters ghost o'er every cup. The ironware they use well-nigh? The French jam, ilk Bodum’s 34-ounce Chambord. This is partially due to the jam pot’s ease: add weewee, await a few proceedings, immerse the curtilage family. But primarily it’s because the proficiency produces a plentiful, racy cup in less clock than drop devices alike the Chemex. We care the Chambord topper because its double-walled deoxyephedrine keeps your brewage Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. French Hill

Not so long ago learned that we in the South Urals is a place that people refer to: French mountain and imagine it for yourself there is even a French chateau. You probably do not believe me again? At the moment, we will deal with this issue. And for this you need to travel back in time to the 19th century, specifically in 1878. Sit down at the book and find out the subsequent: Journey to the 19th century. At the moment, certainly hard to imagine that a half century back, in this dense forest teems with life - working mechanisms, moving trucks, driven by horses, scurrying people. It worked the Read more [...]
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French-lemezinsky plant

But first, the plant was named Lemezinskim, by the name of the forest cottages on the shore of Inzer. The fact that Lemeza this location is very close to Inzer and location of the plant to Lemezit only about 5 miles. Well, under the charcoal burning forest was set aside by the banks to the upper right Lemeza Lemeza what they say skeletons coal stoves and coal piles at the former villages Lemeza Yurt and Berezniki. Lemezinsky plant in 1890 built Ufa merchant Alexey Semenovich  Sofronov. This is one of 2-Sofronova brothers, after whom is named Ufa Sofronovskaya Sofronovskaya marina and mountain Read more [...]
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French meadow on the river Inzer

I began to dig information uniformly and eventually learned subsequently. Was this place Metallurgical zavodik who built the shareholders at the end of the 19th century. A corporation that was called "the French-Lemezinskaya Company." Small factory was fed an iron and steel ore extracted in the mines near the village Inzer. And the finished product, his molten iron, floated on barges to a huge water down to the white and on to Ufa. Zavodik did not last long and was closed in 1904, when the Russian Empire economic crisis broke out. Despite this trace is left of it a lot. This is the place where Read more [...]
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Smolin Innocent S.

Smolin Innocent S. (1881?), In Russian. warlord hands. belopartizanskogo traffic on W. gene-l-Major (1919). Graduated from the Irkutsk Military School (1905). Participated in the Russo-Japanese War, he served in the future in Omsk. Outcast. first world. War, com. company, battalion, pom. com. Regiment, Colonel. Oktyab. roar. not accepted. Led the illegal anti-Bolshevik org-tion in the district Turinsk in June early July 1918. armed struggle against the red, formed in Kurgan partisan neg., with to-eye acted in French. band and in the rear of red in the district s.Tugulyma, w / d line Ekat. Tyumen. Read more [...]
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French adventure in the Urals

Ural metallurgy to build and develop the hard work of not only domestic but also foreign specialists. They participated in the construction of the first factories in XVIII-XIX centuries helped install new machinery and equipment, trained Russian workers. Metallurgy of the Urals and Europe and has been linked by common technologies, and human destinies. An example of this French master with sonorous name Grandmontan. About them tagilchane first learned at the exhibition "Metal staples Time and Destiny" in the memorial.Yellowed, spotted with small, "beaded" letters archival documents reveal Read more [...]
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The Marseillaise over the stadium

     55 years ago, on August 3, 1929, in the sporting life of our city event occurred, the value of which is difficult to overestimate. There was a football match between the team of the city and representatives of the French working class.     This match was preceded by extensive preparatory work. In late September 1927 Godea regional Council of physical culture informed Tagil district Council that the communication from the French work of the sports Union to Tagil is attached to the South-East of France, uniting Lyon industrial area and the Loire mining pool, Read more [...]
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